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The Anonymous Miss Addams

by Kasey Michaels

Harlequin's Reader's Choice program brings back four favorite Regency romances by Kasey Michaels. In this title, Pierre Standish is London's most eligible--and outrageous--bachelor. To prove himself a true gentleman, Pierre must perform a good deed. When he comes upon a damsel lying in the road who has lost her memory, Pierre is certain she is a well-bred lady, and her plight just might ensnare the "ton's" most unattainable rogue.

Bachelor on the Prowl

by Kasey Michaels

When Holly Hollis oversees her company's first wedding fashion show, she's in a panic. Worse still, she inadvertently assumes hot executive Colin Rafferty is her missing male model. Before he knows it, she's yanked off his pants, put him in a tux and tossed him on the runway!Colin was just stopping by to visit, but after getting a rather unorthodox taste of Holly's brand of sass and brass, Colin finds himself suddenly proposing to Holly the next day--over a hot dog! But model or not, Holly knows never to trust a man who looks as good as Colin. Especially if he's persistent....

Becket's Last Stand

by Kasey Michaels

19th Century. For years Courtland Becket had denied himself the only woman who stirred his blood, yet he could no longer pretend to ignore the lovely Cassandra. For gone was the girl he had once teased-replaced by a fully grown woman, adamant that they act on their long-denied feelings. It was time for the self-appointed protector of all things Becket to allow himself a taste of the forbidden.But passion's price might very well prove too high when an age-old enemy returns to wreak revenge against the entire Becket clan, leaving Courtland torn between his newfound love...and his duty to the family that means more to him than life itself.

The Beleaguered Lord Bourne

by Kasey Michaels

Harlequin's Readers Choice program brings back four of Michael's editorially-connected Regency romances. Kit Wilde, Earl of Bourne, pledged to return home from the war and flirt with every well-financed London lady. He did not intend to marry the first country lass he kissed. Being bound forever to Miss Jane Maitland should have sent the Earl scurrying--but he soon sees blatant desire in his bride's eyes. Reissue.

Beware of Virtuous Women

by Kasey Michaels

The perfect daughter...secrets within secrets, lies within lies. Adopted daughter Eleanor Becket is dedicated to her family and its welfare. She is also a commendable commander, and a keeper of secrets, most especially her own. Who would ever expect this fragile beauty, with her quiet ways and her unfortunate limp, to be capable of anything more than her accomplishments at embroidery and her mastery of musical instruments?Only Jack Eastwood feels the need to look more deeply at this self-proclaimed spinster, and what he sees-and the long-ago crime he suspects-lead both Jack and Eleanor to the very edge of desire and danger. As the Beckets feel the outside world looking ever more closely at the nocturnal activities taking place in Romney Marsh, as the Black Ghost rides yet again, Eleanor Becket is forced to risk her family, her chance at love, even her life, in one desperate gamble.

The Bride of the Unicorn

by Kasey Michaels

Caroline Monday knows better than to trust the dark and dangerous Morgan Blakely, Marquis of Clayton and England's infamous spy. Plotting revenge against a powerful enemy, Morgan will stop at nothing to secure Caroline's help-even claiming that she's a long-lost heiress and not the penniless orphan she'd thought herself. Yet as she's drawn into a world of old grudges and long-buried secrets, where the past is unraveled and the future uncertain, Caroline yearns to believe Morgan's words...and to give in to a desire that's stronger than her fear....

The Bride Plan

by Kasey Michaels

As proprietor of the Second-Chance Bridal salon, Chessie Burton couldn't exactly avoid thinking about weddings. But her good friends' quest to find her a man had her running for cover. Her safe haven used to be her store, until renovator Jace Edwards-and his hammer, nails and very naked chest-invaded her space. Soon Jace found himself wanting to be the only man in Chessie's life-but he'd walked down the aisle once before and vowed never to do so again. So how could he keep things light with a woman whose business was marriage? Especially once her friends dubbed him the perfect groom-to-be!

Brides of Privilege (The Coltons)

by Carolyn Zane Kasey Michaels Ruth Langan

[From the back cover] Legend has it that the famous Colton family sapphires shine brilliantly on only the women who are meant to be Colton brides. ... Meet three powerful and sexy Colton men who face the challenge of finding the right women-the brides of their hearts!

The Butler Did It

by Kasey Michaels

In this brand-new Regency romance, Morgan Drummond, the Marquis of Westham, finds his passions stirred when he meets debutante Emma Clifford, who is staying at his residence thanks to the Drummond's enterprising butler and a discreet classified ad. Original.

The Chaotic Miss Crispino

by Kasey Michaels

Harlequin's Reader's Choice program brings back four favorite Regency romances by Kasey Michaels. Valerian Fitzhugh is entrusted to escort an heiress from Italy to her family's English estate. Valerian is surprised when Allegra Crispino turns out to be a beautiful woman and an opera singer. Ever mindful of his obligation, Valerian escorts Allegra across the ocean--but once they touch shore, he can no longer deny himself a kiss from this maddening minx.

