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Alphabestiary: Animal Poems from A to Z

by Jane Yolen

From the book jacket: Make friends with the firefly, frog, and fish. Greet the grasshopper, ground hog, and gazelle. Welcome the warbler, water beetle, and wasp. All manner of animals-from A to Z-are happily heralded in this engaging collection of poems for children selected by award-winning author Jane Yolen. Bold and playful illustrations by artist Allan Eitzen capture the essence of each poem that portrays the beauty, peculiarity, or humor of creatures great and small.

Among Angels

by Jane Yolen Nancy Willard

A magical, whimsical, and heart-soaring collection of angelic poetry from two award-winning literary masters Acclaimed novelist Nancy Willard and World Fantasy Award and Nebula Award-winning author and editor Jane Yolen collaborate on this magnificent anthology of their original poetry. For years the 2 friends and literary colleagues have shared a mutual fascination with God's winged messengers and exchanged angel poems--some reverent, some witty, some sweet, some biting, and each one a miraculous invention. Now these wondrous flights of angelic fancy are gathered together in a singular collection of breathtaking verse. Rooted in the Christian and Hebrew traditions, these brief, lyrical masterworks celebrate the heavenly beings that have flown through our collective imagination for centuries: Gabriel and the archangel Michael, the fallen Lucifer and the Angel of Death. In rich and sumptuous poetry, the authors muse on angels' flight, feathers, faith, writing on pinheads, and the glory and inconvenience of having wings. To luxuriate in Yolen and Willard's poetic words, ideas, and unforgettable images is to truly fly among angels.

And Twelve Chinese Acrobats

by Jane Yolen

For Wolf, there is no one in the family-or in the whole village-quite like his own oldest brother, Lou. It is Lou who filches ribbons at the fair for the serving girls, and Lou who steals raspberry pies from Mama's kitchen to share with the peasants. But when Lou lets the lambs loose in the village, and they get into the mayor's garden and eat everything up, Papa has had enough. He sends Lou away to military school. Before long, Lou's letters back home stop, and the family finds out Lou has run away. Wolf worries and waits, and is richly rewarded when his brother finally comes home-along with a tumbling, flipping, rollicking surprise. This retelling of the author's father's large family's life in the Ukraine before Lou was the first of them to establish himself in the United States where he became a reporter, married and had children reads like a folk tale though it is based on fact. It is about the difficulties to fit in and survive of a lovable boy who can't conform, but ultimately demonstrates his ability and strength of character. Family life of a Jewish family living in Ukraine in 1910 is showcased. It's a wonderful tale to be read or read aloud by older children to adults.

Armageddon Summer

by Jane Yolen Bruce Coville

The world will end on Thursday, July 27, 2000. At least, that's what Reverend Beelson has told his congregation. Marina's mom believes him. So does Jed's dad. That's why they drag Marina and Jed to join the reverend's flock at a mountain retreat. From the mountaintop they will all watch the Righteous Conflagration that will end this world--and then they will descend and begin the world anew. But this world has only just begun for Jed and Marina, two teenagers with more attitude than faith. Why should the world end now, when they've just fallen in love? Told in alternating chapters from both Jed's and Marina's points of view, this first-ever collaboration between two masters of children's literature is a story about faith and friendship, love and loss . . . and the things that matter most at the End of the World.

Atalanta and the Arcadian Beast

by Jane Yolen Robert J. Harris

Before Atalanta became a Greek legend, she encountered a beast . . .Abandoned by her parents and raised by bears until the age of four, Atalanta has led a life of adventure. After her adoptive father is slain by a ferocious beast, the twelve-year-old Atalanta sets off on a journey of revenge, accompanied by the bear she treats as a brother. She discovers that a monster is terrorizing the land of Arcadia and that the king has assembled a party to track it down--led by the legendary huntsman Orion. Atalanta wins a place at Orion's side, but the hunt for the beast is also a hunt to uncover the secret of her own past. And that may prove to be the greatest danger of all. This ebook features personal histories by Jane Yolen and Robert J. Harris including rare images from the authors' personal collections, as well as a timeline of the Heroic Age and a conversation between the two authors about the making of the series.

