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Awakening Alex

by Ruth Langan

Running the Snug Harbor Lodge had fulfilled Alex's life - until rough-hewn Grant Malone appeared seeking shelter. Though danger surrounded the handsome stranger, Alex couldn't keep her distance.

Badlands Heart

by Ruth Langan

Kitty Conover was a familiar figure in Misery. Dressed in buckskins, with her yellow curls tucked under a widebrimmed hat, she'd been known to follow a herd of mustangs for weeks. She felt as comfortable under the stars as she would in her own bed. She knew every odd-shaped rock, every mountain peak, every bend in the trail. As for surprises, she'd learned years ago to expect the unexpected and ride them to their conclusion.But Bo Chandler was the one surprise Kitty couldn't handle. While nursing the badly wounded Bo, she'd felt the first stirrings of true love-and didn't like it one bit! She might know a thing or two about mustangs, but men were a completely different breed. And she wasn't about to trust her heart to a stranger who could spark her passion as fast as a lightning bolt lights up the sky!

Badlands Law

by Ruth Langan

Sheriff Conover knew trouble when he saw it-and Billie Calley was definitely big trouble. Problems erupted from the moment she arrived in the Badlands town of Misery. But the brawls over Billie in the Red Dog Saloon were nothing compared to the war Gabe was waging with his unexpected desire for the mysterious woman! And when Billie was accused of murder, the by-the-book sheriff would have to decide which master to follow-the law...or his heart?

Badlands Legend

by Ruth Langan

Yale Conover lived for the thrill of the game. And though he was a man who scorned most of the laws made by mere men, he never actually considered himself an outlaw. He preferred to think he was a law unto himself.Now his own code of justice had brought Yale's life full circle, for a decision to help a widow and children escape a gang of cutthroats had reunited him with Cara McKinnon, the girl he'd left behind. A girl no more, Cara had become a courageous, captivating woman who made him hunger for things a man like him normally avoided: home, hearth and the love of a good woman! But could their rekindled love survive a desperate flight through the Badlands?

Banning's Woman

by Ruth Langan

Rescuing beautiful women in distress is all in a day's work for police captain Christopher Banning. Until the day the ruggedly handsome cop realizes it's Mary Brendan Lassiter, freshman congresswoman from Maryland, that he's saved from a mugger. Enchanted by her turquoise eyes and quick mind, Chris falls hard for the plucky redhead. But Mary Bren has made more than a few enemies as chairwoman of a committee investigating corruption in the D.C. police department. And when a stalker threatens her life, Chris is determined to keep Mary Bren safe, whatever it takes....

The Betrayal

by Ruth Langan

Born Of Highland Magic, She Had Witchcraft In Her SoulBut Grant MacCallum had need of Kylia Drummond's power. How else could he expose the traitor in his clan? Yet journeying with the beauteous sprite summoned an unexpected breed of magic, stirring longings for love everlasting with Kylia by his side!Kylia had always known he would come-a young laird with need and sorrow warring in his eyes. Her Sight was true; their connection, Fate. So when Grant MacCallum proposed his dangerous quest, she readily agreed. But would leaving the paradise of the Mystical Kingdom be a hellish mistake-or would she find sweet heaven in his arms?


by Ruth Langan

A World of Darkness and Mystery... That was what Olivia St. John discovered when she arrived at Blackthorne to serve as governess. But she was determined to uncover the secrets that haunted the estate of Lord Quenton Stamford, and bring the enigmatic nobleman out of his self-imposed gloom. Quenton Stamford had vowed that he would never trust a woman again. Until Olivia St. John came into his life. Her determination to overcome her own hardships had woken him from a long and lonely nightmare. But could he ever follow her example and learn to live--and love--again?


by Ruth Langan

THE O'NEIL SAGA A family driven by destiny! Briana O'Neil... Regaled with tales of her brothers' adventures, Briana hoped to follow in their footsteps and fight for the freedom of their homeland. But while she'd dreamed of joining the fray, she'd never considered that she herself would ever fall victim to an enemy's sword... Keane O'Mara... When embittered Keane O'Mara found the wounded Briana, he thought the fight for freedom had claimed another innocent, but her remarkable recovery lit a spark of hope deep within him. And he knew that with this woman by his side they would soon regain what was rightfully theirs!

Brides of Privilege (The Coltons)

by Carolyn Zane Kasey Michaels Ruth Langan

[From the back cover] Legend has it that the famous Colton family sapphires shine brilliantly on only the women who are meant to be Colton brides. ... Meet three powerful and sexy Colton men who face the challenge of finding the right women-the brides of their hearts!

