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by Chelsea Quinn Yarbro

In an alternate-world Italian Renaissance where the Italian states have formed a federation, the great epic poet Ludovico Ariosto is writing a fantasy adventure set in the New World that reflects the difficulties besetting his patron, Damiano de' Medici. While the Cerrochi in Ariosto's fantasy battle the evil wizard Anatrecacciatore with the help of a heroic version of Ariosto himself, politics and skullduggery plague the Florence-based court of Italia Federata, in which Ariosto becomes enmeshed when he chooses to support the Medicis against those seeking to fracture the Italian union.

A Baroque Fable

by Chelsea Quinn Yarbro

This novel takes readers on a romp through a fantasyland of star-crossed lovers, bumbling heroes, wicked witches, and dragons (one of whom, our heroine, Esmeralda, started out as a human but got caught up in a witch's curse.) Lighthearted adventure with a seemingly never-ending cast of strange and whimsical characters working at cross-purposes and together creates a world of little consequence and frothy entertainment.


by Chelsea Quinn Yarbro

A Vietnam vet haunted by dark secrets joins the hunt for a savage monster that's slaughtering innocent women in the bloody East Bay night Aaron Holliman returned from the jungles of Vietnam a changed man. An ex-intelligence officer at the height of the Southeast Asian conflict and a brutalized former prisoner of the Viet Cong, Holliman has experienced enough violence and horror to last a dozen lifetimes, yet he is willing to lend his expertise and uncanny insights to beleaguered police departments struggling to solve gruesome, perplexing murders. Now, with an uncommonly savage rapist/murderer prowling the parks and wild lands of San Francisco's East Bay, the cops need Holliman's unique skills more than ever. But there is something distinctly inhuman about this killer who shatters his victims' bones and tears their flesh to bits--a monstrosity that seems to have emerged from Holliman's most terrible nightmares. The hunt for a bloodthirsty beast through the shadows is suddenly testing the very limits of the haunted ex-soldier's strength and sanity, inspiring blackouts and bringing back brutal images and memories that would be best left forgotten. Worst of all, the chase feeds Holliman's darkest fears: that there is nothing he can do to end the slaughter . . . and that the monster is much closer than he thinks.

Beyond the Gate of Worlds

by John Brunner Robert Silverberg Chelsea Quinn Yarbro

From Silverberg: The three novellas in this book trace their ancestry to my novel The Gate of Worlds, which I wrote in 1966: an exuberant alternate-universe story which I intended, originally, as the first volume of a trilogy.

Blood Games

by Chelsea Quinn Yarbro

Since 1978, Chelsea Quinn Yarbro has produced about two dozen novels and numerous short stories detailing the life of a character first introduced to the reading world as Le Comte de Saint-Germain. We first meet him in Paris during the reign of Louis XV when he is, apparently, a wealthy, worldly, charismatic aristocrat, envied and desired by many but fully known to none. In fact, he is a vampire, born in the Carpathian Mountains in 2119 BCE, turned in his late thirties in 2080 BCE, and destined to roam the world forever, watching and participating in history and, through the author, giving us an amazing perspective on the time tapestry of human civilization. In Blood Games, beginning during the reign of Nero, Saint-Germain finds his way through the political turmoil of the time and becomes the lover of the incomparable Atta Olivia Clemens.


by David Brin Lois Mcmaster Bujold Elizabeth Moon Mercedes Lackey Chelsea Quinn Yarbro Todd Mccaffrey Michael Whelan