B.U.G. (Big Ugly Guy)

by Jane Yolen Adam Stemple

Sammy Greenberg would rather talk back to The Boyz--a gang of bullies at his school--and get his head stuck in the toilet than constantly be afraid. But when his friend Skink gets beaten up so badly that he has to go to the hospital, Sammy thinks he may be in over his head. He decides to build a golem--a mythical protector from Jewish folklore, made of clay and animated by the ineffable name of God. But this monster doesn't just protect him and Skink from The Boyz, he is also a great drummer for their rock-jazz-klezmer fusion band! But golems come with warnings. They will protect you until they don't.

Baby Bear's Big Dreams

by Jane Yolen

A baby bear dreams of all the wonderful things he will be able to do when he is grown, from staying up late to building a house in a honey tree.

Bad Girls: Sirens, Jezebels, Murderesses, Thieves & Other Female Villains

by Jane Yolen Heidi E. Y. Stemple

From Jezebel to Catherine the Great, from Cleopatra to Mae West, from Mata Hari to Bonnie Parker, strong women have been a problem for historians, storytellers, and readers. Strong females smack of the unfeminine. They have been called wicked, wanton, and willful. Sometimes that is a just designation, but just as often it is not. "Well-behaved women seldom make history," is the frequently quoted statement by historian and feminist Laurel Thatcher Ulrich. But what makes these misbehaving women "bad"? Are we idolizing the wicked or salvaging the strong? In BAD GIRLS, readers meet twenty-six of history's most notorious women, each with a rotten reputation. But authors Jane Yolen and Heidi Stemple remind us that there are two sides to every story. Was Delilah a harlot or hero? Was Catherine the Great a great ruler, or just plain ruthless? At the end of each chapter, Yolen and Stemple appear as themselves in comic panels as they debate each girl's badness--Heidi as the prosecution, Jane for context. This unique and sassy examination of famed, female historical figures will engage readers with its unusual presentation of the subject matter. Heidi and Jane's strong arguments for the innocence and guilt of each bad girl promotes the practice of critical thinking as well as the idea that history is subjective. Rebecca Guay's detailed illustrations provide a rich, stylized portrait of each woman, while the inclusion of comic panels will resonate with fans of graphic novels.

The Bagpiper's Ghost

by Jane Yolen

A boy becomes possessed by an angry ghost after a visit to a Scottish graveyard Twins Jennifer and Peter rarely get along, except when it comes to their fascination with ghosts, magic, and mystery. While visiting their grandmother in Scotland, the 2 children sneak off to a graveyard--which unfortunately turns out to be a very, very bad idea. Jennifer and Peter were hoping to see the ghost of Mary MacFadden, who died of a broken heart when her brother, Andrew, forbade her marriage. Instead, Andrew's angry ghost takes over Peter's body, and if Jennifer and their grandmother can't get the spirit to leave within 24 hours, Peter will be gone forever! A story rich in Scottish lore and supernatural surprises, The Bagpiper's Ghost is a wonderful treat for young readers and for fantasy lovers of any age who remain gloriously and unapologetically youthful at heart. The Bagpiper's Ghost is the 3rd Tartan Magic book, but you may enjoy reading the series in any order. This ebook features an illustrated personal history of Jane Yolen including rare images from the author's personal collection.

Beneath the Ghost Moon

by Jane Yolen

'Twas the night before Ghost Eve, And high in the sky, The moon was an unblinking, Solid white eye. So begins Jane Yolen's deliciously spooky tale of rodent derring-do. The farmyard mice are slumbering in their beds; beside each lies a tiny costume specially designed for the upcoming Ghost Eve ball. But not everyone is sleeping--for out come the mean-hearted creepy-crawlies who, laughing and gibbering, destroy the carefully made masks and dresses. It takes the courage of one small mouse to convince her friends that their home is worth fighting for--and to remind them of the importance of forgiveness.

The Books Of Great Alta: Sister Light, Sister Dark; White Jenna

by Jane Yolen

In the classic of modern fantasy, we hear the tale, ancient and brazen, of White Jenna, born in sorrow, raised among warrior women,and taught to call forth her shadow sister by the light of the moon. And we learn what the later world makes of the lives of Jenna, of her princely lover, and her shadow-self: what legends are told of the White Queen, what songs are sung of King Longbow, what tales are whispered of Dark Skada. Of the tragic myths and glorious histories that time will make of their lives--and their deaths.

