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The Baby Factor

by Carolyn Zane

Blessing in Disguise by Marie Ferrarella: Normally a sophisticated, intelligent man, when it came to taking care of a little boy, Marcus Sullivan was all thumbs! But when he met his new partner, feisty Annie de Witt, all that would change. Because with Annie giving him a crash course in fatherhood. . . could husband lessons be far behind?

Bachelor Blues

by Carolyn Zane

The Bachelor Next Door...Single mom Lark St. Clair was starting a new life for herself and her daughter, Molly. Her gruff new neighbor, Cole Richardson, presented a surprising twist in her plan. For it seemed mischievous Molly was sticking to Cole like glue. And everywhere that Molly went...trouble was sure to follow.Meets Molly and Her Pretty MomCole was a confirmed bachelor and for good reasons. But the more the handsome loner claimed he didn't need the girls next door, the more he realized he was lying to himself. For how could any man with a heart ignore a little darlin' like Molly, and how long could he resist a woman as desirable as Lark?

Brides of Privilege (The Coltons)

by Carolyn Zane Kasey Michaels Ruth Langan

[From the back cover] Legend has it that the famous Colton family sapphires shine brilliantly on only the women who are meant to be Colton brides. ... Meet three powerful and sexy Colton men who face the challenge of finding the right women-the brides of their hearts!

Cinderella's Secret Baby

by Carolyn Zane

THE BRUBAKER BRIDES This wealthy Texas family needs a few good women to lasso their brood of bad boys. "My wife is nine months pregnant?"--Mac Brubaker It was a fairy tale come true for shy kitchen maid Ella McCloskey. For when millionaire rancher Mac Brubaker whisked her away for a secret wedding and secluded honeymoon, she thought she'd found her prince. But circumstances soon had Ella heading for the Texas hills, and not even stopping to pick up her glass slipper. The Cinderella bride thought she'd put all her dreams of happily ever after behind her. Until Mac showed up...just as she was about to give birth to his secret baby!

A Colton Family Christmas

by Judy Christenberry Linda Turner Carolyn Zane

Beloved authors Judy Christenberry, Linda Turner and Carolyn Zane present three brand-new stories about the powerful reunion of the Colton dynasty at a Christmas Eve wedding in Washington, D. C. , where romance, family secrets and a sinister plot unfold!Army major Billy Colton falls for a beautiful-and uninvited-guest. But before he can convince her that he's a settle-down kind of guy, he must save her from masked intruders!SWAT team leader Kurt Hoffman is fatefully reunited with his ex-wife during the hostage crisis inside the Colton mansion. Will they learn to forgive and let their explosive attraction fully ignite?Multimillionaire Ian Rafferty saves the life of maid of honor Juliet Cosgrove but is later wounded. When his fierce pride takes a tumble, Juliet decides to show him that he's her man, In every way.

His Brother's Intended Bride

by Carolyn Zane

THE BRUBAKER BRIDES THE BRUBAKER BRIDES This wealthy Texas family needs a few good women to lasso their brood of bad boys. "I never met a woman I couldn't have...then I met my brother's intended bride!" -Buck Brubaker She had to land a wealthy Brubaker bachelor, so Holly Fergusson pretended to be engaged to one. But it wasn't her "fiancé" who made Holly hot and bothered-it was his brother! Buck, the "I'll never settle down in my life," Stetson-toting, ride-the-range cowboy, had become the man of her dreams. But Holly was bound by a promise not to reveal her single status, and the honorable Buck wouldn't dare touch his brother's intended bride. Would he?

How to Hook a Husband (and a Baby)

by Carolyn Zane

Daddy Knows LastThe Plan:Plain Jane Wendy Wilcox vows to get married before her thirtieth birthday.The Catch:She's only months away from her deadline, and there's not a single suitable guy in sight!The solution:Beg hunky neighbor Travis Donovan to give her some guy-grabbing advice. Then, after transforming herself from ugly duckling to swan, do whatever is necessary to get the sexy bachelor daddy to propose!DADDY KNOWS LAST: Five connected novels about love, marriage and Daddy's unexpected need for a baby carriage!