When Anne McCaffrey passed in November 2011, it was not only those closest to her who mourned her death; legions of readers also felt the loss deeply. The pioneering science fiction author behind the Dragonriders of Pern® series crafted intricate stories, enthralling worlds, and strong heroines that profoundly impacted the science fiction community and genre.In Dragonwriter, Anne's son and Pern writer Todd McCaffrey collects memories and stories about the beloved author, along with insights into her writing and legacy, from those who knew her best. Nebula Award-winner Elizabeth Moon relates the lessons she learned from Pern's Lessa (and from Lessa's creator); Hugo Award-winner David Brin recalls Anne's steadfast belief that the world to come will be better than the one before; legendary SFF artist Michael Whelan shares (and tells stories about) never-before-published Pern sketches from his archives; and more.Join Anne's co-writers, fellow science fiction authors, family, and friends in remembering her life, and exploring how her mind and pen shaped not only the Weyrs of Pern, but also the literary landscape as we know it.Contributors include: Angelina Adams David Brin David Gerrold John Goodwin Janis Ian Alec Johnson Georgeanne Kennedy Mercedes Lackey Sharon Lee and Steve Miller Lois McMaster Bujold Elizabeth Moon Charlotte Moore Robert Neilson Jody Lynn Nye and Bill Fawcett Robin Roberts Elizabeth Ann Scarborough Wen Spencer Michael Whelan Richard J. Woods Chelsea Quinn Yarbro

False Dawn

by Chelsea Quinn Yarbro

False Dawn, one of the first post-apocalyptic science fiction novels to deal with an environmental collapse instead of war, tells a compelling story of two people thrown together by chance, striving to stay alive in a world that can no longer support a vast human population. Seeking refuge in the Sierra Nevada, Thea and Evan have to keep moving to stay ahead of raiding gangs and the few remaining settlements. With devastation all around, they must decide when survival itself may not be worth the price it demands.Among the first American science fiction novels to use pollution and contamination rather than atomic or hydrogen bombs as the apocalyptic device, and set in actual California locations, False Dawn has come to be regarded as an important transitional novel in dystopian science fiction.


by Chelsea Quinn Yarbro

An inexplicable plague of deadly fire threatens America's cities and towns in this epic tale of supernatural terror from an acclaimed Grand Master of horror and suspense From Baltimore, Maryland, to San Jose, California, to Homer, Alaska, a rash of devastating and unexplained fires is bringing untold death and destruction to the United States. Unexpectedly and inexplicably, giant fireballs are erupting out of nowhere in private houses, apartment buildings, businesses, malls, and hospitals, incinerating everything and everyone in the vicinity. These are not accidents; every conflagration is of a frighteningly suspicious nature. There is no pattern, there is no warning, and there is no mercy as the body count rapidly soars. For California security expert Carter Milne, the plague is a nightmare that threatens to unravel her world when it strikes too close to home. For reporter William Ridour, it's the story of a lifetime. Fireman Frank Vickery sees it as an abomination, and FBI agents McPherson and Bethune suspect it's the realization of the government's worst terrorist fears. But the truth these citizens pursue, the horror that now unites them, is something far more terrible, with roots in very dark and poisonous soil--and it's leading them beyond the borders of normal human experience into a realm of pure preternatural evil.

The Godforsaken

by Chelsea Quinn Yarbro

In the dark days of the Inquisition, a cursed Spanish prince must wrestle with the ravenous demon that lives inside him At the height of Europe's bloody 16th century, as Spain suffers under the iron cruelty of the Inquisition, a different sort of horror plagues the royal house of King Alonzo. A witch's curse directed at the heartless liege has borne bitter fruit, damning the innocent offspring of el rey. The brooding and sensitive son and heir to the throne, Don Rolon, wanders the great halls of the ancestral home carrying the weight of his unloving father's crimes in his bones and blood. Torn between his deeply felt religious beliefs and a gnawing hunger, he must somehow deal with a looming threat far more powerful than his murderously jealous brother and the manipulations of a corrupt and self-serving officer of a malevolent church. For when the full moon rises, Don Rolon will be forced to surrender to his unholy needs as the beast within him is unleashed once more. A chilling, atmospheric, and enthralling novel of destiny and darkness, Chelsea Quinn Yarbro's The Godforsaken ingeniously evokes the myriad horrors of a terrible epoch. This classic werewolf tale is brilliantly reimagined by an acclaimed Grand Master of dark fantasy, a true giant in the field of historical horror fiction.

