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Assignment: Marriage

by Jackie Merritt

THE COP SAYS, "I DO?" Marriage wasn't in his job description, but officer Tuck Hannigan's latest assignment was playing husband to an extremely vulnerable--and incredibly beautiful--witness. He'd protect Nicole Currie from danger--he'd even share a home with her. But there was no way he'd let go of his stony façade and make their pretend marriage a real one.... Nicole Currie wanted her quiet life back. Instead, she was to be Tuck Hannigan's "bride" for as long as it would take to catch a murderer. But soon she was sharing candlelit dinners and heated kisses with her ruggedly handsome "husband"--and wishing their assignment would never end....

The Bachelor Takes a Wife

by Jackie Merritt

Texas millionaire Keith Owens loved his bachelor ways-until elegant and sophisticated Andrea O'Rourke came back to town. Years ago the sparks between them had nearly seared them both-but Andrea had left, swearing to forget the power of Keith's touch. . . . ;Now she'd returned, cool, calm and collected-until she caught Keith's possessive, passionate eye once more. This time, he swore she wouldn't escape him before he had his fill-but then he would release her. Only, Keith forgot to let Andrea in on his plan. . . . ;

Body of Evidence

by Jackie Merritt Justine Davis Joan Elliott Pickart

No one keeps secrets from Death in this bold new collection by bestselling authorsJOAN ELLIOTT PICKARTJUSTINE DAVISJACKIE MERRITTA powerful man is murdered in his home, and not even his wealth and privilege can hide the trail of scandal he left behind. A scandal that is about to be unmasked by Chicago's top agencies....Reunited over a corpse, forensics detective Josh Benton and medical examiner Maggie Sutter discovered foul play-and a simmering attraction underlying their long-term alliance....Darien Wilson was made for marriage-not murder investigations. But since Detective Colin Waters was forced to accept her as his partner, he was also forced to accept that she was a damn good detective. And one hell of a lover...Jennifer Anderson shared one passion-filled night with district attorney Evan Stone. Little did she know he'd be her next assignment, or that she would be following the sexy prosecutor all the way to the final verdict-of father-to-be.

The Cattleman and the Virgin Heiress

by Jackie Merritt

"I MAY HAVE FORGOTTEN MY NAME, BUT I REMEMBER WHAT IT IS TO WANT A MAN."-Hope LeClaire Stockwell on her amnesiaThough Hope LeClaire's memory was in shards, in the arms of her gallant rescuer, Matt McCarlson, she felt entirely whole. Stranded on his ranch, they couldn't summon her past, so they focused on the present...and the sensual awareness sizzling between them. Then a torrent of memories came flooding in...and the "forever" she dreamed of was washed away. For Hope was a Stockwell, an heiress of untold wealth, and Matt was the sworn enemy of all aristocratic women. But Hope would not be denied her one chance at becoming this proud rancher's wife....

The Coyote's Cry

by Jackie Merritt

Jenna, you and I can never be anything but acquaintances. Nurse Jenna Elliot knew proud, hardheaded Bram Colton thought she was the town's spoiled golden girl, and that her father would rather die than let her get involved with a Comanche. But that didn't stop her from loving the dark, brooding sheriff. Now she was living under Bram's roof, caring for his ailing grandmother, and he could no longer ignore her or the intense passion stirring between them. . . . Falling for Jenna Elliot was Bram's worst nightmare-and ultimate fantasy. He had always wanted the blond, blue-eyed beauty in his home-in his bed, To be exact. But he knew theirs was a forbidden love and he'd fight his warrior-like urges to make Black Arrow's golden girl his forever. . . .

For The Love Of Sam

by Jackie Merritt

THEY CALLED HIM STONEFACE... Yet the moment starry-eyed Tamara Benning caught the reticent rancher's gaze, she felt an instant connection. She wanted Sam Sherard. Desperately. Still, after a glorious weekend together, she couldn't help wondering if the father of her unborn baby was in it for the long-haul.... Sam didn't know the meaning of happily ever after, but he did know how important it was for his child to grow up with both parents. So he dazzled his pregnant bride with flowers. Tenderly catered to her every need. And softened her wary heart with soul-searing kisses. But could this life-hardened loner find the courage to let love in? THE BENNING LEGACY-- Three sisters find that true love uncovers the secrets of the past...and forges bright new tomorrows!

Gifts of Fortune

by Jackie Merritt Jennifer Greene Barbara Boswell

You are cordially invited to celebrate Christmas, Fortune-style, with these brand-new stories!Let bestselling authors Barbara Boswell, Jennifer Greene and Jackie Merritt enthrall you with a Texas-size celebration! Determined to repay the people who stood by him in his darkest hours, Ryan Fortune bestows on them three special gifts intended to bring love and the promise of family....The powerful sheik. Ryan gives wealthy sheik Nico Tan-efi his prized signet ring with hopes that the brooding ruler can woo back his ex-fiancéeé.His daring rescuers. Two strangers are each given a home-only it's the same house! Can Ryan's matchmaking scheme pull these orphans together?The diligent doctor. Two million dollars allows researcher Dr. Maggie Taylor to hire her sexy rival to her cause, only his cause is loosening her tightly leashed passion!

