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Mistaken Identity! (The Secret World Of Alex Mack #5)

by Diana G. Gallagher

The trouble began the day Alex got angry, accidentally unleashing her telekinetic powers. When Robyn's backpack dropped, she ran into the street to pick up her papers and was nearly hit by a speeding humvee driven by Vince and Dave. Suddenly the- vehicle was mysteriously steered away from Robyn-thanks to Alex's powers. But now Vince and Dave are certain they've found the girl with the secret powers-Robyn! And they'll stop at nothing to get her.... Now, wherever Robyn, Alex --- .,. and their friends go, those company goons are close behind--even at the school dance! But how can Alex save Robyn without leading the chemical company straight to her own door?

New Year's Revolution! (The Secret World of Alex Mack #22)

by Diana G. Gallagher

When Alex throws a classy New Year's Eve party she rings in a mishap-filled, unforgettable new year.

No Ordinary Heroes

by Diana G. Gallagher Demaree Inglese

"You Will Feel The Heat From This Gripping Tale From Ground Zero At Katrina. " --Mehmet C. Oz, M. D. On the night of August 27, 2005, Dr. Demaree Inglese was one of many New Orleans residents convinced that approaching Hurricane Katrina would pass with minimal impact. The next few days' events would prove how mistaken they all were, and Dr. Inglese, medical director of the New Orleans city jail, would lead his staff through a crisis of deadly proportions. . . . "A Page-Turning True Story. . . Inglese Tells It Brilliantly. " --Dennis M. Powers, author of Sentinel of the Seas Massive flooding transformed the sprawling jail complex into an island in the crippled city. Without power or running water, and with food supplies dwindling, the medical team cared for thousands of inmates, staff, and neighborhood residents, while deputies struggled to maintain order. Rioting prisoners, burning buildings, SWAT team rescues, and medical emergencies all conspired to create a storm within a storm. "Brings The Human Scale Of The Tragedy To Life. " --Publishers Weekly Vividly re-creating seven days that felt like an eternity to those who survived them, No Ordinary Heroes is a stark, revealing testament to the power of the human spirit in the most harrowing circumstances. "There's No Putting This One Down. " --John Gilstrap, author of Six Minutes to Freedom With 16 Pages of Dramatic Photos Updated with a New Epilogue

Now You See Her, Now You Don't (Sabrina the Teenage Witch #16)

by Diana G. Gallagher

What's going on? All of a sudden, Sabrina keeps popping out of real life and into a novel or TV show! Then a few seconds later she pops back to the real world again. So far, no one has witnessed her strange disappearances. But how long can she be that lucky? Sabrina is sure it's just another pop quiz from the Quizmaster. But she can't come up with the right solution, and there's a party at the roller rink tonight. What if she's skating and just disappears into thin air? Won't everyone think that's a teeny bit weird? Even worse, every time Sabrina pops out, she's gone a little longer. If this keeps up, she could disappear from real life completely!

Paradise Lost, Paradise Regained! (The Secret World of Alex Mack #34)

by Diana G. Gallagher

Will Alex take the antidote and reverse her secret powers? This novelization of the series' season finale brings fans up to date on what the two stars are doing now that the series is over, and some of their favorite memories of the show.

Poison In Paradise (The Secret World Of Alex Mack #9)

by Diana G. Gallagher

Poisoned Waters! When Raymond goes searching for a major scoop for the #11;local newspaper, he and Alex accidentally discover that #11;Paradise Valley Chemical is dumping barrels of toxic waste #11;into a nearby lake. For the Native American reservation that #11;borders the lake, the waste is an ecological time bomb just #11;waiting to go off. But a legal loophole #11;means the reservation can't do anything about it. Something has to be done, though, and soon! And whatever it is will probably require the use of Alex's powers-and the risk of exposure. Alex is stumped. Then a new friend from the reservation gives her an idea....

Prom Princess (Mary-Kate and Ashley, Two of a Kind Diaries)

by Diana G. Gallagher Mary-Kate Olson Ashley Olson

Spring is in the air at White Oak Academy, and the seasons aren't the only thing that's changing on campus! Everyone is buzzing with excitement over the first annual Spring Fling dance, which will include a vote for Prom Prince and Princess! Ashley decides to run for Prom Princess -- but when someone sabotages her chances, Mary-Kate instantly knows who is to blame -- their nemesis, Dana Woletsky. Mary-Kate confronts Dana -- only to find out that she is totally innocent! Mary-Kate and Ashley feel terrible about blaming Dana, so to make it up her they vow to help her win the contest. Can Mary-Kate and Ashley turn snooty, obnoxious Dana into a gracious, popular beauty queen? Or will the real cheater take home the crown?

