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Age of Aquariums (Sabrina the Teenage Witch #20)

by Bobbi Weiss David Weiss

While cleaning up the school's new aquarium, Sabrina notices some rather unusual underwater inhabitants. Transforming herself into a tiny mermaid, she discovers the lost city of Atlantis...inside the fish tank! The great shrunken city is home to a mer-race so old it doesn't even remember its own origins. But the Atlanteans are sure that Sabrina is one of the legendary Conch Queens, come to take the city back to the Endless Waters. Sabrina wants to restore the city to its rightful place on the planet, but how can she do it without exposing her magic powers to Mr. Kraft and her mortal classmates? And what if someone doesn't want the lost city to be found?

Charmed: Between Worlds

by Bobbi Weiss Jacklyn Wilson

"Her face," Phoebe whispered urgently. "Look at her face. I don't think that happened last time. Malvolio's possession of her must be almost total." Piper nodded as Paige helped her get to her feet. "No two ways about it. He's definitely getting stronger." C. K. looked around the room, her eyes glittering wildly. "I require a vehicle," she said. "You will provide one." "Okay," Phoebe said, as she carefully got up. "No problem. Mind if we come along for the ride?" C. K. smiled. "Foolish witches," she said. "You think that you can stop me? I am stronger than you can possibly imagine. No power on this earth can prevent what I am about to unleash." "I'll take that as a yes," Phoebe said. She headed for the front hall. Yanking her keys from her purse, she lobbed them across the room toward C. K. "You drive."

Close Encounters! (The Secret World of Alex Mack #18)

by Bobbi Weiss David Weiss

Super-Power Super-Test Ever since she became the GC-161 kid, Alex Mack has had to keep her powers a closely guarded secret. But when the Mack family goes camping in the desert, Alex's sister Annie thinks it's the perfect opportunity to test Alex's powers. She can really cut loose, and no one will suspect a thing! Except...oops! Annie is wrong. So wrong, in fact, that the FBI is called to investigate a UFO. If these super-snoops detect Alex's powers, they'll forget all about chasing alien life-forms and spaceships! Alex doesn't want to be a government science experiment. But is she super enough to convince the FBI?

Eight Spells A Week (Sabrina The Teenage Witch # 17)

by Diana G. Gallagher Nancy Holder Bobbi Weiss David Weiss Cathy East Dubowski Ray Garton Mel Odom Mark Dubowski

Poor Sabrina! She breaks a mirror and prepares herself for seven years of bad luck...until the Quizmaster tells her otherwise. Witches get seven days of bad luck-right now! "Well, how bad could that be?" Sabrina wonders. But soon Sabrina realizes this week, of all weeks, is not going to be what she expected. Something else is at work here...something bigger than herself, her family...and her magic! Eight short stories-a different disaster each day! -by bestselling Sabrina, the Teenage Witch authors.

Go Fetch! (Sabrina the Teenage Witch #13)

by Bobbi Weiss David Weiss

Gotham, one of Salem's friends from his pre-catnip days, drops by the Spellman linen closet carrying a gift in his mouth. Gotham has stolen the Boot, a magic talisman that could finally fulfill Salem's dreams of world domination. The only problem? As Gotham escaped Drell's treasure room, he triggered an antitheft device that turned him into a sheepdog! Now Gotham and Salem are on the lam, racing through uncharted areas of the Other Realm and trying to avoid the detective Drell has hired to sniff them out. Can Sabrina find Salem and prove his innocence to the bloodhound...or will Salem be spending the next century as something even more embarrassing than a cat?

Good Switch, Bad Switch

by Bobbi Weiss David Weiss

Sabrina's got spellfluenza, a nasty little witch virus. Every time she sneezes her powers pop out of her and into the next person. Another sneeze and they're back again-whew! It's not bad at first-Sabrina only sneezes in pairs. But then Libby Chessler gets in the way of a solitary achoo and...uhoh. It doesn't take libby long to figure out she's picked up some powerful magic. Now there's just one thing she wants...more! After all world domination isn't out of the question! Sabrina's challenge is clear: Follow Libby on her search for bigger and better powers, and stop her. But can she do it as a mere mortal?

