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Her Holiday Secret

by Jennifer Greene

SLEEPING BEAUTY...Maggie Fletcher could recall everything except the past twenty-four hours. Luckily for her, town sheriff Andy Gautier was on the case. Rumour had it that the lawman with the sexy grin could get to the bottom of anything-or anyone. Even a lady with some mighty long-repressed desires.MEETS HER PRINCE?Andy had vowed to help his sleeping beauty regain her lost day. But in the midst of the approaching Christmas holiday and all that danged mistletoe, he was having a hard time keeping his mind on business. The elusive Miss Fletcher tempted the rugged sheriff to propose they make some sizzling Christmas memories together. But would the ultimate revelation of Maggie's holiday secret shatter their dream of a fairy-tale romance?

The Honor Bound Groom

by Jennifer Greene

Fortune's Children:The Brides:Meet the Fortune brides&#151six special women who perpetuate a family legacy greater than mere riches!ALTAR BOUND....Pregnant bride Kelly Sinclair had agreed to a marriage-in-name-only to secure her baby's birthright. CEO Mac Fortune was dutifully marrying her as the baby's father&#151his playboy brother-had skipped town. Falling in love wasn't part of the deal. Until Kelly got to the alter...and the groom sealed their vows with a blood-spinning kiss. Could she turn an honorable deed into a lifetime commitment?

Hot to the Touch

by Jennifer Greene

The Lockwood Brothers seek out Phoebe Schneider--who has a new business in Gold River, BABY LOVE--she's a baby masseuse who works especially with traumatized babies--because their youngest brother, Fox, needs help. Fox was a history teacher until he volunteered to serve in the military. He was sent home/discharged because of injuries sustained from a 'dirty bomb'. Physically he's healing fine; emotionally, he's closed down. He's been to docs, and his family loves him, but no one can seem to get through. Phoebe has concentrated her giving personality on babies, because she knows she's no good with men. By nature, she's a sensualist, a woman who relates with the sense of touch--and because of this, men have tended to think she was 'loose'. Fox, though, she initially believes is no danger--because he couldn't possibly be interested in her in a woman, even if he does have stereotypes about masseuses. Fox, though, IS interested. . . . and because Phoebe is able to really help him, through her sense of touch and caring, generous heart. . . . he finds himself healing in spite of himself. When he initiates a kiss, though, and then more than kisses--he finds Phoebe responding to him like a man's dream of lover. . . only the more sensuality she shows, the more she 'freaks' and runs from him and a potential relationship. It takes time before Fox realizes that she needs healing as much as he did. . . but Phoebe, by nature, is a healer. . . and he has no idea how to help her. She sticks with him until he's 'well' again. . . . and during that period, he falls deeply in love with her (and vice versa). . . but she has healing of her own to do before she can believe that Fox both loves and respects her. Although the story's about healing and redemption--and must sound like heavy drama--it isn't written in that heavy a way. Phoebe is a redhead in personality--she's got a ton of spirit, would shoot anyone who got between her and the babies she's determined to help. She rescues everything in sight, including Mop and Duster--her two white long-haired dogs--and in fact, initially she can't walk away from Fox because he needs rescuing as well. And Fox has as much use for an earthy, emotional, candle-carrying oil-and-scent bearing total female like her like he needs a woman in the moon--when the story starts. His exasperation with her is more humorous than heavy, tho--and her determination to override his objections to helping him are part of the strength and humor in her character. These are two stubborn, honorable people--two really good people--who just need the right kind of love to reach them. . . to heal them both.

Kiss Your Prince Charming

by Jennifer Greene

A PRINCE IN WAITING...She'd kissed her share of frogs, so Rachel Martin never expected her best buddy would become her very own Prince Charming. Life-saving surgery had transformed Greg Stoner from ordinary guy-next-door to extraordinarily sexy bachelor. But it was the compelling look in Greg's eyes that had Rachel wishing their relationship could change into something...oh-so-magical.Although Rachel was a treasure, Greg knew he wasn't the man for her. Yet, whenever he insisted her "prince" still had warts, she dazzled him with intoxicating kisses and promises of forever. Dare this frog prince make all Rachel's fantasies come true?HAPPILY EVER AFTER: Your favorite fairy tales freshly told, with all the passion you've ever craved.

