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The Orchid Thief

by Carolyn Keene

This New York Times bestselling girl detective has one hot summer ahead!Nancy, Bess, and George are off to Key Largo, Florida for a week of sun, swimming and exploring the fabulous coral reef that stretches along the Florida keys. They've been invited by Delia Duke, a friend of theirs and also a marine biologist at the John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park, which covers a 175 sq. miles of reef and shoreline along the coast of Kay Largo. The park is a scuba diver's delight, with dazzling corals and tropical fish, and Delia promises to show the girls the best snorkling and diving spots. But as they head through the mangroves toward her boat, someone takes off in a small motor boat, leaving behind a bag filled with rare, endangered butterfly orchids. This is just the beginning of a shocking eco-mystery that'd be too complex for anyone but Nancy Drew. . .

Otherwise Engaged (Nancy Drew on Campus #23)

by Carolyn Keene

TV station WWST is devoting an hour to campus news and views, and Nancy's running the show. Maybe. First, she has to deal with Michael Giannelli. He's smart, he's handsome, and he's got an ego the size of Lake Michigan. And he thinks he's running the show. But Nancy has big news for him, and even bigger stories to break.

Out of Control (Nancy Drew & Hardy Boys SuperMystery #31)

by Carolyn Keene Franklin W. Dixon

America's Top Teen Detectives Team Up To Stop Crime In Its Tracks! Indianapolis is the place to be in the week preceding the Indy 500 race, and NANCY DREW is eager to join in the excitement. First stop: the racetrack fashion shoot featuring sportswear designer Kate Cordova and supermodel Miranda Marott. And when Nancy steps in to save the shoot from major disaster, she earns the designer's gratitude and an invitation to a cool party. But a shocking twist threatens to cut the new friendship short -- when a federal agent steps in to arrest Kate! Meanwhile. . . FRANK and JOE HARDY are working undercover on an Indy 500 pit crew. Their assignment: find out who's sabotaging driver Robbie McDonnell's racing team. They quickly discover that there's no room for error -- on the track or off. A sniper's bullet, a flash fire, and finally a deadly discovery bring Nancy, Frank, and Joe together in an investigation that leads to a million-dollar mystery and to murder, as crime spins. . . Fast And Dangerous

Over the Edge

by Carolyn Keene

A posh resort catering to outdoor activities is plagued by a series of accidents, leading the owner to invite Nancy Drew to investigate the increasingly dangerous goings-on.

Pageant Perfect Crime

by Carolyn Keene

Nancy goes undercover -- as a pageant contestant!Ned's classmate Portia Leoni won last year's Miss Pretty Face River Heights Beauty Pageant. But after Portia was accused of shoplifting dresses from a local boutique, her crown was taken away from her. Portia claims that she's innocent, but why would someone want to frame her?

The Paris Connection (Nancy Drew & Hardy Boys SuperMystery #6)

by Carolyn Keene

AMERICA'S TOP TEEN DETECTIVES TEAM UP TO ROCK A WORLD-CLASS CRIMINAL NANCY DREW flies to Paris to help rock idol Johnny Crockett. His World Hunger Rock Tour is being attacked by a rash of vicious pranks that threaten to shut down the charity event. As soon as Nancy arrives she finds that the problem may be more than a simple case of dirty tricks. The tour's financial records have been stolen -- and the handsome rock star could be facing a career-ending scandal. Meanwhile... FRANK AND JOE HARDY are in Paris for a conference on arttheffs. After bumping into Nancy at the airport, the brother detectives run into a bundle of heavy trouble. They spot their old nemesis Fiona Fox and realize that the City of Light is about to be hit by a one-girl crime wave. And to make things worse, Joe seems dazzled by the lovely cat burglar ...

Party Weekend (Nancy Drew on Campus #10)

by Carolyn Keene

Sky blue eyes sparkling, Nancy Drew took a big breath and raised her eyes from the playing cards in her hand. "I'll see your two and raise you another three," she said, tossing some poker chips on the growing mound in the middle of the card table.

Passport To Danger (Nancy Drew & Hardy Boys SuperMystery #19)

by Carolyn Keene

(Back Cover) AMERICA'S TOP TEEN DETECTIVES TEAM UP TO UNCOVER AN OPEN MARKET IN CRIME NANCY DREW has traveled to the charming Mexican town of San Miguel de Allende to help Helen and David Oberman avert a disastrous criminal scandal at their prestigious art school. The Obermans have learned that the campus has become a focal point of counterfeiters. Someone is producing bogus green cards, which will be used to exploit and smuggle illegal aliens into the United States. Meanwhile... THE HARDY BOYS have also made their way south to visit the Perelis family in Mexico City. It began as a pleasure trip, but when a priceless Mayan jade mask is stolen from the Perelis art gallery, Frank and Joe get down to business. Discovering an intriguing connection between the theft and the forgers in San Miguel, Nancy and the boys must act quickly to trace the connection to its source -- and find the shocking truth behind the ancient mask of mystery ...

