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At Her Pleasure

by Cindi Myers

No more Ms. Nice Girl. Thanks to Nicole Howard's accommodating ways, her life has delivered a whole lot of disappointment. Armed with a pirate queen's autobiography--aka a girl's guide to seduction and sexual empowerment--Nicole heads to the Caribbean determined to unleash her inner diva for a steamy adventure. Hottie Ian Marshall and an almost-deserted island are the perfect ingredients for a little no-strings action. In fact, this fling is giving her everything she ever wanted. . . and then some. Once their sensual games are over, however, will she be able to walk away from the best sex. . . ever?

Baby, It's Cold Outside

by Merline Lovelace Jennifer Greene Cindi Myers

The best way to keep warm... when the weather turns cold:1) Seek shelterOpting to spend the holidays in solitude, Emilie Sutherland has found the perfect place: a hunting lodge in Alaska! But when a hunky stranger comes seeking shelter during a blizzard, Emilie wonders if maybe isolation is overrated, after all....2) Build a cozy fireNothing ruins an adventure to Antarctica like being stranded on a lifeboat! But when a hot Air Force pilot rescues Mia Harrelson, she wonders if she's escaped the danger of freezing only to lose herself in the sexy fire of his eyes....3) Curl up with a nice, hot male...She is a consummate professional. Until Stacy Bristol finds herself working on a series of photo shoots with a gorgeous Viking--er, Olympic skier. But the minute his shirt comes off, Stacy is torn between icy professional resolve...and her melting knees!

The Birdman's Daughter

by Cindi Myers

As a wife and mother, Karen McBride wonders if she'll ever discover what her own spirit requires to feel whole. When her father, the formidable champion bird-watcher, Martin Engel, suffers a stroke, Karen rushes home to Texas to take care of the man who always seemed to have more love for winged creatures than his own family.And now here she is-her children nearly grown, and her rock-of-a-husband, Tom, angry with her for not giving more of herself. She has the feeling that if she could only connect with Martin, somehow her relationships would all make sense. Is this her last chance to soar free?

Black Canyon Conspiracy

by Cindi Myers

He'd rescued a beautiful hostage, now he needed to keep her alive Former Special Forces soldier Marco Cruz has no time for messy emotions. But the beautiful TV reporter he saved from a hostage ordeal now faces graver danger. Someone wants Lauren Starling dead-and the sinfully handsome Ranger wants to be the one to protect her. Teaming up to find a killer and bring Lauren's kidnapper to justice, Marco and Lauren go on the run-outside the law-in a harrowing race for their lives. Before long, Marco begins to have unfamiliar feelings for Lauren-admiration, sympathy...and a powerful lust. He knows what's going on between them is unprofessional. But also undeniable.


by Leslie Kelly Cindi Myers Heather Macallister

Three strong-willed women enroll in the Warfield Bootcamp for a two-week cure for a-love-life-gone-wrong in these three brand-new stories collected in one volume. Includes bonus features. Original.


by Leslie Kelly Cindi Myers Heather Macallister

Warfield Bootcamp: A two-week cure for a love life gone AWOL...TRAINEE #1: POOR LITTLE HEIRESSThere's no way Cassandra Devane can get her love life to stand at attention. She just keeps dating the wrong guys. Her only chance is to face her ex-husband-head-on. And she'll get right on that...once she's out of his bed.TRAINEE #2: THE "IRON LADY"Rebecca Ironwood is a successful businesswoman who's lost touch with men. And everyone else, for that matter. What she needs is just a teeny bit of softening up. And maybe a little extra nudge-nudge with a certain employee...TRAINEE #3: FROM COUNTRY BUMPKIN TO URBAN SOPHISTICATEBarbara Powers knows all about image. She's her own best example. But when she returns to her hometown, all she can think about-and scope out-is the one guy who didn't want to be fixed.

Child's Play

by Cindi Myers

Discovering she is pregnant is one of the happiest moments of Diana Shelton's life. Sure, that discovery leads to a divorce, but that's a small price to have a child of her own. With a thriving business as a playground architect, she thinks life couldn't be better for her. Or could it?Because Jason Benton-the principal in charge of her latest commission-is making her think something might be missing. Such as a good-looking man to come home to. But is this single dad who takes life so seriously ready for a romance with a fun-loving woman like Diana? Or can she teach him that love can be as simple as child's play?

Colorado Bodyguard

by Cindi Myers

The rugged terrain of Colorado wouldn't make their mission easy. Nor would the attraction between them. Sophie Montgomery's sister was missing and her trail stopped dead in the Black Canyon-which was firmly in Rand Knightbridge's jurisdiction. <P><P>Part of the Ranger Brigade, he could lead Sophie on a search deep into this remote part of Colorado. Although afraid to disappoint the desperate beauty, Rand couldn't ignore her determination. But it was clear she needed protecting after shots rang out and Sophie barely escaped with her life. Now, as the job he'd reluctantly agreed to became a very personal mission, Rand knew he'd do anything to bring Sophie's sister home. Because seeing Sophie happy was the only outcome he'd allow. Or accept.

