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The Stolen Bones

by Carolyn Keene

A thief strikes, and Nancy is on the trail!In #29, The Stolen Bones, Nancy, Bess, and George are volunteering on a paleontology dig. When a priceless fossil goes missing Nancy must figure out which of the volunteers is really a gold digger.

Stolen Kisses (River Heights #4 )

by Carolyn Keene

This is book #4 from the "Nancy Drew Hometown" series for teenagers which explores fun, friendship, secrets and romance.

The Stolen Relic

by Carolyn Keene

My friends and I knew before we got to Arches National Park that it's full of red cliffs arches, and rock formations -- plenty of places for hiking, biking, and getting lost. It's a good thing there are park rangers and guides to help tourist like us find our way. Or at east that's what we thought, until of the guilds left for a second to investigate some noise, and never came back. It seems unlikely that a respected tour guide who knows the area like the back of her hand could just get lose. Something's fishy. And you can bet I'm going to get to the bottom of this before I find my way home.

The Stolen Unicorn (Nancy Drew Notebooks #18)

by Carolyn Keene

The new girl in school, Mari Cheng, had brought in her special toy--a beautiful unicorn with a silver mane--and someone had stolen it! Now what Mari needs most is a special friend to help her feel better--and maybe find Silvermane. Someone like Nancy Drew!

Stop the Clock

by Carolyn Keene

Just as I'm gearing up to help plan the Mahoney Library's seventy-fifth anniversary celebration, the beautiful old clock, the very centerpiece of the library, is stolen. There's nothing like a good theft to stop a party! Naturally, I throw down the streamers and get to work. Turns out lots of people wanted that clock -- and what's inside. If I don't hustle, this might become two crimes instead of one....

The Strange Message in the Parchment (Nancy Drew Mystery Stories #54)

by Carolyn Keene

A sheep farmer receives a mysterious telephone call shortly after he buys a series of pictures painted on parchment. "Decipher the message in the parchment and right a great wrong," the voice says. Puzzled, the owner asks Nancy to help. Nancy and the farmer's daughter, Junie, track down a kidnapper and a group of extortionists. Clues weave in and out of several puzzles, two of which are linked with Italy. Is there a connection between the message in the parchment and a boy artist on another farm? And who is responsible for the atmosphere of fear in the neighborhood?

Stranger in the Shadows (Nancy Drew #103)

by Carolyn Keene

When Paula DeJagger, an exchange student staying with one of Nancy's friends, begins acting strangely, Nancy investigates and discovers that Paula and other exchange students are being blackmailed to commit crimes.

Strangers on a Train

by Carolyn Keene

Nancy and her friends take their detective skills on an Alaskan adventure in this second book of the Nancy Drew Diaries, a fresh approach to a classic series.Nancy's Alaskan adventure continues as she, Bess, and George disembark the mystery-plagued Arctic Star cruise ship and explore the grand sites of the forty-ninth state: Skagway; the Yukon territory, and Denali National Park. It's spectacular scenery, but things start to go wrong almost immediately, leading Nancy to believe that whoever was behind the unsolved mayhem aboard the ship has followed them onto dry land. The girl detectives had better watch their steps--they're on uncharted and unknown territory!

Strike-out Scare (Nancy Drew Notebooks #65)

by Carolyn Keene Jan Naimo Jones

Nancy, George, and Bess join a junior baseball team, and Bess discovers she's an amazing batter. She attributes her newfound talent to her lucky bat she calls Magic Bill. But when Magic Bill goes missing right before a big game, can Nancy find it in time? Picture descriptions present.

The Suspect in the Smoke (Nancy Drew #115)

by Carolyn Keene

Seeking clues to a suspicious fire, Nancy finds danger smoldering in the ashes.

The Swami's Ring (Nancy Drew Mystery Stories #61)

by Carolyn Keene

An amnesia victim appears with a royal Hindu ring. Nancy Drew is called in to help identify him.

Target For Terror (Nancy Drew & Hardy Boys SuperMystery #24)

by Carolyn Keene

NANCY DREW has come to San Francisco at the urgent request of Tim An, president of the small island nation of Philonesia. His beloved niece, Soong An, a promising violinist, has been the target of several kidnapping attempts. The motive may be an upcoming musical competition... or the political turmoil in her homeland. But in this city of mist and mystery, one truth emerges: Soong An's life is on the line! Meanwhile . . . A violent outbreak of sabotage has drawn FRANK and JOE HARDY to the campus of San Francisco University. Posing as visiting student activists the Hardys infiltrate Ethics Now, an animal rights group threatening to disrupt laboratory research. But as the experiments in terror grow increasingly explosive, the boys uncover a disturbing connection between the case and one particular student: Soong An. The investigation soon draws Nancy, Frank, and Joe into a web of danger and deception... in TARGET FOR TERROR

A Taste of Danger

by Carolyn Keene

This Resort Has The Recipe For Disaster! Nancy's thrilled that she, Bess, George, and Hannah will be attending the grand opening of the newly renovated Gourmet Getaway. Not only will they be able to eat four-star meals prepared by master chefs, they'll get to take cooking classes with them, too. But before the table's even set, problems start plaguing the resort, both in and out of the kitchen. Nancy can't believe it's just bad luck, but who's causing all the problems? Nancy puts her cooking on the back burner so she can devote her attention to solving the mystery. Can she manage to find out who's behind the trouble before more sabotage is served?

