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Here are some other resources for teachers of students with print disabilities.

How to Get Individual Memberships for Students who are in Your Bookshare® Organizational Account:

For a visual demonstration, watch this short Online Learning Guide.

1) Log in to your Bookshare account

2) Select "My Organization"

3) Select "Members"

4) Select the student(s) for whom you want Individual Membership(s) by checking the box(es) to the left of the name(s) (you can select more than one student at once).

5) Click on the orange button along the bottom that says "Individual Membership Form." Doing so will generate a .pdf document that already has some of the information filled in. (NOTE: If you select more than one student, you will get a zipped folder of separate .pdf documents for each student selected. You'll need to unzip the folder in order to access the individual .pdf documents. You can then email each student's form to his/her parent or send the hard copy of the form home with the student.)

6) Ask the student's parent to provide an email address for the student on the appropriate line

7) Ask the parent to sign the form (if the student is under 18 years old).

8) Ask the parent to fax or mail the completed form per the instructions on the form. Alternatively, they can scan the completed form and email it to membership@bookshare.org.

9) Within 1-2 business days of receiving the completed Individual Membership Request Form, Bookshare will send a "Welcome email" to the email address on the form. In that email will be a link by which the student or parent can set up their account password. Once they have set up their password, the student/parent can log in to their own Bookshare account and download books, the free reading tools, and the free high quality voices!

NOTE: K-12 textbooks from the NIMAC, available in Bookshare may not be downloaded by an Individual Member. Rather, they must be downloaded by an educator.


Bookshare Mentors share their tips.  Here are just a few:

  • "After my initial presentation with teachers I followed up by working with small groups (5-7) to teach how to search and download books.  This allows me to focus on individual questions and adjust for varying levels of technology experience.  I also ask every teacher to download a book for a student to show that they have mastered the process."  -Keira Thurheimer (Special Education)
  • "I actually borrowed a tip from an earlier Bookshare blog.  I've been collecting old thumb drives from people with extras and handing them out pre-loaded with Read:OutLoud and Acapela (and sometimes even books) to help qualified students get started at home."  -Thor Spangler (OT/ATP)
  • "I have been working closely with our AT specialist to reach teachers across our district to tell them about Bookshare.  We are holding short meetings to share information about the sign up process and how to access free reader software and digital books from Bookshare. I have been encouraging  teachers to review Bookshare's online learning guides.  These have been great training tools and time savers."  -Kim Adair (Special Education)

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