Colorado Crime Scene

by Cindi Myers

An undercover agent falls for a beautiful target and could pay the ultimate price... From his first glimpse of her, Luke Renfro can't forget reporter Morgan Westfield...or anyone she came in contact with. The FBI agent's photographic memory for faces -- and instant attraction to Morgan -- creates trouble for all of them as his team searches for a terrorist in Colorado. And to make matters worse, Luke suspects Morgan's estranged brother may be the target they're looking for. Falling for a criminal's sister could jeopardize his career.

The Daddy Audition

by Cindi Myers

Tanya Bledso couldn't wait to leave Crested Butte to chase dreams of Hollywood stardom. Now the single mom has returned to run the local theater and raise her daughter. But the peaceful, charming town she took for granted has exploded into a bustling tourist attraction, thanks to one man. Jack Crenshaw. Property developer extraordinaire. . . and her former high school sweetheart. Ten years hasn't cooled the heat between them. Worse, Jack is bonding with her daughter and giving her the crazy idea he'd make the perfect family man. But is he ready to forgive and forget the heartbreak of the past for the role he seems born to play?

Dance with the Doctor

by Cindi Myers

Call him overprotective, but Dr. Mike Carter can't believe his daughter is ready for belly-dancing lessons. Taylor's lucky to be alive! Only two years after her heart transplant, she wants too much, too fast. Mike can't help but think her dance instructor Darcy O'Connor has a lot to do with Taylor's recent obsession. He can understand why. Darcy is beautiful...irresistible. And he finds himself more than a little tempted. Still, Taylor's care and safety come first, so Mike tries to put a little distance between them and Darcy. Too bad he doesn't count on his willful daughter and her plans to make Darcy one of them!

Detour Ahead

by Cindi Myers

Drive me to distraction!Okay, so there are some cliches that are true-rolling stones gathering no moss and the grass is greener are two that come to mind...mainly because I'm stuck in a ditch next to a sinfully gorgeous and far too stubborn man who won't allow himself to smell the roses. (Yes, I know. It's another true one.)But I've learned that the kindness of strangers can lead to some pleasant surprises, if not actual happiness. So that (along with a fear of flying and a pesky judge who took away my license) is how I found myself driving cross-country to a friend's wedding with the groom's best friend.Hmm. Best friend? Isn't there something about that I should remember...?

The Father for Her Son

by Cindi Myers

After seven years away, Troy Denton has finally reappeared. Too bad Marlee Britton isn't sure she wants him back. The last time she saw him, she was pregnant and they were planning their wedding. Since then, she's struggled to raise their son on her own. So, no. She's not throwing out the welcome mat.Still, how can she deny him knowing his son, Greg? Every time she watches Troy with Greg the guarded place in her heart melts a little. And that's when she realizes she still cares--more than she wants to. But should she protect herself from him leaving again? Or can she believe Troy's vow he's here for good?

Fear of Falling

by Cindi Myers

It is a dark and sexy night. . . . . . when business manager Natalie Brighton arrives at her employer's remote mountain castle. With a reputation almost as scandalous as the exotic, forbidden nature of his paintings, John Sartain indulges his sensuality. . . something she can't resist any more than she can resist him. But someone is trying to discredit him-a threat that could cost her this job. Worse, Natalie finds herself in the increasingly sinister hands of someone who might wish her real harm. Lascivious games, secrets and sensuous desires. . . Is it just a part of Sartain's seductive world, or is Natalie setting herself up for the ultimate fall?

Good, Bad ... Better

by Cindi Myers

After years of feeling as if she has "Good Girl" stenciled across her forehead, Jen Truitt's ready to cut loose and have some fun. And because number one on her to-do list is a naughty tattoo, naturally a tat-artist with taut muscles sheathed in black leather would have to be number two .... Zach Jacobs can feel the heat of the slim dancer's body and he's sure there's a wild woman inside Jen just begging to be set free. But even a bad boy knows he should behave betterwhen he's around the police chief's daughter. Lucky for Jen that doesn't mean he's actually planning on being good!

The Guardian

by Cindi Myers

Memories of rescuing her fueled his dreams. Seeing her again fueled his desire. Far from the mountains of Afghanistan, Abby Stewart found solace in the wild country of western Colorado. But after finishing one war, she was caught in another. In securing the crime scene, Lieutenant Michael Dance was more surprised to see Abby than the dead body. How could he forget her face after caring for her wounds and saving her life? And yet she didn't remember him at all. That wouldn't stop him from embarking on a high stakes investigation leading to much worse than murder. And if it helped jog Abby's memory and soften her toward him, he wouldn't leave her side until she was safe once more...

