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14 Vicious Valentines

by Martin Greenberg Charles G. Waugh Rosalind M. Greenberg

[from the back cover] "Don't expect a dozen roses this Valentine's Day--just fourteen tales of crime and horror that will make February 14 memorable for lovers ... of chills and thrills. So beware of the deadly admirer who knows that sweets are the way to a lover's heart in "Fine Chocolates': Read at your own risk the bloodcurdling tale of the mad professor who asks the devil to play cupid in "Colt .24:" Discover the bizarre passion that drives a retired detective to solve a horrifying crime in "From Parts Unknown" ... and watch out for a date with a modern-day Dracula who's some kisser in "Valentine from a Vampire': Dip into these deliciously scary Valentine treats... and find out why love is simply a scream!" There is an introduction and fact-filled mini history of Valentines day by Isaac Asimov.

American Pulp

by Martin Greenberg Ed Gorman Bill Pronzini

The advent in the early 1950s of TV and mass market paperbacks rang the death knell for most pulp magazines, which had flourished since the 1920s. But high-caliber detective fiction continued to flourish in digest-sized mystery magazines in the following decades. In American Pulp, veteran crime writers and anthologizers Ed Gorman, Bill Pronzini and Martin H. Greenberg have assembled the very best short fiction from such crime fiction masters as Evan Hunter, Donald J. Westlake, Marcia Muller, John Lutz and Richard Matheson. FROM THE CRITICS Kirkus Reviews Or American Digest, since editors Gorman and Greenberg (Love Kills, p. 595, etc.), joined by veteran Pronzini (A Wasteland of Strangers, p. 914, etc.), contend that the true high-water mark of short noir fiction was the period from 1950 to 1970, after Black Mask and its ilk had already been killed off by inexpensive paperbacks and TV, and digests like Manhunt and Pursuit reigned supreme. In evidence they offer a monster collection of 35 stories running the gamut from ironic anecdotes (Evan Hunter, Mickey Spillane, Donald E. Westlake, John Lutz, James Reasoner, Frederic Brown, John Jakes) to hard-boiled whodunits (Marcia Muller, Robert J. Randisi, Richard S. Prather, Craig Rice) to substantial novellas (Talmage Powell, Norbert Davis, Leigh Brackett, Richard Matheson). The real revelation is how many of these alleged actioners (like those by Vin Packer, David Goodis, Wade Miller, and Herbert Kastle) work most effectively as mood pieces in the manner of Poe, their great progenitor. A bargain-only for 560 pages of the stuff your mother warned you to keep away from.

Baker's Dozen: 13 Short Fantasy Novels

by Martin Greenberg Isaac Asimov Charles Waugh

Thirteen short (40 to 60 page) novels of fantasy full of adventure, magic, swords, sorcery, demons, monsters and so on; including -- POUL ANDERSON, The Gate of the Flying Knives--A Thieves' World tale wherein the hero ruefully decides that the rewards of chivalry are not as desirable as they may seem. SUZY McKEE CHARNAS, Unicorn Tapestry--The tale of a modern-day encounter with a vampire that explores different perceptions of the same reality. AVRAM DAVIDSON, Sleep Well of Nights--A prophetic dream leads to hidden treasure and buried secrets in the eerie jungles of South America. SIR H. RIDER HAGGARD, Black Heart and White Heart--An arrogant hunter in Zulu territory learns too late that magic serves those who believe in its power. ROBERT E. HOWARD, Red Nails--Conan the Cimmerian meets his match in a defiant, courageous female when the two are caught in a war to the death between dueling clans. JOHN JAKES, Storm in a Bottle--In a story of wizardry and betrayal, a captive attempts to break the curse of drought that is strangling the land of his overlords. FRITZ LEIBER, Ill Met in Lankhmar --The 1970 Nebula Award winner for Best Novella. Two thieves in a fantastic and awful city invite a dreadful end by stealing in others' territory. MICHAEL MOORCOCK, The Lands Beyond the World--Elric, Prince of Melibone, travels through the Crimson Gate to another world where he confronts the powerful magic of an ancestor. JANET MORRIS, A Man and His God--Another Thieves' World story about Tempus of Sanctuary who fights a terrible destiny and triumphs over his past transgressions to find himself and his own god. ANDRE NORTON, Spider Silk--A blind woman journeys to a dangerous land to obtain the secret of exquisite weaving and learns a greater secret no seeker before her has lived to tell. THOMAS BURNETT SWANN, Where Is the Bird of Fire?--A faun's heartbreaking story of the enchanted land of the gods and of the brothers Romulus and Remus before the building of Rome. JACK VANCE, Guyal of Sfere--A story of coming-of-age in a far world, in a far distant time, wherein Guyal of Sfere defies a great power in his quest for love and knowledge. ROGER ZELAZNY, Tower of Ice--In a fantastic frozen land a brave knight seeks an evil wizard, saves a princess, and forces a cataclysmic battle between good and evil.

Between the Dark and the Daylight

by Martin Greenberg Ed Gorman

Crime fiction's biggest names have been rounded up for a truly impressive collection of 2008's best short stories. Featuring authors like Michael Connelly, Charlaine Harris, and 2009 Edgar Award winner T. Jefferson Parker, this volume should be on the shelf of every mystery fan.

Between the Dark and the Daylight

by Martin Greenberg Ed Gorman

Crime fiction's biggest names have been rounded up for a truly impressive collection of 2008's best short stories. Featuring authors like Michael Connelly, Charlaine Harris, and 2009 Edgar Award winner T. Jefferson Parker, this volume should be on the shelf of every mystery fan.