Hôtel Transylvania

by Chelsea Quinn Yarbro

Since 1978, Chelsea Quinn Yarbro has produced about two dozen novels and numerous short stories detailing the life of a character first introduced to the reading world as Le Comte de Saint-Germain. We first meet him in Paris during the reign of Louis XV when he is, apparently, a wealthy, worldly, charismatic aristocrat, envied and desired by many but fully known to none. In fact, he is a vampire, born in the Carpathian Mountains in 2119 BCE, turned in his late thirties in 2080 BCE and destined to roam the world forever, watching and participating in history and, through the author, giving us an amazing perspective on the time-tapestry of human civilization.In Hôtel Transylvania, Saint-Germain makes his first appearance in a story that blends history and fiction as Saint-Germain is pitted against Satanists to preserve Madelaine de Montalia from ruin.


by Chelsea Quinn Yarbro

Those who dream for the entertainment of the masses must pay a terrible price in Grand Master Chelsea Quinn Yarbro's breathtaking vision of a dark, dystopian future America In tomorrow's world, Dreams are big business. When all labor is drudgery, when unhappiness runs rampant and violent rioting is the norm in America's cities, Dreams are the opiate of the masses, designed to keep the general population docile and entertained with calculated breaks added in for advertisements. Only a talented few have what it takes to be Dreamers--those whose nocturnal visions are suitably imaginative, coherent, and consistent enough to be shared with the public. It is the responsibility of professionals like Jehanne Bliss and her ex-husband, Tony MacKenzie, to discover potential Dreamers and help hone their remarkable abilities--and Honor Gordon, an unfulfilled worker in a hydroponics plant, appears to be a veritable diamond in the rough. But there is a terrifying dark side to this burgeoning entertainment industry, for to Dream is to court madness . . . and death. Named Grand Master of the World Horror Convention in 2003 and a Living Legend by the International Horror Guild, Chelsea Quinn Yarbro dreams up a frightening dystopian future in her extraordinary science fiction classic, Hyacinths.

The Merchant Prince Volume 2

by Chelsea Quinn Yarbro Armin Shimerman

The fight against the root of all evil requires a master! Despite being a time traveler and literal Renaissance man, Dr. John Dee has adjusted admirably to life on Earth in 2100. But his mercantile genius is once again put to the test when he and his twenty-second-century comrades, Morgan d'Winter and Kelly Edwards, are called upon to protect their world from the machinations of an alien renegade posing as a messiah. When the chips are down, only John Dee can save the past, present, and future from this pretender and his expanding army of human zombies!

Monet's Ghost

by Chelsea Quinn Yarbro

[From the front inside flap:] "When Geena Howe first discovers her ability to project herself inside a painting, she thinks it is the most wonderful thing in the world. She can explore the worlds of her favorite artists, from Mondrian to Rembrandt, for as long as she wants. The only rule is that she must leave at the same spot where she entered the painting in the first place. Disaster strikes when she enters a painting by Claude Monet of a pond filled with water lilies. The inhabitants of the castle at the far end of the painting inform her that the castle and entire vicinity are haunted. Geena is skeptical of this "ghost" that supposedly changes the landscape regularly, but changes her mind when the castle, the land around it, even her clothes and hair are altered! Worse, the changes have eliminated the water lily pond, cutting Geena off from home. Geena must brave a huge maze in order to confront the ghost and convince it--or them--to put the pond back so she can get home!" During her days and nights trapped in the castle, Geena discovers first hand the different between the culture in her time and that of France over a century ago. A boy, Crispin, about her age, who knows he and his surroundings will probably change every few hours, finds the courage to travel through the rough castle with Geena to help her find the place in the lily-covered moat where she arrived. His guidance and information, food he helps her to pack and the lanterns he shows her how to light are among many of his efforts on her behalf. Though he finds what she tells him about her high school impossible to believe, and they argue constantly, he makes pickle and cheese sandwiches for her and shares his best advice. Geena also meets a beautiful, anxious lady and a deceitful, overly friendly centaur and is followed by large, frightening crows in this historic fantasy featuring a famous ghost, or is he a ghost?

