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by Annette Broadrick

She'd been called Jake Crenshaw's "shadow," the tomboy who'd tagged after her hero for years till the night she'd tried to prove to him that she was a woman...and had been rejected. But not before Ashley Sullivan had tasted Jake's passion in a kiss that branded her his, when she knew he would never take what she wanted to offer.Until now.Now Jake needed her help. And he needed her under his roof. With every white-hot look and touch, Ashley realized that Jake hadn't spurned her because he didn't want her-but because he did. Still did. This time Ashley would see that Jake lost his white-knight complex...and that she lost her virginity to this man.

But Not for Me

by Annette Broadrick

IN LOVE WITH HER BOSSUndistracted by love, brawny construction boss Brad Phillips had worked his way up from street kid to millionaire. Of course, Rachel Wood, his invaluable assistant, had believed in-and secretly loved-Brad from the beginning. But after eight years of a strictly professional relationship, Rachel dared not dream of more.So why, when she requested a leave of absence, believing herself in danger in Dallas, did Brad insist on whisking her to safety-in his home, in his arms, as his "convenient" wife? Had Rachel's near-disappearance-after nearly a decade-stunned Brad into seeing her as a woman...into believing in love?

Callaway Country

by Annette Broadrick

In this captivating story, Clay Callaway is called back to Texas from military service because the Callaway family has been targeted by a terrorist who has bombed several of their oil rigs. At an elegant gala honoring the family, Clay runs into Pamela McCall who has transformed from a tomboy friend of his sister's to a very beguiling woman!

Caught in the Crossfire

by Annette Broadrick

Busted! And in only boxer briefs in the bed of a senator's daughter! Despite no memory of their night together, Jared Crenshaw knew that nothing had happened. Heck, Lindsey Russell was still wearing a neck-to-toe nightgown. And Jared knew that had he tasted this woman's passion, not even amnesia could make him forget.Still, there was the appearance of a Texas-size scandal....So, Jared married Lindsey to do right by her. And their first time in the marriage bed confirmed what Jared suspected: he'd never been with this woman because she'd never been with any man. Clearly, he'd been set up, albeit sweetly so. Now, it was simply a matter of figuring out who...and why.

Daddy's Angel

by Annette Broadrick

A season of miraclesGuardian angel Noelle St. Nichols has always watched over Texas rancher Bret Bishop and his family...from her place atop the family Christmas tree. But in the years since his wife's death, Bret has cut himself off from life. He's only celebrating the holiday for his four beloved children. It's time for Noelle to step in....Bret's new housekeeper, Noelle St. Nichols, seems too good to be true. His kids are convinced she's an angel. But in spite of his doubts, Bret can't help falling in love. And then Bret discovers Noelle really is an angel. How can he keep her beside him forever? What Bret needs is another miracle...

Danger Becomes You

by Annette Broadrick

RUNNING FROM HIS PASTDelta Force agent Jase Crenshaw knew no one would be looking for him in the remote cabin. The solitude suited him fine. No prying family, no concerned colleagues...and no one to point a deserving finger of blame. His physical wounds would heal. His soul was another story.RUNNING FOR HER LIFEThough the waiflike creature on his doorstep was clearly in trouble, Jase vowed to offer only shelter from the storm. Leslie O'Brien's innocence and tenderness were more than he deserved. But their unexpected encounter could save them both....

Daughters of Texas

by Annette Broadrick

Three complete novels from this popular and prolific author are included here: "Megan's Marriage," which looks at a marriage of convenience; "Instant Mommy," in which a temporary arrangement might lead to a lifetime of passion; and "The Groom, I Presume?," about a quick proposal, a stand-in groom, and a hasty wedding.

The Groom, I Presume?

by Annette Broadrick

Three complete novels from this popular and prolific author are included here: "Megan's Marriage, " which looks at a marriage of convenience; "Instant Mommy, " in which a temporary arrangement might lead to a lifetime of passion; and "The Groom, I Presume?, " about a quick proposal, a stand-in groom, and a hasty wedding.

Hard to Forget

by Annette Broadrick

No one messed with Joe Sanchez. But one little slip of pure, delicious woman could bring him to his knees. He'd taken the shy beauty's innocence one magical, passion-filled night, but ecstasy had ended in disaster. Joe had never forgotten -- and having Elena Maldonado reappear in the middle of his most sensitive mission tested every vow he'd taken not to get involved. With white-hot desire demanding completion, his wary agent's instincts went on red alert. The situation called for infiltration -- of the heart!

Instant Mommy

by Annette Broadrick

When it came to babies, widowed rancher Deke Crandall was a real novice. He didn't want to raise his baby daughter alone, but what options did he have? For years Mollie O'Brien had secretly loved Deke from afar. Now suddenly, the man was asking her to marry him! The position of instant mummy was strictly no strings attached, but Mollie found herself hoping it wouldn't stay that way. . .

