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Harlequin Desire October 2013 - Bundle 1 of 2

by Catherine Mann Barbara Dunlop Andrea Laurence

Harlequin Desire brings you three new titles for one great price, available now for a limited time only from October 1 to October 31! This Harlequin Desire bundle includes Yuletide Baby Surprise by USA TODAY bestselling author Catherine Mann, A Beauty Uncovered by Andrea Laurence and A Cowboy's Temptation by USA TODAY bestselling author Barbara Dunlop.Look for 6 new compelling stories every month from Harlequin Desire!

Harlequin Desire September 2014 - Bundle 1 of 2

by Sara Orwig Barbara Dunlop Sarah M. Anderson

Do you love stories with sexy, romantic heroes who have it all-wealth, status, and incredibly good looks? Harlequin® Desire brings you all this and more with these three new full-length titles for one great price! Look for Harlequin® Desire's September 2014 Bundle 2 of 2, filled with even more scandalous stories and powerful heroes!A TEXAN IN HER BED (Lone Star Legends)By USA TODAY bestselling author Sara OrwigWhen Texas billionaire Wyatt Milan learns that stunning TV personality Destiny Jones intends to stir up a century-long family feud, his plan to stop her leads to a seduction that threatens his guarded heart.REUNITED WITH THE LASSITER BRIDE (Dynasties: The Lassiters)By USA TODAY bestselling author Barbara DunlopAngelica Lassiter thought she'd lost Evan forever after her grandfather's will wrecked their engagement. But when their best friends' wedding forces them to walk down the aisle-as best man and maid of honor-sparks fly!NOT THE BOSS'S BABY (The Beaumont Heirs)By Sarah M. AndersonChadwick Beaumont is tired of doing what everyone wants him to do. It's time he did what he wanted. And he wants his secretary, Serena Chase-pregnant or not!

Harlequin Desire September 2015 - Box Set 2 of 2

by Barbara Dunlop Rachel Bailey Sarah M. Anderson

Do you love stories with sexy, romantic heroes who have it all--wealth, status, and incredibly good looks? Harlequin® Desire brings you all this and more with these three new full-length titles for one great price! The Baby Contract (Billionaires and Babies) Barbara Dunlop Security expert Tony won't hire Mila as a security specialist--but he will hire her to care for the baby that has come under his protection. Working together night and day soon turns this job into a passionate mission... His Son, Her Secret (The Beaumont Heirs) Sarah M. Anderson When Byron Beaumont returns to Colorado after a year away, he's stunned to find that his ex--the daughter of his family's nemesis--secretly had Byron's son. Now he's determined to claim them both--whatever it takes! Bidding on Her Boss (The Hawke Brothers) Rachel Bailey When a florist buys her boss at auction, not for a date but to pitch a business idea, he's impressed...and unexpectedly finds himself falling for the last person he should get involved with--his own employee! Look for Harlequin® Desire's September 2015 Box set 1 of 2, filled with even more scandalous stories and powerful heroes!


by Diana Palmer Barbara Dunlop

STONE-COLD COWBOY Wealthy Texas cattle rancher J. B. Hammock was proud of his reputation as a heartbreaker. He treated his women well, but they all knew they would never have a permanent status in his life-all but one. Innocent Tellie Maddox had been just a girl when she'd been orphaned and had come to live with his family. She was fiercely devoted to J.B., but when that devotion turned into something passionate between them, J.B. knew he had to break yet another heart. Tellie hated him for that-until she lost her memory in an accident. Now all she remembered was the closeness she and J.B. once shared. He didn't want to hurt her all over again, but it quickly became clear that there was too much fire between him and Tellie for them to ever just be friends. And the deeper their feelings grew, the more J.B. feared the inevitable return of Tellie's memory.... BONUS BOOK INCLUDED IN THIS VOLUME! In Bed with the Wrangler by USA TODAY bestselling author Barbara Dunlop Amber Hutton knew falling into wrangler Royce Ryder's bed would only be asking for trouble. Though with just one touch from the wealthy playboy, she knew trouble had already found her.

High Stakes

by Barbara Dunlop

Candice Hammond's renovation plans for the Lighthouse Restaurant are perfect- until the maddening and madly attractive number cruncher Derek Reeves steps in. They're arguing about everything right down to the last fork and it's taking all her negotiating skills to stop her interior design project from going up in smoke!Derek Reeves, international businessman and heir apparent to the family corporation, knows what to do to succeed-always stay focused, never get distracted. But the game plan goes awry once he and Candice find themselves locked up together at the job site. That's when they both have to put all their cards and their clothes on the table....

