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The Bartered Bride

by Cheryl Reavis

Lord Kittridge thinks he has made a great bargain in agreeing to marry Cassandra Chivers for 40,000 pounds of her father's money, but his new bride turns out to be a handful--crafty and manipulative.

Blackberry Winter

by Cheryl Reavis

I am illegitimate. But this was never a problem for me-it was just me and my mother against the world. Mother never told me much about her past, and after a couple of unanswered questions in childhood, I stopped asking. Now, Mother is sick, and she's decided to revisit the past-literally-by taking an unexpected trip to the mountains where she was born.I was worried; I was scared. I followed her. And my mother's journey became my journey, too. I discovered that I have a father-and my parents are still in love. Their life together just took a detour that lasted over forty years.Their relationship was like a blackberry winter...the colder the weather, the sweeter the berries in spring. And now that I've found the truth, will I have the strength to make it through my own blackberry winter?

The Bride Fair

by Cheryl Reavis

Maria Markham had survived the War only to tolerate the Occupation-barely, while daily facing haunting memories of loss. But then Max Woodard, an enigmatic Army colonel with a gentle heart, offered her passion and a loving partnership in a brave new world...!Though a former prisoner of war, Colonel Max Woodard vowed to deal fairly with the Southerners under his governance. He yearned to understand them, most particularly Maria Markham, a womanly mix of true grit and glory. But could she ever love a man who wore the face of an enemy?

The Captive Heart

by Cheryl Reavis

Robert McLarn had killed 5 men for vengeance, so the Cherokees had named him "Five Killer", a man doomed to live life armored in grief, until he met Hannah Albrecht. Western romance.

Harrigan's Bride

by Cheryl Reavis

Abiah's Heart Waged A Battle Of Its OwnAbiah Calder had always loved Thomas Harrigan. Always. But the war had contrived to make them enemies. Now that same war had bound them as man and wife. Yet did Thomas' heart's desire truly match her own?When Thomas Harrigan found Abby dying in an abandoned house, he risked everything to see her safe. No matter that he was a Yankee captain and she a loyal Rebel. She was all that had been good and true in his life-and he would claim her as his own; and damn the consequences.

Little Darlin'

by Cheryl Reavis

THE SERGEANT AND BABY SHORT STUFF...Hard as nails inside and out, Sergeant Matt Beltran obeyed only one rule: Need no one, and let no one need him. So what was the steely loner to do when someone left a precious baby girl-allegedly his-in his red sports car? Regroup? Stand tall? Run!But Corey Madsen, the tyke's temporary foster mom, clearly had other ideas. The soft, pretty preacher's widow melted Matt's armor-and "Short Stuff" herself got a toehold in his heart. Why, the terrifying twosome actually made Matt feel like a husband and father! Whoa! Was Matt's worst nightmare becoming an impossible dream?THAT'S MY BABY! Sometimes bringing up baby can bring surprises-and showers of love!

The Long Way Home

by Cheryl Reavis

THE LAST THING RITA NEEDED WAS TROUBLE....Spitfire Rita Warren had made some big mistakes before leaving her hometown and heading for the bright lights of the big city. Now she was back, to make things right. To prove that she was as good as everyone else in town. Good enough to love. Good enough to deserve the best...LIEUTENANT "MAC" McGRAW HAD TROUBLE WRITTEN ALL OVER HIM!Though the sexy officer was ornerier than a bee-stung bear, Rita could see right through the bluster to the man underneath-a soldier tormented by memories. But McGraw was too good a man to bury himself with guilt. Too good a man to deny himself a family. And Rita was the woman to prove to him the best was yet to come....

Love Inspired Historical July 2013 Bundle

by Cheryl Reavis Louise M. Gouge Renee Ryan Laura Abbot

Love Inspired Historical brings you four new titles for one great price, available now for a limited time only from July 1 to July 31! Travel back in time and experience powerful and engaging stories of romance, adventure and faith. This Love Inspired Historical bundle includes The Outlaw's Redemption by Renee Ryan, An Unexpected Wife by Cheryl Reavis, A Lady of Quality by Louise M. Gouge, and Into the Wilderness by Laura Abbot.Look for four new inspiring historical stories every month from Love Inspired Historical!

Medicine Man

by Cheryl Reavis

He was about to go to a war zone. He couldn't get involved with a woman now. She was in a battle for custody of her son. She couldn't risk a new romance. He was half Navajo; he embraced the spiritual wisdom of his ancestors. She knew nothing about his traditions. And both Will Baron's and Arley Meehan's big, protective, opinionated families opposed the two of them being together. If they were smart, they'd walk away from each other fast. If they followed their hearts, who knew what might happen-- .

