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The Accidental Bodyguard

by Ann Major

Lucas Broderick had been hired for the case of the century! The Moran family matriarch had died, leaving her fortune to Bethany Ann -- the "dark horse" granddaughter. But Bethany never arrived to claim her inheritance. . . and coincidentally Lucas wound up with an alluring amnesiac hiding in his house. Lucas knew the gorgeous stranger was trouble, but nothing would stop him from protecting her. Even though Chandra bore a remarkable resemblance to Bethany Ann Moran. . .

The Amalfi Bride

by Ann Major

The beauty of Italy's Amalfi Coast made Regina Tomei throw caution to the wind-and spend the night in the arms of a gorgeous stranger. Except Nico Romano is actually a prince. . . heir to a monarchy, destined to marry a woman of royal blood. Regina has no illusions that a working-class American like herself could fit into his world of power, palazzos and paparazzi. Their passionate affair must end when her vacation does. But Regina leaves Italy with more than just memories. . . she's carrying Nico's baby!

Best of Man of the Month

by Katherine Garbera Michelle Celmer Kathie Denosky Ann Major

Four alpha heroes for one amazing priceLuke Garnier isn't looking for a wife, just an heir. His faithful assistant seems the perfect surrogate...until their arrangement creates some world-rocking "employee benefits"...Henry Devonshire wants his father's empire, and the one person who can help him is the only woman he wants. Mixing business with pleasure is never wise, but this time, it could cost him a fortune.Adam Blair, widower and oil baron, doesn't need love. He needs his late wife's sister to carry his baby. But soon he wants more from their relationship than just nine months...Jake Claiborne had gotten the enemy's daughter pregnant! Now, to steer clear of scandal, marriage is the only option!Satisfy your longing for sexy heroes and the women who tame them with this Man of the Month collection featuring four full-length contemporary romances!Bossman Billionaire by Kathie DeNoskyMaster of Fortune by Katherine GarberaThe Tycoon's Paternity Agenda by Michelle CelmerUltimatum: Marriage by Ann Major

The Bride Hunter

by Ann Major

Mr. June: Connor Storm, P. I. , rancher His Target: The elusive heiress His Assignment: Pursue and recapture his bride He'd made the mistake of falling for, lying to, then marrying Anna Barton, the woman he'd been hired to find. And then she fled. Now Connor would need more than money to bring back his runaway wife--and their baby! His original plan hadn't included a family, but once he lassoed Anna, he intended to keep her. . . for better or worse. MAN OF THE MONTH: Love is bound to strike him on the infamous Golden Spurs ranch!

The Bride Tamer

by Ann Major

He believed a successful merger was made up of two parties with similar goals, backgrounds and wealth. So, tired of being alone, Cash McRay decided to pop the question to the daughter of a close business associate. She would be the perfect wife and he'd learn to love her-later.His plans went awry the moment he met Vivian Escobar, his intended's former sister-in-law. She was the embodiment of Cash's every desire, but to Vivian, the magnetic American tycoon was her worst nightmare. She dared not act on the immediate, fiery attraction that consumed her. Yet Cash was determined to claim a bride, and taming the tempestuous Vivian meant a total merger of love-now and forever!

The Color of Smoke

by Ann Major Menyhert Lakatos

FOR THE FIRST TIME IN ENGLISHa timeless tribute to one of the world's most marginalized peoples and the riveting tale of one boy's journey to manhoodSweeping us into the world of the roma as fascism gathers force and the Holocaust looms on the horizon, The Color of Smoke is a thoroughly absorbing story that abounds in unforgettable characters. There is the adolescent narrator, torn between his people and a society that both entices him and rejects him. From his rise in school to his first sexual encounters, from hunger to police harassment, he treads a precarious path--one marked by moments of beauty and poignancy along with bawdiness, violence, and high adventure. And we come to know a people bound as much by a rich moral fabric as by the land and by the horses they love.By an author who himself came of age in a Romani settlement during World War II, The Color of Smoke is a must read for anyone seeking a stunningly new, authoritative window onto the lives of the dispossessed--with haunting implications for today.Magisterial in scope and yet intensely personal, it combines beautiful prose with profound reflections on the human condition as only great literature can.From the Trade Paperback edition.

