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Acquiring Mr. Right

by Laurie Paige

Brilliant and beautiful executive Krista Aquilon was shocked when the struggling appliance company she'd slaved over for years was sold in a surprise takeover bid. And even more surprising was her new billionaire boss, corporate raider Lance Carrington. Decisive and dominant, ruthless businessman Lance always put his work first. But as impressed as Lance was with Krista's sharp financial mind and innovative ideas, there was another reason he couldn't get his newest employee out of his mind. What sizzled between him and Krista was more tantalizing-and complicated-than any white-knuckled negotiation. Now it was up to Lance to make sure things weren't strictly business. . . ;.

The Baby Pursuit

by Laurie Paige

FBI agent Devin Kincaid is assigned the urgent task of tracking down the abducted grandson of the rich and powerful Ryan Fortune. A determined loner whose grit and tenacity make him the best man for the job, the last thing Devin needs is the help of the boy's aunt, Vanessa Fortune. First, she's too emotionally involved, and second, she's way too much of a temptation he doesn't need. A criminal psychologist, Vanessa can't sit on the sidelines while her family lives its worst nightmare. She's not running from the fierce attraction between them, but knows Devin is doing everything he can to convince himself that a Fortune heiress and a street-smart cop don't mix. But as tensions rise, passions flare and soon dangerous situations call for desperate measures--and a willingness to trust all they've got.

Christmas Kisses for a Dollar

by Laurie Paige

The one sale he couldn't resist... As soon as rancher Jon Sinclair put down his twenty dollars at a kissing booth, florist Anne Hyden knew she was in for it. Mr. Sex-in-Pants certainly wasn't the type to settle for a quick little peck. But Anne wasn't expecting to actually swoon in the guy's arms. Unfortunately, Anne had a problem. She had a heart condition that ensured her life was as dull and safe as it could get-and Jon was hardly "safe." In fact, he was just the sort of guy to make a girl's heart give out altogether. And she still owed him nineteen more kisses....

The Cowboy Next Door & Meant for You

by Patricia Knoll Laurie Paige

Two original full length stories! In Paige's "The Cowboy Next Door, " Cybil buys a ranch in order to lead a life of serenity and purpose. Then she meets her sexy neighbor Mason Faraday. And in Knoll's "Meant for You, " Caitlin and Jed have problems. They don't see eye to eye on anything--except their inability to keep their hands off of each other.

The Devil You Know

by Laurie Paige

JUST MARRIED!VERONICA DALTON AND ADAM SMITH, AFTER A SHORT ENGAGEMENT...Sparks sizzled from the moment beautiful computer whiz Roni Dalton laid eyes on Adam Smith. But a year after their initial meeting, one torrid night of passion together left them with more than they bargained for: a marriage license!DID THE DEVIL MAKE HIM DO IT?Feeling honor-bound to his new bride, the FBI agent agreed to commit himself to his wife, at least temporarily. But Roni couldn't just settle for the marriage of convenience her husband demanded. She had to convince Adam that her love was worth the ultimate gift-his heart.

A Family Homecoming

by Laurie Paige

Two holiday tales in the Montana Mavericks: Return to Big Sky Country series are available in these specially priced editions. Reissue.


by Laurie Paige

A NEW YEAR'S EVE MIRACLE... Celia Campbell was thirty and unwed--and newly pregnant by the man of her secret dreams. Who could have guessed that one impulsive night of passion with rogue rancher Hunter McLean would grant her a precious gift, a child to call her own? Now the brooding bachelor was insisting on marriage, but he'd made it clear his heart wasn't part of the bargain. Yet Celia knew she could offer him and his troubled young son something wonderful in return.... THAT'S MY BABY! Sometimes bringing up baby can bring surprises...and showers of love!

Found In Lost Valley

by Laurie Paige

THEY HAD PASTS THEY WANTED TO FORGETAnd Seth Dalton wasn't about to reveal the truth about his-not even to the tempting auburn-haired enigma who'd haunted him. Childhood secrets guaranteed marriage would never be in Seth's future. So why was he sharing close quarters with the one woman who challenged his vow?Amelia Miller's sprained ankle would heal-thanks to her uninvited caregiver. But Seth's heated looks and tender ministrations reopened wounds she thought time had long mended. Amelia knew she could help the emotionally guarded Dalton find peace-but first they both had to overcome the pain in their pasts and learn to love again....

