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by Judith Arnold

Riverbend. . . home of the River Rats--a group of small-town sons and daughters who've been friends since high school. The River Rats are all grown up now. Living their lives and learning that some days are good and some days aren't--and that you can get through anything as long as you have your friends. Aaron Mazerik is back!He isn't the town bad boy anymore, but some people still don't think he's good enough--especially not for Riverbend's Golden Girl, Lily Holden. Which is fine with Aaron, since he's convinced there's an even bigger reason he and Lily shouldn't be together. . . .

Blooming All Over

by Judith Arnold

There may be a bigger deli than Bloom's somewhere in the world, but there's certainly none better! That doesn't mean it's the only place Susie Bloom ever wants to dine, though. Writing The Bloom's Bulletin is a fun sideline, but Susie is keeping her options open...not just with the store, but also with tall, blond and handsome Casey, the ever-so-sexy Bloom's bagel master. Casey is pushing for marriage, but Susie has her qualms. Can a girl from Manhattan settle down with a guy from Queens?Susie's cousin Rick is an aspiring filmmaker, with his own recipe for success. After persuading the family to fund a Bloom's infomercial, he taps Susie to be the leading lady. But while Susie is filming in New England and aspiring to win at Cannes, Casey quits Bloom's to open his own specialty bakery. Not only that, he appears to have another woman in his life. It's time for Susie to decide on her order. Does she want canapés in Cannes, or a bagel and lox right here in New York?

Burning Bright

by Anne Stuart Maggie Shayne Judith Arnold

There's a reason three women are drawn to Burning Bright, a small candle shop tucked away in snowy Crescent Cove, Vermont...Return of the Light by Maggie ShayneDori Stewart's six-figure Manhattan job has vanished, and her lover and friends have vanished with it. She's scraping by as a waitress and awaiting the day she can return to New York in triumph. Maybe a ritual on the winter solstice can renew her wavering faith. What she needs is just the right candle...and Jason Farrar, an old boyfriend, by her side.Star Light, Star Bright by Anne StuartAngela McKenna is back in Crescent Cove after a painful divorce. As if that isn't enough, she discovers that her secret teenage crush is also back in town, hiding from the world. Her Christmas could use brightening up. Maybe if she bought a special candle...maybe if Brody Jackson was with her...One for Each Night by Judith ArnoldAlana Ross needs a candle, too, one to fit her late grandmother's antique menorah. Not just any candle will do. For Alana's first Hanukkah open house in Crescent Cove, everything has to be perfect. Maybe that'll make her feel more at home in her new town. It can't hurt. So far she's managed to alienate Jeffrey Barrett, the only man to show any interest in her, by accusing his uncle-in print-of a crime.

Courting Trouble

by Judith Arnold

The groom said "No"--The bride said "I'll see you in court!" Sophie Wallace never imagined jury duty as a good place to meet men--until she cast her eyes on gorgeous juror Gary Brett. Now they were working closely together--on a very unusual case. Sophie understood exactly how the poor abandoned bride felt. Then she learned Gary's verdict. He was siding with the groom! What was he thinking? Clearly the man who had been courting her so passionately had no idea he was courting trouble...

Dr. Dad

by Judith Arnold

Dr. Toby Cole, a widowed pediatrician, is delighted. Lindsey, his exasperating ten-year-old daughter, is out of the doldrums at last. A new friend has moved in next door. Well, not a friend friend. Susannah Dawson is the retired thirty-two-year-old star of the hit soap opera Mercy Hospital, who has fled to small-town Connecticut to escape the Hollywood glitz. Toby's sure she can be a positive influence in Lindsey's increasingly rebellious life. Before long, Toby and Susannah have to acknowledge that they are a positive influence in each other's lives. In fact, they've fallen in love. Toby is smitten with Susannah. Lindsey is smitten with Susannah. It sounds ideal. It's not!Maybe what Toby needs now is the Daddy School--to help him sort out the jealousy and disloyalty he and his daughter have started to feel.

Father Found

by Judith Arnold

Three single fathers are out to show three women that "father knows best" when it comes to babies and romance in this collection of three stories that were part of the successful Harlequin Superromance( miniseries "The Daddy School" by fan favorite Judith Arnold.