Shamrock Shenanigans (Sabrina The Teenage Witch # 19)

by Diana G. Gallagher

When Sabrina finds a leprechaun named Finicky Fergus in her kitchen, a joking remark leaves her in big trouble. Fergus flies into a rage and vows to plague Sabrina with pranks until she learns some respect-or until she does him a favor. She must steal the King of the Leprechauns' gold, which is stashed at the end of the rainbow. Then Harvey, Libby, and Mr. Kraft eat Aunt Hilda's special shamrock cookies, which allow mortals, on St. Patrick's Day, to see the magical folk that frolic among them. Ignoring Sabrina's warnings, the enchanted mortals board the rainbow-but to reach the treasure at the end, they must earn the right of passage from several legendary Celtic heroes. Can Sabrina and her friends make it to the pot of gold-and back to the mortal realm?

Showdown at the Mall (Sabrina the Teenage Witch #2)

by Diana G. Gallagher

Sabrina is determined to make it on mortal terms in the Teen Work Weekend project at the mall even if she does use a little magic to land a job at the Too Chic Boutique. But Libby and her friends, Jill and Cici, are out to make her look like a fool and suddenly her magic isn't working! Sabrina soon learns the reason: her new-found cousin Tanya, a full witch who swears she'll prove that her magic is stronger than Sabrina's. Even if it means threatening Sabrina's job and casting a spell over Harvey, too. But every time Sabrina tries to strike back, her spells boomerang and she's in worse shape than before. Her aunts say she must learn how to protect herself. This time she's on her own....

Spark and Burn (Buffy the Vampire Slayer)

by Diana G. Gallagher

What is the true measure of a champion? In the nineteenth century a boy named William was born. A sweet, gentle boy -- no one could have guessed the suffering he'd cause, the pain he'd inflict. When, as a young man, he meets a woman called Drusilla -- a strange woman, a woman unlike anyone William has ever known -- he is fundamentally changed. She has turned him. There will be no more William. He is Spike now. As Spike, he travels Europe with a band of vagabond vampires. Dru, Darla, and Angelus instruct him on his new nature, and from them he learns about that greatest of vampiric enemies, the girl who is chosen to stand up against them, trained to kill them, endowed with the strength it takes to defeat them: the Slayer. Then and there, Spike decides he'll hunt down those slayers. He'll see how many he can find. Who would have thought then that he'd fight on the Slayer's side? Who would have guessed that Spike, once William, would go out and seek his soul for a slayer? Who would have dared dream he'd fall in love with one?

Substitute Sister (Full House Sisters)

by Diana G. Gallagher

When sisters get together...expect the unexpected Michelle is teamed up with Stephanie's best friend Allie, and Stephanie is matched with new girl Cynthia in the "Big Pal, Little Pal" program at school. Stephanie wants to make Cynthia feel right at home. And what better way to do so than to devote all her free time to hanging out with her 'little pal'? Michelle is psyched for the school program, too. Now Allie, Stephanie, Cynthia and Michelle can all hang out together! But when Stephanie and Cynthia start spending all their time together -- just the two of them -- Michelle starts to get worried. Especially after Michelle and Stephanie get into a big fight and end up not speaking to one another! Is Stephanie going to dump her for a substitute sister?

Witch Hunt! (The Secret World Of Alex Mack #4)

by Diana G. Gallagher

It's Halloween, and everyone's going to Danielle Atron's Monster Movie Matinee. Annie thinks it's a trap; Alex is determined to see the movie and go to the Halloween party at the plant. But Vince and Dave are waiting, armed with witch-hunting devices certain to expose Alex! And eleven-year-old Bobby Barnswell is convinced Alex is a real witch, and determined to prove it. At first, the girls think they've escaped...until Alex is faced with a dilemma. Will she be forced to use her secret powers in public and risk everything?

Zappy Holidays: The Secret World of Alex Mack Super Edition (The Secret World of Alex Mack #10)

by Diana G. Gallagher

Holiday spirit has hit an all-time low in Paradise Valley this year. Everyone is too worried about other things. The town can't afford to light the big tree in the park, and even worse, it looks like the annual toy drive for needy kids is off. Things aren't much better at the Mack house. Alex is the only one who seems to remember what the holiday season is all about. She's determined to inject some Christmas cheer back into the season. But it looks like it would take a miracle....

Showing 26 through 38 of 38 results
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