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The Ages of Chaos

by Marion Zimmer Bradley

Set during the lawless Ages of Chaos, when the ruling families of the Seven Domains of Darkover ruthlessly inbred their psychic offspring to gain powerful and fearsome talents, two young women are born with "wild" psychic gifts. These stories, one tragic and one triumphant, combine to give the reader a vivid and poignant picture of a devastating time period in the history of this fantastic world.

The Alton Gift

by Marion Zimmer Bradley Deborah J. Ross

After generations of struggle to protect the unique native culture of Darkover from the ambitions of the ruthless Terran Federation, the Terrans have finally been forced to abandon Darkover due to interstellar civil war. As Lew Alton wrestles with the dark shadows from his past, his daughter Marguerida's psychic Gifts warn of her of impending danger. But danger to whom? Her husband Mikhail as powerful head of the Hastur Domain is her most obvious worry, for many would stand to gain from his demise. Her son Domenic searches for his place in a world of shifting loyalties, torn by his love for two very different women and troubled by his destiny as the heir to Hastur. But while Darkover's powerful rulers face their personal demons, desperate refugees flood the streets of Thendara, Darkover's capital city, for in the mountains and ancient menace is once again on the rise--a power against which neither sword nor the psychic sorcery of Darkover can prevail. .

Best of Marion Zimmer Bradley Fantasy Magazine - Volume 2

by Marion Zimmer Bradley Elisabeth Waters

An anthology of the most successful short stories collected from a popular fantasy magazine. Noted authors such as Mercedes Lackey, Jo Clayton, Jennifer Roberson, and Mary C. Aldridge are featured in this second volume, named for one of the best selling fantasy writers of all time.

The Birthgrave

by Marion Zimmer Bradley Tanith Lee

A mysterious woman awakens in the heart of a dormant volcano. She comes forth into a brutal ancient world transformed by genocidal pestilence, fierce beauty, and cultural devastation. She has no memory of herself, and she could be anyone--mortal woman, demoness lover, last living heir to a long-gone race, or a goddess of destruction. Compelled by the terrifying Karrakaz to search for the mysterious Jade that is the answer to her secret self, she embarks on a journey of timeless wonder.Rediscover this realm of brilliant cruel beauty and seductive immortal ruins, of savage war and grand conquest, of falling stars and silver gods.This 40th anniversary edition of legendary fantastist Tanith Lee's debut novel includes its original introduction by Marion Zimmer Bradley.

Black Trillium

by Marion Zimmer Bradley Andre Norton Julian May

Three royal sisters must undertake separate but equally perilous quests in order to defeat the dark sorcery that has ravaged their kingdom in book one of the Saga of the Trillium, an ingenious collaboration by three classic names in fantasy fiction Peace has long reigned in Ruwenda thanks to the magical protection of the Archimage Binah. The realm's devoted guardian is aging, however, and her magic is weakening. When the kingdom's triplet princesses were still infants, Binah gave each of them the mystical power of the Black Trillium. But the unthinkable occurs too soon, and Ruwenda is overrun by the ravaging armies of neighboring Labornok before the sisters, Haramis, Kadiya, and Anigel, have time to learn how to use their great gift. Forced to flee, the young princesses must follow their separate destinies through a dangerous and unfamiliar world of Oddlings and enemies--for only the combined power of three magical talismans can help them defeat the malevolent sorcerer who has brought chaos and death to their once-idyllic home. But it will take new kinds of strength and wisdom to confront the great evil that has descended on the World of the Three Moons. Marion Zimmer Bradley, Julian May, and Andre Norton, three of the most honored names in fantasy fiction, have joined forces to create an extraordinary world and culture in the first book of the remarkable Saga of the Trillium, a breathtaking tale of duty, peril, love, and magic.