The Fixer Upper

by Judith Arnold

As the admissions director for one of Manhattan's finest private schools, Libby Kimmelman is overworked, underpaid-and totally overwhelmed by flowers, chocolates and other bribes from zealous parents determined to enroll their little Einsteins. The one parent who does intrigue her is Ned Donovan. Vermont-rugged, carpenter-sexy, he shows up in her office trying to explain how his ten-year-old genius son applied to the school without his knowledge.A widower with a lust for her marble fireplace, Ned is the kind of man whose natural earthiness seems so deliciously sexy in the city. His knee-melting offer to strip her floors almost makes her forget her annoying ex, her exasperating teenage daughter and the fact that she is about to lose her magnificent, rentstabilized New York apartment. But is this building renovator after his son's admission, her old apartment...or, incredibly, her?


by Judith Arnold

Matt Calloway He'd had his fill of fighting twenty years ago, but the way he figured it, when a buddy ripped you off, there was more than one battle to wage. Gary Villard Matt's former comrade in arms and a desperate man... desperate enough to swindle a man who'd saved his life. Linda Villard Gary's younger sister, whose teenage fantasies had been fueled by Gary and his war buddies-especially Matt "The Rock" Calloway. Now she had to choose between her brother and her love.

Fool for Love

by Judith Arnold Vicki Lewis Thompson Stephanie Bond

This April 1, anything is possible...Dare to desire...When Lena Walsh is handed a challenge to find the hottest guy she knows and take him out for an unusual date, she sets her sights on the office Adonis, Andre Dumont. But when silly turns to steamy, she doesn't know whether to laugh-or cry out his name....FOOLING AROUND by Vicki Lewis ThompsonDare to deceive...Eric McDaniels hatches up a prank he's sure will thaw boss Kate Randall's icy-cool exterior-inventing a secret admirer. That is, until Kate's frosty facade melts just enough to reveal way more heat than Eric can handle....NOBODY'S FOOL by Stephanie BondDare to discover...Thanks to a radio gag, Mark Lavin and Claire O'Connor find themselves "engaged"-even though they don't know each other! But when Mark and Claire try to prove otherwise, they find that the chemistry between them is far from funny....FOOLS RUSH IN by Judith Arnold

Found: One Son

by Judith Arnold

Finding was easier than keeping... He'd met her buying peaches in an openair market in sleepy, sundrenched San Pablo. They'd connected instantaneously, and that connection deepened into a magical, fierce love. Then Michael Molina disappeared without a word. Emmie Kenyon had put Michael in the past. But unfinished business compelled him to hire Finders, Keepers, a detective agency that specialized in locating lost loves, to track Emmie down. She was living a smalltown American life--with his son, a wonderful little named Jeffrey. Michael thought they could be a family. Convinced Emmie of it, too. Until a man from their past reappeared, and Michael and Emmie found they had to trust their love for each other--and for their son--or lose it altogether.

Heart on the Line

by Judith Arnold

Long Island born and bred Loretta D'Angelo is a hip, savvy TV producer for a seriously fluffy New York daytime talk show. Josh Kaplan is a sexy thirtysomething lawyer for Manhattan's less fortunate, a devoted son who still mows his mother's lawn.Josh and Loretta are just friends, because Josh has a girlfriend, Melanie-1,200 miles away in Florida. They're just friends when he agrees to become Loretta's "arranged" blind date for a ratings-boosting show. They're just friends when he pretends to be her boyfriend to get her marriage-obsessed family off her back. They're just friends when she visits the senior center where he plays chess. They're just friends when they fall into bed...and in love.Now what? Will Josh break up with Melanie? Will Loretta let him? Sometimes, if you want something badly enough, you have to put your heart on the line, even if it means doing something a little crazy....