His Stolen Bride

by Barbara Dunlop

To love, honor and abduct a beautiful bride... Only from New York Times bestselling author Barbara Dunlop. "Will you take this woman?" Yes. As a favor to his estranged father, investigator Jackson Rush agrees to kidnap Crista Corday from her high society wedding. His job is to stop her marriage to a con man, not seduce the alluring Crista himself. But two days together, on the run from her fiancé's shady family, obliterate every rule... Crista has no idea of the danger drawing near. Jackson can't reveal it without divulging who really sent him. And that's a risk that could cost him everything...unless Crista will put herself under his passionate protection forever.

Hitched for the Holidays & A Groom in her Stocking

by Barbara Dunlop Jennifer Drew

Hitched for the Holidays by Jennifer Drew All she wants for Christmas...Expert organizer Mindy Ryder could use some professional help! Her father has decided he's visiting for Christmas, and he wants to meet Mindy's "boyfriend." Trouble is, she doesn't have one! Now she needs a man, and not just any man-a doctor. Eric Kincaid is the perfect candidate, even if he does treat four-legged, furry patients. She's not sure he's up to the task, but wouldn't mind getting hitched to this pet vet for the holidays!A Groom in Her Stocking by Barbara Dunlop Where else would he be!Lindsey Parker's financial career is looking up, up, up. And it's been how long since she's had a date? Forget dating-during Christmas vacation at a luxury northern resort Santa delivers not one, but two fiances to ol' skinny Linney. But RJ Webster, once her high-school nemesis, now a super-smooth local pilot, is determined to be the only groom in this gal's stocking!

An Intimate Bargain

by Barbara Dunlop

The one person who can help Zach Rainer close a life-changing deal turns out to be the very woman he just slept with. He knows Abigail Jacobs is attracted to him...but is that enough incentive for her to betray those she loves?Desperate to leave her family's ranch, Abigail believes Zach might be her perfect hero...until his true motives are revealed. What was once a simple affair has become a complicated that has her battling her own heart. How can she possibly love a man who wants her to choose between him and her family?

The Last Cowboy Standing

by Barbara Dunlop

Rope 'em. Ride 'em. Wed 'em? With his family pressuring him to settle down, Travis Jacobs hightails it to the rodeo for a no-strings fling. But the bull rider never expected to bump into Danielle Marin. The pretty lawyer once rebuffed his flirtations. Now, however, she looks ready for a little fun. Danielle knows getting involved with a rogue like Travis will only lead to heartache. Her career in question, she should be thinking with her head, not the heat of their kisses. But when all roads lead back to Colorado-and Travis-resistance is futile. Will she finally manage to lasso the last cowboy standing?

Legalmente casados

by Barbara Dunlop Luis Pugni

El multimillonario Zach Harper no podía permitir que una extraña se llevara la mitad de su fortuna, aunque fuera su esposa. Jamás hubiera podido imaginar que una alocada boda en Las Vegas llegara a convertirse en una pesadilla. Sin embargo, el testamento de su abuela había sellado con fuego un lazo difícil de deshacer: su futuro estaba ligado al de Kaitlin Saville para siempre. Zach creía que podía deshacerse de ella ofreciéndole unos cuantos millones. Sin embargo, Kaitlin no quería dinero, quería una cosa que sólo Zach podía darle... y Zach le juró que se lo daría.

Marriage, Manhattan Style

by Barbara Dunlop

721 PARK AVENUE: Penthouse A. TENANTS: Reed and Elizabeth Wellington. SCANDAL: Married for life? A sexy billionaire husband, a Park Avenue penthouse, money to burn. Elizabeth Wellington had it all, right? But Reed was married to his corporation and she spent evenings alone--with her ovulation charts. Her husband still set her body on fire, but Reed was keeping secrets, ones serious enough to rock their life together. Then fate brought them an unexpected bundle of joy. They finally had the baby they'd always wanted... but had it arrived soon enough?

Marriage, Manhattan Style (Park Avenue Scandals)

by Barbara Dunlop

721 PARK AVENUE: Penthouse A TENANTS: Reed and Elizabeth Wellington SCANDAL: Married for life? A sexy billionaire husband, a Park Avenue penthouse, money to burn. Elizabeth Wellington had it all, right? But Reed was married to his corporation and she spent evenings alone-with her ovulation charts. Her husband still set her body on fire, but Reed was keeping secrets, ones serious enough to rock their life together. Then fate brought them an unexpected bundle of joy. They finally had the baby they'd always wanted ... but had it arrived soon enough?

