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The Baron's Governess Bride

by Deborah Hale

Lord Steadwell's three motherless daughters were heartbroken when their last governess ran off to elope. In her dowdy cap and spectacles, Grace Ellerby seems an ideal replacement-a nurturing, intelligent woman uninterested in marriage. No wonder Rupert doesn't recognize Grace as the golden-haired vision at a masked ball, who slips away before midnight....Frightened by the unwanted attentions of previous employers, Grace resolved to hide her beauty...and her growing feelings for Rupert. One enchanted evening-and a sweet, breathtaking kiss-changes everything. For with Grace's three adorable charges playing fairy godmother, Rupert may discover his happy ending is closer than he thinks.

The Bonny Bride

by Deborah Hale

Jenny Lennox Didn't Believe In Love Not the lasting kind, anyway. Life was too hard for romance to survive for long. Marriage for money was best, she was sure--or had been until she met Harris Chisholm earnest and penniless yet willing to gamble on life, love--and her! Harris Chisholm Was A Man Of His Word He had promised to deliver jenny Lennox into the arms of her intended. But could he willingly surrender the woman who'd made him more than himself, the woman who'd become his heart's true friend and partner? "Never!" his soul whispered. "Never...!"

Border Bride

by Deborah Hale

For thirteen years he'd been a wanderer.... Now Con ap Ifan had returned, a tested warrior and a talented bard. But Enid of Glyneira remained unimpressed. No stolen kisses or honeyed promises that faded with the dawn could tempt her to abandon hearth, home, and betrothed -- not even for the father of her cherished firstborn son! Con wanted Enid more than words could tell. But could he dally with her, now a widow with children, forever? For though she'd always been his heart's melody, his soul's rhythm, he knew the siren song of the wider world might break their passion's bond!

Bought: The Penniless Lady

by Deborah Hale

Desperate to safeguard the future of her precious nephew, penniless Lady Artemis Dearing will do anything-even marry the man whose brother ruined her darling sister! Hadrian Northmore's suffered enough heartbreak-he will not lose his brother's son, too. Calculating and deceitful as Lady Artemis may be, he will marry her if he must! But Hadrian isn't prepared for overwhelming desire, or his new wife's sweet disposition. There's been some mistake. . . ;his hard-built defenses are crumbling before his very eyes!

The Bride Ship

by Deborah Hale

A ship full of women could only cause trouble!Of that Governor Sir Robert Kerr was certain, just by considering their chaperon! Though a widow, Mrs. Jocelyn Finch was young, vivacious and utterly determined to have her own way-especially with him!Challenging the governor of Halifax, Nova Scotia, to a duel was obviously a poor way to introduce herself. But when Sir Robert accused Jocelyn and her charges of something, well, less ladylike than husband-hunting, what else could she do? Besides, someone had to show this straitlaced, yet gloriously compelling figure of a man that there was more to life than doing one's duty!

The Captain's Christmas Family

by Deborah Hale

Napoleon himself never gave Captain Gideon Radcliffe as much trouble as Miss Marian Murray. The fiercely protective governess won't rest until she gains permission for the daughters of his late cousin to stay on at Gideon's newly inherited estate. He agrees to let Cissy and Dolly remain at Knightley Park for Christmas. But by springtime they-and Marian-must go. Marian is prepared to believe the captain a tyrant. The truth is far more complicated. Gideon is a kind yet solitary man who sees the navy as his only sanctuary. Can Marian's unwavering faith, and the children's Christmas cheer, convince him he's found safe harbor at last?