The Dangerous Debutante

by Kasey Michaels

A debutante dangerous indeed!What makes a lady? Morgan Becket wouldn't know. The scandalous debutante is being sent off to London to have her first Season in hopes a gentleman will finally tame her. Yet shortly into her journey she meets Ethan Tanner, Earl of Aylesford-of noble blood, but surely too wild, too unprincipled, too unsuited for Morgan. Or perhaps too well suited.Since Morgan has always wanted anything everyone else says she can't have, Ethan is perfect for her. But upon arriving at Morgan's Romney Marsh home where Ethan wants to ask for her hand-he's already had her body-she realizes her suitor may have an ulterior motive for making her his wife. And a deceived debutante is a dangerous debutante...Lord Aylesford, beware!

Dial M for Mischief

by Kasey Michaels

Meet the Sunshine girls-three mischievous sisters out to clear their father's name...and maybe get a little romance on the side.Hollywood darling Jolie Sunshine is accustomed to trashy headlines. But the shocking gossip surrounding her father's sudden demise has sent her over the edge...right into the arms of millionaire Sam Becket.Jolie and Sam once shared much more than a bed, till fame ended their escalating relationship. Now that very limelight is bringing them back together. With a murder to solve and a white-hot passion to quench, they're really about to give the paparazzi a field day.

The Dubious Miss Dalrymple

by Kasey Michaels

Harlequin's Reader's Choice program brings back four favorite Regency romances by Kasey Michaels. Forced to assume a false identity, "John Bates" travels to the Ear of Hythe's home to uncover a murderous plot. There, he finds Elinor Dalrymple, sister to the earl and mistress of the estate. Dismissing her as a spinster at first, John realizes this feisty damsel is dubious of his devilish rogue persona.

The Enterprising Lord Edward

by Kasey Michaels

As the marriage clock loudly ticks, Lord Edward Laurence's quest for a wife leads him to the unsuspecting yet ever-capable Miss Emily Howland, who is sure the Lord's sights are set on her innocent cousin. Determined to protect her charge from Edward's nefarious advances, Emily places herself in his path of conquest. Reissue.

Everything's Coming Up Rosie

by Kasey Michaels

What's a dedicated bachelor doing at a week-long society wedding celebration? Doug Llewellyn is being bored out of his skull...until a beautiful, unknown woman calls him "darling," then plants a big wet kiss on him. Suddenly boredom is no longer Doug's problem. Rosie Kilgannon, she of the big wet kiss, is also a guest at the wedding, and although she's used Doug as a way to escape an amorous admirer, that kiss was really something else! Why not enjoy each other for the week, no strings attached?Which might have worked, if not for the weeping bride, the suspiciously shifty groom, the neurotic wedding planner...and the fact that True Love often sneaks up on the unwary and belts them right in the chops!

Five's a Crowd

by Kasey Michaels

FOR HOLDEN MASTERS, ONE WAS ENOUGHSo having Taylor Angel constantly underfoot was more than any happy-to-be-single man could bear. But if he wanted to get his career back on track, he'd need Taylor's medical expertise. Only Ms. Know-It-All was driving him crazy with her sassy attitude and sassy body.To top it all, his vacation rental had suddenly turned into Grand Central Station, what with his meddlesome housekeeper, hot-to-trot sibling and an ex-girlfriend who had a problem with the ex part. The only way to get everyone off his back was to pretend that the infuriating, if alluring Taylor was his bride-to-be.Should be an interesting summer....

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Delivery Room

by Kathleen Eagle Kasey Michaels Emilie Richards

This single guy's biological clock's ticking and there's no bride in sight. How does he get a baby? Find out in New York Times bestselling author Kasey Michaels's love story Parents by Design. "Kasey Michaels delivers a humorous, poignant, powerful read." --bestselling author Joan Hohl. A hospital-bound single mother-to-be jumped into a taxicab and guessed she was in for the ride of her life--with the man of her dreams--in award-winning author Kathleen Eagle's Daddy's Girl. "Kathleen Eagle is unique and incomparable." --Harriet Klausner, Affaire de Caeur. He was talented, successful.. .and fatherhood was the last thing on his mind. But the stork--and a woman from his past--had other plans in bestselling writer Emilie Richards's A Stranger's Son. "Ms. Richards mesmerizes us with her vibrant storytelling." --Romantic Times.

A Gentleman By Any Other Name

by Kasey Michaels

Old enough to remember his beginning, Chance Becket has spent all of his thirty years trying to forget, hiding his unsavory youth behind a society marriage and a prestigious position with the War Office. But now the widower must confront his past and return to the windswept coast of Romney Marsh...where the ghosts of his childhood still linger.Newly hired governess Julia Carruthers is delighted to be in charge of Chance's young daughter and eager to escape the confines of London. Yet the excitement of the journey to her employer's strange home is nothing compared to the attraction between them. And when Julia sees something she should not, she wonders if Chance's sudden intentions are prompted by ungentlemanly desires or his need to protect his family's secrets.

