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The Badge and the Baby

by Alison Kent

BACHELOR PLUS BABY... Keeping up with his tiny, demanding, precious niece was more than Detective Joel Wolfsley could handle with one leg in a cast. Gangsters, yes. Babies, no. He was a sucker for his sister, though, and the munchkin's mom needed his help. Besides, his plight was the perfect excuse to get up close and personal with the gorgeous kennel owner next door. EQUALS TROUBLE! Willa Darling took one look at the toughtalking 'Big Bad Wolf' holding a baby and knew he was all bark, no bite. Joel might have needed a little help in the diapering department, but he was a family man at heart--no matter what he said. Which meant that in spite of the wild passion they shared, Willa would have to let him go....

Beyond A Shadow

by Alison Kent

Strangers in the night--what could be hotter? With this newest addition to her dangerously sexy SG-5 series, Alison Kent delivers a sizzling story of one woman in search of excitement, a man all too willing to provide it, and a love worth risking everything for. . . Most people come to Comfort Bay, Oregon, in search of a little peace and quiet. But neither is on the agenda for undercover operative Ezra Moore. Hes got ten days to unload a shipment of illegal weapons--and take down Spectra IT, the international crime syndicate hes managed to infiltrate. He knows Spectras man , Warren Aceveda, is playing dirty pool, and if hes going to beat him and stay alive, hes got to play even dirtier. But even the best-laid crimes can blow up in your face, and Ezra is about to find out just how badly. . . Alexa Counsel likes her calm, and OK, sometimes boring life in Comfort Bay. But theres nothing boring about the hot new handyman whos just started working at the local Bed and Breakfast. Great with his hands? Oh yes. But theres something much deeper running beneath those still waters. Something shes not sure she understands or she can trust. No one is going to use her as a cover, no matter how irresistible he may be. But Ezra is the only man whos ever made her feel like a real woman, and shes already in way too deep to turn back now. . . Playing cat and mouse with one of the worlds fiercest criminals, Alexa and Ezra are about to find out just how dangerous and delicious starting a new life--and finding a new love--can be . . .

Bound to Happen

by Alison Kent

A relaxing vacation with the winner of the scavenger hunt becomes downright sticky for CEO Sydney Ford when Ray Coffey - her one-time lover - claims the prize! Now she and her fellow gIRL gEAR partners are stuck together with Ray and his friends in this exotic locale for an entire week. For Sydney, the memory of her one steamy night with Ray is distracting her from running her business. He couldn't have been all that, could he? Well, only one way to find out! For Ray, being marooned with Sydney is sheer torture - from seeing her gorgeous body on the beach in her bikini, and out of it in his dreams! He can't understand how that one night - albeit one incredible night - has lingered for so long in his mind. It was only sex, right? One more night with Sydney should be a reality check. But Ray's beginning to worry that once simply won't be enough.... Harlequin Blaze #40

Call Me

by Alison Kent

"Call me." How could two little words scribbled on a business card drive a normally sane woman to be so...impulsive? It wasn't Harley Golden's style to call a perfect stranger. But here she was, after one brief airport encounter, having phone sex with the obviously unforgettable Gardner Barnes. What next? Letting him fly her off to Texas in his jet? Falling in love with a man who was already married to a ranch? Getting pregnant...?

Deep Breath

by Alison Kent

Go AheadWhen a guy stops at a roadside diner, he expects bad chili, not a hostage situation. But that's where SG-5 operative Harry van Zandt finds himself when an armed cartel blows through the door. They're not after him but the woman in the next booth, and their message is clear: she's got seventy-two hours to locate and deliver a valuable historical document or her brother dies. And if Harry wants to live, he'd better go with her. Make His DayNot that he minds helping Georgia McLain. The tough treasure hunter is as smart as she is sexy. But she needs Harry if she's going to double-cross these thugs and clear her father's name. Too bad the document is also of vital importance to Harry's top-secret mission. Now, the beautiful, infuriating woman he's starting to fall for could lead him right to what he needs-and what she so desperately wants.

Four Men & a Lady

by Alison Kent

LEADER OF THE PACK. Ben Tannen was the undisputed leader of his group of best friends, nicknamed "The Deck." He was the Ace, of course. Heidi Malone was the Joker, and the only female among them. All four men were half in love with her--Ben maybe more than half .... Still, there had always been a certain tension between the Golden Boy and Heidifromthewrongsideofthetracks. And when he'd offered her money for college tuition, she'd lashed out with her pride--and a bicycle chain. Fifteen years later, Heidi still owed Ben an apology... and he still held an IOU. He planned to collect and prove to her that they'd make much better lovers than fighters.

