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Bird Springs

by Carolyn Marsden

Eleven-year-old Gregory and his family had to leave the Navajo reservation at "Bird Springs", the only home they've ever known, and move to a motel in Tucson, Arizona. Gregory misses his absent father, but he likes school, particularly art class with the kind teacher. He also makes a new friend, Matt, who promptly informs him art class is really art therapy and that Gregory is staying in a shelter, not a motel. Even though Matt can be outspoken, he's just what Gregory needs now. He's honest and generous with his allowance so they can ride the Ferris wheel at the carnival. Award-winning author Carolyn Marsden paints a poignant story of a little boy who, as he confronts the more painful aspects of his past, is filled with a sense of hope.

The Buddha's Diamonds

by Carolyn Marsden Thây Pháp Niêm

Every day, Tinh heads out to sea with his father to catch fish for their family and the market. Their new bamboo boat shines like gold against the turquoise waters of his village, and while he may at times miss his simple life, flying kites with other children on the beach, Tinh is proud to work alongside Ba. When a fierce storm strikes, Tinh earns the task of securing the family vessel, but he panics and runs away. It will take courage and faith to salvage the precious bamboo boat, win back Ba's confidence, and return once more to the sea. This graceful tale lyrically narrates a young Vientamese boy's literal and spiritual coming of age.

The Gold-Threaded Dress

by Carolyn Marsden

In Thailand she was named Oy, but here in America the teachers call her Olivia. Other things are not so easy to change, however. When Oy draws a portrait of herself with brown hair and eyes as round as coins, her classmate Frankie makes fun of her and calls her Chinese. And the popular girl Liliandra barely speaks to her, until she learns that Oy has something very special: a Thai dancing dress from her grandmother, shimmering with pink silk and golden threads, that makes her look like a princess. Will Oy risk shaming her family to win Liliandra's approval -- and be part of the club she has envied from afar? With compassion and rare insight, Carolyn Marsden tells a simple tale about a young girl who searches for acceptance in a complex culture, while learning to treasure all that she is.

The Jade Dragon

by Carolyn Marsden Virginia Shin-Mui Loh

Ginny is sure that the new girl her second-grade class will be her best friend. After all, Stephanie is Chinese, just like Ginny. But Ginny is puzzled to learn that Stephanie doesn't eat Chinese food and hates her straight black hair. And surprisingly, her parents aren't even Chinese. Ginny is excited to have Stephanie attend her family's big holiday party, at which Stephanie spies a hand-carved jade dragon and ask-to take it home. Ginny agrees, but what if MaMá notices the missing heirloom? Ginny wants a best friend more than anything, but is worth losing her prize possession? Drawing on her own life story, Virginia Shin-Mui Loh joins acclaimed author Carolyn Marsden to poignantly capture Ginny's dilemma as she navigates between her culture and her friendship.

Mama Had to Work on Christmas

by Carolyn Marsden

Why is Mama wearing her maid's uniform on Christmas morning? Surely she isn't working at the hotel today? Mama does have to work, and to make matters worse Gloria has to go with her. When they get to the hotel, Gloria can't believe how beautiful everything is. The tree in the lobby is as tall as the ceiling, and the dining room tables are piled high with delicious food. But the fancy things are only for the guests. Gloria has to stay in the kitchen until Mama's shift is over. And by that time, Christmas will be almost over, too. Young readers everywhere will cherish this touching story of a Christmas where the most important gifts don't come wrapped in pretty paper and ribbons. Ages 7 and up.

Moon Runner

by Carolyn Marsden

The "Fellow Friends" have a secret handshake and a special Friendship Ball made of scraps of colored yarn. The four of them -- Ruth, the athlete; Sammy, the bug collector; Alana, the avid reader; and Mina, the newest friend -- take turns bringing the ball home from school every day, each one adding something new. Gradually, the ball has grown as fat and round as a full moon. But when Mina, a self-professed "girlie-girl", learns that she excels at track, the other Fellow Friends are as shocked as she is, especially the competitive Ruth. Even more surprising is the way running seems to lift Mina up and make her happy. When Coach chooses her to run the fifty-meter against Ruth, Mina faces an unhappy predicament. Should she slow down on purpose and let Ruth hold on to the spotlight? Or let herself soar?

The Quail Club

by Carolyn Marsden

Like "The Gold-Threaded Dress", Carolyn Marsden's acclaimed first novel, this sensitive and finely crafted sequel explores what it takes to be a true friend, and still be true to yourself. Oy lives in America now, but she loves to go to the back room of Pak's auto shop on Saturdays to learn traditional Thai dances. She loves it almost as much as being a member of the "Quail Club" -- five friends who gather after school to hatch and care for baby quail. When the teacher announces a talent show, Oy knows how proud her family and Pak would be to see her step onstage in her beautiful gold-threaded dress from Thailand. But bossy Liliandra vows to kick her out of the Quail Club if she won't team up for a very different kind of dance. Someone will be disappointed. But who?

Sahwira: An African Friendship

by Carolyn Marsden Philip Merlin Matzigkeit

Set in volatile Southern Rhodesia in the 1960s, this dramatic story, narrated from alternating viewpoints, tells of an interracial friendship between two young boys that becomes sorely tested.

Silk Umbrellas

by Carolyn Marsden

Eleven-year-old Noi is learning to paint like her grandmother. She and her older sister, Ting, spend many rapt hours in the jungle watching as Kun Ya paints delicate silk umbrellas to sell at the market. But one day Kun Ma and Kun Pa announce that Ting must start working at a local radio factory to help support the family. As the days and weeks pass, Noi anxiously sees her own fate reflected in her sister's constricting world. Can Noi find a way to master her fear of failure and stand up for her gift -- and Kun Ya's tradition -- before the future masters her?

When Heaven Fell

by Carolyn Marsden

When a Vietnamese girl receives a visit from her half-American aunt, brimming curiosity -- and cultural mis-perceptions -- come to the fore. Every day nine-year-old Binh sells fruit and sodas to the girls whose families can afford to send them to school, and every night she returns to her one-room home to share a simple meal with her family. Everything changes, however, when her grandmother tells Binh she had a daughter during the war, a child who was sent away to America as a little girl. Now Di Hai -- Binh's aunt, a teacher -- is coming to visit, and Binh can't help but wonder what luxurious gifts she will bring. Yet when Di Hai arrives, there are so many confusing things about her: she's taller than the men, she's not married, and her presents are mere trinkets that could have come from Third Aunt's tourist shop! Still, Binh secretly hopes Di Hai will take her to live in America. Can her aunt live up to her expectations? Carolyn Marsden tells Binh's story with warmth and sensitivity as she ushers readers into the life and dreams of a young Vietnamese girl.

Showing 1 through 10 of 10 results


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