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The House on Butterfly Way

by Elizabeth Bevarly

Lisa Kleypas says "nobody does it better" than USA Today bestselling author Elizabeth Bevarly. Find out why in this rich, emotional new novel... Once upon a time, in Manitou Hills, there was a home so radiant and vivacious it was christened with its own name: Fleurissant. Now it's in ruins, forgotten and neglected-except by a woman who sees her own life reflected in the broken windows of that house on Butterfly Way...As a child, from afar, Eugenie Dashner loved Fleurissant and the elegant, youthful fantasies it provided. Now, with a failed marriage behind her, a troubled son at her side, and a contentious and bitter mother to care for, Eugenie returns to the Louisville neighborhood of Manitou Hills to fulfill a dream: buy and renovate the house that once meant so much to her, and maybe, in the process, rebuild her own life.Day by day, as the house reveals more and more of its forgotten beauty, Eugenie sees her dream come to fruition-especially when the attentions of two men help to reawaken in her feelings of romance and passion she thought were gone forever. As she navigates her rediscovered emotions, Eugenie comes to realize that there is no such thing as irreparable damage-not in herself, not in the house on Butterfly Way, and not in the family who now calls it home...

An Irresistible Temptation

by Elizabeth Bevarly Katherine Garbera

Together for the first time in one volume, two fan-favorite romance stories from USA Today bestselling author Katherine Garbera and New York Times bestselling author Elizabeth Bevarly!Master of FortuneIf Henry Devonshire wants to inherit his dying father's empire, he has to make Everest Records a huge success. And the one person who can help him, Astrid Taylor, is also the only woman he desires. Mixing business with pleasure is never wise, but this time, it could literally cost Henry a fortune.The Temptation of Rory MonahanProfessor Rory Monahan has no explanation for his new reaction to librarian Miriam Thornbury. Something is suddenly different about her. He's never noticed that her legs are so long...or her lips quite so full. Why, it's as if the sultry but sensible Miss Thornbury is trying to seduce him! Well, two can play at this game.

Jake's Christmas

by Elizabeth Bevarly

ALL I WANT FOR CHRISTMAS ... Attorney Jake Raglan didn't mind attending a wedding--as long as it wasn't his own. But when ravishing Rebecca Bellamy caught his niece's bouquet, she also caught his eye. The counselor practiced love the way he practiced law: smooth, forceful, confident. Falling for Rebecca was the last thing on his mind. One time at the altar was enough. Rebecca had sworn she'd never get involved with another overconfident, overamorous man--especially one who was a lawyer. Besides, "forever" certainly wasn't on Jake's agenda! But from the moment she laid eyes on this sexy esquire, she knew she couldn't resist him. Would she get her white Christmas...complete with her very own white wedding?

Just Like a Man

by Elizabeth Bevarly

Hannah Frost is used to being surrounded by cute, sweet, troublemakers. After all, she's the principle of Indiana's upper class private elementary school, a popular repository for kids who "don't fit in" at public school. But even though she's been single since dinosaurs roamed the earth, what is interesting Hannah these days isn't her worst student㟩t's his father, What she can put her fingers on? Michael Sawyer, aka Raptor, former FBI computer specialist, has a few good ideas. Trouble is, he's too busy trying to save the world--or at least the world's internet connections--from certain doom at the hands of an old enemy, and trying to get his imaginative son back on course at school. But there's always time for a gorgeous, oh-so-prim, slightly mysterious headmistress, isn't there? Michael plans to make time, and do whatever it takes to convince Hannah to do the same.

Lucy and the Loner

by Elizabeth Bevarly

MR. APRILTHE MASTER (FOR A MONTH): Boone Cagney. When irresistible Lucy Dolan cried pitifully about her trapped three-year old, how was the hunky fire fighter to know she was talking about Now he's spending his days-and his nights-with both of them....THE SLAVE (FOR A MONTH): Lucy Dolan. When Boone rescued Mack from the jaws of death, Lucy decided it was payback time.THE DEBT: Lucy has to service Boone for thirty days only-if he can bear to let her go at the end of them. After all, good help is so hard to find....MAN OF THE MONTH:He'd sworn to go it alone. So what was it about this woman-and her ornery black feline-that had Boone thinking about the family plan?

