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Anything for Her Children

by Darlene Gardner

The bond Keri Cassidy shares with her adopted kids couldn't be stronger if they were her own flesh and blood. So when coach Grady Quinlan suspends her teenage son from the basketball team, the fiercely protective single mother is fit to be tied. Until she uncovers the scandal in Grady's past. Grady claims he's innocent of any wrongdoing. In spite of evidence against him, Keri finds herself believing Grady when no one else does. But how can she trust a man who threatens her son's future? She doesn't want to have to choose sides. But she may have already made a choice. If she has the courage to follow what her heart is telling her. . .

Anything You Can Do...! & Anchor That Man!

by Darlene Gardner Dawn Atkins

ANYTHING YOU CAN DO...! by Darlene Gardner - Lane Brooks and Clay Crawford know competition! As rival newspaper reporters, they live to scoop one another. Now they're rivals for a prestigious job at a hot new magazine, and things are really heating up. But onlookers wonder: could their huffy looks and stiff upper lips be masking their desire to be rivals for each other's hearts? ANCHOR THAT MAN! by Dawn Atkins Renata Rose is supposed to help couples find happily-ever-after... not make them crash on the rocks of love! But she's lost her belief in marriage, jeopardizing her job hosting a TV relationship show. Enter too-charming, too-sexy co-anchor Hawk Hunter. Hawk's ideas for the show are all wrong. And Renata plans on telling him so... just as soon as she finishes falling for him!

The Christmas Gift

by Darlene Gardner

Krista Novak knows you can't go home again. Yet here she is, touching down in the place she left for good eight years ago. Even though it's only for the holidays, being back means facing Alex Costas. It also means dealing with the fallout from his decision to stay and her decision to move her life thousands of miles away. To make the situation more interesting, she still wants Alex. And he wants her. How do they find common ground? A little Christmas magic must be in the air. Because when a snowstorm changes her travel plans, they're blessed with the most life-changing gift of all.

Cole for Christmas

by Darlene Gardner

Anna Wesley can't bear anyone to be alone on Christmas Eve, not even her new marketing assistant Cole Mansfield- the man who's after her job. Still, she invites him to dinner with her family. Big mistake. Anna's never brought a man home before, so Cole is treated like a future son-in-law. Worse, Cole acts the part, touching her every chance he gets...and she's enjoying it far too much! So much so that she's sure she's getting Cole for Christmas! Romancing the boss is out of the question for Cole-not with the secret he's hiding. But around Anna's family, her touch-me-not attitude turns, then blazes out of control. This Anna isn't his boss, she's all woman-and it's no secret she's all Cole wants. With the family's invitation to join them on their ski holiday, he knows the time is right to make Anna his-forget socks, sweaters and a toothbrush...the only thing Cole's packing is mistletoe!

Dashing Through the Mall

by Sherryl Woods Holly Jacobs Darlene Gardner

SOMETHING YOU NEVER EXPECTED TO FIND THE DAY BEFORE CHRISTMAS... In the Santa booth... When Amy Riley's son disappears in the mall, Santa-who is actually police officer Nick DiCaprio-comes to the rescue. Whoever said the Big Red Guy wasn't sexy? In the stores... Retail manager Joy O'Connell is fraying at the edges when rheumatologist Ed Hall and his three child-terrors enter her store. Between shopping hell and bah humbug, can Ed uncover the true Joy of the season? And even on TV...! TV reporter Merry Deluca's "'tis the season to be greedy" story is about to get complicated-her new cameraman is recently ex-fiancé Patrick MacFarland! And he's got a whole new angle for her story....

The Hero's Sin

by Darlene Gardner

Murderer. That's what they call him. That's what he calls himself. It's nine years since Michael Donahue set foot in his Pennsylvania hometown, but they're all still pointing fingers. Even after he risks his life to save a young boy from drowning, everyone's ready to think the worst of him. Except attorney Sara Brenneman. The outspoken Indigo Springs newcomer doesn't judge, doesn't listen to rumors. Like the town, she's also made up her mind about Michael-only, she thinks he's a hero. Not even Michael himself can shake her unswerving faith. But when the accusations begin again, will she still believe in him? And when she realizes the truth, will he be able to let her go?

Million to One

by Darlene Gardner

When your life changes in the blink of an eye...Kaylee Carter may have just found her birth mother-and the sense of belonging that's been missing all her life. But Sofia Donatelli's stepson, Tony, is suspicious. He thinks Kaylee's just another parasite who's come to sponge off his stepmother since she struck it rich in the state lottery.Still, whether or not Sofia is related by blood, Kaylee and her son form a bond with her that is stronger than biology. Now, if only Kaylee could convince Tony she's not after money but love-a love that has grown to include him.But the odds are stacked against them....