The Grinch Makes Good

by Alison Kent

HOHOHOLD ME! At the age of thirtyone, Brooke Bailey still believed in Santa Claus. She was determined to spread joy throughout her apartment building...whether a certain neighbor wanted it or not. Indeed, for Dr. Duncan Cox, Christmas was his least favorite time of year--and his busiest. Around the emergency room at Mercy Hospital, he was fondly referred to as the Grinch. Still, to help his best buddy woo Brooke, he secretly filled her stocking with twelve gifts, for the twelve days of Christmas. Lo and behold, Duncan enjoyed her joy! Could the Grinch and Santa's Little Helper end up together in a passionate love affair? Only in the season of miracles...

The Heartbreak Kid

by Alison Kent

Caution! High Voltage! Electrician Sophie North felt as if she'd touched a live wire the first time she laid eyes on Tyler Barnes. That was to be expected, of course.He had a heartbreaking grin, an incredible body and a thousand watts of cowboy charm. Half the women in Brody, Texas, were out to snag him. But Sophie was just passing through. And she'd sworn never to live her life at the mercy of her own passionate nature.Nevertheless, every time Tyler came near her, her response was shocking. Which wasn't supposed to be happening.Lightning was only supposed to strike once!

Holiday Kisses

by Helenkay Dimon Jaci Burton Alison Kent Shannon Stacey

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like...Love! A man gives the gift of trust and receives a second chance at love in return. A woman helps to heal the wounded heart of a soldier. A couple finds that true love knows no distance. And a young widow learns that there can be two great loves in a lifetime. Love, romance and passion come together in this collection of four seasonal shorts. Anthology includes: This Time Next Year by Alison Kent; A Rare Gift by Jaci Burton; It's Not Christmas Without You by HelenKay Dimon; Mistletoe and Margaritas by Shannon Stacey.


by Alison Kent

She wanted some fun... gIRL-gEAR vice president Annabel "Poe" Lee needs a change. That means telling her recent fling, Patrick Coffey, that it's over. In theory, it's an easy task. In reality, Patrick's the best lover she's ever had, so saying goodbye is tougher than she'd thought. But it's time to move on, and falling for Patrick isn't in the cards...or is it? He was more than happy to oblige... When Annabel tells Patrick she can't see him anymore, he's not thrilled. He may not be ready for anything more than great sex either, but she's the best thing that's ever happened to him. Since Annabel's letting him stick around for a few more weeks, though, he's determined to show her why it's so good between them - day and night! Harlequin Blaze #120


by Alison Kent

Hell on wheels. . . ;in bed someone had written on Rennie Bergen's business card. Now Rennie's card rested with many other men's in the glass booty-all up for grabs by the female dating pool in Milla Page's office building. Three dates! That's all Milla needed to write a sexy, juicy story on San Francisco hot spots for her online column. Was it fate she drew Rennie's card?The two of them had a history. Infatuation, wild sex, sneaking around-followed by a painful explosive breakup. But Milla was still hot for him six years later. . . ;. And it was clear Rennie felt the same. Could they have a shot at rewriting history?

Kiss & Tell

by Alison Kent

Miranda Kelly has a secret. Or two. Relentlessly hounded by the bloodthirsty media since her bitter--and very public--divorce, Miranda retreats to the sanctuary of her old hometown. She also returns to an old passion--donning daring costumes at night to transform into Candy Cane, singer extraordinaire at the Club Crimson! When Caleb McGregor is seduced by the sultry swing of Candy's hips, Miranda loses herself and her troubles in Caleb's arms. But Caleb is keeping a big secret of his own. And when Miranda discovers the cruel truth, she can't ever return to his bed. Not even for the most earthshaking sex she's ever experienced. . .

A Long, Hard Ride

by Alison Kent

Cardin Worth is ready to tune up her engine-with Trey, her former crush! However, he's a Davis-one of her car-racing family's bitter rivals. But she might be able to create peace, and also get some sizzling sex on the side......if Trey pretends to be her fiancé, that is!Having a little fun on those steamy Southern nights seems like a great idea. Just to patch up the feud, of course. Then Trey'll be leaving town again-this time for good. But Cardin's not sure she can relinquish the superheated sex...because Trey's the most talented, uh,mechanicto ever look under her hood!