Millionaire in a Stetson

by Barbara Dunlop

Keep your secrets under lock and keyOne woman has the power to destroy his family and Sawyer Layton is out to stop her. Even if it means the millionaire must don a Stetson and track Niki Gerard all the way to Colorado.But he didn't count on the gorgeous Niki having trouble of her own. She's hiding out on her family's ranch, desperate to find her mother's scandalous diary-the same diary Sawyer's after. Worse still, she's quicker to the truth. Cover blown, there's only one option left: work with Niki-and try to keep his hands to himself.

Millions to Spare (Thoroughbred Legacy Series #5)

by Barbara Dunlop

Embodying the American dream, the Thoroughbred Legacy series is set in the glamorous world of horse racing and breeding. These gripping novels continue the drama of the Preston family.

The Missing Heir

by Barbara Dunlop

Who will get the baby? Find out in this story from USA TODAY bestselling author Barbara Dunlop... When tragedy strikes, Cole Henderson must claim his true legacy and provide for his baby half brother. Luckily, the innocent infant is in the very capable hands of Amber Welsley, a woman Cole soon finds impossible to resist. But a bitter custody battle and rumors of financial double-dealing force Cole to claim the fortune he never wanted-and the child Amber considers her own. Will his secrets destroy Amber's faith in him? Or can Cole win her back and create a family of his own?

Next to Nothing!

by Barbara Dunlop

Jenna McBride is making a new start: a new city and a new business with a shot at the big time. She and her best friend-and interior decorating partner-jump at the chance to refurbish a venerable Seattle hotel. For a hands-on approach, Jenna is assigned a suite for a week's'll also give her an opportunity to ditch all the private investigators hired by her ex to spy on her!Tyler Reeves may be a blue blood, but he's the black sheep in his family-making a living the hard way as a P.I., instead of opting for corporate finance. Now he has no choice but to accept a case he normally wouldn't-tailing some guy's fiancée. Easy enough. Until Tyler meets Jenna and falls for the sexy siren in a flash. It looks as if his undercover work will take on a whole new meaning-who will be the first left wearing next to nothing!

One-Click Buy: February Silhouette Desire

by Katherine Garbera Brenda Jackson Yvonne Lindsay Barbara Dunlop Tessa Radley Day Leclaire

One convenient download. One bargain price. Get all February Silhouette Desire with one click!A pregnant mistress is plagued by her lover's mistrust...a fake marriage unexpectedly turns out to be real...a rekindled forbidden teen romance provides a billionaire with an opportunity for revenge. Find all this and more with six powerful, passionate and provocative stories from Silhouette Desire! Bundle includes Pride and a Pregnancy Secret by Tessa Radley, Taming Clint Westmoreland by Brenda Jackson, The Wealthy Frenchman's Proposition by Katherine Garbera, Dante's Blackmailed Bride by Day Leclaire, Beauty and the Billionaire by Barbara Dunlop and Tycoon's Valentine Vendetta by Yvonne Lindsay.

One-Click Buy: March Silhouette Desire

by Katherine Garbera Brenda Jackson Jan Colley Yvonne Lindsay Barbara Dunlop Jennifer Lewis

One convenient download. One bargain price. Get all December March 2009 Silhouette Desire books with one click!Got a craving for a true Latin lover? How about an aristocratic French billionaire? Or an Italian Grand Prix World Champion? With this bundle of six passionate, provocative books featuring these heroes and more, you're sure to find a story that will fulfill your every desire! Bundle includes: The Moretti Heir by Katherine Garbera, Tall, Dark. . . Westmoreland! by Brenda Jackson, Transformed Into the Frenchman's Mistress by Barbara Dunlop, Secret Baby, Public Affair by Yvonne Lindsay, In the Argentine's Bed by Jennifer Lewis and Friday Night Mistress by Jan Colley.

One-Click Buy: November Silhouette Desire

by Emilie Rose Laura Wright Heidi Betts Barbara Dunlop Ann Major Tessa Radley

One convenient download. One bargain price. Get all November Silhouette Desire with one click! A notorious playboy searching for the perfect wife, a prince who awakens forbidden desires, a commanding billionaire who always gets what he wants... Find all this in more with six powerful, passionate and provocative stories from Silhouette Desire! Bundle includes Secrets of the Tycoon's Bride by Emilie Rose, Sold Into Marriage by Ann Major, Christmas in His Royal Bed by Heidi Betts, Playboy's Ruthless Payback by Laura Wright, The Desert Bride of Al Zayed by Tessa Radley, and The Billionaire Who Bought Christmas by Barbara Dunlop.

