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Appreciative Inquiry Handbook: For Leaders of Change (2nd edition)

by Diana Whitney David L. Cooperrider Jacqueline M. Stavros

One of today's most popular change methods, Appreciative Inquiry (AI) has been used to undertake transformational initiatives in dozens of organizations, ranging from McDonald's to the U.S. Navy to Save the Children. The assumption of AI is simple. Every organization has something that works right -- things that give it life when it is vital, effective, and successful. AI begins by identifying this positive core and connecting organizational visions, plans, and structures to it in ways that heighten energy and inspire action for change.

Appreciative Inquiry: A Positive Revolution in Change

by Diana Whitney David L. Cooperrider

This short, practical guide offers an approach to organizational change based on the possibility of a more desirable future, experience with the whole system, and activities that signal "something different is happening this time."

The Avenger

by Diana Whitney

The Avenger When no-nonsense Roberto Arroya found a pajama-clad three-year-old in his kitchen, he was more than a little baffled-and curious about the little imp's mother. Erica Franklin was a beguiling mix of protective lioness and fragile flower. And Roberto was instantly smitten with Erica and her ready-made family. Yet Roberto knew a secret that threatened their newfound love and could destroy Erica forever. Could he avenge a wrongdoing and still keep his heart intact?

Baby In His Cradle

by Diana Whitney

THE MOUNTAIN MAN Samuel Evans thought he was trained for any emergency--until his loyal hound dog deposited a very pregnant stranger on his cabin doorstep. With a fierce snowstorm raging, Samuel had no choice but to bring the dark-haired beauty inside. And within minutes, this loner knew he was in way over his head... THE MOM-TO-BE Ellie Malone had never depended on anyone until now. And not only did Samuel save Emily's life--and deliver her baby--but his tender, caring actions during their lingering stay also helped her to trust again. But could Ellie now allow take-charge Samuel to help her face the biggest challenge of all--love? STORK EXPRESS: Surprise deliveries bring bachelors instant fatherhood...and sudden romance!

Baby On His Doorstep

by Diana Whitney

SPECIAL DELIVERY! The only thing executive Colby Sinclair worried about was business--until his gurgling niece was abandoned on his doorstep. This bachelor didn't know the first thing about fatherhood...but he was determined to do right by this baby. The unexpected answer to Colby's prayers was right next door. Lovely Dani McCullough knew just what his niece--and he--needed. A soft word, a gentle touch, calmed the baby and had Colby's heart racing. Could the soul-soothing Dani have this loner embracing life with a ready-made family discovered just outside his own front-door? STORK EXPRESS: Surprise deliveries bring bachelors instant fatherhood...and sudden romance!

Barefoot Bride

by Diana Whitney

WHY AM I WEARING THIS GOWN? When widowed Reed Morgan discovered a bedraggled amnesiac bride, all his kids asked was 'Can we keep her?' So Reed took the very gorgeous woman home for the holidays. After all, he needed a nanny, and she needed a place to stay. Before he knew it, 'Kate' had transformed his mischievous kids into angels and warmed his hardened heart. So how could he let her go when she regained her memory?

A Dad of His Own

by Diana Whitney

FOR THE CHILDREN FATHER FOUND Ten years ago, Chessa Margolis thought one lie wouldn't hurt anyone. But when little Bobby tracked down the dad on his birth certificate, Nick Purcell appeared--claiming his newfound son! Chessa knew she and Nick had never actually met, but Bobby longed for a father, and Nick desperately wanted to be one. Yet she never thought they'd grow so close...and the last thing she expected was to fall for Nick herself... But the closer she and Nick became, the more Chessa had to lose. She knew before long she'd have to reveal the truth...and risk losing Nick... Sometimes families are made in the most unexpected way!

Daddy Of The House

by Diana Whitney

DADDY COME HOME We used to be one big family until Mom and Dad got divorced. Dad works all the time and that makes Mom mad. But he came for a visit and broke his ankle. Now he has to stay home and take care of us kids while Mom works. It's really fun having him around. And I see how Mom and Dad look at each other--all mushy-gushy, lovey-dovey. So I've got a plan to get 'em back together... The ups, the downs, the laughter and the's all a part of PARENTHOOD.

The Fatherhood Factor

by Diana Whitney

Cruel fate had placed Ethan Devlin's sons beyond his reach--in the care of his powerful parents. Estranged from his family, Ethan fought valiantly to reclaim his twins, but had nearly given up. Then, like hope eternal, Deirdre O'Connor appeared, and his hard heart began to stir.... Deirdre feared that once Ethan learned of her secret, he would shutter off his heart forever. But she would do nothing to compromise him--for Ethan was a wondrous man, father...and lover. Yet when the truth came out, would Ethan believe that above all else this "spy" longed to be wife to her "enemy"...and mother to his children?

