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The Angel Craved Lobster

by Shirley Jump

Will There Be Anything Else? Meredith Shordon has spent her entire life surrounded by corn and cows in Heavendale, Indiana. Now the Boston-bound girl is ready to ditch her homegrown roots for some big-city flash. Out with the apple fritters, in with the seafood linguine! But exotic food isn't the only new experience Meredith craves. She's ready for an education of the passionate kind, and for that, she needs a man who can show her all the flavors she's been missing--a worldly, no-strings attached hunk who can really cook up a storm. . . so to speak. A man like Travis Campbell. Party animal Travis has just decided to grow up. No more bars, no more parties, no more slaps in the face from scorned dates whose first names were as forgettable as his nights. Travis Campbell is now a man who will not be tempted. No more women. Period. Unless the offer is too good to pass up. Meredith finally has her challenge: Tempting Travis will force her to shed that Miss Holstein good-girl image and channel her inner sexy siren. But getting a taste of what she craves and Travis needs just might leave them both hungry for more. . .

Around the Bend

by Shirley Jump

Thelma and Louise they're not.First of all, Hilary and Rosemary Delaney are not friends--worse, they're mother and daughter. Hilary's a wayward thirty-something running from a marriage proposal, and Rosemary's her disapproving mother, a retired lawyer who can't drive and won't fly.So they're driving together across country.In a cherry-red Mustang.With a potbellied pig named Reginald, and a life-size cutout of Rosemary's late husband.Should be a fun trip.As the miles tick by, Hilary ponders why the word "marriage" has her so terrified and finds she's got a lot to learn--about her mother, love and life in general. Together, Hilary and Rosemary will discover what's around the bend...if they don't drive each other crazy, or drive off a cliff first.

The Bachelor Preferred Pastry

by Shirley Jump

Shes Betting Everything On One Hot Dish Olivia Regan is determined to make her new pastry business a success. So what that all of her marketing plans have backfired and no one, including her own family, thinks that she can succeed. What she needs is a surefire attention-getter. And snaring Daniel Worth--the sexiest, most eligible bachelor in Boston--by bidding on him at a highly visible auction is the way to go. Using Daniels celebrity to promote her business will be a piece of cake--if she can resist his considerable charms. . . Daniel Worth inherited his considerable wealth, good looks, and playboy ways from his father and grandfather. Hes never had to buckle down and work at anything in his life, and he doesnt imagine charming Olivia will be any different. But something about Olivias never-say-die attitude stirs Daniels own dreams. The girl may attract disaster like his family does money, but shes brave, smart, and downright adorable. Shes also the only person hes never been able to buy. And soon, Daniels got a new idea: walking away from his fortune to become his own man and prove to Olivia that hes the best investment shell ever make. . . Shirley Jump lives in the Midwest with a husband, two kids and a kleptomaniac puppy with a bad habit of dragging her underwear around in public. Because her real life is just too funny to be believable, she writes romantic comedies for Silhouette and Kensington, preferring the fictional world where dust bunnies dare not to tread.

The Bachelor's Dare

by Shirley Jump

Claire Richards was banking on winning the "Survive and Drive" contest at the local mall. The forty-five-foot home on wheels was her ticket out of Mercy, Indiana. But first she had to beat out a bunch of other contestants, including Mark Dole, her gorgeous childhood nemesis. The question was, could she survive living in such tight quarters with the irresistible playboy? Let the games begin! Mark had his own reasons for making this nconventional road trip. But the sexy hairdresser wasn't playing fair. The longer he was cooped up with Claire, the more Mark believed they could both be winners in the game of love....

Back to Mr & Mrs

by Shirley Jump

Cade and Melanie-high school prom king and queen-the golden couple! Twenty years on, the reunion's looming, and Melanie Matthews must let the world know that the dream is no longer true. . . ;. Somewhere along their journey Cade lost sight of what really mattered. He let work take first place in his life and lost the one person who lit up his world. Now he's determined to show Melanie that he can be the man she's always wanted, the husband she always needed. . . ;and win back her heart.

