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The Baby Who Stole the Doctor's Heart

by Dianne Drake

There's no place in brooding Dr. Mark Anderson's life for love. He's working temporarily in White Elk as a favor, then he'll be gone-and nothing will make him look back. Until he meets beautiful single mom Angela and her adorable daughter. The last thing this rugged doctor expected was to lose his heart to these two, but the moment Angela's baby girl utters her first word-Daddy-he's wrapped around her chubby little finger!The time has come for Mark to move on. . . but now he's looking for a permanent role-as part of their little family!

A Boss Beyond Compare

by Dianne Drake

In her boss's special care Dedicated doctor Grant Makela faces a fight to save his clinic from a faceless medical corporation. Meeting beautiful holidaymaker Susan Cantwell is a bright spot in his day - until she turns out to be from the company in question. . . Their reluctant attraction is mutual, and Susan finds herself agreeing to his proposal: to work at the clinic and see how important it is. As Susan and Grant work side by side, Susan realises that this amazing Hawaiian doctor has given her courage to follow her heart - even if that means staying at the clinic. . . and staying with Grant! Top Notch Docs He's not just the boss, he's the best there is!

A Child to Heal Their Hearts

by Dianne Drake

Brought together by a child in need When he adopted two little girls, pediatrician Dr. Reid Adams found a new sense of purpose-but it cost him his fiancée. His girls and his little patients are now his life. Then prickly but beautiful surgeon Keera Murphy arrives with a sick and orphaned child, and turns his world upside down....Keera is clearly struggling with two-year-old Megan, who has recently been placed in her care-she's convinced she's not mother material. But Reid is determined to bring these two lost souls together, and soon realizes that in opening up Keera's locked-away heart he's in danger of losing his own!

Desperately Seeking Sully & Isn't It Romantic?

by Dianne Drake Jennifer Drew

Desperately Seeking Sully Jennifer DrewThe writing's on the wall!Maggie Saunders couldn't be happier. She writes highly successful adventure guides for a small press, but never has to leave her desk. When the prospective new owner of the company wants to meet author "M. S. Stevens"- and send him on tour!-Maggie knows she's sunk. She hates to travel and whenever she does, only bad, bad things happen. For the icing on the cake, her new boss mistakes hunky adventurer Mac Sully for the bestselling writer. Now it's a matter of convincing Mac to be her man-in more ways than one!Isn't It Romantic? Dianne DrakeCandy and flowers all 'roundCharlie Whitaker's made the bet of a lifetime! If he can write a publishable romance, his sister will hand over their family's treasured heirloom. Unfortunately, Charlie doesn't have a truly smoochy bone in his body. But Liz Fuller knows what to do. She's prepared to help Charlie with his book if he'll help her to get noticed by her boss. Ah, romance!

Doctor, Mommy...Wife?

by Dianne Drake

The man to complete her family? Del Carson is happily single. With her new baby and a great career in pediatrics, there's no space in her life for romance. Until she meets sexy Dr. Simon Michaels, that is... Because Simon stirs up emotions Del had thought she'd put behind her. And however much she tries, she can't get him out of her mind-or her heart! With Simon by her side, Del's beginning to think the unthinkable. Maybe she doesn't want to do this alone...

A Doctor's Confession

by Dianne Drake

A secret shared...After tragically losing a patient, former doctor Alain Lalonde has come to the bayou in America's Deep South to forget his past. But he can't resist helping people, and he's drawn to intriguingly beautiful nurse Maggie Doucet!Maggie doesn't have time for men. Not even gorgeous, muscled carpenters like Alain. But when a difficult case unexpectedly makes them foster parents, they find themselves not only bonding with the child-but with each other, too!Has Alain found a woman he can trust with his dark secret?Deep South Docs!Swapping the big city...for the bayou!

The Doctor's Courageous Bride

by Dianne Drake

Dr. Solange Léandre has dedicated her life to her rural clinic in the jungle of Kije island. Involving herself in the lively community is a happy refuge from her painful past -- a chance to heal through healing others. When specialist Dr. Paul Killian visits Solange's clinic, he is mesmerized by her. He wants nothing more than to work alongside this amazing woman, and to be part of the extended family she's created. This city doctor has to find a way to show her that he has the tenacity and dedication for life in the jungle, and the passion to care for a feisty, strong-willed woman!

The Doctor's Lost-and-Found Heart

by Dianne Drake

Under the Argentine stars. . . Dr Jack Kenner can't refuse Amanda Robinson's plea for help - even though it means returning to South America, where the ghosts of his past haunt him. Worse still, the tropical nights working with brave, fiery Amanda push Jack to his limits - for a man who has sworn never to risk his heart again, they offer the ultimate temptation. . .