Kisses From Heaven

by Jennifer Greene

Loren Shephard is too proud to ask for help and too broke to pay for it. She has her hands full with a demanding career, a grandfather who can't stay away from the bottle, a spoiled younger sister and a mansion that's fallen into disrepair. When Buck Leeds stumbles into her life and starts fixing things-and arousing feelings she never knew she possessed-she can't help but fall for the brawny stranger. Loren's trust in Buck is shattered and she's filled with self-doubt when she realizes her first impressions of Buck were all wrong. How can she build a future with a man that reminds her too much of her past? Previously published.60,000 words

Learning Agile

by Jennifer Greene Andrew Stellman

Agile has revolutionized the way teams approach software development, but with dozens of agile methodologies to choose from, the decision to "go agile" can be tricky. This practical book helps you sort it out, first by grounding you in agile's underlying principles, then by describing four specific--and well-used--agile methods: Scrum, extreme programming (XP), Lean, and Kanban.Each method focuses on a different area of development, but they all aim to change your team's mindset--from individuals who simply follow a plan to a cohesive group that makes decisions together. Whether you're considering agile for the first time, or trying it again, you'll learn how to choose a method that best fits your team and your company.Understand the purpose behind agile's core values and principlesLearn Scrum's emphasis on project management, self-organization, and collective commitmentFocus on software design and architecture with XP practices such as test-first and pair programmingUse Lean thinking to empower your team, eliminate waste, and deliver software fastLearn how Kanban's practices help you deliver great software by managing flowAdopt agile practices and principles with an agile coach

Like Mother, Like Daughter (But in a Good Way)

by Jennifer Greene Peggy Webb Nancy Robards Thompson

Am I my mother after all?Don't miss these three unforgettable stories that look at the unbreakable-and sometimes infuriating-bonds between mothers and daughters. And the men who get caught in the madness (when they aren't causing it!).Born in My Heart-Jennifer GreeneA heartwarming and tender look at what it means to be a mother, in her story about adoption.Becoming My Mother, and Other Things I Learned from Jane Austen-Nancy Robards ThompsonA mother's surprise birthday visit teaches her daughter about living and loving in Paris.The Long Distance Mother-Peggy WebbA Mother's Day call brings a woman home to the two mothers who raised her...and helps her discover the answers she's been searching for all her adult life.

Little Matchmakers

by Jennifer Greene

They were single parents who believed they were giving their sons all they could ever need. But a meeting with their boys' teacher had Tucker MacKinnon and Garnet Cattrell realizing what they really needed was each other. Since Tucker's boy craved a woman's influence and Garnet's son would benefit from some outside experiences, a trade seemed to be the perfect solution. So one day a week they'd swap kids. And maybe just see one another in passing. This was just for the boys' sakes, of course.But when two intelligent kids decide they want to be brothers, heaven help the parents who didn't see this plan coming. Because a couple of little matchmakers were about to launch Project One Big Happy Family.


by Jennifer Greene

Nine months ago, Kasey Crandall would have defined "lucky" as "my life." Married to a wealthy, generous older man, pregnant with a once-in-a-lifetime baby, she was oozing with joy. Now, however, she was more apt to think, "just my luck."Yes, motherhood was as glorious as she expected and she totally adored her daughter. Yet an inner voice was telling her something was wrong with her baby. But nobody wanted to hear that her life was not as perfect as it seemed.Kasey knew she needed to be strong for her child and get her the right help...even if it meant going against her husband's wishes. Even if it meant turning to another man. Because sometimes a woman just has to make her own luck.

Man From Tennessee

by Jennifer Greene

After a whirlwind courtship, Kern Lowery whisked his young bride away to the mountains of Tennessee to start a new life. Unfortunately, Trisha' s sheltered Grosse Pointe upbringing didn' t prepare her for marriage or the hardships of country living, so she left with barely a goodbye. Five years later, an accident brings Trisha back to Tennessee. No longer the shy, helpless girl she was, she keeps her composure when she comes face-to-face with the stranger she is still technically married to. Inside, however, her emotions are a riot of passion-and fear. Fear of falling for the man she loves once again... Previously published.53,000 words

Men Made In America mega-bundle

by Gayle Wilson Jennifer Greene Judith Arnold Marie Ferrarella Annette Broadrick Rita Herron

Eleven amazing books, one great deal! The Men Made in America series features stories from all fifty states starring all-American cowboys, sailors, policemen, businessmen, ranchers and more! The first Men Made in America Mega-Bundle includes The Redemption of Deke Summers by Gayle Wilson, Found: His Perfect Wife by Marie Ferrarella, Arizona Heat by Jennifer Greene, Deceptions by Annette Broadrick, Dr. Dad by Judith Arnold, Send Me a Hero by Rita Herron, Tangled Lies by Anne Stuart, Love by Proxy by Diana Palmer, The Temptation of Rory Monahan by Elizabeth Bevarly, Mysterious Stranger by Patricia Rosemoor, and Bayou Midnight by Emilie Richards.

Millionaire M.D.

by Jennifer Greene

Legendary Texas surgeon Justin Webb faced his biggest challenge-- winning the heart of brash, bold and beautiful detective Winona Raye. When Winona discovered a baby abandoned at her door, the bachelor doc saw his chance and offered a hand-- in marriage. Independent Winona was in no hurry to walk down the aisle, but Justin was going to be there for her...whether she wanted him to or not.