The Teen Model Mystery

by Carolyn Keene

Traveling to the site of a commercial shoot, where her model friend Cindy will star, Nancy is alarmed by Cindy's disappearance and launches an investigation that takes her into the shady side of teen fashion.

Tell Me the Truth (Nancy Drew on Campus #4)

by Carolyn Keene

Nancy's full of questions. Her budding romance with Peter Goodwin may shrivel if he doesn't tell the truth about his past. And someone has stolen a bio exam. If Nancy doesn't find out who, it could be Bess who faces failure. Nancy has her work cut out for her, but she's not about to fail the test.

Terror on Tour (Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys Super Mysteries #1)

by Carolyn Keene Franklin W. Dixon

The Hardys are warned that something is going to happen at the Rockapazooma concert, but Nancy seems to be the only one to trigger their suspicions. Has she found the trouble?

The Thanksgiving Surprise (Nancy Drew Notebooks #9)

by Carolyn Keene

What happens when the Drew's get house guests for Thanksgiving and Hanna looses her ring?

Thanksgiving Thief

by Carolyn Keene Macky Pamintuan

River Heights Elementary School is having a Thanksgiving pageant, and Nancy, Bess, and George want to dress up as Native Americans! But when the town starts preparing for Thanksgiving dinner, the girls end up smelling a mystery instead of turkey. As Thanksgiving food around town starts to disappear, the Clue Crew realizes that someone is trying to destroy the holiday! Can the Crew catch these birdbrained bandits? Or will Thanksgiving dinner be a recipe for disaster?

Thanksgiving Thief (Nancy Drew and the Clue Crew #16)

by Carolyn Keene

There are wild turkeys on the loose--and they are threatening to ruin the traditional River Heights Thanksgiving feast. Can the Crew catch these birdbrained bandits? Or will Thanksgiving dinner be a recipe for disaster?

Third-grade Reporter (Nancy Drew Notebooks #35)

by Carolyn Keene

WHO IS GIVING NANCY'S SCHOOL A BAD NAME? Reporter Alice Stone is visiting her old school, Carl Sandburg Elementary. She'll sit next to Nancy and become a third grader again. Then she'll write an article for her newspaper. But right away mysterious things start happening to Alice. First someone messes with her macaroni and cheese. Then her jump rope with the sparkly handles disappears. Snooty Brenda Carlton is pushing Nancy to solve the case. She gave Alice the idea to write the story. Now the school's good name is at stake. If Nancy can't come up with a solution, it will be bad news for Carl Sandburg Elementary.

The Thirteenth Pearl (Nancy Drew Mystery Stories #56)

by Carolyn Keene

NANCY is asked to locate a stolen pearl necklace that is unusual and very valuable. She soon learns that strange and dangerous people are responsible for the theft. They harass her at home and intensify it when she and her father go to Japan, and they finally manage to kidnap Nancy and her friend Ned Nickerson when she returns to River Heights. Through clever sleuthing, Nancy is able to penetrate the rites of an amazing group of pearl worshippers, some of whose members are far from devout, and she uncovers underhanded dealings of certain employees of World Wide Gems, inc., a tremendous international jewelry company. Readers will love accompanying Nancy, disguised as a Japanese girl, in this adventure in Tokyo.

This Side of Evil

by Carolyn Keene

Nancy travels to Canada to stop a blackmailer. All sorts of successful people are being blackmailed from the same social circles. As Nancy gets deeper in to the case she senses a master criminal--someone as smart as she is--but on the wrong side of the law.

A Three-Cornered Mystery (Dana Girls Mystery #4)

by Carolyn Keene

The Dana Girls, Jean & Louise end up in another mystery as they come across a old acquaintance from back home. They follow the trail and discover the truth about Mrs. Flower's family.

Thrill on the Hill (Nancy Drew Notebooks #28)

by Carolyn Keene

River Heights is covered with snow, and school has been canceled. Nancy, George, Bess, and their friends spend the entire day sledding -- until Molly Angelo's brand-new super-fast sled disappears! Picture descriptions added.

Ticket Trouble

by Macky Pamintuan Carolyn Keene

What fun is a fair with no tickets? River Heights Elementary is throwing a fall festival! It promises to be full of fun games, great food, and amazing amusement park rides -- even a roller coaster! All of the kids in River Heights, including Nancy, George, and Bess, are very excited and have been working hard to earn extra money for festival tickets. So when Nancy's friend Ned claims someone stole his hard-earned tickets, the Clue Crew jumps into action. The girls are in a race against time to find Ned's tickets. And it turns out the culprit might have a very different reason for needing them....

Showing 451 through 475 of 521 results


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