Married to His Business

by Elizabeth Bevarly

His dependable assistant of five years had done the unthinkable: she had rendered Matthias speechless. She was taking another job--with the competition. Matthias felt incensed, betrayed and, shockingly, a little jealous. How had his feelings veered from professional to personal? Newfound lust begat determination. He would win her back--by any means necessary.

Monahan's Gamble

by Elizabeth Bevarly

THE LOVE BET?The bettor: Sexy Sean Monahan. At stake: dating beautiful-- if slightly flaky-- Autumn Pulaski, the new girl in town, for more than her prescribed four weeks. If he could only get her to go out with him for eight weeks, then she' d be in danger of breaking her rule. Or was he the one in danger?While her no-man-for-more-than-four-weeks policy might sound a bit bizarre, twice-jilted Autumn was not about to risk her heart again. Not even for the bluest eyes this side of paradise. But when the four weeks were over, the sound of her rule had been replaced by... funny thing, they sounded like... wedding bells?

A Mother's Day

by Elizabeth Bevarly Emilie Richards Marie Ferrarella

"Nobody's Child" by Emilie RichardsHe had come to a child's rescue, and now Officer Farrell Riley was suddenly sharing parenthood with beautiful Gemma Hancock. Somehow this woman and child had laid a claim on his loner's heart. But would their ready-made family last forever?"Baby on the Way" by Marie FerrarellaSingle and pregnant, Madeline Reed found the perfect husband in the handsome cop who helped bring her infant son into the world. But did his dutiful role in the surprise delivery make J.T.Walker a daddy?"A Daddy for Her Daughters" by Elizabeth BevarlyBachelor Sloan Sullivan thought he understood women, but when confronted with spirited Naomi Carmichael and her brood of girls, he realized he had a lot to learn! Especially if he hoped to win this sexy single mom's heart....

My Fair Billionaire

by Elizabeth Bevarly

Henry Higgins she's not! Back in school, stuck-up Ava Brenner may have been Peyton Moss's personal mean girl by day, but different kinds of sparks flew at night. Now the tables have turned, and Peyton's about to make his first billion while Ava's living a bit more humbly-to put it mildly. He needs her to teach him how to pass in high society, if they can manage to put old rivalries to bed. Soon, that's exactly where they end up! But will Peyton still want her when he learns about the scandal that sent Ava from riches to rags?

My Only Vice

by Elizabeth Bevarly

Sexy, easygoing Rosie Bliss may look like an innocent flower-shop owner, but former vice cop now police chief Sam Maguire is suspicious of the so-called herbs she grows along with her blooms. So the serious detective launches an investigation into Rosie and her very mysterious past. But his most disturbing discovery? He's irresistibly attracted to free-spirited Rosie. Then cool, controlled Sam accidentally drinks a cup of her special brew and loses it completely! Not only does he end up sleeping with his suspect, he craves more-of Rosie, the most potent drug of all.

Only on His Terms

by Elizabeth Bevarly

He's a rich bachelor. She's inherited his fortune. Let the fun begin! Only from New York Times bestselling author Elizabeth Bevarly! Meet Gracie Sumner, reluctant Cinderella. When the down-to-earth Midwesterner learns her deceptively humble neighbor left her fourteen billion-with-a-b dollars, she doesn't know what to do. Especially when said neighbor's shunned heir, Harrison Sage III, stakes his claim. Harrison is not amused, especially when the quirky gold digger gets under his skin. How can the sophisticated New Yorker let himself be attracted to the woman who stole his father's fortune? Soon a contested will turns into a contest of wills-one whose outcome could very well be determined in the bedroom!