No More Mr. Nice Guy

by Jennifer Greene

Carroll Laker knows she' s found the marrying kind in Alan Smith. The pediatrician is everything a woman could want in a husband; he' s kind, dependable, patient. Maybe too patient: even though they spend Saturday mornings house-hunting, they' ve yet to spend a night in bed together. And suddenly Carroll starts fantasizing about what it would be like to be wildly, wantonly, passionately in love... Alan has wanted to marry Carroll since the moment he met her. When he senses he' s on the verge of losing her, he decides it' s time to loosen up. If Carroll needs excitement and seduction, that' s exactly what he' ll give her. From orchids and exotic foods to midnight canoe rides and dancing till dawn, Alan will do anything to sweep Carroll off her feet and into his bed. At first, Carroll is delighted by the romantic gestures. But she can' t help wondering: Will the new Alan love her forever the way the old Alan would have? Previously published.44,000 words

Nobody's Princess

by Jennifer Greene

MR. AUGUSTPrince of a guy: Alex Brennan. Honest, loyal...a fairy-tale hero.Damsel in distress: Regan Stuart. Jaded, cynical...detests fairy tales.ONCE UPON A TIME...there was a free spirit named Regan who believed in Prince Charming and happily-ever-afters. Then she kissed one frog too many. So instead of searching for knights in shining armor, she armed herself with hard-edged realism to ward off would-be Romeos....Alex knew that love hurt, but he also knew Regan needed to be saved. And though he was nobody's hero, he wanted to prove to this stubborn beauty that she was his princess....MAN OF THE MONTH:This guy proves chivalry isn't dead!

Pink Satin

by Jennifer Greene

With the figure of a sex symbol and a career as a lingerie executive, Greer Lothrop is used to attracting more than her fair share of male attention. After years of unwanted stares, she is far more comfortable playing mother hen than femme fatale. She's shocked when there's nothing motherly about the feelings her new neighbor, engineer Ryan McCullough, arouses in her. She's never been attracted to a man of such raw sexuality before. What is it about Ryan that has her confiding in him-and falling into his arms-within hours of meeting? It's clear Ryan isn't interested in Greer for her chicken soup. He's not falling for her girl-next-door routine either, no matter how hard she tries to deny their chemistry. He knows there's a passionate woman behind the facade-and he knows just how to awaken her...48,900 wordsPreviously published.

Prince Charming's Child

by Jennifer Greene

MEN of the YEARMAN of the MONTH"I am a man of honor. If she's carrying my child, she will be my wife!-Mitch Landers, the Prince Charming no woman could forgetIt wasn't the flu. Nicole was pregnant. And darned if she could remember sleeping with a man in the past four years. Not unless she and co-worker Mitch had actually...? Well, they had, and now her very own Sir Galahad was before her on bended knee. His proposal was duty-bound, although real passion sparked in Mitch's glance...and touch. Could a marriage forged for baby's sake end in a legend-worthy love for Sleeping Beauty and her dream prince?Some men are made for lovin'-and you'll love our MAN OF THE MONTH!

Rock Solid

by Jennifer Greene

He was the man women dreamed about, but never thought they' d actually meet. Yet here he stood, Cash McKay, Mr. Dashing and Rugged... and Lexie Woolf' s shadow for the next several weeks.She' d come to his mountain retreat for a month' s relaxation, yet left-brained Lexie knew there' d be no keeping cool around Cash. One wink, one smile, had her tripping over her own feet-- only to have Cash catch her and make her feel like the sexiest woman on earth! But could their ever-shifting relationship become a rock-solid love?

Silver and Spice

by Jennifer Greene

Jake Rivard has been back in Grosse Pointe for only twenty-four hours, and already banker Anne Blake's well-ordered world is in chaos. Again. Every time the man with the sexy silver-gray eyes shows up, she falls into bed with him. And every time he walks away, there's an ache in her heart she can never ease. Now that she has the stable life she's always craved, Anne's not about to let him seduce her again. No matter how much she wants him to. Jake's not leaving this time without Anne by his side. He's determined to marry her, despite her insistence that their relationship doesn't work outside of the bedroom. All he asks is that she spend two weeks with him in Idaho's Silver Valley, managing his finances. And if it will prove to her that they have more in common than lust, Jake's prepared to keep his hands to himself for the whole trip. But is two weeks enough time to convince Anne that the only thing standing between them is the wall she's built around her heart?Previously published.