The Bloody Sun (Darkover #17)

by Marion Zimmer Bradley

A novel in the classic Darkover series

The Children of Kings

by Marion Zimmer Bradley

Millennia ago, the planet Darkover, a cold world orbiting a giant red sun, was settled by a lost colony ship from the Terran Federation. Alone on a new world, survivors interbred with the native chieri, psychically Giften alien humanoids. The children of these matings were Gifted with telepathy and other psychic abilities, and their descendants, the aristocratic Comyn, forged a civilization in which the arts of the mind were cultivated and cherished. When the Terrans rediscovered Darkover, the seven Domains of Comyn struggeld to maintain their unique culture and independence, often at a terrible price. More than once, assassins and environmental saboteurs from the Terran Empire attempted to bring Darkover to its knees and erode the native culture for the benefit of the Federation -- seing Darkover as nothing more than a port of call for Terran military and trade. Eventually, a vicious interstellar war forced Federation forces to withdraw from Darkover, but Darkovans knew that it was only a matter of time before they would return. Prince Garth Elhalyn has grown up in the shadow of his legendary grandfather, Regis Hastur, one of the greatest leaders Darkover has ever known. But he is also haunted by fear of the insanity that is prevalent in his Elhalyn family line. His world has become an unbearable counterpoint of meaningless aristocratic frivoloty and dangerous political schemes -- plots in which powerful lords attmept to use him to further their own ambitions. He tries his best to better himself through the study of languages, swordplay, and training his psychic laran with his grandmother, Linnea Storn-Hastur, Keeper of Comyn Tower. But Gareth cannot stop dreaming about a future without fame or family. In a desperate attempt to remove himself completely from the restricted life of the Comyn, Gareth confesses his desire to his powerful grandmother, and with her blessing, disguises himself as a simple trader and travels to Carthon, on the border of the barbarous, warklike Dry Towns. The Dry Towns do not live under the rule of the Comyn, and no one in this isolated part of Darkover will recognize a Comyn lord. In Carthon, protected by his guise of anonymity, Gareth overhears rumors of deadly, illegal Terran blasters being used in the barren lands beyond Shainsa -- one of the main Dry Towns. If the Federation has returned and is now arming the bellicose Dry Towners with banned technology, it will mean a disastrous conflict for the Comyn of the Domains, who have long sworn themselves to the Compact, an oath of honor that forbids the use of distance weaponry. Venturing deeper and deeper into the desert lands, Gareth stumbles upon a terrible reality no one could have suspected and he is ill-prepared to deal with. But in fact, Gareth holds the key to protecting his world, if he can only stay alive in the deadly Dry Towns long enough to discover what it is. . . . The Children of Kings follows The Alton Gift and Traitor's Sun in the Darkover timeline. .

City of Sorcery (Darkover #14)

by Marion Zimmer Bradley

Darkover series

Darkover: First Contact

by Marion Zimmer Bradley

This omnibus features two classic, long-unavailable Darkover novels-Darkover Landfall and Two to Conquer-in one volume for the first time.

Darkover Landfall (Darkover #1)

by Marion Zimmer Bradley

First in the Darkover series.

The Door Through Space

by Marion Zimmer Bradley

WOLF: Beautiful, deadly world under a cold red sun. WOLF: Its civilization was old when Terrans were learning to walk upright. WOLF: Where blood-feud is a fact of death and torture a noble game. Still, Terran Intelligence thought that the Terran Peace was secure on Wolf-until strange reports of alien unrest started filtering in to Terran Headquarters, reports of wild events that made even the exotic customs of Wolf seem tame. Only one Terran agent knew Wolf well enough to pass undetected in the alien Dry-Towns; but he had ruined his usefulness long ago, by acculturating himself so successfully that a native blood-feud was called out against him: Once he left the safety of the Terran Enclave, he would be killed on sight. And yet, in the end, only the scarred and bitter man who loved Wolf as his home could discover the Door Through Space.

Endless Universe

by Marion Zimmer Bradley

Planets are for leaving.<P> That's an old saying in the Explorers. But for every Explorer there is somewhere a planet he will not leave. For some, the cause is love. For others, the desire to give up the strange roving life of the star wanderers who live outside of planet-time. Even for the ones who love the metal ships that are their only home there is still a planet waiting, a planet that will hold them forever - in the final clasp of death. But until then, life is adventure and wonders undreamed of by mere planet dwellers, an Endless Universe of the unknown.<P> A shorter version of this book was originally published as ENDLESS VOYAGE.

