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The Accidental Princess

by Margaret St. George

Cinderella in JeansWhen Duke Nicolas Rondo strode into the dingy diner where Jana Laskowski waitressed and proclaimed her heir to the throne of his mountainous homeland, Jana thought he was joking. But there was nothing funny about the duke's intentions, the transfixing gaze of his dark eyes or the firm set of his sensual mouth.Being swept away to the castle of a handsome stranger was every bit as idyllic as it sounded in fairy tales-except the dashing duke was more disarming than charming. Swarthy and sophisticated, Nicolas took Jana's breath away, but did he want her...or her crown?

The Autobiography of Henry VIII

by Margaret St. George

Much has been written about egotistical Henry VIII. The author brings us his story as he might have written it himself, interspersed with comments from his jester and confidant Will Somers. Historical fiction. Includes a reading group guide.

The Drop-in Bride

by Margaret St. George

HERE COMES THE BRIDE ... First it was a red bikini top...then a green stiletto-heeled shoe...then a lacy garter belt. An odd collection to wash ashore on a secluded island in the middle of nowhere. Had Dax Stone been alone too long? Now all he could think about was the woman they belonged to. Then the next treasure came ashore-the sexy, green-eyed sea nymph herself. Carrie James made the reclusive Dax think of all sorts of crazy things-such as champagne and satin sheets, moonlight and ... marriage? If his bride-to-be's presence shattered his solitude, just wait till she told him her secret.

Fortune Cookie

by Margaret St. George M. J. Rodgers Janice Kaiser

Publisher's Note A collection of romantic stories about fate and destiny includes Margaret Sinclair's "Double Trouble," M. J. Rodger's "The Dream Doc," and "Dear Darcy" by Margaret St. George. Original.

He Said, She Said

by Jasmine Cresswell Margaret St. George

AS HE SEES IT. AS SHE SEES IT. BOTH SIDES OF THE STORY!DEV'S STORY, CATHY'S STORY.HE SAID-Exotic and romantic presentations left his audience begging for more. And Devlin Gilpatrick's moneymaking TV show proved his formula was a winner.SHE SAID-Her practical approach with a done-home twist was the crowd pleaser that made her show a success. And Cathy Mallory knew a thing to two about producing this.Their rivalry-and their passion-comes to a rolling boil when Cathy and Dev are forced to vie for a major shot at nationwide stardom.

Helen of Troy

by Margaret St. George

A lush, seductive novel of the legendary beauty whose face "launched a thousand ships" Daughter of a god, wife of a king, prize of antiquity's bloodiest war, Helen of Troy has inspired artists for millennia. Now Margaret George, the highly acclaimed bestselling historical novelist, has turned her intelligent, perceptive eye to the myth that is Helen of Troy. Margaret George breathes new life into the great Homeric tale by having Helen narrate her own story. Through her eyes and in her voice, we experience the young Helen's discovery of her divine origin and her terrifying beauty. While hardly more than a girl, Helen married the remote Spartan king Menelaus and bore him a daughter. By the age of twenty, the world's most beautiful woman was resigned to a passionless marriage-until she encountered the handsome Trojan prince Paris. And once the lovers flee to Troy, war, murder, and tragedy become inevitable. In Helen of Troy, Margaret George has captured a timeless legend in a mesmerizing tale of a woman whose life was destined to create strife-and destroy civilizations.

Joe's Girl

by Margaret St. George

FORTUNE COOKIEFollow Your DreamJoe Townsend had fallen in love with Molly Stevens in Mrs. Paulson's eighth-grade English class when she was the most beautiful girl in the school. Over the last fifteen years he'd watched her-in magazines and on TV-become the most beautiful woman in the world. Molly had always been a part of his fantasies-but now she was back....Joe had watched Molly live the high life-until her career went bust. She'd been "America's sweetheart," but now all he wanted her to be was "Joe's girl." But what would happen when she tired of potluck suppers and mountain nights under the stars...and the big city lights beckoned?How wrong could a fortune cookie be?

Mary, Queen of Scotland and the Isles

by Margaret St. George

This is a detailed but never dull account of the life of Mary Stewart, who was the queen of France during her late teens and the queen of Scotland for about 6 years after the early death of her first husband, frail, young King Francois. Though she was born and raised to rule Scotland, its people who were rapidly adopting the reform protestant faith under John Knox were dissatisfied with a Catholic queen raised in France. She married the second time for love and to gain the support of queen Elizabeth I of England. She was unable to grant a king's rights to Darnley, her second husband because she soon realized he was drunk, temperamental and irrational most of the time. He became abusive to Mary and found pleasure with hired women disillusioning the young queen. After Darnley's murder she gave her heart to Bothwell, a loyal, fighting Scotsman who guarded her borders, maintained her navy and was already married. Plots and resentment against her accumulated until she fled for her life to England where she was imprisoned and spent nearly 20 years negotiating an escape. Mary was peace-loving. She lacked intelligence and understanding of Scotland and was unable to surround herself with loyal advisors who could compensate for her shortcomings. She was brave, passionate, and faithful to those she loved and to the Catholic church. Unfortunately her impulsive nature and inability to assess her place in the politics of the time were her undoing. Her story is compelling, moving, fascinating, reading. The author has researched the time and characters exhaustively. You will be entertained and informed and will be so lost in the latter half of the 16th century that you'll be sorry when this 870 page novel comes to an end. In an afterward, the author, Margaret George, explains various theories about Mary's personality, points out the few elements in the novel she has fictionalized and provides suggestions for further reading.

The Memoirs of Cleopatra

by Margaret St. George

Told in the first person, this is a thoroughly researched biographical novel of the life of Cleopatra, and through the telling of her life, a history of Rome and Egypt of the period 69 to 30 BCE. In an entertaining way, the reader learns a lot about the politics, battles, customs, and culture of the two countries (and even at one point the economics of Egypt, unbelievably interesting) and their effect on their world, as well as about Cleopatra and her relationships with Caesar and Marc Antony, and their personalities. There is a bibliography and an interesting Author's Note. I checked several online sources and they confirm the facts as related in the book. Any problems, contact Cindy

The Pirate and His Lady

by Margaret St. George

Was she dreaming? Hours before the costumed "Pirate's Ball," Elizabeth Rawley witnessed a strange spectacle in the waters off Key West. She could have sworn she saw the Black Cutter, an 18th-century warship, engaged in combat. The ship's treasure had been her obsession for years, but even more intriguing was the ship's legendary captain, a swashbuckling privateer who commanded the high seas and made women swoon. Elizabeth knew she and Captain Richard Colter would have loved each other with a passion to rock the heavens. If only they hadn't lived 200 years apart. Then, on a moonlit beach, she found a man washed ashore. A man whose 18th-century clothes were authentic. A man who truly looked like Richard Colter. A man very much alive.

The Renegade

by Margaret St. George

AVENGING ANGELSHe was a great advertisement for heaven!The sexy blond guy who appeared before Brett Thatcher in the swirling Colorado snow looked anything but angelic. In tight jeans and a leather jacket, he almost made her forget she was the chief suspect in her ex-husband's murder. Whoever he was, Sam Angel was all that stood between her and prison.The sight of Brett almost made Sam forget that he'd been assigned her case to avenge an innocent, not fulfill a fantasy. Sam could not perform miracles-but this time he'd have to. Not only was Brett's life in danger, but the longer he stayed with her and the closer he got to her, the more he feared Brett would be the one temptation he couldn't resist.The sexiest angels this side of heaven!

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