Overnight Male

by Elizabeth Bevarly

In the world of international espionage, Lila Moreau is as tough as they come. But she's finally ready to trade in her secret double life for domestic bliss. That is, after she takes care of one last vendetta: to bring in rogue agent Adrian Padgett before he unleashes disaster.But to find him and his band of merry hackers, Lila must infiltrate small, snooty Waverly College. All while breaking in her sexy new partner, Joel Faraday. Sounds like a challenge-even for a superspy.Soon Joel starts to distract her in more ways than just the professional. And he's determined to lure Lila into the most impossible mission of

The Perfect Father

by Elizabeth Bevarly

Sylvie's WishLife would be perfect for Sylvie Venner if she had a baby. Not marriage, not a husband-just a baby. Of course, she would need a teensy favor from a willing male acquaintance-someone who had no desire for a family. Fortunately, she had the perfect candidate....Chase's ChildConfirmed bachelor Chase Buchanan would do almost anything for a friend. But what Sylvie wanted went above and beyond the call of duty! How could he agree to father her child, and still stay "just friends" when he wanted so much more?

Ready & Willing (Kentucky Derby #2)

by Elizabeth Bevarly

When Audrey Magill stumbles onto a portrait of a 19th-century riverboat captain, she thinks it''ll be perfect for her new hat shop. She doesn''t expect to meet a ghost who insists Audrey must help save the soul of his great-great-however-many-greats grandson. Now in addition to scrambling to open her shop in time for the Kentucky Derby, she must convince a complete stranger that he''s in danger of losing his soul- and that everlasting love does exist.

Roxy and the Rich Man

by Elizabeth Bevarly

HE WAS CAVIAR AND CHAMPAGNE...Adoptee Spencer Melbourne may have been raised with every conceivable luxury, but he'd been denied at least one part of his birthright-his twin. He needed someone to find him, quietly-and who better than Roxy Matheny, P.I.? The sexy gumshoe might be short on cash, but she had other virtues aplenty. Too bad she didn't trust rich guys....SHE WAS BEER AND PRETZELSRoxy needed all the work she could get, but one look at Spencer and she knew she was in over her head. Oh, she could give him what he needed, professionally speaking-but why was she so tempted to offer him more personalized services?THE FAMILY McCORMICK:Three separated siblings find each other-and love along the way!

The Sheriff And The Impostor Bride

by Elizabeth Bevarly

Follow That BabyHER PREGNANT TWIN WAS MISSING!Suddenly it was up to Rachel Jenson, the sister most likely to land in a sticky situation, to save her beloved twin from a hotbed of trouble. But Rachel hadn't counted on strapping Oklahoma sheriff Riley Hunter. The darkly exotic temptation in a tan uniform was convinced she was the missing mom-to-be. And now Rachel was torn between continuing the charade to protect her family or confiding in this honorable lawman who'd captured her heart....A wealthy dynasty...a pregnant mom on the run. For fast-paced excitement by five fabulous authors...FOLLOW THAT BABY next month in Silhouette Yours Truly....

Taming the Beastly MD

by Elizabeth Bevarly

Nurse Rita Barone noticed everything about moody cardiologist Dr. Matthew Grayson-his broad shoulders, his powerful hands, his eyes that saw right through her scrubs, his lips set in a scowl that seduced her into giving up her innocence. But she never noticed that he was the secret admirer who'd been sending her anonymous gifts. The pragmatic Dr. Grayson felt a fool. A renowned surgeon with a crush on one of his young nurses? No matter how much he dreamed of touching her, kissing her, undressing her, Matthew knew that For The "Beast of Boston General," bedding a beauty like Rita was nothing but an elusive fantasy. . . or was it?

The Temptation of Rory Monahan

by Elizabeth Bevarly

He was a man of books, all right, but Rory Monahan had no explanation for his new reaction to lovely librarian Miriam Thornbury. Something was suddenly different about her. He' d never noticed that her legs were so long... or her lips quite so full.Why, it was almost as if the sultry but sensible Miss Thornbury was trying to seduce him! Well, two could play at this game. After all, he was a scholar-- it was time he figured out what was up with her. Even if it took all day-- and all night.The things a man will do in the name of research...