Boots and the Seven Leaguers

by Jane Yolen

All a young troll wants is to hear some rock and roll--but when his brother goes missing, he'll have to face more than just the music . . . Like many teenagers, the young troll Gog loves rock music. Unfortunately, he doesn't have money to buy a ticket to see the annual concert of his favorite band, Boots and the Seven Leaguers. But where there's a will, there's a way, and Gog and his clever pal Pook trick the Leaguers into believing they are seasoned roadies willing to work in exchange for admission. Unfortunately, this means Gog must take his eyes off his smart-aleck little brother, Magog--and when Magog is kidnapped, the teen troll must venture into the terrible New Forest, where a whole host of terrifying nasties await, to find him. A true delight for young readers, Jane Yolen's Boots and the Seven Leaguers is a wonderfully imaginative and fantastically funny contemporary fairy tale from one of the most acclaimed authors in the fantasy field. This ebook features an illustrated personal history of Jane Yolen including rare images from the author's personal collection.

Briar Rose

by Jane Yolen

It is an old, old tale, the German story of Briar Rose, the Sleeping Beauty. Now one of America's most celebrated writers tells it afresh, set this time in the forests patrolled by the German army during World War II. A tale of castles, of mists and thorns, of a beautiful sleeping princess, and an astonishing revelation of death and rebirth. A tale that will leave you changed forever. The tale of Briar Rose.

Captains Courageous

by Rudyard Kipling Jane Yolen Marilyn Sides

One of Rudyard Kipling's most enduringly popular works, Captains Courageous is both a stirring tale of the sea and a classic coming-of-age story. Harvey Cheyne, the pampered fifteen-year-old son of an American millionaire, is sailing to Europe when he falls overboard. Saved from drowning by a New England fishing schooner, he finds his rough new companions unimpressed by his wealth and shocked by his ignorance. He will have to prove his worth in the only way the captain and crew will accept: through the slow and arduous mastery of skills upon which their common survival depends. With an Introduction by Marilyn Sides and a New Afterword

Cards of Grief

by Jane Yolen

Jane Yolen's award-winning story about an alien civilization forever changed by the incursion of human social scientists and a mysterious ancient prophecy<P><P> The year is 2132 when members of the Anthropologist's Guild set down on the planet Henderson's IV, or L'Lal'lor as it is known to the native population. Charged with the nonintrusive study of alien cultures, the crew discovers a society containing no love or laughter. It is, instead, centered around death--a world of aristocratic and common folk in which grieving is an art and the cornerstone of life. But the alien civilization stands on the brink of astonishing change, heralded by the discovery of Linni, the Gray Wanderer, a young woman from the countryside whose arrival has been foretold for centuries. And for Anthropologist First Class Aaron Spenser, L'Lal'lor is a place of destructive temptations, seducing him with its mysterious, sad beauty, and leading him into an unthinkable criminal act. <P> Told from the shifting viewpoints of characters both alien and human, and through records of local lore and transcripts of court martial proceedings, Cards of Grief is a thoughtful, lyrical, and spellbinding tale of first contact. It is a true masterwork of world building from Jane Yolen, a premier crafter of speculative fiction and fantasy.

Children of the Wolf

by Jane Yolen

Inspired by true events, the story of two girls raised by wolvesMohandas lives in the Home, a Christian orphanage in Godamuri, India, close to the jungle. The people of Godamuri beg the orphanage's director, the Reverend Mr. Welles, to get rid of the ghosts, called manush-bagha, haunting their village. When the Reverend investigates, he discovers that the "ghosts" are really two human girls living with a pack of wolves. Mohandas's life is altered forever when the Reverend brings the two girls to live at the orphanage. Reverend Welles is sure that with time and attention, the girls will learn to speak and become civilized. But the other children do not like these strange creatures who walk on all fours, refuse to wear clothes, eat raw chicken, and howl at the moon. Only Mohandas is willing to show the wolf-sisters a little kindness. But is kindness enough to make them human? This ebook features a personal history by Jane Yolen including rare images from the author's personal collection, as well as a note from the author about the making of the book.

Commander Toad and the Big Black Hole (Commander Toad #3)

by Jane Yolen

From the Author's Website: I began the COMMANDER TOAD books because I saw an article in the local newspaper about a boy and his frog who had just won a jumping-frog contest. The frog's name was "Star Warts." I thought it would be funnier if the frog had been a toad, since the old superstition is that toads gives you warts. (It isn't true, of course.) So I invented frog and toads in space on a ship called "Star Warts." Every book is riddled with puns. (I love puns!) There are seven Commander Toad books altogether, though I have been thinking about possibly writing an eighth. A half-hour television show was made with puppets about Commander Toad but it wasn't very successful. For some reason, several of the characters were changed--Jake into a human boy and Doc Pepper into a turtle--and the ship's name was changed as well to "Stella." Also all the puns were missing. All the Commander Toad books were on Reading Rainbow. A PaperStar edition is in print.