Best of Virgins Bundle

by Becky Barker Cathy Williams Carole Mortimer Shirley Jump Melanie Milburne Jane Sullivan

They may be inexperienced in sex, but when it comes to love, there's a lot they can teach a man. Discover the thrill of romance the first time around as ten "good girls" help their men discover there's nothing as intoxicating as the allure of innocence! Bundle includesThe Virgin's Price, The Virgin's Proposal, His Virgin Secretary, One Hot Texan, The Innocent Virgin, Undercover Virgin, A Single Demand, The Virgin's Seduction, Craving BeautyandThe Millionaire's Virgin Mistress

Boardroom Bride and Groom

by Shirley Jump

For gorgeous lawyer Nick Gilbert, an after-hours rendezvous with a woman usually means a romantic dinner, not a children's charity picnic. But he's game! Especially as his date is his rather prim but intriguing colleague, Carolyn Duff. . . . Watching her with the little kids, Nick sees a new side of Carolyn. He starts to understand the glimmer of sadness behind her dazzling green gaze. When the real woman behind the all-business facade is laid bare, Nick has never seen anyone more beautiful. . . .

The Bridesmaid and the Billionaire

by Shirley Jump

Bridesmaid Susannah Wilson has poured her dreams into planning the trip of a lifetime. The only trouble is, her locked-up heart is being opened by a brooding out-of-towner. Billionaire best man Kane Lennox is escaping the stifling expectations of New York. Being with Susannah, he's breaking the rules. Happily ever after isn't on his agenda. Yet he can't take his eyes off her. For the first time he has something that money can't buy-a woman who loves him for who he really is.

The Christmas Baby Surprise

by Shirley Jump

The secret to mend their marriage With an aching heart, Emily Watson knows her marriage is in trouble. She wants it to work more than anything in the world, so walking away from Cole is the hardest thing she'll ever do. But one last night together is set to change her life and her marriage forever.... Needing time to think, Emily returns to the one place that always feels like home: the Gingerbread Inn. It is the perfect setting to work out what to do with her little secret. And when Cole finds her, and her growing bump, he realizes that this Christmas, some things are worth fighting for....

Christmas Weddings

by Carole Mortimer Shirley Jump Margaret Mcdonagh

His Christmas Eve Proposal by Carole MortimerA quiet holiday in the mountains is all that Hollywood movie star Joshua Hawkley desires. Yet when irresistible redhead Rosie Harrison drops into his life and disrupts his peace, Joshua's desires begin to change. Can he convince her to hang around long enough to meet him under the mistletoe? Snowbound Bride by Shirley JumpA Christmas Eve blizzard leaves Marietta stranded in an airport with Reed Hartstone, the only man to ever break her heart. Perhaps rekindling the past may actually be their perfect Christmas present. Their Christmas Vows by Margaret McDonaghFrazer McIntosh knows exactly what he wants for Christmas--Callie Grogan. Despite his reputation as a fun-loving Romeo, Frazer is serious about his beautiful colleague. Serious enough to love her forever, if only she'll agree to be his Christmas bride. . . .

The Daddy's Promise

by Shirley Jump

HAVING...ANOTHER MAN'S BABYAnita Ricardo had moved to town to make a home for her baby-alone. She'd learned long ago that she didn't need anyone, not even Luke Dole, the sexy single dad she'd once fantasized about. But how could a hormonally challenged expectant mother steer clear of her former crush when he was so irresistible?Luke had never dreamed he'd again be face-to-face with Anita...a very alluring, very pregnant Anita. Once, he'd let her go. But he wouldn't make that mistake twice. Because now Anita needed him, and he planned to show her exactly what fulfilling the promise of fatherhood really meant....