Lean, Mean and Lonesome

by Annette Broadrick

A military consultant, Rafe McClain, returns home to Texas in answer to a plea for help from an old friend. He finds his friend missing, and has to work with his friend's sister, his old sweetheart, to find out what's going on. Romance and suspense. Some sex scenes.

Lean, Mean & Lonesome

by Annette Broadrick

Two complete novels in one volume describe how two not-so-conventional cowboys live by the code of the West. In Broadrick's "Lean, Mean and Lonesome, " a mercenary returns to his hometown to the woman he's never been able to forget. In Thacker's "A Shotgun Wedding, " when an upstanding physician is caught in a compromising position with a woman, her reputation demands he marries her.

MacGowan Meets His Match

by Annette Broadrick

MR. TALL, DARK AND DANGEROUSOne by one, he'd terrified those women who would be his assistant. Like some dark laird of the manor, Sir Ian MacGowan seemed more beast than man, scowl and scars included. But Jenna Craddock knew her boss was pure male. It was in the way he looked at her, virility sensing virginity, and in the way he underestimated the fairer sex.Ian demanded professionalism; Jenna gave him perfection. He harbored secrets; Jenna insisted bed be the place where nothing came between them. In Ian's fortress, Jenna could almost forget the family betrayal that had led her to Scotland-except that she needed to know who she was as urgently as she needed to know the truth about Ian.

Man From Stallion Country

by Annette Broadrick

He thought his life was complete. As owner of a successful Texas horse ranch, and soon to be married, Jordan Crenshaw had everything in order. So when gorgeous city gal Janeen White stayed on his ranch for a few days, Jordan was positive that any attraction he might have felt for her was pointless. Until he suddenly found himself single once more. Now all bets were off.

Man in the Mist

by Annette Broadrick

MR. DESTINYHe appeared from the mist-formidable, feverish...and searching for her. Within moments he was in her bed, leaving Fiona MacDonald to wonder why an American man had traveled so far and to such personal expense to find a woman who hadn't wanted to be found.She'd nursed Greg Dumas to health, only to learn that the former cop's investigation of a client's birthright had led him to her father's dusty medical files. Fiona knew nothing of clandestine deliveries, but she did know that she wanted to love the sorrow from this wounded warrior's eyes for as long as they had. For something told her that as quickly as he'd arrived in her life, Greg just might be gone....

The Man Means Business

by Annette Broadrick

The Last Barlow?David Buford/Barlow has finally found his long-lost family, but the joy he feels at being reunited with his brother and sisters is complicated by his growing feelings for his "cousin" Alexandra. Will Alex ever be able to look at David as more than a protector and start thinking of him as a man--even a potential husband?It turns out David doesn't have much to worry about--Alex already knows he's the one for her. The trouble is, they don't have the courage to tell each other their feelings. Luckily, David's new family is there to step in and give these would-be sweethearts some help!But David and Alex aren't the only ones being gently pushed toward the altar!

Marriage Prey

by Annette Broadrick

"Mesmerized by her beauty and innocence, Steve Antonelli rescued stranded Robin McAlister and welcomed her to his island hideaway. The vivacious virgin was much too young for the world-weary homicide detective, but her yearning kisses stirred up fierce emotions in him. Still, there was no way he was going to be anyone's marriage prey. Until Robin's fiercely over-protective brothers hand-delivered to Steve an invitation - to his own shotgun wedding!"

Married or Not?

by Annette Broadrick

STILL A HUSBANDGreg Hogan thought he'd achieved all his life's goals. Then everything changed when he received the call that his ex-wife had been injured. Though Sherri denied needing his help, Greg knew he couldn't turn her away. Impulse drove him to bring her back to his house, desire pushed him to act on the passion that still burned between them. Yet for Greg to keep Sherri in his home, his bed. . . his life, he'd have to risk revealing the secrets that had once torn them apart.

Megan's Marriage

by Annette Broadrick

MAN OF THE MONTH MR. FEBRUARY The eager groom: Travis Kane, former heartbreaker of the county The very reluctant bride: Megan O'Brien, hardest-working woman in Texas The too-good-to-be-true proposal: Marry him, and save the ranch The only thing stopping Travis Kane from getting what he wanted was Megan's stubborn pride. Although he'd loved her since the day he first pulled her pigtails in the schoolyard, Megan had resisted him at every turn! Heck, she didn't even want his help in rescuing the family homestead. Well, this cowboy never met a challenge he didn't like. Because once Megan walked down the aisle, Travis wouldn't let her get away.... MAN OF THE MONTH: He's finally tying the knot-and marrying a DAUGHTER OF TEXAS!

