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Apple Blossom Bride (Serenity Bay Series, Book 2)

by Lois Richer

After a car accident, Ashley Adams came home to Serenity Bay to heal her broken body-and her broken spirit. Her former teen crush, Michael Masters, was the last person she expected to see in town. . . and he was even handsomer than she remembered. Planning the town's winter festival brought Ashley back in contact with the dedicated single dad, and Ash found herself falling for him all over again, as well as his darling daughter. Yet pain-filled memories of the past threaten their budding romance. Only Ashley's search for the truth can lead them to love beneath the blossoms. -

A Baby by Easter

by Lois Richer

After learning her marriage is a hoax, twenty-one-year-old Susannah Wells and her unborn baby have nowhere to turn. So she goes to her former foster sister's home. There she encounters a friend of the family-a handsome lawyer, caring for his special-needs sister. Needing a job and a safe haven, Susannah is grateful when David Foster hires her as caregiver for his sibling. She knows it's difficult for David to let others ease his burdens. Until he shows her just what a blessing she and her Easter baby are to him.

Baby on the Way

by Lois Richer

Baby on the Way Widowed and expecting, Caitlin Andrews believed there was no place in her heart for a man's love. And yet an unexpected encounter with Jordan Andrews-- her husband's brother, and the first man she'd ever loved-- made her question whether she was truly meant to be alone. Wedding on the Way When Beth Ainslow returned to her hometown, she wanted nothing more than to start a new life. But coming home meant facing Garrett Winthrop, the man she'd run away from so many years ago-- the same man making it clear he "still" wanted her in "his" life.

Blessed Baby

by Lois Richer

Brought together by Briony's niece, Briony Green and Tyrell Demens have their prayers answered as they recognize that they are meant to be a family.


by Lois Richer

Lonely, embittered physician Joshua Darling is overwhelmed. Struggling to raise his three daughters alone, he finds he must take on a new professional partner, Nicole Brandt. But in addition to providing relief for his medical practice, Nicole adds love and renewed faith to Joshua's life.

A Cowboy's Honor

by Lois Richer

He Didn't Know He Had A Wife. . . Or A Daughter Dallas Henderson had gone missing six years ago. At last his wife, Gracie, had her answers--an accident. . . amnesia. Still, she had their child to protect. Would rekindled love be enough to heal her doubts? Did she have enough faith to start over? Dallas knew he belonged with this woman and his precious child. And he knew God had led him safely home. He vowed to put things right. Because a cowboy always keeps his promises. Especially to those he loves.

Daddy on the Way

by Lois Richer

In this second book of the "Brides of the Season" series, Clayton Matthews has always loved Maryann MacGregor, even when she left town to experience the big city. After her cold and loveless husband dies, she moves back to town and finds Clayton ready to prove his love for her.

A Doctor's Vow

by Lois Richer

To fulfill a promise made to her twin, Dr. Jaclyn LaForge opens a children's clinic in Hope, New Mexico. She's determined to prove to the community that she's the doctor they need. But it's not just the children of Hope who need healing. It's the fractured town itself, including handsome widowed rancher Kent McCloy, who steps up to make her dream a reality. As they work together to renovate the clinic, two wary hearts are under construction, as well. Can sweet, stubborn Jaclyn show Kent that life-and love-are worth cherishing?

Ever After: The Wedding Quilt / A Will and a Wedding / A Bride for Dry Creek

by Lois Richer Lenora Worth Janet Tronstad

Steeple Hill introduces four paperback anthologies of previously published stories by some of Love Inspired's top authors. Each volume contains three inspirational romances collected by theme: marriage, healing, family matters, and reunion.

Faithfully Yours

by Lois Richer

TEMPORARILY YOURS Taking a new teaching job wasn't as easy as Gillian Langford had hoped. First she clashed with the school's proper--but very handsome--new principal, Jeremy Nivens. Then her aunt decided Jeremy needed a little matchmaking. Now everyone in town believed Gillian would soon be walking down the aisle, leaving her little choice but to go along with the "engagement." But pretending to be Jeremy's intended wasn't difficult at all--which truly had the unlucky-in-love Gillian frightened. For though she had decided never to risk her heart again, Gillian knew Jeremy could change her mind...if she dared give him the chance.

A Family for Summer

by Lois Richer

He never expected to be a father... Then suddenly he was raising twins! Jared Hornby has his hands full caring for his orphaned niece and nephew-and could sure use some help on the home front. Nurse Ashley Ross's motherly touch is just what they need. Having grown up in the foster care system, she understands the longing for a family. Although she told herself she would never get close to another man, helping Jared with the children forges a bond between them. Can he convince her to stand by him-not only for the summer but for a lifetime?