Password to Larkspur Lane (Nancy Drew Mystery Stories #10)

by Carolyn Keene

Nancy is tending her prize delphiniums when a mysterious carrier pigeon lands in her yard. The message it carries, "Bluebells are now singing horses," is so odd that it piques her curiosity, causing her to contact the registry for the birds. Meanwhile, housekeeper Hannah Gruen takes a fall and must be treated at the local orthopedist's office. The attending physician, Dr. Spires, later confides to Carson Drew and Nancy that he was forced to tend an elderly woman for her shoulder -- the drivers of a car blindfolded him when they drove him there, so he wouldn't be able to guess her location, leading him to believe the patient was a prisoner. The only clue to her identity is a bracelet with a family crest, and the doctor's belief that she was being held on Larkspur Lane. Nancy, of course, immediately sets out to track the crest, discovering that it belongs to the Eldridge family of St. Louis.

The Password to Larkspur Lane (Nancy Drew Mystery Stories #10, Original Version)

by Carolyn Keene

A carrier pigeon furnishes Nancy with a clue to a mysterious retreat. In the late 1950s, the first 34 Nancy Drew books were revised and condensed from 25 chapters to 20 chapters. This is the original 25 chapter version.

The Pen Pal Puzzle (Nancy Drew Notebooks #11)

by Carolyn Keene

In the front hallway, Nancy saw a big envelope on the floor near the mail slot. She ran to the window and looked out. Someone was just dashing around the corner. Nancy picked up the envelope. A handdrawn stamp of a weird monster was on the front. On the back was a return address: Vampire Pen Pal Big Graveyard London, England. Nancy opened the envelope. Inside was a drawing of a vampire. In a bubble over the vampire's head was a horrible message: "I suck the ink off letters and make them disappear."

Perfect Cover (Perfect Mystery Trilogy, Book 2 / Nancy Drew: Girl Detective, No. 31)

by Carolyn Keene

My friends and I are headed to the Big Apple! George, Bess, and I continue our investigation of the Miss Pretty Face Beauty Pageant in New York City, where the next round of competition is being held. When I get there, Pretty Face Cosmetics seems creepier than ever! Suspicious security men, animal rights protesters, and a mysterious scientist make this the craziest case I've ever investigated. And when someone suddenly goes missing, I realize it just might be the most dangerous!

The Perfect Escape

by Carolyn Keene

Nancy is held hostage and it's up to Bess and George to save the day...and their friend!What started out as a simple undercover mission at a beauty pageant in New York City has turned into complete chaos! The pageant's sponsor, Pretty Face Cosmetics, knows that Nancy has uncovered a big secret about their product, and now she's in serious trouble. They want to keep her quiet - no matter what it takes.

The Perfect Plot

by Carolyn Keene

Nancy's weekend at the former estate home of the late, great mystery writer Dorothea Burden turns out to be much more than an innocent exercise in fictional felonies when several jewel-encrusted figurines are stolen.

The Phantom of Nantucket

by Carolyn Keene

A dream trip to Nantucket turns into a nightmare in this seventh book of the Nancy Drew Diaries, a fresh approach to a classic series.Nancy, Bess, and George can't wait to start their trip to Nantucket. The three girls are there to visit Bess's family friend Jenna and go to the opening of an exhibit at the local whaling museum. Jenna's been working on the exhibit for months, but when the girls get to the museum, a threatening banner has replaced the welcome sign. Nancy's got plenty of potential suspects, but she's worried she won't be able to solve the case in time to save the opening. And as the threats increase in severity, she becomes more concerned about Jenna's safety than the ruined exhibit. Can Nancy find the culprit in time?

The Phantom of Venice

by Carolyn Keene

In this thrilling adventure rife with romance and danger, Nancy travels to Venice to investigate the kidnapping of a famous glassblower and the disappearance of an artist.

The Picture of Guilt

by Carolyn Keene

STARTLING EVIDENCE GIVES NANCY A NEW PERSPECTIVE ON THE FINE ART OF MURDER.Nancy's spending Thanksgiving in Paris, the city of light, love.. .and mystery. Her neighbor is Ellen Mathieson, a professor whose study of painter Josephine Solo has suddenly taken a dark and disturbing turn. Ellen's research assistant is dead -- killed in an accident exactly like the one that took Solo's life six months before! Josephine Solo left a legacy of secrecy and scandal. . .even the possibility of a double life. But Nancy begins to suspect that some of the professor's students also have something to hide. Paris is full of powerful temptations -- forbidden romance, secret passions, financial greed -- any one of which could lead to a motive for murder.

