Even with visual impairments, physical disabilities, and severe learning disabilities, you can enjoy reading with Bookshare®.

Valerie Maples

Member with dyslexia, Mississippi

“Before Bookshare, our family could count on one hand the number of books we had read together,” said Valerie Maples, a Mississippi resident who has severe dyslexia.  Valerie, her husband, Doug who is a quadriplegic, and daughter, Nichole with cerebral palsy, are all Bookshare members. Valerie and her husband are also Bookshare Volunteers.  “We enjoyed our books from Bookshare so much that we wanted to improve the choices available for everyone who wants electronic text.  We became volunteers and have taken great pride in scanning and proofreading books, knowing that we have helped to make more books available to others.”  Read more about the Maples family.