Healing Tides

by Lois Richer

The moment GloryAnn Cranbrook met her new patient at the children's clinic, she broke a rule by getting attached. But at least she felt something, unlike her handsome boss, Dr. Jared Steele. The man who'd once cared enough to open the clinic now refused to perform the technique he'd become famous for. The technique that could save the boy's life. Why? And could GloryAnn--and the child who needed them both--change his stubborn mind?

Heart's Haven

by Lois Richer

Handsome Boss Otherwise how would chef Cassidy Preston ever quit her job? Cooking at The Haven, a new outreach mission in Chicago, was temporary--payback for a huge favor. But the shelter was Tyson St. John's life. And it provided him a place to raise his orphaned nephew, a boy sorely in need of a mother figure and Ty's love. But something was holding Ty back from opening that hardened heart of his. Something Cassidy found herself working overtime to uncover. And, once she did, she'd have to prove to Ty that she should have a very permanent position. . . as his wife!

Heaven's Kiss

by Lois Richer

Love InspiredHeartwarming Inspirational RomanceThese touching stories in which realistic characters explore hope, faith and love will life readers' hearts and offer a joyful reading experience. In the fictional town of Blessing, Colorado, Dani DeWitt is struggling to rebuild her family ranch. But she soon finds friendship, love and support with the town's new doctor, Lucas Lawrence.

His Answered Prayer

by Lois Richer

Blair Delaney thought she had found the love of her lifetime in Gabriel Sloan. When he called things quits just before their wedding, it was as if he had walked away with her soul. But a part of Gabe had stayed with the baby he didn't know she was carrying.Had it really been six years? Suddenly Gabriel stood once again on her doorstep, as if he had somehow heard her little boy's fervent prayers. The dark-haired tycoon was offering Blair family, stability, security-everything but what all three of them needed most. Could a little child lead them to a lasting love?

His Winter Rose and Apple Blossom Bride

by Lois Richer

It's never too late for second chances in Lois Richer's heartwarming romancesHIS WINTER ROSEPiper Langley knows that she's just the woman to bring sleepy Serenity Bay back to life. But her impossible boss, Mayor Jason Franklin, isn't fully convinced. Will Piper's dream job quickly become the stuff of nightmares...or does God have other plans for her and Jason?APPLE BLOSSOM BRIDEAshley Adams's high school sweetheart was always the one who got away. Seeing Michael Masters again after decades made her teenage feelings rush back in an instant. But time doesn't always heal all wounds-not for Ash or for a hurting single dad. Only true faith can dispel the pain of the past....

His Winter Rose (Serenity Bay Series, Book 1)

by Lois Richer

After many happy summers in the peaceful town of Serenity Bay, Piper Langley had returned to help revitalize the sleepy village. Trouble was, Piper and her new boss didn't see eye-to-eye. Mayor Jason Franklin had the good looks and the take-charge attitude to earn him the town's respect, but not Piper's. To help the place they both adored, they had to find a way to work together. While his faith in God was strong, it would take an even stronger love to thaw the ice around Piper's jaded heart. Thankfully, Jason knew he was the perfect man for the job.

The Holiday Nanny

by Lois Richer

Workaholic single father Wade Abbot is away on business, as usual, when he receives a heart-tugging video from his four-year-old. The little girl hopes he'll come home for Christmas-and see her in the holiday pageant. With his harrowing past, Wade has always doubted his ability to be a good father, but he heads home to Arizona, determined to try. His daughter's loving new nanny, Connie Ladden, works overtime to help turn him into the father he longs to be. And with some help from his little girl, Wade just might turn his holiday nanny into a permanent wife and mother.

A Hopeful Heart

by Lois Richer

A hopeful heartMelanie Stewart knew her recent contest money would allow her to fulfill her dream of helping others. Until brilliant, handsome Mitch Stewart came along and claimed the prize was his! The town's matchmakers set to work, yet maybe it was God's own plan to join their two hearts in love. A home, a heart, a husbandWidow Maggie McCarthy struggled to raise twin daughters and maintain the family farm-until Grady O'Toole showed up at her door, bringing kindness, strong shoulders and second chances. But for Maggie, rebuilding shattered dreams required something doubly precious-faith.