Naughty or Nerdy? & The Husband Hotel

by Darlene Gardner Elise Title

Naughty or Nerdy? by Elise TitleHis inner Don Juan is itching to get out...Judd Turner hated college. He'd been a geek, and had been in love with the gorgeous-and taken-Lucy Walker. Things have changed, though. His ten-year reunion is fast approaching, and Judd's now a hot and sexy P.I. But when he has to go from naughty to nerdy to bust Lucy's fiancé for embezzlement, he's not thrilled. It's hard enough keeping his mind on work in this getup without fantasizing about the girl of his dreams. His only hope? Lucy sees past the disguise and falls for the new and improved him!The Husband Hotel by Darlene GardnerThe fix is in!Jay Overman, inventor of the Impeccabra, has a job to do: keep eligible fellas away from hotel manager Tara Patterson. No way was she to get distracted from climbing the corporate ladder. Sounds easy enough, but not for Jay! It turns out that undercover work is not his thing, 'cause the only thing this would-be maintenance man can maintain is a healthy male interest in his sweet 'n sexy boss. And little does Jay know that he'll become Tara's biggest distraction...ever!

Once Smitten & Twice Shy

by Darlene Gardner

Once Smitten by Darlene GardnerThe One Who Got Away!That's who Jack Carter is to Zoe O'Neill-the one who got away. Sure, she denies it, but Zoe must contact her onetime college crush just to prove her point. However, Jack's got his own point to prove-he may be one hot jock, but he strikes out potential mates before the fourth date. Now he's determined to break the streak...with Zoe!Twice Shy by Darlene GardnerThe One Who Never Left!That's who Matt Burke and Amy Donatelli are to each other-the ones who never left. Since their friend Zoe found true love, these two best buds are on their own for the very first time. How will such a workaholic lawyer and a free spirit ever get together? Easy-someone's suing the free spirit, so it's full steam ahead for this duo!

The Other Woman's Son

by Darlene Gardner

Clay Dillon is everyone's hero--especially to his family. So when his kid sister needs a kidney, he tracks down Jenna Wright. Jenna's the only one who can help, but to gain her trust he has to lie. Jenna believes Clay can be everything to her until she finds out who he really is--the son of the woman who ruined her life. In that instant Jenna's dreams for a future with Clay dissolve. Jenna is in so deep, she actually considers doing what Clay asks. But how can she help his family at the expense of her own?

The Secret Sin

by Darlene Gardner

Annie Sublinski was sixteen when a brief encounter with Ryan Whitmore left her pregnant. Ryan stood by her decision to give up their baby for adoption. Now that child is here in Indigo Springs, forcing Annie to confront the man she's been avoiding all these years. . . . It seems she underestimated Ryan. He wants to get to know the daughter he thought he'd never see. And her mother. As old feelings resurface, Ryan surprises Annie with the intensity of his passion. He refuses to give up on her. . . on all of them. But Annie has to forgive herself for the past if she has any hope of building a future.

She's Got Mail & Forget Me? Not

by Darlene Gardner Colleen Collins

She's Got Mail! by Colleen Collins Good things come in big packages... Ambitious editorial assistant Rosie Myers is finally getting her big break. When the writer of a Real Men column runs away with a stripper, Rosie is given the assignment. There's only one catch-she has to write like a guy. No problem...until she starts receiving letter from sexy lawyer Ben Taylor. He thinks he needs a man-to-man talk, but Rosie knows what he really needs is a woman.... Forget Me? Not by Darlene Gardner Forget Me...Never Straitlaced, by-the-book Amanda Baldwin is at loose ends. Het longtime fiancé has just dumped her! What's Amanda to do? Easy...let the most charismatic, hunky bach guy-namely Zach Castell-show her the wild side of life. Zach is irrepressible, unpredictable and uncommited-he thinks marriage is a state of unhappily ever after. He just wants to help Amanda forget about her fiancé, but after a few close encounters, will he want the job? And will Amanda approve the change?

The Stranger's Sin

by Darlene Gardner

Accused of a crime she didn't commit, Kelly Carmichael skips bail and heads to Indigo Springs. It's a shot in the dark, but with her freedom at stake she has no choice if she wants answers. When forest ranger Chase Bradford starts asking questions, Kelly tells him she's a stranger passing through. That's the first lie. Now she has to keep lying. She's walking a dangerous tightrope...especially when she starts falling for the single father. How will Chase react when he finds out who she really is? Will the honorable guy feel duty-bound to bring her in? Or will he stand by her? If only she had the courage to trust him with the truth....