Bump in the Night

by Ruth Langan J. D. Robb Mary Blayney Mary Kay Mccomas

Enter a world where no boundaries exists, and where every seduction is supernatural... 4 stories by 4 authors of otherworldly suspense. Includes Haunted in Death by J. D. Robb.

By Honor Bound

by Ruth Langan

When Micah Lassiter made a promise, he kept it--no matter what it cost him. But his latest undercover assignment--protecting a wealthy man's daughter from the crazed killer stalking her--was testing that rock-solid code of honor as nothing ever had. Prudence Street was too independent to accept anyone's help, so he had to make her believe he was nothing more than her new next-door neighbor. But watching over this beautiful, beguiling woman had turned into the sweetest torture he had ever known. And it had led him to make another promise--to himself. When this was over, when she was safe at last, he meant to make her his--forever.


by Ruth Langan

THE O'NEIL SAGA A family driven by destiny! An Honorable Rogue... Gifted with a smooth tongue and a sharp blade, Conor O'Neil sought to avenge the hardships his people had endured. But while he played a risky game of politics and power, Emma Vaughn played an even riskier game still. An Innocent Seductress... Emma was shy and innocent, until she arrived at the queen's court with one duty-filled goal--to turn Conor O'Neil's attentions from intrigue to pleasure. But though each flirtatious caress brought her closer to success...Emma was beginning to wonder on which side her true loyalties lay.

The Courtship Of Izzy Mccree

by Ruth Langan

The Way To A Woman's Heart... Isabella McCree wanted to be loved. So she traded her lonely Eastern existence for life in a mountain cabin with her rugged mail-order husband and his brood. But could she ever put her haunting secrets behind her and become a "real" wife? Between raising four children and training wild stallions, Matt Prescott had no idea how to court a woman again. Especially not a shy beauty like Isabella. Yet when he looked into her blue-green eyes he saw strength--as well as a pain that mirrored his own--and knew he'd somehow find the way to her heart.

Dead of Night

by Ruth Langan J. D. Robb Mary Blayney Mary Kay Mccomas

From four bestselling authors, four paranormal stories that breach the boundaries of time and reality. Includes Eternity in Death by J. D. Robb.


by Ruth Langan

Diamond Assets By Ruth D. Kerce. Hunter Dunlap, co-owner of Everlasting Love, wants nothing to do with romance since his wife left him for his assistant--a woman. His new assistant, Ronni Strickland, is perfect with her big glasses and strict appearance, because she's not his type. On Valentine's Day, while they are checking out a resort for the company, Hunter discovers they're booked into a section called Bondage Bay. Now he's looking at Ronni with new eyes and a need to discover what she's hiding under that all-business exterior of hers. Diamond In the Rough By Ruby Storm. With a stroke of Cupid's red pen, Claire Holliday and Brian Valentine's lives are changed forever. Two lonely people, each coping with emotional wounds, and believing wholeheartedly that exceptional love and fiery passion will forever be beyond their reach. Little do they know that love cannot be suppressed. The heated touch of shared acceptance can capture the wounded heart and magically heal it. Who's to know what force really brings lonely souls together. It could be simple fate, or maybe Cupid actually exists, and continually stands guard over our hearts. Diamond In the Snow By Diana Hunter. When a sudden snowstorm unexpectedly gives her the afternoon off from school, all Carolyn Brooks intends is a night at home grading papers. But when her car slides off the road, Paul Anderson--an arrogant but gorgeous man who is head of the English department--rescues her. He takes her to his home, and Carolyn finds herself drawn to this modern knight. But Paul has a secret... and determines the petite elementary schoolteacher is too delicate a flower for his dark tastes. He knows what she does not. That he is not the White Knight, but the Black.

Dulcie's Gift

by Ruth Langan

A Secret Too Terrible To Tell Dulcie Trenton had risen from the ashes of war, determined to build a new life for herself. Yet the price of survival was high, and could cost her the love of Cal Jermain, whose honesty was as raw and as real as his passion. Weary and bitter, Cal needed a miracle, and Providence had provided one when Dulcie and her ragtag band of orphans invaded his island, shattering his grief. But could a man who'd knocked at Hell's gate ever hope to hold an angel in his arms?