A Cowboy & A Gentleman

by Ann Major

It's been eight years since rugged cowboy Anthony Duke shared one very special night with sassy Zoe Ryan. That night changed his life - or did it? Zoe doesn't think so. She still believes that Anthony later cheated on her. But despite marrying Anthony's rich uncle on the rebound, inheriting millions upon his death and skipping town to escape the scandal, Zoe can't stop thinking about the man who crushed her heart. Now widowed and vulnerable, Anthony's not sure he'll ever be able to love anyone besides his little boy, Noah. But when Anthony bumps into Zoe on vacation in Greece, he knows his meddlesome mother has duped him. Maybe this match made in Texas has got some staying power, after all.

A Cowboy Christmas

by Ann Major

Mr. DecemberLeander Knight: A rugged cowboy from the wrong side of the corralHis One and Only: Heddy Knight-his ex-wifeCommon Ground: Their daughter-and the Christmas star they were both born underThe seductive rich girl and the workingman's cowboy knew they were each other's destiny. But her family disagreed, and he hightailed it out of town for good. Years later, Heddy was planning a Christmas wedding to another man, but Leander refused to let Heddy go. Nothing would stop this Christmas cowboy from interrupting the marriage vows-and stealing back his princess bride!

Cowboy Fantasy

by Ann Major

When North Black whistled, everyone came running-- except her. And it was Melody Woods he most wanted at his fingertips. The memory of her beautiful body, of that night, coiled around his heart-- and squeezed. She' d slipped from his bed, innocence intact-- and while she traveled the world, his immense desire only grew more beastly. Now, word on the Texas wind was that Melody was back... and wanted North. But he' d never tangle with that spitfire again... or would he?

The Girl with the Golden Gun

by Ann Major

Following a tragic plane crash, no one believed that Golden Spurs ranch heiress Mia Kemble could have survived. And no one is more surprised to find out she's been languishing in a Mexican prison than loner cowboy Shanghai Knight, Mia's former lover. Shanghai has fought hard to put the past behind him, and has finally become as successful as the stuck-up Kembles. So why can't he forget Mia, or their one night of passion? Suddenly Shanghai knows he needs a plan.When Shanghai arrives to save the day, Mia can't help but wonder if the wild man from her past, the man who broke her heart, has finally been tamed. Or whether he would have come if he knew the truth behind her baby's paternity. But she's still in jeopardy-now more than ever. And Shanghai may be the only one who can help.It isn't over between them. Not even close.

The Girl with the Golden Spurs

by Ann Major

Book One of the Golden Spurs series. From the cradle, Lizzy Kemble had the powerful sense that she didn't belong in her family's notorious Texas empire. Her desire for land-grabbing Cole Knight, embittered son of the neighboring rancher, proved her right. Her daddy had done everything possible to turn her into a proper Kemble--all the way to leaving his vast Golden Spurs Ranch in her hands after he fell victim to a stroke. But when her father's death turns out to be murder, Lizzy knows someone is willing to kill to claim the Kemble wealth&#8230and she's next on the hit list. With the Golden Spurs at risk, she';s fighting back&#8230but who is the enemy? The enigmatic Cole? Her cutthroat family? Caught in a high-stakes game of win, lose or die, Lizzy is forced to gamble her ranch, her heart, her very life for the truth behind the Golden Spurs. Previously Published.

Harlequin Desire July 2014 - Bundle 1 of 2

by Kristi Gold Ann Major Kat Cantrell

Harlequin Desire brings you three new titles for one great price, available now! This Harlequin Desire bundle includes Her Pregnancy Secret by NEW YORK TIMES bestselling author Ann Major, The Sheikh's Son by Kristi Gold and Matched to a Billionaire by Kat Cantrell.Look for 6 new compelling stories every month from Harlequin Desire!