The Doctor's Reason to Stay

by Dianne Drake

Brooding surgeon Dr Rafe Corbett intends to find his little ward Molly the loving parents he never had-then leave town for good. Lilly Lake Hospital's Edie Parker intends to make Rafe realise he is the father Molly needs. But can she convince him to stay? Because Edie is losing her heart to them both...

Dr Velascos' Unexpected Baby

by Dianne Drake

World-class surgeon Gabriel Velascos had never planned on returning home, but his orphaned baby niece needed him. Looking after tiny Ana Maria may prove to be this top-notch surgeon's greatest challenge yet!Dr. Arabella Burke came to Peru to establish a much-needed medical center. However, her instant attraction to Gabriel is a distraction she doesn't want or need! But the sight of the powerful surgeon cradling this tiny baby slowly melts her resolve. Here in this fiery Latin landscape, might she have finally found the family of her dreams...?

A Family for the Children's Doctor

by Dianne Drake

Two and two make one very special familyFor renowned plastic surgeon and single mother Caprice Bonaventura, her volunteer work with children is a lifeline. Spending all her free time with her young patients and daughter means she has no chance to admit she might be missing out in other areas of life...Then she meets the handsome and caring Dr. Adrian McCallan, with whom she shares the experience of being a single parent. Adrian sets her senses alight in a way no man has before. Though breaking down his emotional barriers means putting her heart on the line, Caprice knows it will be worth the risk!

Firefighter with a Frozen Heart

by Dianne Drake

Daredevil firefighter Jess Corbett has spent his life running - from memories of his childhood, and the death of his fiancée. Then a dangerous rescue sees him reunited with tough-cookie nurse Julie Clark! Her warmth challenges his avoid-at-all-costs stance on love, but can she break through the ice that encases this gorgeous loner's heart?

Found: A Mother for His Son

by Dianne Drake

A child in need of tender, loving care. . . Dr Dermott Callahan has devoted his life to his work, and to giving his five-year-old son Max all the love and care he needs so desperately. Dermott only has room in his heart for his brave and motherless little boy. . . For Jenna, being loved has always seemed completely out of reach ; that's why, six years ago, she knew she had to walk away from Dermott. She never expected to find herself working with the love of her life once more. . . Dermott and his adorable little boy light up her life. And Jenna finds herself wondering if she dares to reach out and risk her heart with them ; for ever.

From Brooding Boss to Adoring Dad

by Dianne Drake

Guarded doc with a heart of gold Dr Adam Coulson's dream is to reopen the local hospital in Regina, out of sheer dedication to his patients. But after an expensive divorce he's forced to sell it, just to keep his GP practice open. Enter new owner: gorgeous redhead Dr Erin Glover. Working next door to each other isn't easy. Until one glimpse of the brooding doc's rare but unforgettable smile convinces Erin that Adam is a doctor - and a man - in a million. And Erin's unwavering passion makes Adam realise that there is nothing they can't do together - including becoming loving parents to a child in need!

Harlequin Medical Romance July 2016 - Box Set 2 of 2: Taming Hollywood's Ultimate Playboy\Capturing the Single Dad's Heart\Doctor, Mommy...Wife?

by Kate Hardy Dianne Drake Amalie Berlin

Harlequin® Medical Romance brings you a collection of three new titles, available now! Enjoy these stories packed with pulse-racing romance and heart-racing medical drama. This Harlequin Medical Romance box set includes: #823 TAMING HOLLYWOOD'S ULTIMATE PLAYBOY The Hollywood Hills Clinic by Amalie Berlin Forbidden Grace Watson has always tempted Liam Carter. Now he needs her help... Could their second chance heal his damaged heart? #827 CAPTURING THE SINGLE DAD'S HEART by Kate Hardy Can single dad Nate Townsend convince guarded neurosurgeon Erin Leyton that his love is here to stay? #828 DOCTOR, MOMMY...WIFE? by Dianne DrakeHappily single new mother Dr. Del Carson has no space in her life for love--until she meets sexy Dr. Simon Michaels... Join to earn FREE books and more. Earn points for all your Harlequin purchases from wherever you shop.

A Home for the Hot-Shot Doc

by Dianne Drake

The maverick returns!Dr. Justin Bergeron has returned to his roots in the Deep South. But with a reputation as a former bad boy, his attempts to introduce modern medicine to this small town are met with fierce resistance. His only ally? Blunt, yet bewitchingly beautiful nurse Mellette Chaisson!Their attraction is as deep and seductive as the bayou itself. But after losing her husband, Mellette is reluctant to let sinfully delicious Justin in, despite seeing that this playboy has a heart that could very well steal hers....Deep South Docs!Swapping the big city...for the bayou!