The Guardian's Bride

by Laurie Paige

THE GUARDIAN'S MARRIAGE PLANS First: Find the perfect husband Debonair--and exasperated--guardian Colter McKinnon had promised vibrant heiress Belle Glamorgan's father he'd find her a suitable groom. Too bad it meant that he--a self-made man--was out of the running. But he'd search the cream of Texas society to find someone worthy of Belle.

Her Montana Man

by Laurie Paige

She was back on his turf...pregnant!A mysterious death had brought Dr. Chelsea Kearns back to Rumor, Montana, an assignment the forensics expert hadn't been savoring. She would have to face Pierce Dalton. Successful businessman. Town mayor. Brother to her best friend. Former lover...Unable to resist, Chelsea found herself back in Pierce's passionate embrace, picking up where they left off years ago. To boot, she was now pregnant!Chelsea's life was about to get much more complicated. She tried to keep her news secret. But once the good mayor discovered the truth, he wasn't about to let his happily-ever-after get away from him-again-without a fight!

Husband: Bought And Paid For

by Laurie Paige

Marriages of convenience are featured in these two full-length novels by two fan favorites. In Gray's "The Bride Price, " a man used to getting what he desires decides he wants a sexy small-town mechanic. But she's not for sale--or is she? And in Paige's "Husband: Bought and Paid For, " a would-be heiress stalked by greedy relatives proposes to the man she's hired to keep her safe. Reissue.

A Kiss in the Moonlight

by Laurie Paige

LYRIC GIBSON FELT LIKE A VERY UNWELCOME GUESTWhen she'd agreed to accompany her aunt Fay to Seven Devils Ranch, Lyric hoped that the invitation was at the request of Trevor Dalton-a man who had stirred her desire from the moment she'd laid eyes upon him. But from the instant she arrived in Idaho, the independent Texan knew her hunch had been utterly wrong. Trevor would hardly acknowledge her existence!Lyric had always mesmerized Trevor, but she had pushed him away before...for a fiancé that he hadn't even known existed. Could Lyric make him understand the truth behind her deceit-and unleash the passion and love that burned in them both?

Live-In Mom

by Laurie Paige

BOY WANTS MOM...Little Jonathan Macklin knew there was something special about Carly Lightfoot. Not only did she have pretty hair, she wasn't afraid of horses or frogs. She could also get his dad mad faster than any other woman around-and then make him laugh. And there was something about the way his dad looked at her....But Jonathan's dad was a rough, tough rancher who didn't believe in love or marriage. So it was up to Jonathan-and Carly!-to show Ty Macklin that the next best thing to having Carly for a live-in mom would be to have her as a full-time wife!

Molly Darling

by Laurie Paige

Two novels of wedded bliss are in this volume for the price of one. In Christine Rimmer's "Double Dare", loyalty demands Joanna Vail marry Casey Clinton to secure custody of his nephew. And in Laurie Paige's "Molly Darling", Sam Frazier vows chaste Molly Clellend will stay that way--he just needs her to help raise his baby.

Montana Mavericks, Books 1-4

by Diana Palmer Jackie Merritt Myrna Temte Laurie Paige

The return of the Montana Mavericks: Tough cowboys who you can't help but fall in love with. Enjoy the first 4 books in the series: Rogue Stallion by Diana Palmer, The Widow and the Rodeo Man by Jackie Merritt, Sleeping with the Enemy by Myrna Temte and The Once and Future Wife by Laurie Paige.

Montana Mavericks books 9-12

by Cathie Linz Celeste Hamilton Rachel Lee Laurie Paige Allison Kent

The Montana Mavericks: Tough cowboys who you can't help but fall in love with. The series concludes with Books 9-12: Father Found by Laurie Pagie, Baby Wanted by Cathie Linz, Man With a Past by Celeste Hamilton and Cowboy Cop by Rachel Lee.

Mother by Design

by Susan Mallery Christine Rimmer Laurie Paige

Taking destiny in hand, three women were determined to have families of their own. . . but never expected true love to be part of the bargain!Nurses Rachel, Lily and Jenna never thought meeting Mr. Right would be so tough. After all, they were smart, attractive and surrounded every day by the sexy doctors at Portland General Hospital. As their biological clocks grew louder, all three decided it was time-husband or no-to have babies of their own. But pregnancy tested their friendship in ways they never thought possible. . . and made the notion of happily ever after seem out of reach. Of course, dreams sometimes do come true. . . .