Her Secret Lover

by Judith Arnold

DREAM LOVERShe knew it was ridiculous, but Martha Cooper was in love with her boss. She, however, was a mousy accountant while Blake Robey was gorgeous, sexy, a dream-come-true. In fact, Martha had had a very unusual, very erotic dream about the two of them...and ever since her fantasy, nothing in her life had been the same. To her amazement, Blake began looking at her with passion in his eyes and seduction on his mind...REAL LOVERAnd then she and Blake made mad, wonderful, incredible love. But he was still the boss and still the completely wrong kind of man for her. Except something was pulling them together. Could it be love? Impossible. But a girl could dream...."Judith Arnold delivers superb sensual tension, a sexy hero and...a touching love story."-Romantic Times

Hidden Treasures

by Judith Arnold

Erica Leitner knows all about big cities and culture--after all, she grew up in Boston and went to Harvard University. But her idea of the good life is owning a small farm in New Hampshire and digging a garden. So she's come to the town of Rockwell to plant roots--and zucchini--and make this place her home.Jed Willetz got his fill of Rockwell as a teenager and fled as soon as he could. He's back only temporarily to wrap up some family business. But his stay may be more exciting than he thought, because Erica Leitner--whom Jed is instantly attracted to--has found an antique box buried on land that used to belong to his grandfather, and Jed is thinking that the box and its bounty belong to him.Hidden treasures are at stake. And not just the kind inside the box!

Hope Street

by Judith Arnold

Her children are throwing a party for her fiftieth birthday. Ellie Frost will pretend that everything is fine. She'll pretend she's celebrating, not mourning. That all the children are still there, in her house as they are in her memories. That she and Curt are still in love, not on the verge of signing divorce papers. But her facade is about to be stripped away, laying bare her heart and soul. Curt and Ellie's marriage collapsed under the weight of their mutual grief--and her private despair. They lost not only a child, but the core of trust that made their relationship rock-solid. For one night, thrown closer together than they've been for months, Ellie and Curt confront the betrayals and guilt that have eaten away at their life together. But with love as the foundation, their "home on Hope Street" still stands--they just need the courage to cross the threshold again.

Looking for Laura

by Judith Arnold

Irrepressible widow Sally Driver, owner of a New Age coffee bar and mother of a sassy five-year-old, is trying to get on with her life.While packing up her late husband's clothes, she discovers a stack of letters-cloying, unbearably flowery love letters-from someone named Laura. Had Paul been sneaking out on her? She wants answers!Todd Sloane was Paul's best friend, but he doesn't know anything about this letter-writing Laura. When he reads her love notes, he feels even more betrayed than Sally.What kind of guy doesn't tell his closest buddy he's having an affair? Todd wants answers, too!Forging an uneasy alliance, Sally and Todd start looking for Laura-but somewhere along the way, their passion for those answers turns into an entirely different kind of passion. Suddenly Paul's flaky wife is the sexiest woman Todd's ever seen. And to her surprise, Sally finds Paul's straight-arrow pal simply irresistible. Now what? Do they let go of the past-or keep searching for answers to questions that may no longer matter?

Love in Bloom's

by Judith Arnold

The Blooms have run the family deli for generations, and Grandma Ida isn't about to let a culinary mishap change that. So when her son, the president, meets an untimely demise, the iron-willed matriarch appoints granddaughter Julia to the top seat. Nobody is more surprised than Julia. But no one says no to Ida. And once Julia's inside the inner sanctum of Bloom's, family rivalries, outrageous discoveries and piles of delicious food begin to have their way with her. Will Julia's mother find out why her husband cared more about the business than about her? Is Uncle Jay, who married "The Bimbette," stealing brunch for a hundred every week? Will sister Susie, the poet and undiscovered artist, find love with the gorgeous bagel maker? Is the strudel weakening Julia's resistance to sexy journalist Ron Joffe--a man she suspects is after some of Bloom's deeper secrets? And will Julia discover happiness reconnecting with a forgotten passion, the blessings of family. . . and good food?