The Destined Queen

by Deborah Hale

For as long as she can remember, Maura Woodbury has been a ward of the wizard Langbard, sheltered by his quiet power from the worst of her country's long occupation by the Han. She knows the legend of THE WAITING KING, who is said to lie asleep in the mountains until his destined queen awakens him and together they will win their country's freedom. But it is only a legend. An impossible tale people pretend to believe because they have no real hope. But she is the princess-enchantress whose destiny is to find and wake THE WAITING KING. At the conclusion of THE WIZARD'S WARD, Maura had found the crown of the Waiting King and realized Rath, her companion and a notorious outlaw, was the one prophesized to claim it. But though Rath was to be king, he was just a man, with no superpowers or abilities that would chase the Han from their kingdom. Stricken by doubt so soon after achieving their goals, Maura and Rath debate their choices: should they fulfill their destiny as king and queen by overthrowing the Han or strive for a quiet peaceful life? Unsure of their decision, they move toward their goal, hoping the way will become clearer. An encounter with a child oracle and Idrygon of the Council gives Rath and Maura hope that they will liberate Umbria. After their marriage and coronation the two are separated, as Maura must work with Delyon to recover a magical staff. Rath's jealousy and fears are ignited as his wife leaves on a dangerous mission with a man he feels far worthier of her. On her journey, Maura discovers her father may have been a Han death-mage, and this knowledge, which she keeps secret from Rath, becomes a tool the ambitious general Idrygon uses against her. Idrygon blackmails Maura into following his way of war by threatening to tell Rath of her parentage. But when she finally tells Rath--rather than have the blood of his countrymen on her hands--he is relieved because of a prophecy he'd heard from the Oracle, that his heir would have Han blood. At the final battle, Maura discovers the whereabouts of the magical staff that will help Rath rule. But Idrygon isn't done with his menace. He tells Rath to use the staff's power--one wish, however great--to destroy the Han completely and then become king in name only while Idrygon rules. If Rath doesn't agree, Idrygon will spread the word of Rath's outlaw past, and Rath will always have to fight for power over his people. Maura doesn't believe he should destroy the Han, partially because her father was Han, but she leaves the decision to Rath. In the end, Rath wishes that the Giver's will be done, and the Han are defeated. Information about character's clothing/appearance: When Maura confronts the deathmage she wears a cream linen undergown, green wool tunic, leather sash with many pockets. The death mage looks like: black robed and hooded with thin hands, holding slender metal wands with small gems imbedded in the tips. When Maura is crowned by the oracle she wears a yellow gown the color of midsummer sunshine and the hero wears robes that seemed to have been woven from threads of the deep blue Vestan sky When Maura is on the ship she wears a cream linen undergown, green wool tunic, leather sash with many pockets and the hero wears black leather vest, light shirt, dark breeches and boots.

The Duke's Marriage Mission

by Deborah Hale

A Most Unconventional MatchWhat governess would refuse a duke? Exuberant, opinionated, irrepressible Leah Shaw, that's who. Since her arrival at Renforth Hall, the Duke of Northam's young son has thrived. Leah, intent on traveling abroad, insists she will stay for one year only. Marriage would change everything-if only Hayden Latimer, the duke, knew how to woo a woman who wants nothing to do with matrimony.All the duke's wealth could not buy Leah the one thing she cherishes most: her independence. But if an overprotective father can give his son room to grow, can she learn to put down roots? For it's every woman's prerogative to change her mind...when her heart is guiding her toward love.

The Earl's Honorable Intentions

by Deborah Hale

A Father's DutyAs soon as Colonel Gavin Romney has healed, he'll return to war and see Bonaparte vanquished forever. Yet his children's governess is proving a formidable adversary on the home front. For pretty, determined Hannah Fletcher wants the earl to fulfill the one role he's sure is beyond him: loving parent.Hannah can't bear to see her three motherless charges lose their father, too. When Gavin impulsively offers a marriage of convenience for the children's sake, she believes the gulf between them is too wide. Now the earl is ready to wage a very different campaign-for Hannah's tender heart, and for the family he longs to reclaim....

The Elusive Bride

by Deborah Hale

Marriage Meant Safety To protect her home and people, Cecily Tyrell would marry the devil himself! And if rumor held any truth, she would mayhap do so! A royal command bound her to wed Lord Rowan DeCourtenay, a knight of some renown... but a widower of shadowed repute. Still, he was the warrior she needed--but was he the man she wanted? Headstrong, valiant and dangerous she was, for Cecily Tyrell alone made Rowan DeCourtenay yearn to dismiss the guard around the citadel of his heart. Though would their love, horn in disguise and adventure, survive when all his soul's dark secrets were finally exposed.

A Gentleman of Substance

by Deborah Hale

A Secret Child... When Lucy Rushton's lover was killed in battle, she was his brother, formidable viscount Drake Strickland, to protect her unborn child. The marriage tore her heart, yet after their vows were sealed, Lucy saw another side to her stern husband--a compassionate, captivating gentleman of substance who lured her in ways Jeremy never had! A Secret Love... Duty-bound to care for lovely Lucy, Drake never expected sharing his home would warm his cold, bare life. And when her eyes flashed with provocative beauty, sending an irresistible invitation, he longed to believe his wife's heart was wholly his.