Highland Heather

by Ruth Langan

The queen lifted a bejeweled hand and pointed at Brenna. "Look at her. Is that blood upon her gown, Morgan?" Morgan flushed uncomfortably. "Aye, Majesty." "Her blood?" "Mine." "You subdued her with your sword?" "She attacked me with a knife." "This small female managed to wound Morgan Grey?" The queen's eyes danced with unconcealed humor. "Can it be that the man who subdues entire armies cannot control one woman?" Some descriptions of sex.

Highland Sword

by Ruth Langan

A Witch, A Warrior And The Wilds Of Scotland...!'Twas like a quest out of legend, Merrick MacAndrew knew, but he would risk anything to save his dying son-even kidnapping Allegra Drummond, whose mystical healing talents ran apace with her power to set his heart ablaze!What enchantment, this? A giant of a Highland lord had torn Allegra Drummond from idyllic seclusion to do his bidding! No matter that his reasons were noble, rousing her compassion and concern. Merrick MacAndrew had used a life-transforming magic of his own to bind her to him forever-heart, body and soul!

His Father's Son

by Ruth Langan

From the moment Summer O'Connor laid eyes on him, she knew she was in trouble. Everything about Cameron Lassiter screamed success-from his perfect suit to his perfect smile. Summer knew all about guys like him. What she didn't know was that the high-powered attorney had a soft spot for people in trouble. Cam was more than happy to work with the beautiful social worker on a difficult case. Unfortunately Summer had a strict rule: Never mix business with pleasure. But the drop-dead gorgeous Lassiter with a heart of gold had a way of charming a woman once he got her in his arms....


by Ruth Langan

The Town Preacher And The Town Madam...Haunted by his sordid past as the notorious gunslinger Nevada, Reverend Wade Weston had declared war against sin in the small town of Hanging Tree, Texas. But he hadn't counted on the arrival of the exotic Jade Jewel, whose visions of building a pleasure palace threatened the peace of the community, and whose person aroused in him passions that threatened to claim his immortal soul.Diamond, Pearl, Jade and Ruby, The Jewels of Texas. Four sisters as wild and vibrant as the untamed land they fought to protect.

The Knight and the Seer

by Ruth Langan

Arriving home, warrior Andrew Ross discovered his castle ravaged by fire, his father and all who lived within its walls dead. Yet alive amidst the carnage was a woman with the face of an angel who claimed to have special powers. Had Andrew's enemy sent her to destroy him-or could she do as she claimed and wield her magic to uncover his enemy?Gwenellen Drummond had always struggled to control the mystical powers that ran in her family-until a spell gone awry brought her to the aid of a fierce Highland laird out for vengeance, and her true gift was revealed. But would she win Andrew's love and trust in time to save his clan...and his shattered soul?

The Lost

by Ruth Langan J. D. Robb Mary Blayney Patricia Gaffney

Four "New York Times"-bestselling authors venture into a world where the rules of love, of time, and of place can be forever lost. Includes Missing in Death by Robb, and tales by Patricia Gaffney, Mary Blayney, and Ruth Ryan Langan.

Loving Lizbeth

by Ruth Langan

Never before had a guest at Stafford Cottage triggered sensual tremors in the reserved innkeeper, but Colin St. James was like an earthquake to her soul. Hurt once by false love, Lizbeth had poured herself into work, but she deeply desired a family. With Colin. But these were flimsy dreams, for he was filled with wanderlust-- and Lizbeth-lust-- not love.


by Ruth Langan

From the wilds of Montana emerges one last Jewel, an unknown brother burning with hatred for his father's might legacy. Malachite-as wild and untamed as the devil stallion he has vowed to vanquish. But he cannot conquer the way his Comanche blood rages for gentle mother and widow Millie Potter. For in her devoted gaze and loving arms he knows his lonely heart has finally found a home.The Jewels of TexasThe Infamous Jewels of Texas-Diamond, Pearl, Jade And Ruby-Must Face One Final Secret....

Men Made in America Mega-bundle part 3

by Kelsey Roberts Kathleen Eagle Curtiss Ann Matlock Ruth Langan Paula Detmer Riggs Patricia Coughlin

Eleven amazing books, one great deal! Get more of the all-American men you love with this bundle! The Men Made in America series continues with more heroes from all fifty states, including an Oregon Navy SEAL, a Rhode Island marine archeologist, a Tennessee country music star, and much more! The Men Made in America Mega-Bundle 3 includes A Time and a Season, Murdock's Family, The Bargain, The Silent Groom, For Old Times' Sake, To Love a Dreamer, Cowboy Be Mine, Baby Business, The Paternity Test, All in the Family and Midnight Wishes.

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