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The Adventures of Tom Sawyer

by Mark Twain Bruce Brooks

Here is the story of Tom, Huck, Becky, and Aunt Polly; a tale of adventures, pranks, playing hookey, and summertime fun. Written by the author sometimes called "the Lincoln of literature," The Adventures of Tom Sawyer was surprisingly neither a critical nor a financial success when it was first published in 1876. It was Mark Twain's first novel. However, since then Tom Sawyer has become his most popular work, enjoying dramatic, film, and even Broadway musical interpretations. [This text is listed as an example that meets Common Core Standards in English language arts in grades 6-8 at]

Asylum for Nightface

by Bruce Brooks

A deeply spiritual seventeen-year-old takes a radical step to save himself from the fanaticism of his born-again Christian parents.

Barry (Wolfbay Wings #11)

by Bruce Brooks

In order to prove to his mother that he does respect teaching and learning, Barry decides to share his hockey knowledge with a talented teammate.

Boot (Wolfbay Wings #4)

by Bruce Brooks

Boot, an orphan, dislikes some of the more physical aspects of hockey, but in protecting his younger sister from a bully, he learns that aggression can be appropriate at times.

Boys Will Be

by Bruce Brooks

In his first collection of essays, Newbery Honor winner Brooks speaks directly to boys. Brooks knows what boys like and what they worry about, and with an unerring memory, he navigates a maze of parents, sports, friendships, and self-discovery.

Cody (Wolfbay Wings #3)

by Bruce Brooks

Cody -- coach's kid, Wings captain, and high scorer -- plays a mean electric guitar. He and Zip (who plays drums) actually get a gig -- the night before an important early-morning hockey game. Cody knows winning the game would mean a lot for team morale. But the gig would mean a lot of money....

Dooby (Wolfbay Wings #8)

by Bruce Brooks

As the Wings start their first Peewee season, Dooby -- defense man and official team bigmouth -- hopes he'll be elected team captain. After all, his chatter on the ice has been one of the team's biggest assets -- distracting opponents, inspiring his teammates, keeping Coach up on what's going on with the players. But someone else gets the job -- a girl who's just joined the team. Feeling robbed, Dooby sulks, shuts down, and shuts up -- and the Wings start to suffer. Dooby knows the team needs his kind of talk. But isn't that the kind of leadership you're supposed to get from your so-called captain?

The Hound of the Baskervilles

by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle Bruce Brooks

The Hound of the Baskervilles is one of master mystery writer Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's most accomplished stories. Sherlock Holmes and his companion Dr. Watson confront one of their most difficult cases ever: is there truly a curse on the old Baskerville estate? Is there truly a ghostly beast lurking on the dark, eerie moors? A masterful concoction of plot and mood, this story is guaranteed to give you the shivers.

Midnight Hour Encores

by Bruce Brooks

A sixteen-year-old cellist and musical prodigy travels cross-country with her father, a product of the 1960s, to meet her mother, who abandoned her as a baby.

The Moves Make the Man

by Bruce Brooks

Reverse spin, triple pump, reverse dribble, stutter step with twist to the left, stutter into jumper, blind pass. These are me. The moves make the man. The moves make me.Jerome foxworthy -- the Jayfox to his friends -- likes to think he can handle anything. He handled growing up without a father. He handled being the first black kid in school. And he sure can handle a basketball. Then Jerome meets bix Rivers -- mysterious and moody, but a great athlete. So Jerome decides to teach bix his game. He can tell that bix has the talent. All he's got to do is learn the right moves....

Prince (Wolfbay Wings #5)

by Bruce Brooks

When Prince, the Wolfbay Wings' only black hockey player, is aggressively recruited to play for the basketball team, he is torn between the sport he and his grandfather know and love and the sport that everyone else thinks he ought to play.

Reed (Wolfbay Wings #9)

by Bruce Brooks

Reed is a scoring machine an aggressive, mean player who can manufacture breakaways from thin air and shoot like a pro. When his selfish style of play gets him kicked off the Bowie A's, he joins the Wolfbay Wings. Reeds determined to be the best on his new team and not just because his sadistic older brothers will put him in the hospital if he isn't. But one of his bad moves puts a teammate out of commission, and Reeds forced to play defense or not at all. Reeds always thought that defense men are wimps who just couldn't make it as centers. Can he learn to play defense when everything inside him screams offense?