Harlequin Desire June 2013 - Bundle 1 of 2

by Charlene Sands Ann Major Jules Bennett

Harlequin Desire brings you three new titles for one great price, available now for a limited time only from June 1 to June 30! Escape with a rugged rancher, a hot Hollywood director and a playboy prince. This Harlequin Desire bundle includes Sunset Seduction by Charlene Sands, His for the Taking by Ann Major, and Hollywood House Call by Jules Bennett.Look for 6 new compelling stories every month from Harlequin Desire!

Her Pregnancy Secret

by Ann Major

She'd almost made him believe she was innocent Michael North knew Bree Oliver was a gorgeous gold digger after his brother's fortune, so he seduced her in a night of lovemaking and swore he'd let her go. Then a tragic accident changed everything. Now he must honor a deathbed promise to his brother-to protect the one woman Michael can never trust. But watching over the pregnant Bree tests the tycoon's self-control. Is Bree as virtuous as she claims? Or is he a fool to fall for her act? Torn between desire and distrust, Michael's walking a treacherous line, unaware of the shocking secret she's carrying....

His for the Taking

by Ann Major

A Bad Girl's SecretsYears ago, when Maddie Gray ran away from Yella, Texas, pregnant and alone, she left behind an undeserved reputation-and her young lover, rancher and oil heir John Coleman. Now she's on the edges of his sophisticated world once again, determined to keep all her secrets.With Maddie back in his life, Cole finally has a chance to forget her for good-if he can. The single mother is more beautiful, passionate and mystifying than ever, and John will stop at nothing to get at the truth. Even if that means making her his wife.

The Hot Ladies Murder Club

by Ann Major

A FEW DRINKS, SOME LAUGHS... WHAT COULD BE MORE INNOCENT?It's just a fun night out with the girls, with talk of men, sex and murder? Why not, when each of them has a lawyer who deserves to get his just deserts. And so the Hot Ladies Murder Club is born-made up of names written boldly in bloodred lipstick. Each lady has a diabolical plan in store for her lawyer. But the not-quite-what-she-seems Hannah Smith wouldn't mind the lawyer opposing her-the deliciously sexy Joe Campbell-winding up quite alive...and in her bed.WHAT COULD BE MORE DEADLY?Then the joke suddenly becomes national news when lawyers and Hot Ladies both come under attack. Hannah-who has a close acquaintance with fear already-knows her life could be in jeopardy. There's only one man whose help she dares accept...bad-tempered, ruthless and utterly drop-dead-gorgeous Joe Campbell, who insists he's in charge of protecting his life. And hers!


by Ann Major

Want it all? Read Ann Major." --Nora Roberts, #1 New York Times bestselling author. Hope Tanner escaped her polygamous community in Superior, Utah, ten years ago--pregnant and alone. She ended up at The Birth Place in Enchantment, New Mexico, where Lydia Kane, the clinic's founder, handled the private adoption of her baby. A baby Hope never held...and never stopped thinking about. Previously Published

Love Me True

by Ann Major

MEN of the YEARMAN of the MONTH"You had things your way for six miserable years. Now it's my turn."-Joey Fasano, irresistible renegade screen idolHe had it all-wealth, fame, success. But the emptiness aching inside him wouldn't subside. Watching TV coverage of Heather Wade's upcoming wedding, Joey marveled at how she'd changed from the wild, free spirit he'd loved to the cool, proper socialite her powerful family had made her. But now he had to see her again, and even her family couldn't stop him. Because if that boy whose hand she was holding wasn't the image of Joey at age five, he'd eat his Oscar!Some men are made for lovin'-and you'll love our 125th MAN OF THE MONTH!

Marriage at the Cowboy's Command

by Ann Major

"Knowing about my son changes everything. " Business is what brings wealthy cowboy Luke Kilgore home to Texas. Or that's what he tells himself, until he sees his former lover. Caitlyn Wakefield needs his skill to save her ranch, so why is she so nervous about accepting his help? He knows as soon as he catches sight of her son...their son. In spite of her lies, Luke still wants Caitlyn. But he won't settle for less than all she has. They will marry. He will be a father to their son. And he will not trust her again. no matter how she tempts him.