Meggie's Baby

by Cheryl Reavis

That Special Woman! COYOTE, EARTH'S MISCHIEF-MAKER, WAS MEDDLING IN JACK BEGAYE'S MARRIAGE, DAMN HIS HIDE.... Once, rabble-rousing Jack left gentle, blue-eyed Meggie Baron. But it was for her own good! For Jack was Navajo-and trouble, to boot. Yet Meggie's stubbornly returned to the reservation. Bearing a fatherless child. And Jack could fight their love no longer. He made Meggie his bride and Coyote howled with evil glee. For soon Meggie would have to choose: between fulfillment and heartbreak, her beloved husband...and her unborn baby. THAT SPECIAL WOMAN! Between Father Sky and Mother Earth, there was no other female like Meggie.

Mother To Be

by Cheryl Reavis

WAS COYOTE, EARTH'S MISCHIEF MAKER, MEDDLING IN MATTERS OF THE HEART? Knee-deep in her forties, attorney Lillian Slinger long ago left her Navajo ways behind. And tribal lawman Johnny Becenti despised her for it. So why had their People selected her to cajole Johnny out of his sudden self-exile? All she could do was bother him senseless! But aggravation soon sparked passion. And the lifelong warriors made love. But could they make peace? For they'd already made a baby... And Coyote howled with glee! FAMILY BLESSINGS. One big family. One proud People. Beset by Earth's "Trickster"-but blessed by love!

The Music Box

by Cheryl Reavis

Navajo policeman Ben Toomey was out of his element and knee-deep in something worse than Window Rock's usual chaos. Wealthy Eden Trevoy, the little visitor he'd once adored, was back on the reservation, all grown-up-and tangled in secrets about her lost heritage. She needed Ben's help, and somehow he just couldn't turn her away. But Ben's People said the outsider would never fit into his world, and Eden had her own doubts about her newfound heritage. Yet as Eden learned more about where she came from, she discovered where she truly belonged. . . ;with Ben.

The Older Woman

by Cheryl Reavis

NO GUTS, NO GLORY...Or so paratrooper Captain Cal Doyle believed. But seduce tough-talking Nurse Katherine Meehan, who'd tended to him after his copter crash? Impossible! True, they were now next-door neighbors-yet they were years apart. And while Kate had survived breast cancer, Cal had barely survived hell....So just because Cal caught Kate crying in the rain...and her fussy feline cozied up to him...and the church ladies started matchmaking...and Kate suddenly looked so damn desirable-were those any reasons for a wounded warrior to woo a reluctant older woman? Besides, between Kate's stubborn defenses and Cal's mule-headed machismo, could these two survivors...survive each other?

The Soldier's Wife

by Cheryl Reavis

"Promise Me You'll Help Her."Former Union soldier Jeremiah "Jack" Murphy should never have given his word to a dying man, especially a Rebel. But now he feels honor-bound to carry the message to the man's young bride. Besides, with false charges following him, Jack needs somewhere to turn. After he fulfills his promise, perhaps the North Carolina mountains can give this weary soldier some shelter. Yet when he meets beautiful widow Sayer Garth, leaving is the last thing on Jack's mind. Sayer, and her young sisters-in-law, need help that Jack is more than willing to provide. If only he could be certain that his presence-and his secrets-won't put them all at risk....

Spring Brides

by Pam Crooks Judith Stacy Cheryl Reavis

Three Lovely Ladies Head West To Find A Groom!Three Brides and a Wedding Dress by Judith StacyMail-order bride Anna Kingsley journeys cross-country, and finds her groom has flown the coop! When his handsome cousin Cade Riker offers her a job as his housekeeper, will she find her happy ending in Cade's arms?The Winter Heart by Cheryl ReavisEastern miss Eleanor Hansen is eager for a fresh start teaching children in Wyoming. What she finds is a lawless land where revenge rules. Can she convince ranch hand Dan Ingram that his love is worth more than any vendetta?McCord's Destiny by Pam CrooksJuliette Blanchard's future depends on buying rancher Tru McCord's land. But when her old flame agrees to sell on one condition, Juliette must decide how far she'll go for the chance of a lifetime-and the man of her dreams.

An Unexpected Wife

by Cheryl Reavis

Her Deepest SecretGiving up her out-of-wedlock son was the only right choice. Still, Kate Woodward aches that she isn't part of his life. She can't heal herself, but she can help former Confederate soldier Robert Markham rebuild his war-shattered life. But helping Robert is drawing them irresistibly close-even as Kate fears she can never be the one he deserves....Battlefield loss and guilt rekindled Robert's faith and brought him home to Atlanta. And Kate's past only makes him more determined to show this steadfast, caring woman that she deserves happiness. Now, with her secrets revealed and her child in danger, Robert has only one chance to win her trust-and embark on the sweetest of new beginnings....

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