Harlequin Intrigue August 2015 - Box Set 2 of 2

by Julie Miller Cindi Myers Carol Ericson

Harlequin Intrigue brings you three new titles at a great value, available now! Enjoy these suspenseful reads packed with edge-of-your-seat intrigue and fearless romance.KANSAS CITY SECRETSThe Precinct: Cold Caseby Julie MillerWith his potential key witness's life jeopardized, detective Max Krolikowski must keep Rosie March safe--and keep himself from falling for a woman who could be a true innocent...or a killer waiting to strike again.THE PREGNANCY PLOTBrothers in Arms: Retributionby Carol EricsonAssigned to protect Nina Moore and her unborn child, special ops agent Jase Bennett poses as her fiancé. But when the charade begins to feel all too real, Jase will need to risk everything to keep them safe...COLORADO BODYGUARDThe Ranger Brigadeby Cindi MyersRanger Rand Knightbridge reluctantly offers to lead Sophie Montgomery on her search for her missing sister. As the mission brings them closer, ensuring a happy ending for Sophie is the only outcome he'll allow...

Harlequin Intrigue February 2014 - Bundle 1 of 2

by Cindi Myers Paula Graves Barb Han

Harlequin Intrigue brings you three new edge-of-your-seat romances for one great price, available now! This Harlequin Intrigue bundle includes Blood on Copperhead Trail by Paula Graves, Rocky Mountain Revenge by Cindi Myers and Rancher Rescue by Barb Han.Catch a thrill with 6 new edge-of-your-seat romances every month from Harlequin Intrigue!

Harlequin Intrigue July 2015 - Box Set 2 of 2

by Cindi Myers Carol Ericson Adrienne Giordano

Harlequin Intrigue brings you three new titles at a great value, available now! Enjoy these suspenseful reads packed with edge-of-your-seat intrigue and fearless romance. UNDER FIRE Brothers in Arms: Retributionby Carol EricsonAgent Max Duvall needs Dr. Ava Whitman's help to break free from the brainwashing that Tempest--the covert ops agency they work for--has subjected him to&#8230but he&#39s going to have to keep the agency from killing her first. LAWMAN PROTECTION The Ranger Brigadeby Cindi MyersA killer is lurking in Colorado, and reporter Emma Wade is sniffing around Captain Graham Ellison's crime scene. As much as he doesn't want a civilian accessing his case, Graham will need to keep Emma close if he is going to keep her alive. THE DETECTIVE by Adrienne GiordanoReclusive pilot Dylan Passion ignites when interior designer Lexi Vanderbilt teams up with hardened homicide detective Brodey Hayward to solve a cold case murder. But will Lexi's ambition make them both targets of a killer?

Harlequin Intrigue July 2016 - Box Set 1 of 2: Ambush at Dry Gulch\Lawman on the Hunt\Mountain Bodyguard

by Cassie Miles Cindi Myers Joanna Wayne

Harlequin Intrigue brings you a collection of three new titles, available now! Enjoy these suspenseful reads packed with edge-of-your-seat intrigue and fearless romance. AMBUSH AT DRY GULCH Big "D" Dads: The Daltons by Joanna Wayne The last person widowed Carolina Lambert would consider falling in love with is Jake Dalton. But when danger forces her to trust the rancher to stay alive, she realizes only a fool would walk away from a second chance at happiness... LAWMAN ON THE HUNT The Men of Search Team Seven by Cindi Myers Shocked and angry to find his ex-fiancée with a domestic terrorist, Special Agent Travis Steadman rescues Leah Carlisle--and then arrests her as an accomplice! Can the sexy lawman trust her innocence...or her offer to help capture the killer? MOUNTAIN BODYGUARD by Cassie Miles Professional bodyguard Mason Steele could handle a dozen armed thugs, but Lexie DeMille, the nanny, could easily knock him out...not with her karate skills but with her smile. Look for Harlequin Intrigue's July 2016 Box set 2 of 2, filled with even more edge-of-your seat romantic suspense! Join to earn FREE books and more. Earn points for all your Harlequin purchases from wherever you shop.

Harlequin Intrigue June 2015 - Box Set 2 of 2

by Cindi Myers Mallory Kane Elle James

Harlequin® Intrigue brings you three new edge-of-your-seat romances for one great price, available now! This Intrigue box set includes Navy SEAL Newlywed by Elle James, The Guardian by Cindi Myers and Security Breach by Mallory Kane.Catch a thrill with 6 new edge-of-your-seat romances every month from Harlequin® Intrigue!