The Gentleman's Bride Search

by Deborah Hale

Matchmaking with a Mission If Jasper Chase won't trouble himself to find a new governess, Evangeline Fairfax must find her employer a wife. That way, his children will be well cared for once she leaves to start a charity school. Jasper reluctantly agrees to a matchmaking house party with one condition-that Evangeline give him lessons in courtship. Devoted to improving conditions at his mill, Jasper unwittingly ignored matters at home. Only now, as Evangeline teaches him how to win a wife, does he realize what it means to be a true father and husband. And if this independent young woman would just say yes, her plan could have the perfect ending.... Glass Slipper Brides: From governess to Cinderella bride

Highland Rogue

by Deborah Hale

Ewan Geddes had once sent Claire's girlish heart racing...But that was back when he was a servant and she the laird's awkward daughter. Now he'd returned, an upstart fortune hunter bent on her sister, and Claire Talbot swore to stop any heartbreak before it started-even if that meant tempting away a man who'd only grown decidedly more appealing.Claire Talbot had to be the most exasperating woman in England or Scotland, Ewan decided. And she stood between him and the bride he wanted! Or did she? For her grace and fire made him yearn that every day be an adventure...and every night a dream come true!

His Compromised Countess

by Deborah Hale

When his beautiful, flirtatious wife scandalizes Almack's by being caught in the arms of his enemy, Bennett Maitland, Earl of Sterling, finally ends his unsuitable marriage. He banishes Caroline to his remote childhood home-only to end up trapped there with her!Having lost the love of her cold husband, Caroline is outwardly defiant-yet her wounded heart aches for what they once shared. If she dares, she has one last chance to break through Bennett's icy reserve and rekindle the fiery passion that once consumed them!

Lady Lyte's Little Secret

by Deborah Hale

Felicity Lyte Was In a QuandaryHow could she tell her cherished paramour of his impending fatherhood? Hawthorn Greenwood, despite his straitened circumstances, would surely make a responsible, honorable offer of mariage-which Felicity could never accept. For she would only wed him in truebound love-or not at all!Thorn Greenwood had thought to but share an idyllic Season with Lady Lyte-and instead found his soul's partner. But Felicity had abruptly ended their liaison. Did she think him a fortune hunter? A rank falsehood that, for the only wealth he sought was the bounty of her love!

The Last Champion

by Deborah Hale

The Lady of Harwood was ruthless. . . Ruthlessly practical, most certainly, for Dominie De Montford swore she'd bed the devil himself to safeguard her people. Now all she held dear stood endangered, and the one man who could rescue them was the one man she despised--Armand Flambard, first to hold her heart. . . and first to break it! The warrior in Armand Flambard had died on the battlefield--felled by a terrible secret born of civil war. Should Lady Dominie glean even a hint of the truth, she would surely loathe him as much as she'd once loved him. But mayhap this new call to arms was a battle cry to rouse their longslumbering desire. . . !

Love Inspired Historical June 2014 Bundle

by Winnie Griggs Deborah Hale Allie Pleiter Jessica Nelson

Love Inspired Historical brings you four new titles for one great price, available now! This Love Inspired Historical bundle includes Lone Star Heiress by Winnie Griggs, The Lawman's Oklahoma Sweetheart by Allie Pleiter, The Gentleman's Bride Search by Deborah Hale and Family on the Range by Jessica Nelson.Look for four new inspirational suspense stories every month from Love Inspired Suspense!

Love Inspired Historical November 2013 Bundle

by Penny Richards Deborah Hale Renee Ryan Karen Kirst

Love Inspired Suspense brings you four new titles for one great price, available now for a limited time only from November 1 to November 30! Enjoy these contemporary heart-pounding tales of suspense, romance, hope and faith. This Love Inspired Suspense bundle includes The Husband Hunt by Karen Kirst, The Duke's Marriage Mission by Deborah Hale, Wolf Creek Wedding by Penny Richards and Finally a Bride by Renee Ryan.Look for four new inspirational suspense stories every month from Love Inspired Suspense!