Marry A Man Who Will Dance

by Ann Major

For the first time in his life, Roque Blackstone heard the music of love when he caught Ritz Keller trespassing on his father's land-spying on him as he swam naked in a sheltered pool underneath the live oaks. Despite their families' long-standing and bitter feud, Ritz captured his heart. But although they shared one night of passion, their love could have no future.Ritz paid an incredible price for loving Roque-with the loss of her family's respect, the life of her unborn child and a loveless marriage to another man. Now, more than ten years later, Ritz is forced to admit that she still loves Roque. But will the tragedies of their past deny them the future they were destined to share?

Midnight Fantasy

by Ann Major

HE THOUGHT SHE WAS A RICH GIRL LOOKING FOR A THRILL. . . ; Claire Woods was totally alluring-and completely out of Tag Campbell's reach. But when she needed him, he saved her. She touched raw places inside him, making him ache and crave things he'd thought he'd given up. What would it be like to have her waiting. . . ;every night. . . ;for him? HE WAS HER DARKEST FANTASY. . . ;AND HER DEEPEST DESIRE Tag Campbell haunted her. Like a pirate in tight denim, he captured her and declared his love in heated whispers. Claire had to make the decision of a lifetime-a quiet role in proper society or a wild, loving adventure with a man who was so wrong. . . ;but oh, so right!

Mistress for a Month

by Ann Major

Amelia Weatherbee had inherited his family's chateau, and Remy de Fournier vowed he'd buy it back. . . at any cost. But Amelia's price was high. She wanted the man from the tabloids--the privileged comte, the celebrity lover--to teach her the art of seduction. . . for one month. And Remy was only too happy to oblige. But Amelia's sweetness and her innocence struck something deep inside him. When their thirty days of passion ended, would he get more than he ever bargained for?

Nobody's Child

by Ann Major

Powerful millionaire Cutter Lord had barged into his brother's wedding reception and attempted to steal the brand-new bride. Seeing Cutter again, the passion Cheyenne had shared with him just weeks before came flooding back, but her loyalties lay with the man she'd just married and her unborn baby . . . Now, seven years later, Cheyenne's husband has been murdered, and Cutter wanted to protect the woman he still secretly loved. When her son was kidnapped, Cutter was the only one willing and able to rescue him; after all, he was the young boy's father . . .

One-Click Buy: December 2009 Silhouette Desire

by Diana Palmer Susan Mallery Yvonne Lindsay Ann Major Tessa Radley Day Leclaire

One convenient download. One bargain price. Get all December 2009 Silhouette Desire with one click!Get ready for a bundle filled with glitz and glamour with all six December 2009 Silhouette Desire books, including titles by New York Times bestselling authors Susan Mallery and Diana Palmer! Bundle includes: High-Powered, Hot-Blooded by Susan Mallery, The Maverick by Diana Palmer, Lone Star Seduction by Day Leclaire, To Tame Her Tycoon Lover by Ann Major, Millionaire Under the Mistletoe by Tessa Radley and Defiant Mistress, Ruthless Millionaire by Yvonne Lindsay.

One-Click Buy: December Silhouette Desire

by Merline Lovelace Kasey Michaels Brenda Jackson Anna Depalo Ann Major Tessa Radley

One convenient download. One bargain price. Get all December Silhouette Desire with one click!An alluring ad executive goes undercover as housekeeper to a reclusive billionaire in order to investigate the alleged suicide of her beloved sister. A former undercover agent tracks down the one-night-stand he can't forget, and discovers he's the father of triplets. An Italian surgeon loses his heart to a spirited American businesswoman who bears a remarkable resemblance to his dead wife. Find all this and more with six powerful, passionate and provocative stories from Silhouette Desire! Bundle includes The Billionaire in Penthouse B by Anna DePalo, The Tycoon's Secret by Kasey Michaels, Quade's Babies by Brenda Jackson, The Throw-Away Bride by Ann Major, The Duke's New Year's Resolution by Merline Lovelace and Pregnancy Proposal by Tessa Radley.

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