Shark (Wolfbay Wings #6)

by Bruce Brooks

Sharks one of the worst players on the Wings one of the infamous Spaz Line. Hes fat and slow, and his hockey sense is pitiful. If it weren't for the fact that hes needed to fill the roster, he wouldn't be a Wing at all. But one night a miracle happens: he scores the game-winning goal with a beautiful play. Sharks sure the play was a fluke, but his teammates actually expect him to improve. Even worse, they're getting mad when he doesn't and they're freezing him out. Sharks puzzled by their attitude. Hell never be a real player, like Prince or Cody. Hes destined to be a hopeless spaz, a toothless Shark forever. Isn't he?

Subtle (Wolfbay Wings #10)

by Bruce Brooks

Although not everyone, including his girlfriend, appreciates his hard-hitting, well-timed checking, Subtle takes pride in the role he plays on his hockey team.

Throwing Smoke

by Bruce Brooks

When his teammates on the Breadhurst Newts baseball team continue their losing ways, Whiz uses an unusual printing press to create several star players in hopes of winning a game.


by Bruce Brooks

All Alice wants is a home where she feels home. Not easy to find, even when your family is a functioning unit. Which Alice's is not. Even so, the last thing she expects from her dad is a one-way ticket back to a miserable life with an alcoholic mother and a bully of a stepfather. When a serious case of Bronchitis lands her in the hospital, Alice takes a bold--and desperate--stab at taking charge of her life. A hunger strike, on the eve of her discharge. The only way she can think of to stay in the hospital. But even as hallucinations start to rule her world, Alice stumbles across a friendship with Rex, a boy who, unlike Alice, has no choice about dying. When Alice makes a promise to Rex that she'll no longer ignore doubts rising within her. Is life really worth dying for?

The War of the Worlds

by H. G. Wells Bruce Brooks

H.G. Well's 1898 science fiction classic, The War of the Worlds, tapped into society's fears about worldwide security and an impending war in Europe. However, it wasn't until forty years later that The War of the Worlds became infamous. On October 30, 1938, the United States was certain that it was under siege by vicious Martians. Thousands of people called the police, many ran from their homes in terror, and some even sought medical attention for shock and hysteria. Martians weren't really invading: Orson Welles, a famous actor, was performing a radio dramatization of The War of the Worlds that conviced listeners an invasion could happen anytime and anywhere.

What Hearts

by Bruce Brooks

Recipient of a 1993 Newbery Honor, this novel is an achingly beautiful, powerfully rendered journey through childhood that is not to be missed, now available in a new edition with a striking new cover."From an outstandingly perceptive writer, a moving portrait of a boy, observed at four revealing turning points." -- Pointer Review/Kirkus Reviews"Combines fast, exciting action with an astonishing ending that proves the power of the individual imagination." -- Starred Review/ALA Booklist"Asa-possessed of rare sweetness, humor, and inner strength-survives intact cruel tests of his integrity, intellect, and sense of decency. From an outstandingly perceptive writer, a moving portrait of a boy, observed at four revealing turning points." -K. "Told with controlled imagery, insightful illumination of motive and the needs of his characters, Brooks has proven himself once again a master of language." -BL. 1993 Newbery Honor BookNotable Children's Books of 1993 (ALA)1993 Best Books for Young Adults (ALA)1993 Fanfare Honor List (The Horn Book)1993 Teachers' Choices (IRA)1993 Books for the Teen Age (NY Public Library)

Woodsie (Wolfbay Wings #1)

by Bruce Brooks

No one's more surprised than hockey rookie Dixon Woods when he actually makes the champion Wolfbay Wings team -- the best in half the country last year. But this year the Wings' coach has left for another club, taking the five best players with him -- and now the former champs are almost the worst in the league. It'll take all of Woodsie's hockey smarts to help turn things around. Is he smart enough and tough enough to take the heat?

Zip (Wolfbay Wings #2)

by Bruce Brooks

Zip, the Wings' dynamic, rude goalie, has practically grown up on the ice with his best friend Kenny Moseby. Then Moseby, the team's best player, deserts to star for a rival club. Zip can't help taking it personally. But somehow he's got to turn his anger and hurt into great goal tending -- before the Wings slide into the most humiliating record in league history.

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