READ:OutLoud Release Notes

Issue Resolved

  1. Menu headers now read using Jaws or Windows Eyes.
  2. ROLBS - book load stalling Read:OutLoud Bookshare when inserting large books has been resolved for most books. This has been resolved with the new feature of single page load. There will still be an occasion when a book stalls as a result of incorrect tags.
  3. Unuseful error message with incorrect passwords:

    Login Screen
    "The Username and/or Password is incorrect" error message now displays when entering invalid login information at sign in screen.

    Book Download dialog
    "The password entered is invalid" error message now displays when entering an invalid passowrd at the book download screen.

  4. Proxy / Firewall user names and passwords are now encrypted.
  5. Proxy / Firewall Server Authentication

    Read:OutLoud Bookshare now has Proxy environment support for internet access.

    To setup the Proxy settings at the computer:

    1. Launch Read:OutLoud Bookshare 2.0
    2. Go to Tools on the menu and select Web Settings.
    3. Set the Proxy settings to match your network setup.

    Proxy setup for multiple computers: The Proxy settings for Read:OutLoud Bookshare are stored as a text file called ProxySettings.txt.

    1. Follow the steps above to setup one computer with the necessary information.
    2. Go to \Program Files\Bookshare\ReadOutLoud Bookshare\Applications and make a copy of the ProxySettings.txt file.
    3. Once you have a copy of the file, you can then push the file out to multiple computers using Active Directory/ Open Directory or other programs that your district commonly uses.

  6. Adjustments to speech rate for Acapela voices caused highlighting and speech syncronization issues.
  7. Downloading books to a mapped network drive caused books to open with a blank screen.