Read Books

Once you have downloaded a book from Bookshare®, you have many options for reading it:

  • Free software for reading DAISY digital books. Your Bookshare membership includes free versions of Humanware’s Victor Reader Soft Bookshare Edition and Don Johnston’s READ:OutLoud Bookshare Edition. Don Johnston also provides a training video for their READ:OutLoud software.
  • Other software and hardware options. You can also read your book in a browser with a screen reader (a good option for Mac Users), other DAISY reading software (like eClipseReader and Book Wizard), with a portable device, or listen to it on an MP3 player. For more details, visit the Reading Tools page.
  • Embossed Braille. You can create hard copy braille books with a braille embosser.  To create an embossed braille file, download the DAISY file and use with your braille translation software.

Ordering Embossed Braille

 Additionally, through a partnership with TechAdapt Inc., you can order a Bookshare book in embossed Braille. Anyone in the United States can order these embossed books; you do not need to be a Bookshare Member.  Please email with the book title, author, and ISBN number, if available. TechAdapt will contact you with embossing options and pricing information. Only books that are "excellent" or "publisher" quality can be embossed. Newspapers and magazines are not available in embossed braille. You can have the books sent directly to you or sent to someone as a gift.