The Dating Game

by Shirley Jump

NOW CASTING FOR LOVE AND THE AVERAGE JILL!The Average Jill: Mattie Grant, who'd trained for a spot on a survival show but instead landed on a dating show. Mattie had never backed down from a challenge, not even one as good-looking as Bachelor #1. Really, how hard could a dating game be? The location: A lavish mansion filled with twelve bachelors hoping to win Mattie's heart and $50,000-and one man with an ulterior motive....Bachelor #1: David Bennett, an undercover reporter, needed a story. He'd wanted phony contestants and reality show gossip-until one sweet smile from Mattie changed his strategy! The rules: In this dating game, anything goes!

The Devil Served Tortellini

by Shirley Jump

Alls Fair In Love, War, And Pasta For Maria Pagliano, too much of a good thing has always been a problem. Whether its men or carbs, she just cant say no. But thats about to change. For her high school reunion, Marias vowed to reinvent herself as a woman who has her life strictly in order. No more pasta, bread, dessert, or dating--even if the menu offering is one sexy chef named Dante Del Rosso. Everything about Dante is off-limits. From his come-hither smile to his sultry way around the kitchen in his Boston restaurant, hes too much temptation. . . for her taste buds and her heart. Just being around the guy makes her crave more. The only thing to do is go cold turkey on Dante. But he has other ideas. Now, this devil is out to woo his dream woman using every spicy, sweet, and sinfully delicious weapon hes got. And once Maria gets a taste of the real thing, how can she possibly settle for anything less?

Doorstep Daddy

by Shirley Jump

Maverick writer Dalton Scott demands solitude--not a baby on his doorstep! But he can hardly shut the door. . . . Though absolutely out of his depth, he's amazed when he finally gets the little girl to stop crying! Then beautiful single mom Ellie arrives, distraught that the babysitter left her precious child on Dalton's doorstep! Can this chaotic pair make him realize that too much of his life has been stored in fiction? With Ellie he could start a whole new chapter. . . .

Family Christmas in Riverbend

by Shirley Jump

A Christmas miracle: from tough daddy? Edward left Livia because he knew he couldn't give her the family and marriage she wanted. But when he's forced to return home to snowy, sparkling Riverbend, he discovers Livia has moved there, too-with her tiny baby in tow! Livia had hoped desperately that Edward would remain away until time blurred the memory of his lips on hers. Now, she longs for him, but how can she tell him her precious daughter is not just hers...but theirs?

Harlequin Romance October 2013 Bundle

by Susan Meier Shirley Jump Michelle Douglas Jennifer Faye

Harlequin Romance brings you four new titles for one great price, available now for a limited time only from October 1 to October 31! Experience the rush of falling in love! This Harlequin Romance bundle includes Single Dad's Christmas Miracle by Susan Meier, Snowbound with the Soldier by Jennifer Faye, The Redemption of Rico D'Angelo by Michelle Douglas and The Christmas Baby by Shirley Jump.Look for 4 compelling new stories every month from Harlequin Romance!

Harlequin Special Edition January 2015 - Box Set 1 of 2

by Kathleen Eagle Shirley Jump Stacy Connelly

Harlequin Special Edition brings you three new titles for one great price, available now! These are heartwarming, romantic stories about life, love and family. This Harlequin Special Edition bundle includes Never Trust a Cowboy by NEW YORK TIMES bestselling author Kathleen Eagle, The Homecoming Queen Gets Her Man by NEW YORK TIMES bestselling author Shirley Jump and Romancing the Rancher by Stacy Connelly.Look for 6 compelling new stories every month from Harlequin Special Edition!

The Homecoming Queen Gets Her Man

by Shirley Jump

Welcome Home, Meri Prescott! Roll out the red carpet-Meri's back in town! But how could the jean-clad beauty fishing for crawdads be Stone Gap's every-blond-hair-in-place princess? It seems the former Miss North Carolina has had it with pageants and perfection. Meri's home to care for her ailing grandpa and realize her dream of becoming a photographer. If she could just ignore her treacherous heart when she gets her first gander at her gorgeous, all-grown-up first love... Meri was sweet fifteen when Jack Barlow gave her her first kiss-only to break up with her a year later and ship out to war. The soldier who comes home has changed, just like Meri. Doesn't Jack know two can heal better than one? That it's what is inside that counts? And Meri's got so much to give to that special Barlow man.