A Mortal Glamour

by Chelsea Quinn Yarbro

"One of the most perverse stories you have ever written, A Mortal Glamour is among the best revelations of the difference between good and evil in fiction," said Douglas Clegg to Chelsea Quinn Yarbro when the novel first came out. Set in southern France at the end of the three pandemics of Black Plague that ravaged Europe in the second half of the fourteenth century, the convent at Saunt-Vitre-lo-Sur shows in miniature the collapse of medieval society, and the chaos an incubus/succubus demon brings to nuns and courtiers alike.

The Palace

by Chelsea Quinn Yarbro

Since 1978, Chelsea Quinn Yarbro has produced about two dozen novels and numerous short stories detailing the life of a character first introduced to the reading world as Le Comte de Saint-Germain. We first meet him in Paris during the reign of Louis XV when he is, apparently, a wealthy, worldly, charismatic aristocrat, envied and desired by many but fully known to none. In fact, he is a vampire, born in the Carpathian Mountains in 2119 BCE, turned in his late thirties in 2080 BCE and destined to roam the world forever, watching and participating in history and, through the author, giving us an amazing perspective on the time tapestry of human civilization.In The Palace, Renaissance Florence provides the background for this story of the collapse of the artistic and literary life of the city after the death of San Germano's friend, Lorenzo the Magnificent, followed by the rise of the fanatical Savonarola.

Sins of Omission

by Chelsea Quinn Yarbro

A beautiful, mysterious woman possesses the power to bewitch and destroy in Grand Master Chelsea Quinn Yarbro's breathtaking novel of erotic obsession and creeping horror Her name is Fayre and she is a profound mystery, as inscrutable as she is beautiful. Every man who beholds her is lost, enslaved by desire and erotic fantasy. But Fayre's irresistible sexual magnetism is not her only capability, as her last "lover" discovered much too late. He wanted to own her--and now he is dead. From the moment the renowned brain surgeon Dr. Giles Todd first sets his eyes on Fayre, he is possessed. He must have this alluring, exquisite creature, body and soul, or he will surely go mad. Dr. Prentiss Fellkirk's attraction, however, takes a markedly different form. A researcher of psychic and paranormal phenomena, Fellkirk can sense Fayre's power and what lies within her perfect form--and he is determined to gain access to her most carefully protected secrets. An undeniable need drives both a man of rational science and a dedicated pioneer of the occult, making Todd and Fellkirk bitter and dangerous rivals as they are drawn toward the edge of an abyss. And in the chasm that looms before them waits an evil beyond imagination. . . .

Time of the Fourth Horseman

by Chelsea Quinn Yarbro

A secret government conspiracy to battle overpopulation in a disease-free dystopian future goes chaotically and terrifyingly awry in this classic science fiction cautionary thriller In a brave new world, the eradication of all disease has brought an unexpected consequence: extreme overpopulation across the globe. The failure of all previous population control methods has resulted in severe food shortages, rampant unemployment, and violent unrest, which in turn has given rise to the Project, a top secret experiment born in the shadowy corners of America's government. But now something has gone terribly wrong. Suddenly people are dying in droves in a major US city, struck down by ailments that were supposedly wiped off the face of the Earth generations ago. Doctors Natalie Lebbreau and Harry Smith are witnesses to this terrifying onset of plagues for which there are no longer cures. Banding together with a small group of health care colleagues, they must somehow stop the fatal epidemic that is spreading like wildfire through an overcrowded, unprotected city while they race to uncover and expose the sinister truth about the Project. But it may already be too late to contain the dark experiment that is rapidly morphing into an apocalyptic nightmare.

To The High Redoubt

by Chelsea Quinn Yarbro

To the High Redoubt is an engaging, epic fantasy adventure written by the creator of the widely read series of novels about the immortal vampire known as Le Comte de Saint-Germain. In his quest for power, Bundhi, Lord of Darkness and stealer of souls, has taken family, vision, and freedom from Surata, the last surviving adept in tantric alchemy, before selling her into slavery in a distant land. But he has underestimated the depth of Surata's power and he could not foresee that destiny would bring her a champion, Arkady, soldier of fortune and destined hero. As their mutual trust deepens and the wellspring of power from which Surata draws her magic is steadily revealed, the two form an unbeatable force as they challenge their enemy in the very heart of his empire.

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