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Serpent's Reach

by C. J. Cherryh

From the book jacket: Majat memory stretched back across the ages, to a time long before the Hives became known as Blue, Green, Red and Gold, to accommodate human beings' limited perceptions. The majat had killed the first men to visit their world, but they learned a great deal from that initial contact -knowledge that was passed down as needed through each succeeding generation of Workers, Drones, Warriors and Queens. In time a Pact was made... a trade agreement that put the sector of space known as Serpent's Reach off limits to all but a few men, and gave one Family sole control of commerce. That Family was the Kontrin, a clan whose genes had been altered to give its members centuries -long lives, and memories. The Meth-maren were Hive Friends to the Blue majat, and so enjoyed a special place within the Family. Yet other Houses coveted the Meth-marens' holdings, never quite understanding their relationship with the majat, but willing to exploit it. Raen a Sul Meth-maren was very young when the machinations of her distant kin erupted into a bloodbath. It was only chance that spared Raen's life that day, and the pain of her wounds was nothing compared to the fury in her soul. Heartsick, close to death, she sought out the only possible allies she had left on that world, not even sure that they would help her. But the Blue Hive accepted her, healed her-and in return, she introduced an entirely new concept into the Hive mind. Revenge. Years passed and Raen bided her time. She traveled among the inner worlds of the Reach, exercising her Kontrin privileges and powers as her whims dictated. There were Betas for her to talk to-a secondary human race, originally bred and subtly programmed by the early Kontrin settlers. And there were Azi -clones created by the Betas to perform specific duties until their bodies automatically malfunctioned at age 40. Neither group was fit company for the last of the Meth-marens, yet Raen endured them, looking ahead to the future. Then, on a voyage to the outermost planet of the Reach, Raen encountered Betas with an intriguing tale to tell, an Azi unlike any other, and a Blue Warrior who remembered her contribution to the the Mind. And she knew her time had come ...

The Sword of Knowledge

by Mercedes Lackey C. J. Cherryh Leslie Fish Nancy Asire

The Empire of Sabis was falling, besieged by the army of a more powerful empire and by hostile wizards. A small group of philosopher-scientists could reverse the tide if they could convince the rulers of Sabis to build the deadly new weapon that they have invented: the cannon. But when the rulers prove too short-sighted and Sabis falls, the scientists flee, disguising their knowledge under the cover of religion. Though centuries will pass and the Sabirn race will be oppressed and persecuted, the powerful knowledge will be preserved in secret by the Order. And the time will come when only one thing stands against destruction by a ruthless and invincible barbarian horde: The Sword of Knowledge.

The Tree of Swords and Jewels (Ealdwood #2)

by C. J. Cherryh

Ciaran was fey, he had the touch of Sidhe on him. What should have been a blessing was as much a curse, for jealousy and fear grew in the lands of men. Ciaran must once again put his humanity aside, reclaim his haunted weapons from the Tree of Sword.

Tripoint (Company Wars #6)

by C. J. Cherryh

A social outcast, Thomas Bowe is caught between the rivalry of two merchant spaceships, one headed by his father and one by the woman whom his father had raped long ago.

Troubled Waters (Merovingen Nights #3)

by C. J. Cherryh

The politics of religious factions and noble houses in the sprawling, water-logged city of Merovingen grow deadlier in this latest collection of stories set in Cherryh's shared world of Merovin. Weaving in and out of the title story are stories by Mercedes Lackey, Nancy Asire, Janet Morris, and other regular series contributors. Followers of the adventures of canal boater Altair Jones and her Hightown lover Thomas Mondragon will want this title.

Visible Light

by C. J. Cherryh

"Cassandra"ùthe Hugo Award-winning tale of a woman cursed with a unique, prophetic madness. "Threads of Time"ùan unforgettable reminder that when you play tricks in time, Time itself may play the greatest trick on you. "The Last Tower"ùin which an old man discovers how an "ally" may conquer defenses an enemy could never breach. "The Brothers"ùa brand-new story set in a land of castles, kings, and curses, where the Fair Folk presume to meddle in the affairs of men. So check your boarding pass one more time, then settle back to while away a traveler's wait with these and the other interstellar tales gathered for you

Voyager in Night (Age of Exploration #2)

by C. J. Cherryh

The ship in view was like nothing human-built, a disc cradled in a frame warted with bubbles of no sensible geometry. The generation vanes, if that was what those projections were, stretched about it in a tangle of webbing as if some mad spider had been at work, veiling that toadish lump in gossamer. Lightnings flickered multicolor in the webs and reflected off the warted body, a repeated sequence of pulses. Lindy, on her own, facing the leviathan, sent out a pulse. No. Negative. Reverse. Keep away from us.The bogey kept coming, but slower, feather-soft for something of its power, as if it drifted.

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