Married: The Virgin Widow

by Deborah Hale

Her hands bound by blackmail and duty, Laura Penrose was forced to marry her sweetheart's ruthless cousin. Now a widow, her sweetheart has returned. Ford Barrett, Lord Kingsfold, believes Laura betrayed him and has a debt to pay-she owes him a wedding. . . ; and a wedding night! Laura sacrificed herself once out of duty-she won't be taken again for revenge. But this new, dark, dangerous Ford discards her pleas. . . ;. Can she tell him she never wronged him, before he discovers her more innocent secret?

My Lord Protector

by Deborah Hale

TORN BETWEEN DUTY...AND DESIREEdmund Fitzhugh was willing to thrust his head back into the matrimonial noose to protect Julianna from her wicked stepbrother. But the maiden was betrothed to his nephew, gone at sea. So their forbidden union was secretly a marriage in name only. Yet, sharing his home with the much younger beauty fueled a passion he'd thought long buried....Julianna Ramsay was at sixes and sevens! Who would have thought that Edmund's gentle care could ignite in her a woman's ardor that far eclipsed her girlish fancy for his absent nephew? And what of the day when her fiancé returned? Would she then have the courage to choose love over duty?

Wanted: Mail-Order Mistress

by Deborah Hale

Betrayed by his first wife, Simon Grimshaw won't marry again. But sultry nights in Singapore can be lonely-nothing a beautiful English mistress wouldn't fix! Bethan Conway answers an advert to become a wife, believing it will help her secret search for her missing brother. But Simon isn't the ugly old man she was expecting. He's a hot-blooded bachelor who wants a woman in his bed-a position Bethan's more and more tempted to fill!

The Wedding Season

by Deborah Hale Louise M. Gouge

Much Ado About Nuptials by Deborah Hale Plagued with a jaded heart, Sebastian Stanhope, Viscount Benedict, won't let his half brother rush into marriage. He must convince the bride's stubborn---if charming---governess, Rebecca Beaton, to help sever the engagement. Only, Rebecca is determined to encourage the engaged pair. . . and show Sebastian the blessing of true love. The Gentleman Takes a Bride by Louise M. Gouge Surely Elizabeth Moberly was born to be a nobleman's bride. She can't possibly be attracted to the untitled stranger who interrupts her cousin's wedding. Yet Elizabeth finds herself drawn to Philip Lindsey's tender heart and strong faith. And if Philip has his way, he'll convince Elizabeth the only title she needs is Mrs. Lindsey, beloved wife.

The Wedding Wager

by Deborah Hale

What had she agreed to? Leonora Freemantle had wagered high stakes that book learning, not birthright, produced a gentleman, but now with the roguish Sergeant Morse Archer under her tutelage, she was no longer sure of the outcome. Would it be polish, passion...or public outrage? If Leonora Freemantle couldn't spruce him up enough to pass muster with the Society swells at Bath, she'd be hastily married off. But not if he could help it, Rifleman Morse Archer vowed, for this beautiful bluestocking with her highbrow ideals and innocent charm was effortlessly teaching him the true language of love...!

Whitefeather's Woman

by Deborah Hale

Jane Harris, on the run from life back East, hoped only to survive. Still, everything in this breathtaking territory was overwhelming-including John Whitefeather, a blue-eyed Cheyenne leader who'd awakened her to womanly desire. John Whitefeather knew what it was like to be an outsider. That was why he was so drawn to Jane. But this shy violet was blossoming into a passionflower with roots deep in Montana soil, and maybe deeper still in his lonely heart. . . .

The Wizard's Ward

by Deborah Hale

Years before, the peaceful world of Umbria was torn apart by the ruthless Hanish invaders. . . Yet that is the only life Maura knows. Until her wizard guardian announces she is to be queen--but that first she must find and unite with their country's legendary "Waiting King" in order to overthrow the enemy occupation. Men have searched for the fabled warrior for ages--what chance has a young witch gifted in life-magic? Especially since she has only till midsummer's moon. . . Filled with fear and determination, Maura sets forth. Her only ally is the outlaw Rath. Having Rath as a companion is as dangerous as having an enemy along--but she must trust in him to save their country. As midsummer approaches, their mission is in jeopardy from the Han outlaws and treasure hunters--and even their own folk, who are wary of "the witch and the wolf. "But the greatest complication is the knowledge that if they do not find the king, Maura need not sacrifice all to be queen. . . .

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