Harlequin Intrigue June 2016 - Box Set 1 of 2: Warrior Son\Armored Attraction\Colorado Crime Scene

by Rita Herron Cindi Myers Janie Crouch

Harlequin Intrigue brings you a collection of three new titles, available now! Enjoy these suspenseful reads packed with edge-of-your-seat intrigue and fearless romance. WARRIOR SON The Heroes of Horseshoe Creek by Rita Herron Deputy Sherrif Roan Whitefeather has been trying to avoid medical examiner Megan Lail since the night they spent together. But when the Horseshoe Creek ranch patriarch dies they will have to work together to investigate a web of murder and deception. ARMORED ATTRACTION Omega Sector: Critical Response by Janie Crouch As Omega Sector agent Liam Goetz and his ex-fiancée Vanessa Epperson work together to save hostages and catch a predator, Liam begins to learn some shocking truths--about himself and the woman he thought he once knew so well... COLORADO CRIME SCENE The Men of Search Team Seven by Cindi Myers With a ticking clock, undercover agent Luke Renfro must focus on his assignment in order to protect Morgan Westfield--the sister of the criminal he is chasing--and have any chance of seeing more of the woman he's falling for. Look for Harlequin Intrigue's June 2016 Box set 2 of 2, filled with even more edge-of-your seat romantic suspense!

Harlequin Intrigue March 2014 - Bundle 2 of 2

by Rebecca York Cindi Myers Cynthia Eden

THE GIRL NEXT DOOR: When Gabrielle Harper's gutsy investigative reporting attracted a serial killer, her new neighbor began keeping an eye on her. But Cooper Marshall was more than his chiseled frame suggested. He was an Elite Operations Division specialist who thrived on adrenaline, who always took risks, whose every instinct was geared to protect. Even if it meant breaking cover. Gabrielle wasn't the sort to hole up in her Washington, D.C., walk-up, waiting to be the next victim. So when the time came, he'd throw her on the back of his motorcycle and ride with a vengeance to save her life. <P> ROCKY MOUNTAIN RESCUE: Federal marshal Patrick Thompson almost lost one woman in his care. He won't lose another. As an officer for the Witness Security Program, it's his job to protect Stacy Giardino, the former daughter-in-law of an infamous crime boss. At first, Stacy is reluctant to trust the brawny cop--or to act on their intense mutual attraction. But when her toddler son is kidnapped, Patrick is the only person who can help her find him. As they work their way through the Rocky Mountains, trailed by killers, Patrick and Stacy grow closer, and the heat simmering between them ignites.<P> BRIDAL JEOPARDY: Love at first sight can't begin to describe the attraction detective Craig Branson feels when he locks eyes with gorgeous Stephanie Swift. It's more powerful, passionate and deeply emotional than anything he's ever felt. But the P.I. is in New Orleans to track down a killer...not to have a fling. Still, he can't resist the intense sexual pull he feels the first time he kisses Stephanie. He'll risk everything to rescue her from her rich, possessive fiancé. Taking her on the run, Craig faces danger from two relentless pursuers--one who would expose the secret of their bond...and one who would keep him from his soul mate forever.

Harlequin Intrigue September 2015 - Box Set 2 of 2

by Cindi Myers Lisa Childs Cynthia Eden

Harlequin Intrigue brings you three new titles at a great value, available now! Enjoy these suspenseful reads packed with edge-of-your-seat intrigue and fearless romance.SUSPICIONSThe Battling McGuire Boysby Cynthia EdenYears ago, Mark Montgomery saved Ava McGuire from a night of terror. But when a killer comes hunting again, and passion draws them closer, will Mark's secrets be their downfall? BLACK CANYON CONSPIRACYThe Ranger Brigadeby Cindi MyersEx-Special Forces soldier Marco Cruz saved TV reporter Lauren Starling from a hostage ordeal. Now someone wants her dead--and the handsome Ranger wants to be the one to protect her... AGENT TO THE RESCUESpecial Agents at the Altarby Lisa ChildsWhen FBI special agent Dalton Reyes discovers an amnesiatic injured bride, his protective instincts kick in. As Elizabeth Schroeder faces her dark past, Dalton must keep her and her adopted daughter safe from the forces determined to reclaim them.

Her Christmas Wish

by Cindi Myers

Alina's Christmas Wish List:1) Spend the holidays in Crested Butte, Colorado.2) Move to the U.S. permanently.3) Find Eric Sepulveda under her tree.Seems fate has other plans for Alina Allinova, though. As charming as Eric is, his dark good looks don't exactly match her trusted grandmother's prediction that her happiness depends on a fair-haired man. And even though she and Eric share great chemistry, they're getting surprising resistance from both their families. Plus, her time in the U.S. is limited. Some Christmas this is shaping up to be!But it is the season of miracles...when not every matchmaker's prediction comes true!

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