One-Click Buy: October Silhouette Desire

by Michelle Celmer Barbara Dunlop Tessa Radley Day Leclaire Emily Mckay Leslie Lafoy

A married couple from opposite sides of the tracks struggle to keep their marriage afloat amidst fertility problems and intrigues. A driven businessman helps to convert a dilapidated building into a senior citizen center so he can keep an eye on the woman organizer he suspects of being a con artist. A beautiful wine critic must conceal from the man she loves her true relationship with his deceased brother. Find all this and more with six powerful, passionate and provocative stories from Silhouette Desire! Bundle includes Marriage, Manhattan Style by Barbara Dunlop, The Money Man's Seduction by Leslie LaFoy, Dante's Contract Marriage by Day Leclaire, An Affair with the Princess by Michelle Celmer, Mistaken Mistress by Tessa Radley and Baby Benefits by Emily McKay.

Out Of Order

by Barbara Dunlop

Free-spirited? Of course. Unorthodox? Surely!Jailbird? No way. Until the cops come with irresistible proof-and handcuffs!Yep, Shelby Jacobs is busted for gunrunning-but all she knows is that her boss is a jerk. More temp jobs won't cover her bail-or even get a decent lawyer. Luckily, Shelby's roommate's fiance's partner (don't ask) can take the case. Trouble is, the feelings Dallas Williams stirs in Shelby are quite indecent-especially as she knows she'll never fit into his structured world.Still, since Shelby always pays her debts, she takes a temporary job with Dallas's irm-and promptly starts interfering with his other cases. Will her impulsive ways lead to another fall?And does she care?


by Barbara Dunlop

Things Crystal Hayes could do without: her looks, men obsessed with her looks, and guys who think they're God's gift to the ladies. She'd rather be behind the wheel of a truck than navigating cheesy pickup lines. But when Crystal makes a delivery to a NASCAR event, she meets the one guy who could blow all her preconceptions away. . . . All his life Larry Grosso has lived in the shadow of his well-known racing family--but it's now time for him to take what he wants. And on the top of that list is Crystal--breathtaking, sweet. . . and twenty-two years younger. Their age difference is creating animosity within their families, and suddenly their romance is the talk of the entire NASCAR circuit!

Park Avenue Scandals Bundle

by Emilie Rose Maureen Child Laura Wright Anna Depalo Barbara Dunlop Jennifer Lewis

Welcome to 721 Park Avenue. . . the ultimate address for high-price secrets!This luxurious building on Manhattan's tony upper east side is up for historical landmark status, and its tenants include the movers and shakers of New York City and the crème de la crème of society. But it's the secrets hidden behind its closed doors that fill this fascinating residence with mystery, drama and romance. And it all begins with the suspicious death of a young female tenant that immerses the building in a media feeding frenzy. As the wealthy and privileged residents contend with misunderstandings, betrayal, blackmail and scandal, they also discover the thrill of undeniable passion and the fulfillment of unwavering love. Visit 721 Park and prepare to be delighted, excited and moved by these six sensational stories by some of Silhouette Desire's bestselling authors. Bundle includes: High-Society Secret Pregnancy by Maureen Child, Front Page Engagement by Laura Wright, Prince of Midtown by Jennifer Lewis, marriage, Manhattan Style by Barbara Dunlop, Pregnant on the Upper East Side? by Emilie Rose and The Billionaire in Penthouse B by Anna DePalo.

Reunited with the Lassiter Bride

by Barbara Dunlop

Wedding bells ring in USA TODAY bestselling author Barbara Dunlop's DYNASTIES: THE LASSITERS tale. In the fight sparked by her late father's will, Angelica Lassiter has come out on top-deposing her former fiancé as CEO. She's won control of her birthright but lost the fiancé she loved. The cruel irony is that she and Evan must now pretend to be a couple to make their best friends' wedding work. Evan McCain quickly warms to his role in this fake reunion, and the kisses are much more than a ruse. But can he trust this woman enough to give her a second shot at being his bride?

Seduced by the CEO

by Barbara Dunlop

Falling for the CEO is a minefield of secrets in this tale from New York Times and USA TODAY bestselling author Barbara Dunlop Born on the wrong side of the bed, Riley Ellis is done playing second fiddle to his half brother-the legitimate heir. Determined to make his own company a success, Riley needs leverage and Kalissa Smith is it. Only he knows Kalissa is the long-lost identical twin to his rival's beloved wife. What a scandal their union could cause... By the time Kalissa learns the truth, Riley's passion is the real deal. But can he convince her she isn't a mere pawn in his seduction scheme?

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