That Boss of Mine

by Elizabeth Bevarly

MEN of the YEARMAN of the Month"A romantic? Hardly. I'm far too pragmatic to be romantic."-Wheeler Rush, driven-to-distraction CEOAudrey Finnegan was the most clumsy, unfortunate, beautiful and alluring woman Wheeler Rush had ever met. She was also his temporary secretary. His business was on its last legs and his eyes were on hers! True, she'd come into his life-and his office-like a whirling dervish, and made his hormones spin out of control. He knew he should send her packing, but her heart was in the right place and-oh, Lord-for once in his life, so was his....Some men are made for lovin'-and you'll love our MAN OF THE MONTH!

Undercover With the Mob

by Elizabeth Bevarly

It's true what they say-all the good guys are married......or have Mob connections!And Natalie Dorset should know. The guy who moved in downstairs may be gorgeous, but the things he says-who uses "whacked" anymore?-and the way he dresses... Well, let's just say that Jack Miller isn't the type you bring home to Mom. Good enough reason for Natalie to stay clear.Too bad their landlady is cracking matchmaking schemes that make covert ops look like child's play. But before this little-okay, it's a pretty big-attraction can get out of hand, Natalie is determined to get to the bottom of Jack's story.Because maybe...just maybe...this time the good guy wears black.

The Virgin And The Vagabond

by Elizabeth Bevarly

BLAMEIT ONBOBAFTER YEARS OF WAITING FOR MR. RIGHT...Hometown girl Kirby Connaught was saving herself-if not for marriage, then at least for the perfect man. Someone who was husband and father material. Someone who was clearly...not the arrogant and sexy, no-strings-attached playboy at her door. So why was she having such a hard time resisting him?WAS IT OKAY TO SAMPLE A LITTLE OF MR. WRONG?Globe-trotting bachelor James Nash was the "most desirable man in America," yet suddenly a small corner of it was looking mighty appealing to him. He knew that Kirby really wanted happily-ever-after with a local boy-but what was the harm in getting her to expand her territory a little?BLAME IT ON BOB: The comet passes through only once every fifteen years...but it leaves behind a lifetime of love!

When Jayne Met Erik

by Elizabeth Bevarly

I, Jayne Pembroke, must have been out of my mind. Erik Randolph, Youngsville's most eligible playboy, had walked into the store where I worked, chosen a ring for his future bride-and then proceeded to ask me to marry him. And although I knew our marriage would be based more on terms of a will than love at first sight, my heart beat at an unfamiliar pace the moment I uttered 'I do.' Because it's not every day you get to walk down the aisle-or fall in love with your very own husband.

Write It Up!

by Elizabeth Bevarly Tracy Kelleher Mary Leo

Welcome to alternative dating...the tenth circle of hellIt started simply enough. The editor of Tess Magazine demanded an assignment about dating practices for the urban set. Something fun. Something sexy. Something that the three women working on the assignment could research and really get into.Suddenly, Julia is smitten with a stranger she meets while speed dating, Samantha's coffeehouse dating research is less engaging than the naughty e-mails she's been getting from her pen pal in Italy and Abby is busy dealing with her new roommate, an Irish photographer who looks like sex in pants. Needless to say, there's not much work getting done!So how do you write about relationships when your own love life has been less than noteworthy? Until now...

You've Got Male

by Elizabeth Bevarly

Can you really find the perfect man online?Avery Nesbitt thought she might have struck online-dating gold-Adrian was perfect onscreen. But as the adage goes, if something seems too good to be true.... Before Avery knows it, a flesh-and-blood man calling himself Dixon breaks in to her home. Apparently she's been under surveillance by his agency for some time, and now she's in deep, deep trouble.Dixon has worked for OPUS for years, and he's wanted to get his hands on Adrian Padgett for most of them. He assumes that Avery is part of Adrian's criminal pursuits. But could she possibly be as innocent as she's claiming?One thing's for sure-if Avery agrees to go undercover for OPUS, she and Dixon will be working in very close quarters....

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