The One and Only

by Laurie Paige

SHE WAS A ROCK IN HIS CONTROLLED PONDEverything came easily to Dr. Beau Dalton-until she walked in. Medical assistant Shelby Wheeling had secrets-big secrets. But that didn't ease the attraction that sizzled between them. Still, why was she refusing to open up to him? And why was she so intrigued by old medical records?Shelby couldn't put her past away until she accomplished one mission: find her birth parents. And no matter how much the sexy doctor made her heart race, she couldn't risk being sidetracked. But Beau's wicked loving ways seduced her from her determination to stay alone....

Only One Groom Allowed

by Laurie Paige

Well, Dina Dorelli, who's it gonna be...? Bachelor #1 The one your loving but meddlesome Italian family wants you to marry-you know, Tony what's-his-name-who's really a very nice guy, even if he doesn't exactly make your heart beat faster...or...Bachelor #2 Sloan Carradine, the arrogant, overbearing lawyer who's supposed to be drawing up your prenuptial agreement with old what's-his-name-but spends most of his time keeping that heart of yours racing a mile a minute...

The Other Side of Paradise

by Laurie Paige

A FAMILY FORGOTTEN?What self-proclaimed loner and rootless orphan Mary McHale couldn't anticipate, when she arrived at Towbridge Ranch for the winter, were the feelings her new surroundings stirred deep within her...a mysterious déjà vu unlike anything the relentlessly independent wrangler had ever experienced.Jonah Lanigan couldn't drive the haunting blue eyes of his new employee from his mind-or dismiss the notion that they were an eerie reflection of others he'd seen before. Could he help Mary piece together her fragmented past...and in the process, become part of her future?

A Place to Call Home

by Laurie Paige

Zia Peters has had enough upheaval for three lifetimes. Now all she wants is a chance to get back on track--without the distraction of a man in her life. Still, when old friend Jeremy Aquilon offers his spare bedroom and a temporary job, she jumps at the chance. After all, Jeremy has seen her at her worst, and vice versa--no danger of romance there! Except Jeremy is hardly the boy she remembers. In fact, he might be the most handsome man she's ever met, and her whole body knows it. Can she convince him that she's changed? And more important, can she convince "herself?"

The Ready-Made Family

by Laurie Paige

EVERYTHING HE WANTED. AND MORE THAN HE BARGAINED FOR. Innocent yet enticing, Isadora Chavez mesmerized tycoon Harrison Stone like no woman ever had. In fact, she nearly brought the sought-after bachelor to his knees. And that's when she made her shocking proposal: marry her-for one year-to secure her custody of her orphaned brother. Or else. Overnight, Harrison became a husband and father figure. But just who was his mysterious wife? A desperate big sister? Or a beautiful blackmailer with money on her mind? If it took twelve months, Harrison vowed to find out. He'd make Isadora wholly his. Or else.

Romancing the Enemy

by Laurie Paige

FALLING FOR THE WRONG MANSara Carlton was on a mission-to seek revenge against the wealthy businessman who nearly destroyed her family and drove them out of San Francisco years ago. Moving in next door to her nemesis's handsome son was part of her plan. Falling head over heels in love with him was not!Single father Cade Parks vaguely remembered Sara as the cute little kindergartner with whom he'd once shared a playground kiss. He couldn't resist the mysterious green-eyed beauty she'd become. But the more time they spent together, the more he came to believe that his lover was keeping secrets. Would the truth destroy his love for Sara-or forever ruin his loyalty to his father?

Second-Time Lucky

by Laurie Paige

For as long as foster dad Jeff Aquilon could remember, he'd viewed state social workers as one thing: the enemy. But that was before he'd met Caileen Hall, a woman who truly seemed to have his family's best interests at heart. Jeff had to admit that something about the pretty, passionate Caileen stirred "his" interest, too. Though single mom Caileen desperately wanted to help the Aquilons succeed, much to her daughter's chagrin, Caileen's strictly professional concern for Jeff soon mingled with feelings she hadn't encountered in years. But to make peace with her "own" family, would Caileen have to give up the love of her lifetime?


by Laurie Paige

ONLY ONE WOMAN HAD A MARK LIKE HERSOr so Sheriff Zack Dalton had thought. Still, even with the promise of a long-lost family, it took all of his persuasion to convince vulnerable siren Honey Carrington to visit his mountain ranch. Only when he had her home in his arms did he admit he wasn't sure who the mysterious beauty was-or what secrets she harbored.Honey knew she wasn't the woman the Daltons had been searching for, and considering the way her heart raced whenever Zack was near, that was good! But she was desperate for a place to hide so she went along with the scheme. Still, could she really risk her life-and her heart-just to keep her secret safe?

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