The Fall of Neskaya (Clingfire Trilogy #1)

by Marion Zimmer Bradley Deborah J. Ross

This book is set just after or right at the end of the Age of Chaos as the domains begin their rise to power.

The Firebrand

by Marion Zimmer Bradley

Blending archaeological fact and legend, the myths of the gods and the feats of heroes, Marion Zimmer Bradley breathes new life into the classic tale of the Trojan War-reinventing larger-than-life figures as living people engaged in a desperate struggle that dooms both the victors and the vanquished, their fate seen through the eyes of Kassandra-priestess, princess, and passionate woman with the spirit of a warrior.

A Flame in Hali (Clingfire Trilogy #3)

by Marion Zimmer Bradley Deborah J. Ross

It is set during the time of the Hundred Kingdoms, the time of chaos. No rules govern how weapons of the mind are wielded. This is the story of Varzil the Good and the Compact he and others forged to end violence from afar. More than that, this trilogy is the story of people who strive to overcome the limitations of their heritage. Will love defeat hatred? Read all three books and see. they are The Fall of Neskaya; Zandru's Forge; and this one.

The Forbidden Circle (Omnibus: The Spell Sword/The Forbidden Tower, Darkover #11, #12)

by Marion Zimmer Bradley

These two classic Darkover novels tell the epic tale of four people who challenged the ancient laws of the matrix towers.

The Forest House (Avalon #2)

by Marion Zimmer Bradley

The Forest House-prequel to The Mists of Avalon, Marion Zimmer Bradley's beloved and enduring classic-is a mesmerizing epic of one woman's mythic role at a turning point in history. In a Britain struggling to survive Roman invasion, Eilan is the daughter of a Druidic warleader, gifted with visions and marked by fate to become a priestess of the Forest House. But fate also led Eilan to Gaius, a soldier of mixed blood, son of the Romans sent to subdue the native British. For Gaius, Eilan felt forbidden love, and her terrible secret will haunt her even as she is anointed as the new High Priestess. With mighty enemies poised to destroy the magic the Forest House shelters, Eilan must trust in the power of the great Goddess to lead her through the treacherous labyrinth of her destiny. Take The Forest House Quiz! .

Free Amazons Of Darkover

by Marion Zimmer Bradley

BY THE POWER OF BLADE AMD WAP1DI Spells cast... demons raised... warriors called to arms... dragons unchained... gods challenged... it all happens in the imaginative, adventure-filled realms of SWORD AND SORCERESS. And, in this third volume of stories specially selected by the Wise Woman of Darkover, Marion Zimmer Bradley, bestselling author of CITY OF SORCERY THENDARA HOUSE, and THE MISTS OFAVALOPf, you'll meet exciting new talents and be captivated by such veterans of trials by battle and enchantment as Diana Paxson, Jennifer Roberson, and Charles Saunders.

Ghostlight (Witchlight #1)

by Marion Zimmer Bradley

In the heady days of the sixties, many people sought solutions to mankind's troubles in ancient religions and found that old wisdom had its place in the modern world. Among them were the followers of Thorne Blackburn, all seekers after Truth. The group settled at Shadow's Gate, a magnificent old house in upstate New York. During the climactic night of Blackburn's most powerful ceremony, chaos erupted. Thorne Blackburn had vanished. And Katherine, Thorne's life-partner and the mother of one of his young children, was dead. All that was thirty years ago, but Truth Blackburn, daughter of Thorne and Katherine, is still seeking truths - the truth of what happened that night at Shadow's Gate, the truth about the magickal powers her father claimed to wield, the truth about her long-lost half-brother and half-sister. She may be about to get some answers. A legacy has summoned Truth back to Shadow's Gate. Fueled once again by a decade's search for meaning, and led by the mysterious, charismatic Julian Pilgrim, a new group of followers of Thorne Blackburn's Way is preparing to perform the same ritual that killed Truth's mother. Not just the story of a woman's quest for identity, Ghostlight is a powerful novel about the fulfillment of human potential and the search for meaning in life.