Single Dad

by Jennifer Greene

Mr. JuneDad: Josh PenoyerSons: Teenaged Calvin and BruiserDaughter: Six-year-old Patrice-a.k.a. "Killer"Missing Ingredient: A mom!How did one handle a kleptomaniac first grader? Solo parent Josh Penoyer was mystified by his youngest's latest hobby-swiping trinkets from Ariel Lindstrom's shop. Then he uncovered Killer's ulterior motive. She wanted a mother, and Ariel fit the bill!Ariel always had time for kids-including a certain sticky-fingered miniature matchmaker and her big brothers. In fact, the motherless brood-and their sexy dad-almost made her wish she were the marrying type....

Snow Day

by Jennifer Greene Barbara Dunlop Shannon Stacey

Tucker's Point three-day forecast: stormy with a chance of romanceHEART OF THE STORM by Shannon StaceyBrody Rollins is back in tiny Tucker's Point, Maine, for the first time in five years, and now he can't escape... from former neighbors, old regrets or maddening glimpses of his ex-fiancée.SEEING RED by Jennifer GreeneStranded at her grandfather's seaside cottage, Whitney Carr prepares to face the blizzard alone. But unexpected help soon arrives-in the form of her secret high-school crush.LAND'S END by Barbara DunlopTessa Ambroise is desperate to ditch the charming, infuriating hotelier circling her late aunt's century home like a vulture. But the snow piling up outside the mansion puts both their plans on hold.When a child goes missing, this perfect storm of cramped quarters and freezing temperatures brings old flames and new acquaintances closer together...but will they go separate ways once the sky clears?

The Soon-To-Be-Disinherited Wife

by Jennifer Greene

SECRETS, LIES. . . ;AND MONEYSocialite Emma Dearborn's future was all planned out for her: the perfect wedding, the perfect husband, the perfect life. Then Garrett Keating returned. He wasn't about to let Emma go through with her farce of a marriage, and he set out to stop her. . . ;seduction being at the top of his list. But if Emma didn't walk down the aisle by her birthday, she stood to lose an inheritance worth millions. Just how far would Garrett be willing to go to have Emma? All the way to the altar?


by Jennifer Greene

They couldn't be any more differentPoppy Thompson: The self-proclaimed homeliest woman in town, she deals with animals for a living rather than people.Bren Price: The ever-proper minister's wife, she does everything her husband tells her, but lately her best just isn't good enough.They'd never even spoken to one another until a surprise inheritance brings them together. A fortune in sparkling jewelry could give them what each desires most-Poppy's surgical transformation, Bren's escape from her husband. Yet the real treasure just might be the friendship these two total opposites form once they discover all that glitters isn't gold.

Summer Dreams

by Jennifer Greene Kate Austin Stevi Mittman

Who's That in the Itsy-Bitsy, Anyway? STEVI MITTMAN In this lighthearted mystery, a decorator remodeling her family's beach house discovers her mother's lost love letters--to a Mafia don!Kokomo JENNIFER GREENE Crazy for the Beach Boys' Kokomo ever since she was a carefree teen, a successful attorney decides to visit the song's namesake Caribbean island. Too bad her assistant books her a ticket to Kokomo, Indiana, instead--where there's no beach, but a former flame is about to make waves. Summertime Blues KATE AUSTIN A woman pursuing her dream job in marine biology literally starts at the bottom--cleaning fish tanks at the local aquarium. Luckily, her handsome boss is there to ease the pain of climbing the career ladder.


by Jennifer Greene

For better, for worse. . . After nine years of marriage, Erica McCrery fears she's losing her husband. After Kyle's father died and the couple left their affluent lifestyle in Florida to take over the family business in Wisconsin, there has been a tension between them. The nights are as passion-filled as ever, but in the light of day, their relationship no longer seems to work. For richer, for poorer. . . Kyle works long hours, keeps Erica in the dark about financial matters and doesn't seem to believe that she actually enjoys helping out in the woodworking shop. Erica is desperate to spend some time alone with her husband so they can work through their problems, but the situation becomes even more complicated when an old friend, notorious playboy Morgan Shane, invites himself for an extended visit. . . 56,000 wordsPreviously published.

Sweets to the Sweet

by Jennifer Greene

When single mom Laura Anderson rear-ends a vintage Austin-Healey while taking her baby to the doctor, the last thing she expects is to find her Prince Charming behind the wheel. There' s nothing quite as sexy to a new mother as a man who has a way with babies and comes bearing gifts of gourmet chocolate! Especially when his kisses inspire feelings she thought were lost forever... Chocolate baron Owen Reesling knows he should stay away from Laura, a woman still obviously wounded by the breakup of her marriage. But he can' t help but fall for the beauty-and her baby. He won' t push her into a relationship, but he' s determined to do whatever it takes to break down the wall she' s built around her heart and convince her to take another chance on love.Previously published.42,000 words

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