Heir to the Throne

by Kasey Michaels Carolyn Davidson

This brand-new two-in-one volume contains the breathtaking conclusion to Harlequin's exciting crossline miniseries featuring the Carradigne royal family. One contemporary story and one compelling historical prequel follow five titles in the Harlequin Intrigue( and Harlequin American Romance( series. Original.

High Heels and Homicide

by Kasey Michaels

When mystery author Maggie Kelly pops across the pond for a movie shoot--accompanied by her once-fictional, now all-too-real (not to mention sexy) hero, Alexandre, Viscount Saint Just--shes in for a jolly good time . . . We are not amused. . . Dont get me wrong--there was plenty to laugh about when we first arrived in Merry Olde England to watch one of my novels being shot as a TV movie. Alex was delighted with the location (a seventeeth-century manor house), but horrified with the surfer-dude mimbo playing him. I, personally, found the situation hilarious. . . until the scriptwriter showed up. Dead. Lights, camera. . . action! No, not that kind of action. Hmmmm . . . on second thought. . . Okay, so things are suddenly getting hot and heavy between Alex and me--and our timing is atrocious as usual, what with the murder and mayhem. Suspects? Dont get me started. Theres Mr. Contemptuous Director, Ms. Man-Crazy Production Assistant, Mr. Fancy Pants English Actor, Ms. Diva Leading Lady, and. . . yours truly. Yep, I was seen arguing with the victim right before his unfortunate demise, so I am, as the Brits would say, in a bit of a pickle. . . "Light and funny, Michaelss latest should please her many fans. "--Publishers Weekly "Michaelss trademark wit and humor abound . . . Another outstanding mystery with a unique cast of characters. "--Booklist

His Innocent Temptress

by Kasey Michaels

This first title in a four-book miniseries on the "Texas Sheikhs", three cowboy brothers and their soon-to-be-discovered secret sibling, opens the story as eldest son Alex Coleman refuses to disgrace the family name by seducing an innocent like Hannah Clark. But when she turns the tables, the infamous horsebreeder finds her impossible to resist.

How to Beguile a Beauty

by Kasey Michaels

When her beloved dies in battle, Lady Lydia Daughtry assumes she'll never love again. Until a deliciously handsome duke awakens a part of her she never knew existed. But how can she have such feelings for Tanner Blake, who is a constant reminder of all she has lost?Tanner Blake, duke of Malvern, promised his dying friend he'd take care of his "dearest Lyddie." So how dare he covet the lush, lovely young woman for himself-especially since he is all but betrothed to another? His solution: find Lydia a suitable husband immediately. But when both their lives become fraught with mystery and danger, Tanner's vow becomes intensely personal...renewing his desire to keep Lydia by his side forever.

How to Tame a Lady

by Kasey Michaels

Lady Nicole Daughtry has vowed never to be vulnerable to any man. Despite the many suitors vying for the dazzling beauty's hand, she has seen the damage love can inflict and wants no part of it. Until she meets Lucas Paine, Marquess of Basingstoke, whose aura of danger and mystery draws her like no other....Lucas is a man with a mission-and a powerful thirst for revenge. The last thing he can afford is the distraction of a pretty face. But a scandalous affair with Nicole could be just the cover he needs to outwit his enemies. With treachery everywhere, and Nicole's very life in his hands, Lucas will face his greatest challenge yet-to keep the lady safe from harm...and his heart safe from her.

How to Tempt a Duke

by Kasey Michaels

How to tempt a duke? By refusing to be tempted at all...He'd returned from war a duke. Now Rafael Daughtry was battling a force more terrifying than Napoleon's army-his family. Thankfully, his childhood friend Charlotte Seavers had agreed-reluctantly-to a bargain. While Rafe would provide her with the home she'd lost, Charlotte would provide him with a chaperone for his unruly twin sisters.But who would chaperone Rafe? For the feisty young girl he remembered had blossomed into a sensual woman-a woman whose haunting beauty and deeply kept secrets drew him like no other. Charlotte had good reason to mistrust men-yet could Rafe's sizzling seduction convince her to give in to temptation?

How to Wed a Baron

by Kasey Michaels

He is but a pawn in someone else's game. With no choice but to do the prince regent's bidding, Justin Wilde must marry-marry!-a woman not of his own choosing. And for the man notoriously referred to as the Bad Baron, marriage is the last thing he wishes to consider. Especially when the bride has the beauty of an angel but the devil's own temper.... Stunned to find herself married to a stranger, Alina vows to uncover the reason behind their forced union. Yet the more time she spends with her roguish husband, the less the past seems to matter. But when the truth behind their wedding at last emerges, will it strengthen their fragile bond-or shatter their lives forever?

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