Lady and the Scamp & The Doctor Dilemma

by Candy Halliday Dianne Drake

Lady and the Scamp by Candy Halliday It's a dog-eat-dog world...Attorney Cassie Collins is in big trouble! Her mother's prize pooch has gotten up close and personal with the mutt next door, and pups are on the way. Nick Hardin, owner of Earl the mongrel scamp, refuses to take the matter seriously. Instead he uses his outrageous radio show to poke fun at lawyers who file suit against the Romeo and Juliet of the doggy world. Hostilities escalate until the two humans finally figure out it's much more fun to make love than war....The Doctor Dilemma by Dianne Drake TLC.The best medicine there ever wasMeet Dr. Jack Sutton and nurse Lacy Archer-they're supposed to be running a small-town medical practice, but the craziest things keep happening. Jack can't wait to get back to the big city, while Lacy's making Sunstone her home. And in the midst of handling everything from birthing bovines to using a pair of black panties to cure the hiccups, they're falling for each other. But will Jack have the right prescription for Lacy's case of true love?

Lilly's Law

by Dianne Drake

As an ambitious and dedicated law student, Lilly Malloy had been quickly rising before a disastrous affair with equally ambitious reporter Mike Collier short-circuited her career. Now, finally, she's a judge, but she hadn't planned on presiding over a subterranean traffic court, where parking ines tip the scales of justice. All thanks to him.So when two-time offender Collier saunters through her courtroom door, hoping to sweet-talk her out of a ine, Lilly has a chance to even the score. As fast as she can bang the gavel, she sends him to the slammer. Justice is definitely sweet.Or is it? Even if the judge in Lilly wouldn't dream about breaking the law, the woman in her just might need to test the boundaries....

No.1 Dad in Texas

by Dianne Drake

Hot-Shot Surgeon...Full-Time Dad? When Dr. Belle Carter moves to a new Texan town her only thoughts are whether her son will fit in.... Until her gorgeous ex-husband turns up, cowboy hat tipped over his eyes!Surgeon Cade once chose success over family, but now he's back to prove he can be a father. Especially to his very precious son...

P.S. You're a Daddy!

by Dianne Drake

The baby that changed their lives! Deanna Lambert's life was meant to be simple...ordinary. Until the little baby she'd offered to carry for her best friend before she died turned out to have the wrong father! Now, facing life as a single mom, Deanna must find the courage to tell a stranger that he's about to be a daddy....Dr. Beau Alexander's return to Sugar Creek was only meant to be temporary. Until news of a very beautiful and fragile visitor hits the town's that, unbeknownst to him, is about to shake his world forever!

Playing Games

by Dianne Drake

Your couch-or mine?On-air, she's the radio shrink who tells lovelorn listeners to let their hang-ups go. And he's the dark chocolate-voiced caller who makes critical remarks about everything she says. He is so obviously suffering from subconscious Penvy-P meaning professional, of course.But off the air it's a different story. She's mild-mannered Roxy Rose, who never takes her alter ego's advice and has a libido in urgent need of repair. So thank Sigmund Freud she found "Ned" the handyman as a neighbor. It is rather odd that he doesn't know one end of a wrench from the other-but it's not that "tool" she cares about....

Rescued By Marriage

by Dianne Drake

Penniless and jobless, Dr. Della Riordan is really in need of some luck. And unless she can get her life back on track, she could lose custody of her daughter too. The offer of a house and practice on remote Radcliffe Island seems too good to be true-and when she arrives that certainly seems the case! With gorgeous Dr. Sam Montgomery on hand to help, Della begins to find her feet... and soon she's in danger of losing her heart. But there is something Della doesn't know about the reason behind Sam's island visits-and the truth could bring about the end of all her dreams.

Revealing the Real Dr. Robinson

by Dianne Drake

Those who work with Dr. Ben Robinson see a compassionate and brilliant doctor. But when he closes his eyes at night, he is haunted by the silence of the Argentinean jungle-fragments of his previous life invade his thoughts....Until a whirlwind arrives in the shape of beautiful Shanna Brooks, with her zest for life and "glass half-full" attitude, and Ben is forced to look at the world through her eyes and let down his guarded mask.

The Runaway Nurse

by Dianne Drake

The boss and the mysterious beauty. . . Dr Rick Navarro is reluctantly intrigued by dedicated paediatric nurse Summer Adair. He understands her dedication to her daughter - he's a single parent too - but why is Summer so mysteriously tight-lipped about herself? Rick's sure they can find elusive happiness together - but Summer's not the only one running from the past. . .

Their Very Special Child

by Dianne Drake

Paramedic Danica Fielding has come home to find sanctuary. After a rescue mission in Brazil went tragically wrong, she is still healing physically and emotionally. Dani's determined to stand on her own two feet - but the town's gorgeous young doctor, Cameron Enderlein, seems equally determined to help her.

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