How the Playboy Got Serious

by Shirley Jump

Riley McKenna has led a charmed life-until now! Cut off from the family trust fund, he's out on his ear and fending for himself.When he applies for a job at Stace Kettering's diner, she's not impressed by his blue eyes and easy smile. She has a strict zero-tolerance policy toward pampered playboys, having learned her lesson once already!Riley thinks Stace will fall for him like all the others-but he's about to discover that his playboy ways just don't cut it in the real world....

How to Lasso a Cowboy

by Shirley Jump

Love is in the air in Edgerton Shores-a matchmaking love lottery! But imagine poor Sophie Watson's surprise when her name's pulled out of the hat and she didn't even put it in. . . ;. No one likes to see the uptight little beauty in a fix more than straight-talking cowboy Harlan Jones. But his sexy smirk is soon wiped away when his name is matched to sweet Sophie's! A week of dates. It'll take only one to show them how mismatched they are. . . ;so whatwillthey do on the other six. . . ;?

If the Red Slipper Fits...

by Shirley Jump

Like Cinders, gossip writer Sarah Griffin has lost a shoe! But this is no glass slipper-it's an exclusive designer stiletto that could cost Sarah her job!Playboy CEO Caleb Lewis is no Prince Charming, but he does have Sarah's shoe. He offers the intriguing Sarah an ultimatum: in return for her precious shoe, she'll assist him with a commercial proposition-and this means getting up close and personal!Sarah learned long ago never to believe in fairy tales, but if the red slipper fits...

Just Married!

by Cara Colter Shirley Jump

Put on your party dress, grab a glass of champagne and a handful of confetti...Here comes the bridesmaid and the best man!Kiss the Bridesmaid by Cara ColterBridesmaid Samantha Hall didn't expect to catch the bouquet! Nor did she expect to receive a surprisingly attractive proposition from gorgeous guest Ethan Ballard: to be his bride for the day.Best Man Says I Do by Shirley JumpBest man Colton St. John has his future all planned out--until blast-from-his-past Vivian Reilly rocks up at the wedding. She's as much trouble as ever, but Colton can't seem to stay away....

Kissed by Cat

by Shirley Jump

The Cat Rules Rule #1: Cats have nine lives.Catherine Wyndham had used up her first eight avoiding mishaps and romantic misadventures. Now she had only one more left...and one last chance to find true love.Rule #2: Cats always land on their feet.Catherine usually did too, until she was waylaid one night by a purrfectly irresistible veterinarian, Garrett McAllister. He was so kind to her that soon her finicky heart began to melt, even though her inner feline told her she might be headed for a romantic crash landing! Rule #3:Good little kittens grow up, get rescued by the tom of their dreams and live happily ever after.Is that really a rule...or is it just another romantic furry tail?

The Marine's Kiss

by Shirley Jump

Report Card for "Student": U.S. Marine Nathaniel Dole "Teacher": Jenny Wright SKILLSReading: The children have this tough soldier wrapped around their little fingers. It's obvious the children hang on his every word. What more could a, a teacher, ask for?Speaking: Nate's knack for downplaying his heroic past makes him even more fascinating for the children-and their teacher.AREAS THAT NEED IMPROVEMENTInteraction with Others: It's clear that he's nearly healed, but Nate continues to keep his thoughts and feelings to himself. Perhaps he needs after-school tutoring and a little TLC?Physical Education: What's a woman got to do to get one little kiss? Maybe after the tutoring sessions...

Married by Morning

by Shirley Jump

Gorgeous playboy Carter Matthews's favorite things are women and money. But the business he's inherited is broke, and his beautiful new employee seems immune to his charm. hellip;Daphne Williams knows Carter's too rich and too handsome to fall for her. And anyway, she likes her perfectly ordered life just as it is. But Carter's decided to prove his reliability-by getting married! Ever-practical Daphne thinks the idea is ridiculous-even more so when she discovers that she's his chosen bride-to-be!

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