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Texas Council for Developmental Disabilities

 Accessible Books Provide Reading Fun, Fantasy and Facts!


Huffington Post

 The Full Impact of Impact Sourcing


U.S. Dept. Of Education

 OSERS Michael Yudin to Observe College Program to See How Bookshare Helps Students with Disabilities


Smart Kids with LD

 Parent Becomes Practitioner for Child with Dyslexia (Perkins)

 Literacy Made Accessible! Finding Free Braille & Audio Books Through Bookshare


Dandelion Library Magazine (Bay Area, CA)

 Technology to the Rescue: 5th Grader Overcomes Reading Challenges


School Library Journal – The Digital Shift

 Bookshare Launches New eBook Tools for Kids with Print Disabilities


Cerebral Palsy Family Network

 Christmas iPad, Digital Books Open New World of Learning


National Center for Learning Disabilities

 Can Audio or Digital Books Improve Your Child’s Learning Outcome – Part I and II


NCLD – LD Insights Blog

 Parent Determination Leads to Son’s Success with Assistive Technology



The September highlight was a visit from the U.S. Department of Education to a San Jose, CA, school.

San Jose Mercury News - "Bookshare Helps San Jose Students with Disabilities Learn."


Two radio programs covered Bookshare, and other publications posted stories:

"That Android Show" aired a segment about Bookshare's mobile device development.

ACB "Main Menu" aired an interview with Jim Fruchterman.(will go live on 9/28, 9 pm ET).

Parenting Special Needs posted an article about Bookshare.

Mike Cassidy, San Jose Mercury News reporter, wrote a blog about Jim Fruchterman.


August began with Bookshare on the air:

ABC Channel 7 San Francisco aired a segment about Poet image description tool

Embrace Your Vision Internet radio aired a show about Bookshare.

New York Metro Parents wrote about Bookshare.

KQED blog "MindShift" covered Bookshare.

Today's Parent USA posted "Your Child May Qualify for Free Digital Books."

Education Week wrote "Bookshare Plans to Make Graphics More Accessible."


In June and July, several top announcements captured the attention of the media.

Viewpoints Radio posted a radio show about Bookshare. 


Some of the articles about the new Five-Year, Bookshare and Innovation for Education Award were:

EdTech Times - Silicon Valley’s Benetech wins “Bookshare and Innovation for Education” grant

ESchool News - Benetech Wins Five-Year Award to Dramatically Improve Accessibility of Educational Materials

District Administration - Benetech Wins Five-Year Award to Dramatically Improve Accessibility of Educational Materials 

Virtual Strategy Magazine - Benetech Wins Five-Year Award to Dramatically Improve Accessibility of Educational Materials

Edutopia – Special Education Group - Bookshare - Digital Accessible Library and TTS Technologies - New 5 Year Award July 2012

SF GATE – Local - Benetech Wins Five-Year Award to Dramatically Improve Accessibility of Educational Materials 

Times of India - Benetech Wins 5-Year Award


Other media covered the launch of Arabic books in partnership with the Mada Center of Qatar:

The DAISY Planet - Accessible Arabic Collection from Bookshare and Mada


The Poet tool and exemplary Mentor Teachers continued to receive coverage:

DAISY Planet - Inclusive Publishing: Conference Exceeds Expectations

ConnSense Bulletin - Benetech Releases Image Description Tool to Improve Accessibility of Graphical Content for Students with Print Disabilities

Mercury  - Tammy Irvine connects more students with resources - Rochester teacher honored with national award

SBY NewsNational Nonprofit ‘Bookshare’ Congratulates Assistive Technology Specialist, Stephanie Caceres, For Exemplary Service To District

Annapolis Patch - Annapolis Woman Helps Students with Print Disabilities



May coverage highlighted the Poet image description tool:

eSchool News covers Poet.

District Administration covers Poet.

The DAISY Consortium also covers Poet


Other top articles:

Michigan Daily Patch writes about exemplary Mentor Teacher

Future Reflections posts thorough article about Bookshare


April highlights:

All Together We Can writes about “Bookshare Turns Ten.”

Teleread notes Senator Harkin's congratulations for Bookshare

No Shelf Required covers 10th anniversary


March 2012 coverage highlighted Bookshare's 10th anniversary

ABC Channel 7 San Francisco airs segment about Bookshare in a local elementary school.

Palo Alto Weekly Covers Bookshare - Tech 'start-up for good' marks 10 Years

DAISY Planet - Bookshare: From Concept to 170K Users in 10 Years

 AFB: Congratulating Bookshare on its 10th Anniversary


January and February, 2012

Technology and Learning reviews Read2GoRead2Go

NJ Foundation for the Blind - Tara: A Miracle in the Making


Bookshare received lots of coverage in 2011 about Read2Go, the District of Columbia Public Schools showcase, some stories from members, the Texas Accessible Books Project and other stories. Below are some highlights:


December, 2011

EdWeek - Digital Book Sharing Unlocks Print for Students


November, 2011

District Administration - Bookshare Chosen as Readers' Choice Top 100


October, 2011

eSchoolNews - Bookshare Passes 150,000 Student Members & 125,000 Titles Wins New Award to Extend Innovative Tools and Content from U.S. Department of Education, Office of Special Education Programs

Yahoo Business  - Bookshare Passes 150,000 Student Members and 125,000 Titles -Wins Award to Extend Innovative Tools

Skoll Foundation - Benetech's Bookshare Wins Award from U.S Department of Education

eSchool News - Texthelp Releases Powerful Cloud-Based Apps for Mobile Devices

DAISY Planet - Benetech Exceeds Goals and Receives New Funding


August and September, 2011

Global Accessibility News - Accessible E-Book Reader, Read2Go, and First Update Now Available

Maryland Assistive Technology Network - Inspiring Teachers Use Accessible Reading Materials

Positively Minnesota - Megan Bening's Story

ATech News - Humanware and Benetech Announce Technology Benefiting Print Disabled


June and July, 2011

NCTI - Digital Accessible Media in the Classroom

ACB, The Braille Forum - MLK Library, DCPS and BRS Unite to Help Students with Print Disabilities

Independence Today - Technology Push Aims to Help Students with Print Disabilities

ATech News - Bookshare Showcases Student Technology


March, April and May, 2011

Teleread - Benetech Launches Accessible Books for Texas Project with funding from TEA

eSchool News - Benetech Launches Accessible Books for Texas Project with Funding from Texas Education Association

Disabled World - Free Accessible Book Initiative

Access Text News - Free, Federally Funded Initiative Demonstrated by DCPS Schools

eSchool News - Free Federally Funded Initiative Demonstrated by DCPS Schools

United Cerebral Palsy Newspaper - Bookshare - Making Print Possible

High Beam  - Free Federally Funded Initiative Demonstrated by DCPS Schools

Viewpoints podcast - Bookshare, Skype and accessible kitchen appliances


January and February, 2011


AbledBody - New Apps Sizzle at ATIA 2011

AT-MAC - Putting Books On The iPad

Spectronics Blog - Bookshare, Read:OutLoud 6 and the Read2Go App: exciting news for Bookshare Members

Global Access News -  Benetech announces Read2Go, a new accessible e-Book reader app for Apple devices

DAISY Planet - Bookshare Read2Go App Coming Soon


Bookshare Member Stories

Technology Access Media, (TAM), a division of CEC (Council for Exceptional Children), published our story about Lauren Conner.

Dialogue Magazine published a story about the AZ School for the Blind .

ConnSENSE Bulletin - Bookshare: A Passion for Reading


About Bookshare

Ed Tech Digest - Sharing Books with Jim Fruchterman


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