That Runaway Summer

by Darlene Gardner

For Jill Jacobi, who's on the run with her younger brother, Indigo Springs is the perfect place to hide. So no matter how powerfully attracted she is to the kind veterinarian, Dan Maguire is a risk she can't afford to take. Except every instinct is telling her he's a man she can count on. And Dan seems so sure that they'd be right together. It's tempting to lose herself in her own growing feelings for this tender, handsome man. If she could only trust him with her secret...Lies brought her here. Will lies keep them apart?

A Time To Come Home

by Darlene Gardner

Nothing's harder than moving back to your hometown after you've hit rock bottom--unless it's telling your high school sweetheart he's the father of your nine-year-old daughter. Diana Smith still has feelings for Tyler Benson. But they're not lovesick kids anymore. He's a straight-arrow prosecutor, and she's a single mom struggling to make a fresh start. And there's the not-so-little matter of her lie coming between them. Worse, she learns that revealing her secret will ruin Tyler. Diana protected him from the truth once before. Now she has to risk her own future to do it again.

A Time To Forgive

by Darlene Gardner

When Connor Smith has to unexpectedly care for his nine-year-old niece, he isn't prepared. In fact, he's overwhelmed. Blending their lives poses one problem after another until Jaye's violin teacher throws them a lifeline. Abby Reed not only knows how to get through to his niece, she also makes an impression on him. Soon their time together means everything to Connor -- and the tragedy his family faced a decade ago begins to have less power over him. Then he discovers Abby's family's connection to his own. . . . Can their love survive Connor's bitterness and Abby's insistence that her brother isn't the awful person he's been branded?

To The Max

by Darlene Gardner

Black and white. That's how FBI agent Max Dolinger sees the world. So there's no way he'll move in on his old buddy's ex-girlfriend. Even though the very thought of Sara Reynolds has Max thinking red-hot affair. But when Sara asks for his help, suddenly his honorable resolve is all maxed out.With his old buddy missing, along with thousands in cash... it turns out Sara's brother might be in cahoots. Sara's desperate to keep her brother out of jail. Max is just desperate for Sara's touch. How can he say no? Even if dragging the competition back into the picture might mean losing the only woman he's ever needed....

The Truth About Tara

by Darlene Gardner

Tara Greer's world is fine the way it is-even if some details of her childhood simply don't add up. Life on the beautiful Virginia coast with her mother and young foster brother are all she needs. What she doesn't need is gorgeous stranger Jack DiMarco's suspicion that she was stolen as a child. Because if he's right, the truth would devastate her family.Steering clear of Jack is the easy answer, right? Wrong! The sexy, compassionate on-the-mend baseball player is everywhere she turns...exactly where her heart wants him. But their future seems unlikely when being with Jack means facing a reality that could cost Tara everything.

Twice the Chance

by Darlene Gardner

Jazz Lenox had her reasons for giving up her babies for adoption. So she can't burst into their lives after eight years. Yet there's no doubt these kids are hers. No one could mistake that unique hair. She knows she should walk away. Especially when she meets the twins' uncle-sexy, shoot-from-the-hip Matt Caminetti. But how does she leave a man who's so persistent...and so ruggedly appealing? Most surprising of all, Matt believes in her. Believes in them. A future together means coming clean about her past. All of it. It's the only way to find out if she really has a second shot at the life she's always wanted....

Winter Heat

by Darlene Gardner

Architect Riley Carter never does anything without a blueprint, including moving next door to his ex-girlfriend, Kate Marino. The only thing he wants for Christmas is Kate back in his arms and he has a secret, seductive plan to get her there.Kate has a sneaking suspicion that what Riley really wants is sex-just sex-so she sets a trap to get him to admit it. After being swept away her first time around with him, she's promised it won't happen again. Right. Before long, Kate's falling for Riley anyway. Who will win the battle of wills? Well, with all the holiday magic in the air, maybe they both can....

Wish Upon a Christmas Star

by Darlene Gardner

The odds are about a million to one. But after eleven years, P.I. Maria DiMarco jumps at the possibility that her brother might still be alive. And when she makes a wish on a rare pre-Christmas shooting star, well, it could be a sign. Logan Collier doesn't think so. Not that Maria should put her trust-or hope-in her ex-love, who long ago left her heart in pieces.Yet here Logan is in Key West, helping Maria chase down leads and, like her, trying-and failing-to ignore the attraction heating up between them. Even if her search takes her nowhere, Maria isn't giving up. Not on finding her brother...or on a second chance with Logan.

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