Maximum Exposure

by Alison Kent

In Alison Kents brand-new novel set in Miamis sultry South Beach, Finn finds a woman who can melt his ice-cool exterior with one look, and a case that could land them both in hot water. . . Finn McLain is no stranger to unusual assignments. But the gorgeous stranger who just asked him to photograph her for an erotic art exhibit--thats definitely a first. Finn came to Miami to dig into the personal life of boutique manager Roland Green for a lovesick gallery owner, and hadnt planned on sticking around. But the boutiques owner, Olivia Hammond, has just made him a proposal thats as hard to ignore as Olivia herself. Shes got caramel-kissed skin, a body that makes grown men tremble, and a wild sideline as an exhibitionist. Ooookay. Yet despite her willingness to "let people look," Finns convinced theres a hell of a lot Olivias not revealing. And thats the most intriguing prospect of all. . . Olivia has never been shy about using her sexuality to get what she wants. But then, shes never wanted a man quite the way she wants Finn. What he thinks about her shouldnt matter, yet it does. Through every candid photograph and every heated encounter, Finn is getting closer, intent on getting beneath her shell--and for once, Olivia is tempted to let him. But first they have to contend with the fact that Finns simple investigation into Roland Green is getting dangerously complicated. . . and Olivia isnt the only person in town whos not what she claims to be. In a city throbbing with sex appeal, two wary lovers are about to play the ultimate game of show and tell, where temptation is raw, wild, and hot enough to make you sizzle. . . ". . . sizzles and thrills, with characters so sexy they scorch the pages!" --Tess Gerritsen ARomanceReview. com says, " Alison Kent is well on her way to becoming a single title phenomenon. " Patricia Rouse of Rouses Romance Readers Groups says, "Alison Kent segues from series into mainstream romance brilliantly with her stunning spy series for Kensington Brava!" Romantic Times says, "Kent combines James Bond-like characters with realistic plots to provide readers with plenty of fast-paced action and pulse-pounding intrigue. " Alison is thrilled to be writing erotic romance for Kensington Brava.

The McKenzie Artifact

by Alison Kent

"Fast, dangerous, sexy. " --Shannon McKenna Youve been hot and bothered, down and dirty, and deep undercover with the sexy spies of the Smithson Group--Christian Bane, Tripp Shaughnesesy, Julian Samms, and Kelly John Beach. Now, meet Eli McKenzie, a hunky operative who doesnt play by the rule book. . . on anything. . . Episode Five: The McKenzie Artifact Get what you came for with Eli McKenzie, SG-5 Five months ago, SG-5 operative Eli McKenzie was in deep cover in Mexico, infiltrating a Spectra ring that kidnaps young girls and sells them into a life beyond imagining. Not being able to move on the Spectra scum right away was torture for the tough-but-compassionate superspy. But that wasnt the only problem--someone on the inside was slowly poisoning Eli, clouding his judgment and forcing him to make an abrupt trip back to the Smithson Groups headquarters to heal. Now, Elis ready to return. . . with a vengeance. It seems his quick departure left a private investigator named Stella Banks in some hot water. Spectra operatives have nabbed the nosy Stella and are awaiting word on how to handle her disposal. Eli knows the only way to save her life and his is to reveal himself to Stella and get her to trust him. Seeing the way Stella takes care of the frightened girls melts Elis armor, and soon, they find that the best way to survive this brutal assignment is to steal time in each others arms. Its a bliss Elis intent on keeping, no matter what he has to do to protect it. Because Eli McKenzie has unfinished business with Spectra--and with the woman who has renewed his heart--and this is one man who always finishes what he starts. . .

Mother, Please!

by Jill Shalvis Alison Kent Brenda Novak

What's a daughter to do?Three brand-new stories...three exasperating momsAbby Ashton's roommate-from-hell...her mother. If she doesn't get her parents back together, she'll go crazy. So Abby schemes to get them to Mexico with her, hoping the vacation will lead to romance. And it does-for Abby and race-car driver "Gunner" Stevens!Tall, dark and charming Jason Lawrence keeps visiting Mel Anders's veterinary clinic-with everything from a drooling St. Bernard to a potbelly pig. And the man doesn't even seem to like animals. Hmm...Mel is mighty suspicious-but she never suspects her mom....Avery Rice is way too overprotective of her widowed mother. So when Mom gets a new man in her life, she enlists her cute tenant, David Marks, to keep Avery off the trail. And of course she's matchmaking. She's Mom!