A Man and a Million

by Jackie Merritt

Heiress Bride When Theodora Hunter discovered she'd inherited a huge fortune, she became one sought-after single lady. Suddenly the eligible heiress had more suitors than she could handle. And she was faced with the fact that these bachelors might want more from her than just her hand in marriage.Bad Boy Groom?One man offered her security and a safe, respectable life. But it was Colt Murdoch, the town bad boy, who really had Theo's pulse racing. Yes, there'd been talk of trouble in his past. But Theo couldn't ignore the promise in Colt's eyes, despite the rumors of his less-than-groomlike intentions.

Marked for Marriage

by Jackie Merritt

After a rodeo accident, barrel-racing queen Maddie Kincaid was hotter than a fireball and wilder than tumbleweed. She sure didn't take to convalescing as well as she should have. Neither did she want handsome but uptight Dr. Noah Martin acting as her personal physician. No sooner did the oh-so-perfect doctor make a house call than Maddie made threats, armed with a paperweight and a lack of modesty. But as Noah flashed his bedroom eyes and lectured his Dr. Feelgood philosophy, Maddie discovered-to her pleasure and confusion-that this man was hell-bent on making her well. . . ;and giving his sprightly patient a tantalizing lesson in love!

Montana Christmas

by Jackie Merritt

MAN OF THE MONTH MR. DECEMBER Mistletoe Hunk: Montana man Shep Wilde, who's finally come home. Christmas wish: Sexy Andrea Dillon-all wrapped up and ready under the tree! Can wishes really come true?: He won't take no for an answer! It was one red-hot holiday! Shep and Andrea were strangers, yet a holiday celebration with champagne turned into a night of wild abandon. Shep was crazy about Andrea, but after their lovemaking, she wanted nothing to do with him! Well, it was up to Shep to convince the reluctant lady that he was her man-not just for December, but every month of the year! MAN OF THE MONTH: He's born and raised in Big Sky Country...and heading for a Montana wedding!

Montana Fever

by Jackie Merritt

Made in Montana A GOOD COWBOY IS HARD TO FIND.... So Lola Fanon vowed not to be impressed when Duke Sheridan walked into her tiny shop in Rocky Ford, Montana. The tall, lean, jeans-clad rancher might be the "best catch in the county," but Lola had been around-she knew better than to trust a sweet-talkin', fast-walkin' con man. Duke could flirt all he wanted, but she refused to take the bait. Only problem was, those golden-brown eyes were getting mighty hard to resist! Lola had heard the rumors: Duke Sheridan always got what he wanted. How long would it be before his winsome smile lassoed her in? MADE IN MONTANA: The Fanons-born and raised in Big Sky country...and heading for a Montana wedding!

Montana Lovers

by Jackie Merritt

Maid in Montana LONG, HOT MONTANA NIGHTS... Widowed mom Candace Fanon's treacherous body was betraying her deepest convictions! She couldn't stop thinking about sexy stranger Burke Mallory. He seemed to be everything she and her baby needed. Yet, somehow she knew he wasn't telling the truth about why he came to Rocky Ford.... Candace's home was perfect for police officer Mallory's undercover stakeout. But instead of concentrating on his investigation, Candace's small-town charm had him dreaming of settling down. He knew he could woo Candace into his arms, but once there, would she forgive him for lying to her? MADE IN MONTANA: The Fanons-born and raised in Big Sky Country...and heading for a Montana wedding!

A Montana Man

by Jackie Merritt

MAN of the MonthThe BENNING LegacyMR. AUGUSTThe Montana Man: He'd lived for his son and the land-until she came into his life...His Mystery Woman: She was called Sierra. She was beautiful and vulnerable, and he felt an immediate connection to her.All rancher Clint Barrow knew was her name. But from the first he'd needed to stake his claim. He'd brought her home to heal, but as the days stretched into long, hot nights, Clint wanted the woman herself. And just when their denied desire exploded into full-blown passion, Sierra's past began to come clear. Would she soon have to leave her Montana man behind?MAN OF THE MONTH: When he finds a missing Benning sister, can a Montana rancher keep her for his own?

Montana Mavericks, Books 1-4

by Diana Palmer Jackie Merritt Myrna Temte Laurie Paige

The return of the Montana Mavericks: Tough cowboys who you can't help but fall in love with. Enjoy the first 4 books in the series: Rogue Stallion by Diana Palmer, The Widow and the Rodeo Man by Jackie Merritt, Sleeping with the Enemy by Myrna Temte and The Once and Future Wife by Laurie Paige.