It's Raining Grooms

by Carolyn Zane

I'M YOUR GROOM WHAT A PROPOSAL! Prudence Mackelroy had prayed for a husband every night, dreaming of love, marriage...everything brides and grooms did. And now her upcoming wedding was the talk of the town. Imagine her, formerly known as "Miss Priss the Preacher's Daughter," to become Trent Tanner's wife! Of course, it was too good to be true. Caught in a "compromising position" with Prudence, Trent had done the honorable thing and proposed. But the man had ulterior motives for wooing his bride-to-be. Prudence only hoped love would lead him down the aisle.... Five irresistible heroes say "I DO" for a lifetime of love. I'M YOUR GROOM.

Johnny's Pregnant Bride

by Carolyn Zane

THE BRUBAKER BRIDESThis wealthy Texas family needs a few good women to lasso their brood of bad boys!"Some little filly claims I fathered her baby. Hmm. Not a bad idea!"-Johnny BrubakerShe arrived at the Brubaker mansion demanding retribution. Johnny Brubaker would do right by Miss Emmaline Arthur. But the plain Jane guickly realized Johnny wasn't her baby's father. Why, she'd never even laid eyes on the long, tall drink of water before! Now the unmarried mom-to-be would become the talk of the town. Luckily the honor-bound cowboy saw that sweet Emmaline deserved to be cherished, and her child deserved a name. So she became Johnny's pregnant bride...and wondered if she'd ever be his in more than name only!

Marriage in a Bottle

by Carolyn Zane

ALL SHE WANTED WAS A HUSBAND. WHAT SHE GOT WERE SEVEN WISHES...AND A HUNK!She'd opened one ancient bottle and moments later a sexy stranger named G.T. was promising to grant her seven wishes. So single gal Hayley Douglas happily asked her own private genie to fine her the perfect mate-and soon discovered he'd been right beside her all along.G.T. was everything she'd always dreamed of in a husband...except available. For her handsome fulfiller of dreams would disappear at the stroke of midnight, unless Hayley could find a way to use her very last wish to make marrying G.T. a reality!

Miss Prim's Untamable Cowboy

by Carolyn Zane

THE BRUBAKER BRIDES THE BRUBAKER BRIDES This wealthy Texas family needs a few good women to lasso their brood of bad boys. "NO LITTLE MISS PRIM IS GONNA TAME ME!" -Bru Brubaker She'd been hired to teach a Texas millionaire some manners. But image consultant Penelope Wainright never expected to be working with a long, tall drink of water like Bru Brubaker-a man perfectly content being an ornery working-class wrangler. He swaggered, teased, even kissed her without warning-and refused to apologize! Bru made Penelope madder than a wet hen, but he also sparked her hidden passions. That was when she learned there was more than one way to tame a cowboy.

The Rich Gal's Rented Groom

by Carolyn Zane

THE BRUBAKER BRIDESThis wealthy Texas family needs a good man to lasso their high-spirited daughter!"Call me a pampered princess and I'll swat you with my pearls."-Patsy BrubakerShe was the only daughter of a proud and prosperous Texas family, but poor Patsy just couldn't find a husband. Well, not in time for her high school reunion. And definitely not in time to give her those two brilliant children she'd claimed to have. Luckily, the rich gal was never without a plan. Patsy would simply convince rugged ranch foreman Justin Lassiter to pose as her weekend groom. She'd just have to be sure not to really fall in love with that marriage-resistant cowboy!

Single in Seattle

by Carolyn Zane

He's marriage material, but...First Date: It rains. You're wearing too-high heels and pantyhose that don't fit when your 48-hour Superbra reaches its 49th hour.Second Date: He gets pulled over for speeding. The cop who gives him a huge fine also happens to be your jerk of an ex-fiancé! Finally, you meet his family. He's already encountered your lovable but nutty mother, but what will his parents think of you? 'Cause so far, you've done everything wrong with the man who could be Mr. Right!

Weekend Wife

by Carolyn Zane

Bachelor in Need Tyler Newroth, an up-and-coming executive, was the reluctant object of his new female supervisor's desire. But Ty had an idea that was guaranteed to put a damper on his brazen boss. A gorgeous, too-good-to-be-true secret weapon....Instant Wife to the Rescue Big-hearted Emily Brant never could say no. Now she was "married" to the best catch in town. Posing as Tyler Newroth's loving wife was easy...too easy. In fact, the only hard part was hiding her very real feelings for her make-believe husband....

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