The Marriage Bed

by Judith Arnold

Joelle and Bobby. . . ;I'm aware my visit might have been difficult for you. Difficult? In fact, nothing would ever be the same again for Joelle Webber and Bobby DiFranco. They'd come a long way from their hardscrabble beginnings. They'd built careers, raised a wonderful daughter and two fine sons. Shaped a life rich with layers of trust and understanding, just like the carefully laid stones of the garden walls Bobby builds for his clients. And their life together would have remained solid if not for the unexpected intrusion of a former boyfriend of Joelle's and the long-buried secret he unearths. Bobby and Joelle have leaned on each other through countless crises, but now the very foundation of their marriage has crumbled. Can they put it back together one more time?Can they once again find a haven in their marriage bed-the one place above all where a husband and wife should be honest and loving with each other?

Married to the Man

by Judith Arnold

Reunited "Reading a Judith Arnold book is like eating chocolate-I can never get enough." -RomEx Reviews WHAT IF YOU THOUGHT YOU WERE DIVORCED-AND FOUND OUT YOU WERE STILL MARRIED TO THE MAN? If you're Jane Thayer, successful Boston lawyer and highly organized person, you hightail it to New Orleans, where your ex-husband lives. Well, he's not really ex, but that's what you're going to fix. Especially since you're engaged to Mark Dennison, a much more suitable man. But Cody Sinclair, the love match-and mismatch-of your younger days, isn't so sure he wants that divorce. Now what? His bad-boy ways used to thrill you-maybe they still do. Oh, oh. You and he make a deal: you get your divorce in exchange for helping him fight a sleazy lawsuit. Cody drags you through the steamy streets of New Orleans-not what you're used to. But the experience is instructive nonetheless. Because you find out that first love isn't all it's cracked up to be. It's more! First Love... Last Love

Men Made In America mega-bundle

by Gayle Wilson Jennifer Greene Judith Arnold Marie Ferrarella Annette Broadrick Rita Herron

Eleven amazing books, one great deal! The Men Made in America series features stories from all fifty states starring all-American cowboys, sailors, policemen, businessmen, ranchers and more! The first Men Made in America Mega-Bundle includes The Redemption of Deke Summers by Gayle Wilson, Found: His Perfect Wife by Marie Ferrarella, Arizona Heat by Jennifer Greene, Deceptions by Annette Broadrick, Dr. Dad by Judith Arnold, Send Me a Hero by Rita Herron, Tangled Lies by Anne Stuart, Love by Proxy by Diana Palmer, The Temptation of Rory Monahan by Elizabeth Bevarly, Mysterious Stranger by Patricia Rosemoor, and Bayou Midnight by Emilie Richards.

Right Place, Wrong Time

by Judith Arnold

Ethan Parnell and Gina Morante meet when they accidentally wind up in the same time-share condominium on the Caribbean island of St. Thomas. Right place for a tropical vacation, but wrong time for them both to appear--and for sure the wrong two people to spend a week together in close quarters. He's a Connecticut type--reserved, well-bred, a product of the best schools. She's a savvy Manhattan girl--a funky shoe designer whose warm, working-class family lives in the Bronx. So how come they end up thinking so much about each other once they're back in their own worlds after the wrong time is up?

Safe Harbor

by Judith Arnold

From the time they were eight years old, Kip Stroud and Shelley Ballard spent their summers together on Block Island, swimming, biking, exploring...and growing up. As teenagers, they argued about books, complained about chores and learned from each other a little about the way boys and girls viewed each other. They were best friends--until a tragedy in Shelley's life tore them apart. Twelve years later, Kip has had to face his own tragedy. When he returns to the island to heal, he discovers that Shelley is now living there, older and wiser but bearing emotional scars. He is scarred, too--something they can share as they rediscover their friendship. But comfort and compassion aren't love. Kip believes he will never love again. Shelley believes she can't love. Yet one night, their beliefs are shattered, and they realize they have a lot more to learn from each other.

'Tis the Season

by Judith Arnold

Evan Myers, divorced father of two, needs a baby-sitter fast to get him through a work crunch just before Christmas. He also needs a few Daddy School lessons to help him cope with his kids--their secrecy and odd behavior have really got him scratching his head. Beautiful, bewitching Filomena Albright can certainly assist Evan with child care for the kids. And a whole lot more, if he dares take the chance. Trouble is, both Evan and Filomena are reluctant to acknowledge that the magic between them isn't magic--it's real!

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