The Picture of Guilt (Nancy Drew Files #101)

by Carolyn Keene

FROM THE NANCY DREW FILES THE CASE: From the art galleries to the chic cafes, Nancy sets out to draw a portrait of a killer. CONTACT: Professor Ellen Mathieson's biography of a famous painter leads to a study in murder. SUSPECTS: David Fieldston -- He's succeeded in becoming Professor Mathieson's research assistant ... now that her first choice is dead. Phillipe Leduc -- Josephine Solo threatened to sue him for copying her painting style ... a threat she never had a chance to carry out. Jean-Luc Censier -- Art dealer or con artist? Either way he may have found that business can be murder. COMPLICATIONS: Did Professor Mathieson's research assistant die because he knew too much? Nancy's determined to find the answers ... in a case in which the truth could prove deadly!

The Picture-Perfect Mystery

by Carolyn Keene

When artist and gallery owner Lila Cramer is conned into selling all her paintings for the price of one, Nancy Drew agrees to investigate--and discovers that there are many people who would like to see disagreeable Lila lose her business.

Pit of Vipers

by Carolyn Keene

This New York Times bestselling girl detective has one hot summer ahead!River Heights is in an uproar when the local zoo reports that one of its exotic venomous snakes has been snake-napped! It's only a matter of hours, though, before an anonymous tip leads the police to the missing critter-- in the home of Nancy's friend, Charles Adams. Nancy isn't sure what to think of all this-- until Charles appeals to her to help him prove his innocence. She can't resist taking the case. If he really is innocent, perhaps she can help clear his name. If he's guilty, she'll be able to satisfy herself to that fact as well.

Playing with Fire

by Carolyn Keene

Nancy is sent to Los Angeles to investigate a case of arson in a luxury hotel--and has a hot time in Hollywood!

Poison Pen

by Carolyn Keene

Nancy grapples with sabotaged cars, suspicious accidents, and a desperate letter to an advice column figure in this summertime mystery.

Pony Problems

by Carolyn Keene Macky Pamintuan

This pony knows quite a few tricks! A new petting zoo has opened in River Heights. Nancy, George, and Bess can't wait to check it out -- the zoo has the cutest Shetland pony named Buttons. And it looks like the Clue Crew won't have to wait very long to get a glimpse of Buttons -- he keeps escaping from his pen and showing up all over town! He's getting pretty famous for eating the flowers in everyone's front lawns. As much as Nancy secretly wishes Buttons would turn up on her lawn, she knows it's important to make sure he stays put. The only trouble is, no one knows how he's getting out. Sounds like it's time for the Clue Crew to saddle up and settle this pony problem!

Pony Problems (Nancy Drew and the Clue Crew #3)

by Carolyn Keene

This pony knows quite a few tricks! A new petting zoo has opened in River Heights. Nancy, George, and Bess can't wait to check it out--the zoo has the cutest Shetland pony named Buttons.<P> And it looks like the Clue Crew won't have to wait very long to get a glimpse of Buttons--he keeps escaping from his pen and showing up all over town! He's getting pretty famous for eating the flowers in everyone's front lawns. As much as Nancy secretly wishes Buttons would turn up on her lawn, she knows it's important to make sure he stays put. The only trouble is, no one knows how he's getting out. Sounds like it's time for the Clue Crew to saddle up and settle this pony problem!

Pool Party Puzzler

by Carolyn Keene Peter Francis

Help Nancy and her friends find out who's causing a major pool party problem in this first book in an all-new, interactive Nancy Drew chapter book series. Includes space for readers to jot down their own ideas and solutions to the case!Snooty Deidre Shannon writes in her blog "Dishing with Deidre" that since eight is half of sixteen, she's entitled to a Super Sweet Half-Sixteen party this year! And since the Shannons have a pool, she's decided to make mermaids her theme. Nancy, Bess, and George are invited to the big bash, where all party guests must dress in under-the-sea-themed costumes.For her grand entrance, Deidre dresses as a mermaid and is carried out on a giant half-shell by six teenage "sea creatures." The garden boasts hedges clipped into the shapes of various types of ocean life. Deidre's father even booked "Queen Mermaid Marissa" to perform in their pool--fin and all.But when a squirmy snake is found swimming in the pool too, Queen Marissa leaves in a huff! Who would sabotage the mermaid pool performance? Nancy, Bess, and George intend to find out!

Showing 426 through 450 of 688 results


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