A Hopeful Heart & A Home, A Heart, A Husband

by Lois Richer

A hopeful heart Melanie Stewart knew her recent contest money would allow her to fulfill her dream of helping others. Until brilliant, handsome Mitch Stewart came along and claimed the prize was his! The town's matchmakers set to work, yet maybe it was God's own plan to join their two hearts in love. A home, a heart, a husband Widow Maggie McCarthy struggled to raise twin daughters and maintain the family farm--until Grady O'Toole showed up at her door, bringing kindness, strong shoulders and second chances. But for Maggie, rebuilding shattered dreams required something doubly precious--faith.

Identity: Undercover

by Lois Richer

For Callie Merton, one of Finders, Inc. 's best agents, discretion had become a way of life. Even when she married fellow agent Max Chambers, there were matters she couldn't bring herself to discuss with him. But now that withheld information is threatening to break up her marriage. As Callie and Max embark on a fi nal case together, will Callie be able to reveal the truth and save her marriage--or will she allow her past to destroy her future?

Inner Harbor

by Lois Richer

This second book in Richer's Safe Harbor miniseries finds Russell Mitchard and Annie Simmons entering into a marriage of convenience. Soon, their arrangements becomes more complicated when love for a child, and love for each other, enters into it. Original.

Love Inspired March 2014 - Bundle 2 of 2

by Lois Richer Jean C. Gordon Lorraine Beatty

Enjoy these uplifting contemporary romances of faith, forgiveness and hope. This Love Inspired bundle includes North Country Family by Lois Richer, Small-Town Midwife by Jean C. Gordon and Protecting the Widow's Heart by Lorraine Beatty.<P> NORTH COUNTRY FAMILY: After losing his clients' life savings, former broker Rick Salinger went in search of redemption. Now a pastor in the remote Canadian town of Churchill, he focuses on his congregation and working with the kids at a center for troubled boys. But when the center's new nurse arrives with her own struggling son, Rick fears getting too close. Widowed mom Cassie Crockett once lost almost everything because of Rick--and he's not sure she'll ever forgive him. Yet he can't stop his growing feelings for her. He wants to help Cassie and her son build a new that just might include him. <P> SMALL-TOWN MIDWIFE: Autumn Hazard loves being a midwife. But a tragic loss has her doubting the path she's chosen. And her new boss isn't helping. She's worked with Dr. Jonathan Hanlon before, and he's just as handsome and seemingly perfect as ever. His presence could mean trouble for the clinic--and her sensible heart. Jon remembers Autumn, too. She's still beautiful, smart and oblivious to him. Maybe that's for the best--he's leaving the small town as soon as his training's done. Besides, he has secrets of his own, and he can't risk Autumn getting close enough to uncover them. Yet despite all their reservations, working beside each other doesn't feel like work at all...<P> PROTECTING THE WIDOW'S HEART: Ginger Sloan's had enough of heartache. She just wants a peaceful place where she and her son can start over and feel safe. Getting stranded in a lakeside cabin outside Dover, Mississippi, isn't part of her plan. Then again, neither is falling for the cabin's handsome owner. Injured on the job, detective Tyler Durrant retreats to his cabin to heal. He's shocked to find the single mom and her son there. And surprised at the way Ginger affects his heart. For the first time in years, he has hope for the future, but can he convince Ginger that she can find safe haven in his arms?

Love Inspired September 2013 - Bundle 1 of 2

by Lois Richer Brenda Minton Glynna Kaye

Love Inspired brings you three new titles for one great price, available now for a limited time only from September 1 to September 30! Enjoy these uplifting contemporary romances of faith, forgiveness and hope. This Love Inspired bundle includes The Boss's Bride by Brenda Minton, North Country Hero by Lois Richer and A Canyon Springs Courtship by Glynna Kaye.Look for 6 new inspirational stories every month from Love Inspired!

Mother's Day Miracle

by Lois Richer

A NATURAL-BORN MOM...Sometimes, when she thought none of the town's busybodies would hear, Clarissa Cartwright prayed aloud for a husband to love her, and a chubbycheeked baby-or two. But when a brooding single dad and his four orphaned nieces and nephews moved next door, Clarissa didn't think this was God's answer.Until an accident brought them all under her roof-and the now-desperate dad proposed marriage! Clarissa knew she would marry Wade Featherhawk for the sake of the children, but that didn't stop her from falling in love with the proudly independent man who was so determined to make a good life for his instant family. But could God make Wade see that Clarissa was not just a good mom-but the answer to prayers from his lonely heart, as well?

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