The Lizzie McGuire Movie

by Bobbi Weiss David Weiss

Rivederci, junior high. Hello, Italy! Ciao. LIZZIE! After suffering complete and total humiliation at her junior high graduation. there's only one thing Lizzie wants to do- leave the country! Luckily, she's off on a class trip to Rome. where she meets hot Italian pop star Paolo Vahsari. Lizzie's in heaven. Even better, it seems that she bears a striking resemblance to Paolo's singing partner Isabella. Lizzie starts getting star treatment-and that's when her adventures really begin! is Lizzie in love? is Paolo really as nice as he seems? And why is Gordo suddenly acting so ... jealous?

Prom Time (Sabrina The Teenage Witch #21)

by Bobbi Weiss David Weiss

Sabrina thinks her prom night should be. . . well, magical. Just like anyone else's. But Libby is planning the whole show, and that means only one person will have a wonderful time: Libby. That's just not fair! So Sabrina decides to fight back. She conjures up a "fair wind," and soon she and Libby are both on the prom committee. After all, it's only fair The fair wind isn't finished yet, though. It sweeps through every corner of school, then follows Sabrina home, with some crazy consequences. The way things are going, it'll even ruin the prom. Sabrina's got to figure out how to get things back to normal. . . before her prom night becomes a nightmare!

Sabrina the Teenage Witch (Sabrina the Teenage Witch #1)

by Bobbi Weiss David Weiss

I'm 16, I'm a witch, and I still have to go to school? This is no time for jokes! I just learned the terrible truth: I'm a witch. Here I thought I was just another teenager worried about making friends in my new school and how to get a guy I really like, Harvey, to notice me. That changed fast enough when my two aunts gave me a black pot and an old book, The Discovery of Magic, and my cat started giving me advice. I'm still trying to control my pointing finger and my runaway mind but between dead frogs, my worst enemy, Libby, and pineapples . . . but I'm getting ahead of myself. My name's Sabrina and I'm sixteen. I always knew I was different, but I thought it was just because I lived with my strange aunts, Zelda and Hilda, while my divorced parents bounced around the world. Dad's in the foreign service. The very foreign service. He's a witch-and so am I. I can't run to Mom-but not because she's currently on an archaeological dig in Peru. She's a mortal. If I set eyes on her in the next two years, she'll turn into a ball of wax. So for now, I'm stuck with my aunts. They're hanging around to show me everything I need to know about this witch business. They say all I have to do is concentrate and point. And I thought fitting in was tough! You probably think I have superpowers. Think again! I can't turn back time, and I'm on my own when it comes to love. Of course, there are some pretty neat things I can do-but that's where the trouble always begins. . . .

Salem on Trial (Sabrina the Teenage Witch #8)

by Bobbi Weiss David Weiss

When Sabrina has a history report due, she and Salem do some research--in Colonial-era Westbridge! Their temporal transit tickets are unchangeable and nonrefundable, and Sabrina's powers have been time-locked so that she won't accidentally change the course of history through magic. Sabrina's first shock is meeting Harvard Kinklin and Libbeth Chestler--dead ringers for Harvey and Libby. Libbeth's as jealous as her alter ego Libby when Harvard pays too much attention to Sabrina. So she brings a charge of witchcraft against Sabrina and her cat--and the judge sentences the time travelers to hanging! Suddenly, Sabrina and Salem are trapped in the past with only their wits to escape the noose...and time is running out!

Starfleet Academy: Breakaway

by Bobbi Weiss David Weiss

The Orion leader, Chogu, sat down in the captain's chair and thumped his dirty booted feet up on the desktop.

Starfleet Academy Voyager: Lifeline

by Bobbi Weiss David Weiss

A story about life at Star Fleet Academy.

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