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The Bear and the Dragon (Jack Ryan #10)

by Tom Clancy

President Ryan has been re-elected to a second term, but new crises loom. This time, it's impending conflict between Russia and China -- the Bear and the Dragon. As the crisis deepens, Ryan must use economic, political and military measures to try to prevent a war that could destroy a large part of the world. There's espionage, political intrigue, military action, techno-detail -- everything clancy fans have come to expect and love in these books. Enjoy!!

Hidden Agendas (Net Force #2)

by Tom Clancy Steve Pieczenik

sequel to Tom Clancy's NET FORCE.

Rainbow Six (Jack Ryan #9)

by Tom Clancy

John Clark is asked to set up an elite international counter-terrorist organization by President Ryan and other world leaders. Along with his new son-in-law Domingo Chavez they pull from the cream of the World's special operations operatives and take on the terrorist from Australia to Europe to South America and to the U.S. Sequel to 'Executive Orders' Prequel to 'The Bear and the Dragon'

Submarine: A Guided Tour Inside a Nuclear Warship

by Tom Clancy

This book explains the world of undersea warfare, from how people live within a steel tube for months at a time, to the many arrows a submarine puts in the quiver of national military power.

Acts of War (Tom Clancy's Op-Center #4)

by Tom Clancy Steve Pieczenik

Kurdish terrorists have attacked a dam inside the borders of Turkey, threatening the water supply of their very homeland. Its not insanity, but the first step in a deceptively simple plan: force all-out war in the Middle East, drawing in the major players in the New World Order.

Point of Impact (Net Force #5)

by Tom Clancy Steve Perry

In the year 2010, computers are the world's superpowers. Those who control them control the world. To enforce the Net Laws, Congress creates the ultimate computer security agency within the FBI: the Net Force. It's up to the Net Force to find the source of a dangerous designer drug being sold on the Internet.

Red Storm Rising

by Tom Clancy

State of Siege (Tom Clancy's Op-Center #6)

by Tom Clancy Steve Pieczenik

International terrorists, led by a rogue CIA Bulgarian operative, take hostage a group of teen musicians in the Security Council chamber.

Red Rabbit (Jack Ryan #11)

by Tom Clancy

Do you long for the good old days of the cold War? Then you'll love this book. Jack Ryan, a newbie CIA analyst, is sent to work with British Intelligence. His first major assignment is to help bring out and debrief a high-level soviet defector, who brings word of a stunning soviet plot to assassinate the Pope. Is his story true? And, if so, how can British and American Intelligence stop the assassination?

Mission of Honor (Tom Clancy's Op-Center #9)

by Tom Clancy Steve Pieczenik Jeff Rovin

Op-Center investigates a plan by outside forces to destabilize an African government and seize diamond mines.

The Teeth of the Tiger (Jack Ryan #12)

by Tom Clancy

A new generation takes over, in Tom Clancy's extraordinary--and extraordinarily prescient--new novel. A man named Mohammed sits in a cafe in Vienna, about to propose a deal to a Colombian. Mohammed has a strong network of agents and sympathizers throughout Europe and the Middle East, and the Colombian has an equally strong drug network throughout America. What if they were to form an alliance, to combine all their assets and connections? The potential for profits would be enormous--and the potential for destruction unimaginable. In the Brave New World of terrorism, where anybody with a spare AK-47, a knowledge of kitchen chemistry, or simply the will to die can become a player, the old rules no longer apply. No matter what new governmental organizations come into being, the only ones that could be truly effective are those that are quick and agile, free of oversight and restrictions ... and outside the system.

Sea of Fire (Tom Clancy's Op-Center #10)

by Tom Clancy Steve Pieczenik Jeff Rovin

Radiation from a pirate found in the Celebes Sea leads Op-Center to look at nuclear disposal sites and the possibility that a corporation is selling nuclear waste to terrorists.

Politika (Tom Clancy's Power Plays #1)

by Tom Clancy Martin Greenberg

The sudden death of Russia's president has thrown the Russian Federation into chaos. Devastating crop failures have left millions hungry and an uprising seems inevitable.

War of Eagles (Tom Clancy's Op-Center #12)

by Tom Clancy Steve Pieczenik Jeff Rovin

The explosion of a Chinese freighter carrying illegal workers in Charleston Harbor is the first sign that someone is capping Chinese interests abroad. Op-Center roots out the cause.

Cyberspy (Net Force Explorers #7)

by Tom Clancy Steve Pieczenik Bill Mccay

7th in the Net Force Explorers series for young adults.

Deuda de honor (Jack Ryan #6)

by Tom Clancy

Llamado de su retiro, Jack Ryan se da cuenta rápidamente de que los problemas de la paz son tan complejos como los de la guerra: los enemigos se han convertido en amigos, los amigos en enemigos, e incluso las formas de conflicto han cambiado. Lo que no puede entender con tanta premura es qué clase de conflictos debe afrontar. Y cuando uno de estos nuevos enemigos se prepara para atacar el centro de la economía mundial, Ryan, con la ayuda de los oficiales de la CIA John Clark y Domingo Chávez, acepta el desafío. Porque una deuda de honor debe ser pagada, y el precio será muy alto.

Divide y conquistarás (Tom Clancy's Op-Center #7)

by Tom Clancy

Una de las novelas más verosímiles y atractivas de la saga Op-Center. Tom Clancy incorpora a sus habituales tramas de intriga internacional una variante novedosa: la manipulación psicológica. Esta vez Paul Hood, el director de Op-Center, es convocado por la primera dama norteamericana para investigar el origen de ciertas conductas de su esposo, el presidente Lawrence, que se muestra apesadumbrado, misterioso e incluso, temeroso. Hood sospecha que ha caído bajo la influencia de tres importantes hombres de su entorno, que buscarían hacer creer al mundo que las capacidades intelectuales del presidente flaquean para tomar ellos las riendas del gobierno. El equipo de Op-Center cuenta con poco tiempo para convencer al presidente del complot que comienza a cerrarse en torno suyo y evitar así el caos mundial.

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