No Limits

by Alison Kent

The Heat is On . . . Simon Baptistes latest SG-5 mission just went south in a major way. It seems like a good time to take care of some business back home in Louisiana. Simon knows it aint going to be pretty. Hes got old enemies in Bayou Allain who wont exactly roll out the red carpet. But Simons first night back is more than he bargained for. Not only has the homestead gone to hell in a hand basket, but theres a half-naked woman hiding inside it--a woman whose face Simon knows all too well. Its Michelina Ferrer, the sultry spokesmodel for her familys Ferrer fragrance empire--and Simons been staring at her picture on a billboard outside his Manhattan apartment for weeks. . . And Its Only Getting Hotter . . . Micky Ferrer came down to Bayou Allain looking for her old college friend, only to discover that Lisa Landry has been missing for days. As soon as Micky starts asking questions, someone runs her car off the road. Shes hiding out in the old Baptiste place when Simon shows up--and hes the hottest thing shes laid eyes on since she got to town. Simon agrees that something strange is going on and that Lisas disappearance may be tied to it. As he and Micky search for answers, the sweltering heat makes it hard to keep their heads straight or their hands off each other. . . even as they unravel the small-town secrets that some people are willing to kill for. . .

One-Click Buy: February Harlequin Blaze

by Tori Carrington Alison Kent Isabel Sharpe Cara Summers Jill Monroe Kimberley Raye

One convenient download. One bargain price. Get all February Harlequin Blaze with one click!In the dead of winter, set your imagination ablaze with these stories filled with blistering passion and searing desire. Bundle includes Tex Appeal by Kimberly Raye and Alison Kent, My Wildest Ride by Isabel Sharpe, Shameless by Tori Carrington, Primal Instincts by Jill Monroe, Your Bed or Mine? by Kate Hoffman and Burning Up by Sarah Mayberry.

One-Click Buy: March Harlequin Blaze

by Joanne Rock Alison Kent Dawn Atkins Elle Kennedy Karen Anders Debbie Rawlins

One convenient download. One bargain price. Get all March 2009 Harlequin Blaze with one click!In the mood for a sexy, passionate read? Why get one, when you can get SIX with this bundle of sizzling stories from Harlequin Blaze! Bundle includes A Long, Hard Ride by Alison Kent, Up Close and Dangerously Sexy by Karen Anders, Once an Outlaw by Debbi Rawlins, Still Irresistible by Dawn Atkins, Always Ready by Joanne Rock and Body Check by Elle Kennedy.

One-Click Buy: November Harlequin Blaze

by Tori Carrington Stephanie Bond Alison Kent Kimberly Raye Dawn Atkins Lori Borrill

One convenient download. One bargain price. Get all November Harlequin Blaze with one click!A former socialite leading a secret double life discovers the man she's been having a sizzling affair with is a notorious gossip columnist. When a burnt-out homicide detective goes on the road with the ex-wife of the man he's hunting, they find themselves on a steamy detour to desire. An alluring 200-year-old vampire seeks one last spectacular orgasm from a former love before her deadly pursuers put an end to her existence. Find these and more red-hot reads from Harlequin Blaze in this sin-sationally sexy bundle, available with one click of the mouse. Bundle includes: Kiss & Tell by Alison Kent, Unleased by Lori Borrill, A Body to Die for by Kimberly Raye, Her Sexiest Surprise by Dawn Atkins, Reckless by Tori Carrington and In a Bind by Stephanie Bond.

One-Click Buy: September 2009 Harlequin Blaze

by Alison Kent Marie Donovan Tawny Weber Debbi Rawlins Jamie Sobrato Jade Lee

One convenient download. One bargain price. Get all September 2009 Harlequin Blaze with one click!Who says steamy escapes are only for the summer? From an exotic tryst in China to a Texas ranch where both the sun and men are scorching hot, the six contemporary romances from September 2009 Harlequin Blaze are sure to take you on a supersexy adventure you'll never forget!Bundle includes: Getting Physical by Jade Lee, Made You Look by Jamie Sobrato, Texas Heat by Debbi Rawlins, Feels Like the First Time by Tawny Weber, Her Last Line of Defense by Marie Donovan and One Good Man by Alison Kent.

One Good Man

by Alison Kent

Ten years ago Jamie Danby was the only survivor of a senseless killing spree. Because the killer was never found, Jamie has lived her life in hiding, waiting for the worst. Now she's in danger again and she's not sure she can handle it. Until one sexy, rugged, gorgeous man strides into her life, determined to protect her at any cost! Kell Harding is a Texas Ranger--and how! They don't make 'em tougher. Jamie soon finds out that they don't make 'em hotter either! But Kell plans only to keep Jamie safe--not keep her forever. As soon as his assignment is done, so is he. At least, that's what he thinks. . . .

