Read Bookshare Books Using Windows 98

Steps to Unzip a Book Downloaded From Bookshare

  • Download and install 7-Zip
  • Go to Bookshare and download a book to read
  • Open the folder that contains the book (i.e., zip file) you just downloaded and press the Enter key
  • The 7-Zip program will launch. If 7-Zip does not launch, follow the steps to associate 7-Zip with zip file format below
  • Press Alt-E
  • Select All will be highlighted, press the Enter key
  • Alt-F to open file menu, type C for copy
  • choose destination folder for the unzipped files, press the Enter key
  • enter bookshare password, press the Enter key
  • Exit 7-Zip with Alt-F4

Steps to Reading a Book in Web Browser

  • Start your preferred web browser application
  • Type Alt-F to select the File menu and use the Down Arrow key to select Open from the menu. Hit the Enter key.
  • In the dialog box, navigate to the folder that contains the unzipped book
  • Select the file that ends with ".xml" and press the Enter key to open
  • You now have the book open in your web browser. You have the option to use a screenreader to read the text.

Steps to Associate 7-Zip With Zip File Format

  • Press "Windows Key"-M to get to desktop
  • Press "Windows Key" to bring up start menu, type P to get to programs, press W repeatedly to get to Windows Explorer, press space bar to open
  • Press Alt-T for tools, press O for Folder Options,
  • Shift-Tab to move to Tab controls, right arrow until your on "File Types", then press Tab key once to access Registered file types list
  • Press Z key repeatedly until you land on ZIP file
  • Press Tab repeatedly until you land on Edit button, then press space to activate
  • Press Alt-A to access Actions, then press Alt-E to edit the Open Action for zip files
  • Type the following path C:\Program Files\7-Zip\7zFM.exe then Tab to OK button, press Space Bar key
  • Press Tab to get to Close button, press space bar
  • Press Alt-F4 twice return to close the dialogs, then do a "Windows Key"-M to return to the Desktop