Gravelight (Witchlight #3)

by Marion Zimmer Bradley

Wycherly Musgrave doesn't have good luck with cars and alcohol. Trying to outrun the memory of a young woman he may have killed in a drunk-driving accident, Wych sends his expensive sports car sailing off the road and, with his usual impossible luck, survives the crash with no more than a few bumps and bruises. The car is totaled, stranding Wycherly in the tiny mountain town of Morton's Fork. Making the best of a bad situation, Wych decides to try to dry out. Wycherly isn't Morton's Fork's only unusual guest this summer: A movie star has taken up residence in a converted schoolhouse. Sinah Dellon left Morton's Fork as an infant foundling. Now she's come home to learn who her people were, and why she has the ability to read minds. But Sinah's psychic powers do not help her with the townsfolk, who turn from her in fear and hatred. Equally untrustworthy, according to the residents of Morton's Fork, are the researchers from the Bidney Institute, come to investigate centuries of reported hauntings, vanishings, poltergeists, and other phenomena. They too are poking around in things better left unexplored. Before long,Truth Blackburn, heroine of Bradley's novel Ghostlight, discovers that the source of the psychic storm is a renegade Gate and one with a connection to Truth's own tangled past. But she cannot close the Gate alone, and the true Keeper is nowhere to be found. In despair, Wycherly Musgrave has made a pact with evil. In fear, Sinah Dellon feels her soul slipping away under attack from a vengeful spirit. In dread, Truth Blackburn must make a great sacrifice to save all the people of Morton's Fork, and the man she loves, from the power of the Gate.

Heartlight (Witchlight #4)

by Marion Zimmer Bradley

HEARTLIGHT is the story of Bradley's greatest champion of good, the exorcist, psychic investigator par excellence, student and teacher of the mystic arts. Colin began the fight against Darkness during the grim days of World War II. Heartlight opens just after the end of the war, with Colin's return to America. In the early days of what will become the Summer of Love, Colin meets Claire Moffat, the psychic sensitive who will be his dearest friend and closest companion for decades to come, when he rescues her from a cult bent on human sacrifice. The leader of that cult, Toller Hasloch, becomes one of Colin's greatest enemies. Working behind the scenes for the next thirty years, Hasloch manipulates politics and the economy to turn America away from the Light. Decades pass before Colin becomes aware of Hasloch's manipulations. He's too busy saving people and teaching the next generation of psychic warriors. When Colin at last realizes the strength of Hasloch's evil, it is nearly too late. Colin is no longer young; he has no disciple by his side; and he has begun to feel that Light can never truly triumph over Darkness. Still, Colin MacLaren is the only one who can face Hasloch and the hellhounds the younger man has unleashed. He must fight on, while the fate of America, and perhaps all mankind, hangs in the balance.

The Heirs of Hammerfell (Darkover #8)

by Marion Zimmer Bradley

A Darkover novel

Heritage and Exile

by Marion Zimmer Bradley

Conflict erupts among Darkover natives between those who seek to preserve the powers of the matrix and those who hope to barter their world to Terran colonists for the powers of science in The Heritage of Hastur, while Lew Alton returns to his home in Sharra's Exile.

The Keeper's Price and Other Stories (Darkover)

by Marion Zimmer Bradley

Set in Bradley's world of Darkover, the book is an anthology of fantasy and science fiction short stories edited by Marion Zimmer Bradley.

Lady of Avalon (Avalon #3)

by Marion Zimmer Bradley

The novel linking The Forest House and the blockbuster bestseller The Mists of Avalon, Lady of Avalon is the most spellbinding story of all. Spanning the creation of Avalon itself and foreshadowing the birth of the legendary King Arthur, this magnificent saga introduces us to three remarkably holy women who steer the fortunes of Roman Britain as they struggle with their own destinies. Compulsively readable, dynamically plotted, and rich in ritual, character, romance and history, Lady of Avalon has the epic grandeur sure to delight Bradley's avid fans and capture the hearts of lovers of myth everywhere.

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