A Hero's Child

by Diana Whitney

SOMEBODY'S HERO...SOMEBODY'S CHILDRae Hooper had loved only one man: Martin Manning. But her clean-cut warrior had marched off to glory a decade ago, never to return home. Luckily, he'd given her a child. But, sadly, little Martina would never know her daddy.But at ten, scrappy, freckle-faced Martina suddenly found a father figure. The mysterious drifter couldn't resemble Martin less, yet he stirred an eerily familiar hunger in Rae. He drew her like a bee to clover. They'd told her Martin was dead. But was her long-lost hero alive and well...and home to stay?The ups, the downs, the laughter and the's all a part of PARENTHOOD.

I Now Pronounce You Mom & Dad

by Diana Whitney

PARTNERS IN PARENTHOOD...A wedding was the last thing Powell Greer would have planned for his reunion with Lydia Farnsworth. But he and his college sweetheart had just become guardians for two oprhaned godchildren. Now for the sake of the children, he'd give this ready-made family a shot.AND MARRIAGE?For the adorable children Lydia would do anything-but marry Powell? Still, once the wedding vows were exchanged, the real test would come between bedtime stories and early morning cuddles....THAT'S MY BABY!

Mixing Business...with Baby

by Diana Whitney

THE BACHELOR'S AGENDA Successful, handsome Rick Blaine wanted to know everything about his lovely new employee Catrina Mitchell. What did she like? What made her laugh? But when Rick learned Catrina's daughter was the source of joy in Catrina's luscious brown eyes, his racing heart came to a screeching halt. Having a little girl look up at him with hopeful eyes scared him to death. Children were a lifetime commitment--and he was a confirmed bachelor. But Catrina wasn't so easy to forget.... Should Rick start mixing business with romance--and both with a baby?

One Lost Winter

by Diana Whitney

Silhouette romance/intrigue.

One Man's Promise

by Diana Whitney

Fabulous FathersTHE DADHis daughter was in love-with a dog! Richard Matthews had nothing against Rags, but the dog's owner, lovely C.J.Moray, was another matter. With a charming grin, she tempted him into very unfatherly thoughts....THE DAMSELC.J. saw Richard's struggle with fatherhood, and longed to help. But how?THE FAMILYOnce Richard saw the joy that C.J. brought, he didn't want her to go. Could he convince the wary woman that the best things in life start with two-and go on to four?Fabulous FathersHave more than enough to share!

Ooh Baby, Baby Part 1

by Diana Whitney

36 Hours SerialAs a devastating summer storm hits Grand Springs, Colorado, the next thirty-six hours will change the town and its residents forever....Ooh, Baby, Baby Part 1A town is in chaos...A woman is in labor...Help is nowhere in sight...In the back of a cab, in the midst of a disaster, Travis Stockwell delivers two precious babies. And for a brief moment his belief in family ties is restored, thanks to Peggy Saxon and the two fragile lives he brought into the world.After a disastrous marriage, getting involved with anyone is not in Peggy's life plan. Things aren't easy as a single mom, but her babies need stability, and that's not something she can expect from a taxi-driving cowboy.But, like natural disasters, babies have a way of changing things. Maybe it's time for her to accept a strong helping hand from the cowboy who came to her rescue that night.The story continues in Ooh Baby, Baby Parts 2 and 3.

The Reformer

by Diana Whitney

THE BLACKTHORN BROTHERHOOD HEY, KIDDO- I suppose you know I'm crazy about your mom. What man wouldn't be? Especially since she has such a great kid. But I want to talk to you man-to-man and tell you what my intentions are. Even though your mom is the most beautiful, wonderful woman in the world, I just don't see myself saying, "I do." Makes me sound like a typical confirmed bachelor, huh? Maybe one who needs to learn a lesson or two about love.... Love, Larkin THE BLACKTHORN BROTHERHOOD. Three men bound by a childhood secret are freed through family, friendship...and love.

The Secret

by Diana Whitney

The Secret Chad Grayson was back in town. And his brooding, unexplained presence was disrupting the troubled peace Clarice Somerset had made with their disquieting past. Two years ago, the single mother thought her love had tamed Chad's wanderlust. She'd expected his granite strength to help shoulder the the cares of parenthood. But under the cover of night he'd roared off on his Harley leaving her behind.What dark secret had driven Chad away? What mysterious purpose had brought him back? If not her heart, what did he want from Clarice? And what under heaven was he hiding?

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