Men Made In America mega-bundle

by Gayle Wilson Jennifer Greene Judith Arnold Marie Ferrarella Annette Broadrick Rita Herron

Eleven amazing books, one great deal! The Men Made in America series features stories from all fifty states starring all-American cowboys, sailors, policemen, businessmen, ranchers and more! The first Men Made in America Mega-Bundle includes The Redemption of Deke Summers by Gayle Wilson, Found: His Perfect Wife by Marie Ferrarella, Arizona Heat by Jennifer Greene, Deceptions by Annette Broadrick, Dr. Dad by Judith Arnold, Send Me a Hero by Rita Herron, Tangled Lies by Anne Stuart, Love by Proxy by Diana Palmer, The Temptation of Rory Monahan by Elizabeth Bevarly, Mysterious Stranger by Patricia Rosemoor, and Bayou Midnight by Emilie Richards.

Men Made In America Mega-Bundle 2

by Bethany Campbell Anne Mcallister Peggy Webb Allison Leigh Annette Broadrick Ingrid Weaver

Eleven amazing books, one great deal! Get more of the all-American men you love with this bundle! The Men Made in America series continues with more heroes from all fifty states, including a Montana sheriff, a journalist-turned-rancher in Arizona, a photographer from Michigan, and much more! The Men Made in America Mega-Bundle 2 includes Pros and Cons by Bethany Campbell, To Tame a Wolf by Anne McAllister, The Wolf and the Woman's Touch by Ingrid Weaver, Warrior's Embrace by Peggy Webb, Choices by Annette Broadrick, Montana Lawman by Allison Leigh, A Husband by Any Other Name by Cheryl St. John, Natural Attraction by Marisa Carroll, Within Reach by Marilyn Pappano, The Security Man by Dixie Browning, and A Class Act by Kathleen Eagle.

Mysterious Mountain Man

by Annette Broadrick

Mr. MayName: Jake TaggartAddress: No Man's LandOccupation: Cowboy lonerAlone on his Texas mountaintop, the only things keeping Jake Taggart company at night were the sounds of the surrounding wilderness...and the beating of his lonely heart. No one dared penetrate his self-imposed exile-until Rebecca Adams. She was as determined as ever to lure him from his isolate lair. And she was even more captivating than Jake remembered.The least he could do was put her up for the night, even if every second spent with her was driving Jake to distraction. No telling what one night alone with the most irresistible woman he'd ever known could mean for this lone wolf....

One-Click Buy: December Silhouette Desire

by Brenda Jackson Catherine Mann Annette Broadrick Laura Wright Roxanne St. Claire Robyn Grady

One convenient download. One bargain price. Get all December Silhouette Desire with one click! A millionaire's loveless marriage proposal. . . a real estate mogul's plan of revenge. . . a damsel in distress who's not what she seems. . . Find all this in more with six powerful, passionate and provocative stories from Silhouette Desire! Bundle includes The Executive's Surprise Baby, Spencer's Forbidden Passion, Rich Man's Vengeful Seduction, Married or Not?, His Style of Seduction and The Magnate's Marriage Demand.

One-Click Buy: January Silhouette Desire

by Merline Lovelace Leanne Banks Annette Broadrick Michelle Celmer Maureen Child Maya Banks

One convenient download. One bargain price. Get all January 2009 Silhouette Desire with one click!A former actress is forced to play the role of fiancÉe to protect her troubled sister. An executive orchestrates a Valentine reunion with his long-lost lover in sunny Spain. And a Navy SEAL and millionaire's heir gets married. . . to a woman he's never met. Experience the passion and romance of these stories and more with all six January Silhouette Desires! Bundle includes:An Officer and a Millionaireby Maureen Child,Blackmailed Into a Fake Engagementby Leanne Banks,The Executive's Valentine Seductionby Merline Lovelace,Man from Stallion Countryby Annette Broadrick,The Duke's Boardroom Affairby Michelle Celmer andThe Tycoon's Pregnant Mistress.

The President's Daughter

by Annette Broadrick

Never falter. Never flinch. And never let anyone get too close.Steely Special Agent Nick Logan knew the rules for protecting the First Family. What he didn't know was why Ashley Sullivan, the president's all-too-distracting daughter, would balk at his assignment as her bodyguard...and sabotage his self-control.Chaste yet alluring, Ashley seemed intent on uncovering the man behind Nick's rock-hard muscles and mirrored shades. But didn't this innocent see the dangers all around her? The danger in such a man's kiss? Worse, who would protect Ashley's bodyguard...once he broke the rules? Once he got too close to the president's daughter?

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