Montana Mavericks Books 5-8

by Jackie Merritt Pat Warren Helen R. Myers Rebecca Daniels

The return of the Montana Mavericks: Tough cowboys who you can't help but fall in love with. Enjoy books 5-8 in the series: The Rancher Takes a Wife by Jackie Merritt, Outlaw Lovers by Pat Warren, The Way of the Wolf by Rebecca Daniels and The Law is No Lady by Helen R. Myers.

Montana Passion

by Jackie Merritt

That Special Woman! A MARRIAGE MADE IN MONTANA? The wedding march was playing, but Serena Fanon wasn't listening. The minute she'd returned home to Big Sky Country, Montana's best-lookin', heart-stoppin', most infuriating man-Travis Holden-was in hot pursuit of her hand in marriage. Serena was only interested in mending her broken heart. But how could a girl say no to a tempting offer from a man practically on one knee? THAT SPECIAL WOMAN! She's a Fanon-born and raised in Big Sky Country-and heading for a Montana wedding! Made in Montana

Moon Over Montana

by Jackie Merritt

Linda Fioretti was a grown woman. She'd left Los Angeles and a lousy marriage to make a new life for herself in Rumor, Montana. And that meant discovering just who she had become over the years. An artist? A teacher? Or the kind of woman who fell in love at first sight?Carpenter Tag Kingsley had been hired to renovate her apartment, and when he swaggered into her home, Linda's pulse began to hammer. From his kind words to his sexy smile, this single father's dangerous sensuality and tenderness were unnervingly attractive-almost enough to tear down the walls around her heart....

Rebel Love

by Jackie Merritt

Future Bride? Years ago, Cassandra Whitfield became a woman in bad boy Gard Sterling's arms. To Cassie, their shared passion seemed filled with promises-yet the very next day, Gard didn't even know her name! but now, the terms of her father's will brought her back to Montana-to face the last man she ever wanted to see again.Forgotten Lover? Gard had come a long way from town rabble-rouser to respected rancher. And he was willing to do just about anything to get close to the beautiful new owner of the Whitfield ranch. But what had he done to make her so mad...?

The Secret Daughter

by Jackie Merritt

LONG-LOST FAMILY? For over twenty years, Blythe Benning had kept a secret from her teenage sweetheart, the man she loved--the man who'd fathered her child. Because Blythe had given their baby up for adoption. And she'd never stopped regretting it. Then Brent Morrison stormed back into her life. Was it an accident, or fate? Blythe could only tremble at the powerful feelings the handsome architect still raised with a look, a touch, a kiss. Blythe knew that now was the time to face Brent with the truth...about everything! Together, could they find their long-lost child?

Sweet Talk

by Jackie Merritt

Rumor's beloved animal doctor, Valerie Fairchild, had always taken care of herself. She'd survived cancer and a haunting trauma in her youth-alone. And she didn't need a relationship with the town's fire chief, Reed Kingsley-but somehow she couldn't ignore the flames he set off whenever he was near! Reed was used to getting what he wanted-and he wanted Val, tragic secrets and all. Because the beautiful spitfire had been on his mind for months, in spite of the icy barrier she kept between herself and the world. Could this town hero melt Val's resistance to the healing fire of their passion?

Tough To Tame

by Jackie Merritt

"I knew a woman on the ranch would disrupt my peace-and I sure was right." Jake Banyon had his hands full catching a wild stallion without wrangling with a fiery Carly Paxton. His boss's daughter's unexpected invasion of his hard-earned privacy posed a threat to Jake's loner status. The explosive temptress was all dangerous curves, yet her eyes said commitment-just the kind of woman Jake had vowed to avoid. But he hadn't anticipated the gut-wrenching longing she stirred in him-or the unexpected desire to be tamed by love...

A Willing Wife

by Jackie Merritt

Sexy widower Dallas Fortune may be Texas's most eligible bachelor but he's remained quietly on the sidelines, content to work the ranch and run the family empire.When he shows up in the nick of time to pull a curious boy out of harm's way, he gets a hands-on introduction to young Travis Randall...and his lovely mother, Maggie.Temporarily staying at the ranch after losing her banking job, Maggie just wants to get her life back on track. She appreciates Dallas's interest in her son, and is secretly thrilled by his apparent interest in her, but she's a divorced single mom struggling to make ends meet, hardly the type for Dallas Fortune. She's not looking to complicate her life with a passion that has no future. She's got more sense than that. Now if only she can convince Dallas...and her heart.

Wind River Ranch

by Jackie Merritt

ONE STRONG COWBOY...From the moment Dena Colby returned to Lander, Wyoming, handsome rancher Ry Hardin was there for her. Her father had just died and left her the ranch. But Dena had no intention of lowering her defenses for anyone, least of all her father's foreman. Dena might be saying "hands off," but Ry knew better. The darn fool woman needed him, even if she was too stubborn to admit it. This former cowgirl-now city girl-belonged in his strong cowboy arms, and he'd fight heaven and earth to get her there....

Wyoming Territory

by Jackie Merritt

"I've waited a long time for you," Choice said.

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