Bookshare® Publisher Relationships

“The publisher I contacted about a book for my student referred me to Bookshare How can I find the book I need?"

Bookshare has relationships with over 130 U.S. publishers and another 30 international publishers that give us digital files.

Often, when a college or university AT specialist requests a digital file from a publisher for legitimate use by a qualified student with print disabilities for their coursework, the publisher will refer that person to Bookshare to find the requested book.

Use the Advanced Search Function (title, author, publisher and/or ISBN) to see whether Bookshare has the books you are looking for in our collection.

If you don’t see the book, please contact us ( We can look to make sure it isn’t waiting to be processed,or, if the book you need is published by one of our publishing partners, we can often ask them for a digital file. If the book you’re requesting is not available through Bookshare, we’ll purchase a copy and add it to the collection as quickly as possible. Schools and individual students often send us hard copies of the books they need; if you have a copy of the book and would be willing to send it to us, we’ll add it to the collection as quickly as possible.

To request a book, please contact us at: