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24 Hours: A Kirk McGarvey Novella

by David Hagberg

Only Kirk McGarvey can save the President's daughter from execution at the hands of terrorists in David Hagberg's breathless thriller novella, 24 Hours. Featuring a special sneak peak at the new McGarvey novel, End Game!The seventeen-year-old daughter of the widowed President of the United States is kidnapped from Georgetown University outside Washington, DC.A ransom note mysteriously appears on the president's desk in his private study off the Oval Office. The demand is as simple as it is impossible: The US must immediately begin a ground war in Syria. If the President doesn't comply within 24 hours, his only daughter will be publicly executed.The terrorists believe that pitting the U.S. against Russian troops in a ground war will allow ISIS to decisively create its Caliphate, from which it would be free to wage war against the entire world. The Middle East would sink into a new and barbarous century.Former CIA assassin Kirk McGarvey gets the call in the middle of the night for an emergency meeting with the President of the United States. His mission: find the President's daughter and return her safely to the White House. The problem: He has only twenty-four hours to do it.At the Publisher's request, this title is being sold without Digital Rights Management Software (DRM) applied.

Abyss (Kirk McGarvey Series #15)

by David Hagberg

It's a pleasant summer afternoon in the Gulf Stream, twenty-five miles off Hutchinson Island on Florida's east coast, when NOAA scientist Dr. Eve Larsen is about to prove she has the answers not only to global warming but the solution to stopping killer storms across the planet. She is part of a multitrillion-dollar, multinational project to farm clean, endless energy from the ocean currents--and alter the planet's weather for the better. At that very moment, contract killer Brian DeCamp walks into the Hutchinson Island Nuclear Power Station aiming to cause a meltdown so catastrophic it'll make Chernobyl seem like nothing. Security cam footage leads to an intervention by legendary former CIA director Kirk McGarvey,, who manages to thwart the catastrophe ... but the failed sabotage sets off a chain of events more terrifying than McGarvey could ever have imagined. The incident sets McGarvey on a trail of assassinations and dirty money that finally leads him to a charismatic preacher... controlled by a vicious derivative fund manager... who in turn is controlled not only by her own greed but by power brokers with enormous fortunes they will stop at nothing to protect.,... In Abyss, New York Times bestselling author David Hagberg pits The Expediter's Kirk McGarvey against the people who mean to destroy our future. With Big Oil ruthlessly hunting for profit after the BP disaster in the Gulf... the fate of the world hangs in the balance.

Allah's Scorpion (Kirk McGarvey Series #11)

by David Hagberg

Under the cover of a moonless night, al-Quaida operatives make their way inside the infamous Camp Delta prison on the American base at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. Their goal is to free five prisoners. But their attempt fails. The rescuers and prisoners, all former Iranian Navy submarine crewmen, are killed. Their freedom was to be the first step in unleashing a deadly act of terrorism-a mission code-named Allah's Scorpion. The CIA and Kirk McGarvey are called in, but first McGarvey must stop the destruction of the Panama Canal by a Venezuelan oil tanker rigged to explode in one of the locks. What seems to be an unrelated attack turns up with the same cryptic code name. But this mission may prove to be the ultimate strike against America, a grand finale to what began on 9/11. A pair of Russian nuclear-warhead missiles that were spirited into Libya just before the invasion of Iraq have turned up on the radar, and they are in transit by sea to an undisclosed launch site in the Atlantic Ocean. Once again, Kirk McGarvey is the only man in a position to stop them-the only man capable of knocking out Allah's Scorpion.

Assassin (Kirk McGarvey Series #6)

by David Hagberg

The security services of several nations want to stop retired CIA hit man Kirk McGarvey before he can complete a lone-wolf mission to Moscow that could upset any number of geopolitical apple carts Russia's economic woes and foreign policy setbacks are making the country's electorate restive enough to give the presidency to Yevgenni Tarankov, a charismatic Stalinist who campaigns throughout the motherland in an armored train. Gravely concerned that the ultra nationalist could reverse the halting progress the troubled country has made toward creating an open, democratic society, Kremlin moderates recruit McGarvey to liquidate him. Now living in Paris with Jacqueline Belleau, an intelligence operative detailed to keep an eye on his movements, the hired gun reluctantly accepts the assignment. With valuable assistance from an expatriate computer whiz, he finds a way to slip in and out of Russia via the Baltic republics. Meanwhile, McGarvey's erstwhile masters learn what he's about and make a determined effort to stop him to preclude the disclosure that Tarankov earned a small fortune as a CIA informant during the 1970s. The CIA callously brings McGarvey's young daughter Liz into the game. A low-level translator at the agency, she jumps at the chance to do fieldwork and help locate her father. Liz soon tracks down Jacqueline (who has been outsmarted by her lover), and the two women head East. They remain several steps behind McGarvey (who's deduced that his target intends staging a May Day coup), and, on their way to Moscow, Liz is abducted by Tarankov's minions. In the nick, however, the quiet American foils the would-be usurper's plot and pulls Liz off the private rail car moments before government planes blast it to kingdom come. Another twisty thriller from the reliable Hagberg (High Flight, 1995, etc.)--and a welcome return for Cold War hard case McGarvey, who's still a cunning devil when it comes to organizing solo operations across forbidden frontiers.

Blood Pact (Kirk McGarvey Series #17)

by David Hagberg

David Hagberg's New York Times bestselling Kirk McGarvey series continues with a deadly mission to find a long-lost treasure map in Blood Pact. A large portion of the fabulous treasure originally stolen by conquistadors of the eighteenth century was buried in the desert of southern New Mexico by Spanish monks. Jacob Ambli, a Catholic priest, was sent as a spy on a Spanish military mission to find seven caches left for the Church He kept a diary showing the locations, but was murdered trying to get back to Rome, and the journal was lost. Now, a century and a half later, the diary has come to light, and the Spanish government, Cuban intelligence agency, and the Catholic Church are racing to be the first to claim it. Kirk McGarvey is approached by a shadowy organization that wants to beat all of them to the book--the Voltaire Society, a mysterious group whose purpose is shrouded in the history of the United States. The chase takes Mac from Washington to Malta and finally to Seville, where he comes up against a fifth foe--one of the most ruthless assassins he has ever confronted--who has made a blood pact with the agents of the devil to find the lost treasure no matter what the cost.


by David Hagberg Byron L. Dorgan

America is on the brink of crisis. Unless we can curb our dangerous appetite for foreign oil, petroleum-rich countries and speculators will bring our economy to its knees. . . long before CO2 emissions will devastate our ecosystem. The President has answered the call with the Dakota District Initiative, a top secret research team hidden deep in the Badlands of North Dakota. The Initiative is developing a way to produce clean energy from coal. But powerful enemies will stop at nothing to sabotage this revolutionary technology. A cadre of oil hedge fund managers hires a crew of mercenary fanatics to attack the Initiative's experimental power station. Despite the bloody assault, the research continues as war-hero sheriff Nate Osborne and brash journalist Ashley Borden search for the attackers. The stakes couldn't be higher: Unless the Initiative succeeds we could be faced with gasoline at twenty dollars per gallon or more, putting an impossible strain on an already fragile economy. If the project fails, we will continue to poison the very air we breathe. Either way, the Badlands will run red with blood.


by David Hagberg

Patty and David Monroe have flown to Moscow to repair a business deal which has gone bad--when it suddenly turns nightmarish. Shooting David and kidnapping Patty, their Russian business partners drive her to a ramshackle dacha twenty miles east of Moscow. There, her captors--along with brutal Islamic terrorists--will attempt to ransom her. Patty will face the most frightening ordeal imaginable. For the first time in history, FBI agents must work with Russian security forces. In an atmosphere of violent mistrust and political hatred, only their burning desire to rescue Patty Monroe will hold the operation together. Burned is inspired by the horrifying ordeal of Yvonne Bornstein. Kidnapped in Russia in the 1990s by Islamic terrorists, Yvonne and her husband were held for ransom. During her captivity she was tortured, starved, and abused. Her captors were affiliated with early al Qaeda partisans. While this book is fiction, Burned captures the spirit of Yvonne's resistance and ultimate triumph.

The Cabal (Kirk McGarvey Series #14)

by David Hagberg

In Washington, CIA operative Todd Van Buren meets with a Washington Post investigative reporter who has uncovered strong evidence that a powerful lobbyist has formed a shadowy group called the Friday Club, a cabal whose members include high-ranking men inside the government: a White House adviser, a three star general at the Pentagon, deputy secretaries at the State Department, Homeland Security, the FBI and even the CIA. That afternoon Van Buren, son-in-law of the legendary spy Kirk McGarvey, is brutally gunned down and that evening, the reporter and his family are killed, all traces of the shadow group erased. A grief-stricken McGarvey is drawn into the most far-reaching and bizarre investigation of his career, the stakes of which could destabilize the US government and shake the foundations of the world financial order.

Castro's Daughter (Kirk McGarvey Series #16)

by David Hagberg

Cuban intelligence service colonel Maria Leon is called to the bedside of the dying Fidel Castro. Leon is Castro's illegitimate daughter, but this is the first time her father has acknowledged her. Castro makes Leon promise to contact the legendary former director of the CIA Kirk McGarvey and ask him to help her search for Cibola, the fabled Seven Cities of Gold. As the Cuban government unravels in the wake of Castro's death, Leon has to use every means at her disposal just to find the elusive McGarvey, while fending off men in her own Operations Division who want her job or her death. In desperation, Leon kidnaps McGarvey's closest friend, Otto Rencke, to force McGarvey's hand. Mac's meeting with Leon launches the most bizarre mission of his entire career, one that takes him from Cuba to Mexico City to. Spain and finally to an ancient site in New Mexico that the Spanish conquistadors called the Jornada del Muerto--the Journey of Death. The latest installment in David Hagberg's New York Times bestselling Kirk McGarvey series takes the former CIA director on another deadly international adventure.


by David Hagberg Dean Ing Stephen Coonts R. J. Pineiro Dale Brown Harold Coyle Larry Bond James H. Cobb Barrett Tillman Ralph Peters

Ten military fiction authors reveal in their short novels how war will be fought in the 21st century.

Countdown (Kirk McGarvey Series #2)

by David Hagberg

When a Soviet agent is found dead in Israel, a Pershing missile is hijacked, and a U.S. submarine vanishes, the CIA has no choice but to call in maverick agent Kirk McGarvey. A deadly, trained killer, McGarvey finds his match in Arkady Kurshin, Russia's finest weapon, who, under the control of the new head of the KGB, is bent on destroying glasnost. To stop Kurshin, McGarvey must get one step ahead - but a spy in the agency is monitoring his every move, and the KGB has captured the woman he has come to love....

Critical Mass (Kirk McGarvey Series #4)

by David Hagberg

In 1945, Isawa Nakamura lost his mother and father to the nuclear maelstrom that was Hiroshima. Three days later his wife and child died in Nagasaki, and he himself was horribly burned. Now-forty-five years later-nothing will stop his dream of revenge. He has gathered a cadre of out-of-work Eastern Bloc assassins. Building his own atomic bombs, he plans to inflict the same hellfire on Los Angeles and San Francisco that destroyed his family. Enter Kirk McGarvey, CIA assassin and America's top agent. When McGarvey's girlfriend is killed by one of Nakamura's agents, McGarvey is soon hard on his trail.

Crossfire (Kirk McGarvey Series #3)

by David Hagberg

Glasnost and Perestroika are in, and the KGB is out to save hard currency, the Politburo slashes the foreign Operations budget. But Colonel Didenko, the hard-line KGB commander, will get his own funding by hijacking a vital United States middle east gold shipment and bring glasnost crashing down. To protect the project he assigns Arkady Kurshin-Russia's top agent and most deadly assassin. CIA man Kirk McGarvey is America's top agent-as fast and deadly as Kurshin. But when Kurshin frames McGarvey for bombing the CIA's Paris headquarters, McGarvey finds himself on the run in South America, pursued by friend and foe alike. Can McGarvey stay alive long enough to solve a fifty-year-old billion-dollar mystery-and save the US gold shipment half a world away?

Dance With The Dragon (Kirk McGarvey Series #12)

by David Hagberg

The CIA is on edge. All signs indicate that something is coming at the United States. Perhaps another 9/11, maybe bigger. The body of CIA agent Louis Updegraf ends up on the steps of the US Embassy in Mexico. His last operation was to tap into the communications of the Chinese Embassy, but there is no record of why. He appeared to be freelancing and the Agency must scramble to get a clue as to what he was after. Kirk McGarvey, serving as a visiting professor at the University of Florida, is once again longing for the action of the field. So when his old friend Otto Rencke asks him to help figure out the connection between China and the murdered agent, it takes almost no effort to get McGarvey up and running. The only informant they can find is an enigmatic Iranian belly dancer--the dark and lovely Shahrzad Shadmand. But her story changes with the wind, and her knowledge of McGarvey's past is uncanny. Kirk McGarvey must unravel her shattered mind to get to something that might resemble the truth.

The Expediter (Kirk McGarvey Series #13)

by David Hagberg

Late one balmy summer evening in Pyongyang, an important Chinese intelligence general on his way to a secret meeting with Kim Jon-Il is assassinated in plain sight of a surveillance camera. The two shooters are wearing the uniforms of North Korean police officers. Kim Jong-Il denies any knowledge of the shooting, but the Chinese do not believe him. As they prepare to attack, Jong-Il promises to unleash his nuclear weapons on downtown Beijing, Seoul, and Tokyo, plunging the entire region into nuclear war. Kirk McGarvey, just off a difficult assignment that took him to Mexico City, has returned to his visiting professorship at the University of South Florida. A colonel in North Korea's intelligence service shows up in person, asking McGarvey to prove that North Korea did not authorize the hit. It's the most extraordinary request McGarvey has ever received. He enters a dangerous international shadow world where almost nothing is as it seems. The puzzles lead him to a mysterious Russian ex-KGB multimillionaire whose specialty is expediting assassins for hire, to Pyongyang where he finds the wedge to open up a far-reaching plot so monstrous the entire world could go up into flames, and finally back to the one nation that potentially has the most to gain by such a war. And the most to lose . . .

High Flight (Kirk McGarvey Series #5)

by David Hagberg

Another thrilling adventure of the maverick CIA agent.

Joshua's Hammer (Kirk McGarvey Series #8)

by David Hagberg

Mystery thriller about CIA director Kirk McGarvey.

The Kill Zone (Kirk McGarvey Series #9)

by David Hagberg

Capping a twenty-five year career with the Central Intelligence Agency, Kirk McGarvey has been named the agencys interim director by the President of the United States.But what should be the culmination of McGarveys career has activated a twenty-year-old Russian plot. The Cold War is over, but McGarvey is still a target for assassination.Step by inexorable step the assassin is awakened from a sleeper state. Brainwashed by KGB doctors to pull the trigger, the killer has unknowingly awaited a signal that has finally arrived.Its becoming clear to McGarvey and his associates that the killer is someone within his inner circle.A personal friend.Someone very close.Whom can McGarvey trust? Can he even trust himself?

Last Come the Children

by David Hagberg

First comes the dark and bloody covenant, then the Halloween partygoers turn into servants of Evil, last come the children...

Retribution (Kirk McGarvey Series #18)

by David Hagberg

David Hagberg's New York Times bestselling Kirk McGarvey series continues in Retribution, with a deadly mission to take down a monstrous serial killer. On May 1, 2011, a team of twenty-four members of U.S. SEAL Team Six swooped down on the compound of Osama bin Laden in Abbottabad, Pakistan. Their mission, code-named Neptune Spear, was to find and kill the terrorist leader. They succeeded. Since that day, elements of the government of Pakistan have harbored a deep hatred for the SEALs who violated their sovereign territory. Now they've hired a team of German assassins, and only one man stands a chance of stopping them: legendary former director of the CIA, Kirk McGarvey. David Hagberg's Kirk McGarvey novels have been delighting readers for over two decades. Bursting with action, suspense, and political intrigue, McGarvey's adventures span the globe, from Washington, D.C., to Afghanistan, to Switzerland and more. Retribution is the latest installment in this masterful series.

The Shadowmen

by David Hagberg Bob Gleason

Kirk McGarvey engages in a global revenge quest in this novella from New York Times bestselling author David HagbergFormer director of the CIA Kirk McGarvey is no stranger to dangerous encounters. Early in his career, he came up against the Soviet Union's deadliest agent three times, finally killing the man in a flooded tunnel beneath the ruins of a castle in Portugal.Years have passed. The Russian's brother, Kurshin, a Spetsnaz operator twenty-five years younger than McGarvey, vows revenge. He and McGarvey are both shadowmen--living between the real world, and the world of the deep cover spy and assassin. To get McGarvey's attention, Kurshin desecrates the grave of the American's wife. McGarvey pits himself against the Russian--the man of vast experience versus the bold young man who believes he is invincible. The mano a mano begins at Arlington Cemetery and moves across Europe, from the baccarat tables of Monte Carlo to the same the Portuguese castle where the Russian's brother was killed so many years ago. Only one shadowman will be left standing.

Soldier of God (Kirk McGarvey Series #10)

by David Hagberg

Suicide bombers are coming to America's heartland. Their targets: our most precious and vulnerable assets, our children. Following the most terrifying lead of his life, CIA Director Kirk McGarvey traces the threat to a Saudi playboy prince, but the White House wants nothing to do with McGarvey's assumptions. Accusing a Saudi prince of such a heinous plan will surely strain the delicate political balance between the United States and Saudi Arabia. But McGarvey refuses to let politics stand in the way of his investigation, even if it means that the president of the United States will call him a traitor, even if it means he must resign as director of the CIA, and even if it means his meddling will lead to the kidnapping and brutal beating of his own wife. From the deadly, frigid Alaskan waters to the balmy breezes of the French Riviera and finally to the Saudi Arabian embassy in Washington, D.C., Mac fights through his own nation's restraints to stop suicide bombers willing to martyr themselves for their cause as Soldiers of God.

White House (Kirk McGarvey Series #7)

by David Hagberg

In Washington, ex-CIA operative Kirk McGarvey is lured back into the field when the agency offers him a job as Deputy Director of Operations, the third most powerful position in America's intelligence community. But within hours of his appointment a terrorist bomb explodes at a Georgetown restaurant, killing his French girlfriend and wounding his daughter. The bomb was meant for him, and the terrorists have made a fatal mistake-attacking McGarvey's family. At the same time McGarvey must struggle with an escalating crisis in the Far East. When a mysterious underground nuclear explosion destroys a power station off the coast of North Korea, U.S. intelligence fears the worst. Because if Kim Jong II, North Korea's controversial strongman, has nuclear weapons, he may just be crazy enough to use them. From the corridors of power in Washington to the Japanese space launch center at Tanegashima, Kirk McGarvey must track a terrorist operation with its sights set on the White House itself.

Without Honor (Kirk McGarvey series #1)

by David Hagberg

The skyjacking of a plane bound for Cuba left four people dead, two of them CIA operatives. To reveal the true nature of the incident, the CIA knows of one man that can get them the answers they need; a man whom they had relied on before... Kirk McGarvey is a man with a past; a past that has recently resurfaced and threatens to darken a present in which he tries to put the days of "The Company" behind him. However, drawn back in to help the agency ferret out a spy who has penetrated the upper echelon of the U.S. Government, he discovers that who he was then had never really been that far away from who he is now. In a world where deception is a survival trait, can McGarvey trust anyone to tell him the truth?

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