The Perfect Stranger

by Alison Kent

Some like it hot. The men and women of Alison Kents sizzling SG-5 series like it hotter. In this all new novel of steamy suspense, the jungle is the only place wild enough for a hotshot helicopter pilot and a renegade rich girl with one hell of an agenda. . . Bachelor parties are fun, as long as youre not the poor sap getting hitched. . . or slipped a Mickey and waking to discover you just became the poor sap. Not to mention that your "wife" is pregnant, and if you dont go along to her village to meet the in-laws, the nice police comandante will be muy unhappy. Just another day in the life of helicopter pilot J. Jackson Briggs? Not so much. His Smithson Group gig wasnt supposed to be dangerous, but the woman who drugs him, then knocks him out, then drugs him again certainly is. She also may or may not be a nun. Shes definitely a lying, scheming, lethally gorgeous. . . American. Jacks light years from believing the story Jillian Endicott gives him about her noble cause in the sweltering wilds of San Torisco, but he knows one thing: hell get the truth--and plenty more--from her, one way or another. . . Being an Endicott of the Boston Endicotts taught Jillian plenty about the haves vs. the have-nots--and made it easy to choose sides. But theres nothing easy about her mission in San Torisco, and things only get harder when Jack Briggs is thrown into the mix. Six-foot-three of big Texas mouth and big. . . other things. . . Jacks pegged her as a bored little rich girl. Hey, he can think what he wants, as long as he does what she wants. Do unto others what needs to be done--thats Jillians motto. Problem is, Jack knows how to push her buttons from minute one--and the closer he gets to pushing her over the edge, the more she wants him to. . . Now under dark velvet cover of jungle nights, two rebels with a cause are going deep--and falling hard--for the perfect stranger. . . Praise for the novels of Alison Kent "Smart, funny, exciting, touching, and hot. " --Cherry Adair "Fast, dangerous, sexy. " --Shannon McKenna

Red Hot Holiday Bundle

by Alison Kent Karen Anders Jeanie London Julie Kenner Michelle Reid Jane Porter

We hope you've been good--but not too good--because Santa's got a naughty bundle of goodies for you from some of Harlequin's hottest authors. The stories in this bundle are guaranteed to heat up your holidays with sizzling sensuality, unyielding obsession and aching desire. . . all culminating in the fulfillment and joy of a satisfying romantic ending. With a story for each of the twelve days of Christmas at one very low price, you can easily afford to buy one for yourself and fill your holidays with the incomparable pleasure of exceptional romance only Harlequin can deliver. Bundle includes: Luv U Madly by Alison Kent, Deliver Me by Karen Anders, Signed, Sealed, Seduced by Jeanie London, Wrapped and Ready by Julie Kenner, A Sicilian Marriage by Michelle Reid, The Italian's Blackmailed Bride by Jane Porter, The Sultan's Seduction by Susan Stephens, Stroke of Midnight by Julie Kistler, Impulsive by Jamie Denton, Enticing by Carrie Alexander, Tantalizing by Nancy Warren and What to Wear by Nancy Warren, Jamie Denton and Carrie Alexander.

The Shaughnessey Accord

by Alison Kent

Meet the men of the Smithson Group--five spies whose best work is done in the field and between the sheets. Smart, built, trained to do everything well--and thats everything--theyre the guys you want on your side of the bed. Go deep under cover? No problem. Take out the bad guys? Done. Play by the rules? I dont think so. Indulge a womans every fantasy? Happy to please, maam. Fall in love? Hey, even a secret agents got his weak spots. . . Get hot and bothered with Tripp Shaughnessey, SG-5 When someone screams Tripp Shaughnesseys name, its usually a woman in the throes of passion or one whos just caught him with his hand in the proverbial cookie jar. Sometimes its both. Tripp is sarcastic, fun-loving, and funny, with a habit of seducing every woman he says hello to. But the one who really gets him hot and bothered is Glory Brighton, the curvaceous owner of his favorite sandwich shop. The nonstop banter between Glory and Tripp has been leading up to a full-body kiss in the back storeroom. And thats just where they are when all hell breaks loose. Glorys past includes some very bad men connected to Spectra, men convinced she may have important intel hidden in her place. Now, with the shop under siege, and gunmen holding customers hostage, Tripp shows Glory his true colors: Hes no sweet, rumpled "engineer" from the Smithson Group, but a well-trained, hardcore covert op whose easy-going rep is about to be put to the test. . . Stay tuned to your bookstore for Rogue Spies, Episode Three: The Samms Agenda

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