Commander Toad and the Dis-asteroid (Commander Toad #4)

by Jane Yolen

Young fans of Star Wars and silliness will toad-ally love Commander Toad! When Commander Toad and the crew of the Star Warts learn that a disaster has struck an asteroid, they race across the galaxy to the rescue. But it's hard to figure out just what is wrong, especially when there is a language barrier between the Star Warts' crew and the pigeon inhabitants of the dis-asteroid. A hero is needed, but is even intrepid Commander Toad brave enough to save the day?

Commander Toad and the Intergalactic Spy (Commander Toad #5)

by Jane Yolen

Commander Toad and the crew of Star Warts are asked to rout out Tip Toad, Space Fleet's greatest and most elusive spy.

Commander Toad and the Planet of the Grapes (Commander Toad #2)

by Jane Yolen

When Commander Toad finds a new planet that seems the ideal place for a picnic for his tired crew, he and Lieutenant Lily go down to look around first, only to be swallowed up by giant grapes. Is this the end for the brave crew of the Star Warts? Or can Doc Peeper, the ship's medical officer, help them escape from the Planet of the Grapes? Young fans of Star Wars, Star Trek and silliness will toad-ally love Commander Toad!

Commander Toad and the Space Pirates (Commander Toad #6)

by Jane Yolen

It's been a long trip, and Commander Toad and the crew of the Star Warts are bored. They've played all the games and watched all the movies and read all the books on the ship .Then, suddenly, the alarm goes off. Before they know what is happening, the Star Warts has been boarded by pirates, led by Commander Salamander, Scourge of the Skies and Goon of the Galaxies. He's ugly, green and very mean, and he likes to make his captives play Hop the Plank--an extremely dangerous game in outer space. Can Commander Toad and his crew escape?

Commander Toad and the Voyage Home (Commander Toad #7)

by Jane Yolen

Commander Toad leads the lean green space machine Star Warts to find new worlds but runs into trouble when he sets course for home. Will Commander Toad ever find the way home? The crew of the Star Warts has been in the dark night of space for a very long time. "Let's go home," says Commander Toad. But when Mr. Hop sets a course for HOME, the space ship zeroes in on an uncharted planet. When the intrepid crew members set out to explore, Commander Toad stumbles into an extraordinary discovery--one that gives him a toadally new view of what HOME means.

Commander Toad In Space (Commander Toad #1)

by Jane Yolen

The intrepid crew of the spaceship "Star Warts" lands on a water-covered planet inhabited by the Deep Wader, a horrible hungry monster.

Curse of the Thirteenth Fey

by Jane Yolen

You think you know the story of Sleeping Beauty, but the real story is far more spellbinding... Gorse is the thirteenth and youngest in a family of fairies tied to the evil king's land and made to do his bidding. When accident-prone Gorse falls ill just as the family is bid to bless the new princess, a fairytale starts to unfold. Sick as she is, Gorse races to the castle with the last piece of magic the family has left--a piece of the Thread of Life. But that is when accident, mayhem, and magic combine to drive Gorse's story into the unthinkable, threatening the baby and the kingdom.

The Day Tiger Rose Said Goodbye

by Jane Yolen Jim Lamarche

Not since The 10th Good Thing About Barney or I'll Always Love You has there been such a peaceful and inspiring book to help children and adults cope with the loss of a pet. The talented multiple-medalist Jane Yolen takes on this difficult subject with her usual grace and poetic sensitivity, focusing not on the death as much as the life in the last day of an older cat named Tiger Rose. Tiger Rose's kitten days are long gone and she's grown too tired to stay, so she says her goodbyes to all the creatures and the joys of her natural world--from the scolding blue jay, to the dog and children she shares her home with, to a chipmunk, startled by her gentleness, to her favorite shady patch under a piney bush. In a final vision, Tiger Rose takes one last leap into the blue sky and becomes one with all--the earth, the air, the sun. . . . This is perhaps the most reassuring book on death available for children.From the Hardcover edition.

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