By Hook or By Crook

by Martin Greenberg Ed Gorman

The annual collection edited by Ed Gorman and Martin H. Greenberg available in a hardcover limited edition signed by ALL contributors including: Dennis Lehane, Laura Lippman, Mary Higgins Clark, and others!

Christmas on Ganymede And Other Stories

by Martin Greenberg

'Tis the season ... For holiday cheer--and astro-sleigh rides on the snow-covered moons of Jupiter. Celebrate with over a dozen astonishing stories of wondrous festivities on far distant worlds--remarkable tales of Yuletides yet to come ... of alien Santas and robotic reindeer--from some of the most gloriously imaginative minds in Science Fiction: sparkling ornaments from Isaac Asimov--CHRISTMAS ON GANYMEDE and CHRISTMAS WITHOUT RODNEY; a present from Poul Anderson--THE SEASON OF FORGIVENESS: a sensational stocking-stuffer from Michael Swanwick--A MIDWINTER'S TALE Plus more futuristic yuletide favorites from: Connie Willis ... Frank M. Robinson ... Jack McDevitt ... Barry N. Malzberg ... James White ... Robert F. Young ... and John Christopher Joy to the cosmos! Sample the season's best and brightest Isaac Asimov The native population of a Jovian moon threatens to revolt unless Santa Claus comes to town. Frederick Pohl, In a world of consumerism gone mad, the true spirit of Christmas makes an astonishing reappearance ... Gene Wolfe, The toys of a previous year must engage in a brutal and terrifying struggle for survival ... Gordon R. Dickson, A bizarre alien creature gives the most precious Christmas gift of all: a life ...

Civil War Fantastic

by Martin Greenberg

Stories about what might have been during our Civil War.

Crafty Cat Crimes

by Martin Greenberg Robert A. Weinberg Stefan Dziemianowicz

"THE GAME IS AFOOT, AND the four footed are its most cunning players in Crafty Cat Crimes. In one hundred cagey cat-tale mysteries, the largest literary litter of kitty crimestoppers ever convened in one volume prowl the mean streets in pursuit of feline felons, justice, just desserts-and the occasional pat on the head. You don't have to be a cat lover to enjoy these stories of crime and intrigue. You just have to like challenging mysteries where a twist in the tale comes naturally. There is virtually no crime these cats don't put the paw on. Whether confronted with cat burglary, catnapping, or murder most foul, they work through seemingly insoluble puzzles with a stealth, feline finickiness, and silent grace that are the envy of their two-footed counterparts. Crafty Cat Crimes includes selections to suit every readers taste: cat cozies for the domestic-minded, comic cat capers that look at the funny side of human and animal relationships, even hardboiled escapades that mix cats and gats. Prepare yourself for a crime cornucopia in which every tale is as carefully plotted as a cat's pounce and every crime is purrfect."

Crime After Crime

by Martin Greenberg Ed Gorman Joan Hess

THE WORLD'S MOST DEVIOUS MINDS DELIVER KILLER MYSTERIES. ED McBAIN spins a tale of Prohibition, gangsters and love on the run MARCIA MULLER unravels the startling secrets of a bag lady's past SARA PARETSKY sets up her popular heroine V. I. Warshawski to be a fall guy ANNE PERRY stages a prison break and a double cross during the French Revolution NANCY PICKARD pits a female shamus with a pistol in her DD cup against a rapist RUTH RENDELL shows how clothes can make, or break, a woman REGINALD HILL issues invitations to an exclusive club, confidentiality guaranteed. The only entrance requirement: having committed the perfect crime... DONALD E. WESTLAKE sends a burglar disguised as Santa Claus laughing all the way to the bank--but the joke is on him... EDWARD D. HOCH plants the seeds of murder when a woman grows marijuana in her New York apartment... SARAH SHANKMAN makes jury duty more than a struggling TV writer's civic responsibility. It might be the answer to her prayers... Psychological thrillers...baffling who-dun-its...chilling suspense--this superb collection by today's leading mystery writers delves deep into dark hearts and twisted minds for some of the best crime stories ever. If you love mysteries, it would be a crime to miss it.

Dark Love

by Martin Greenberg Nancy A. Collins Edward E. Kramer

There is no safe hiding place on this fictional turf where burning desire and dark terror meet, where ecstasy merges with agony, and eros and evil spawn unholy horror. Put yourself in the hands of twenty-two great modern masters of macabre imagination as they give new definition to being madly in love. Here is Stephen King at his chilling best with a never-before-published story as he invites you to lunch on a feast of passion turned painful--in a restaurant that serves its specials of the day bloody rare. Let John Peyton Cooke show you how hell happens when an inventive sadist joins with an insatiable masochist. Go skinny-dipping with Richard Laymon in a lake of lethal fun and watch a teenage boy take his first plunge into sex and savagery. Join Kathe Koja in a dance of damnation as a beautiful ballerina is possessed by a hunger no number of lovers can satisfy. This is just a tantalizing hint of the imaginative chills and mind-boggling twists of the perverse, bizarre, and creepy pleasures that await you in a gathering that includes a locket that unlocks a woman's most forbidden fantasies; a wife whose abduction turns her into an out-of-control erotic outlaw; a credit card error that changes a man's identity with devastating results; an eerie new angle on Jack the Ripper; a mother and daughter in a game of sexual one-upwomanship with scarier and scarier stakes; a fashion designer who creates a dress to die for; and other stories that show there are no limits to dark love.


by Martin Greenberg Richard Gilliam Edward E. Kramer

A collection of stories of myth and magic.


by Martin Greenberg Johann Wolfgang Goethe W. Daniel Wilson

A classic of world literature, Goethe's Faust is a philosophical and poetic drama full of satire, irony, humor, and tragedy. Martin Greenberg re-creates not only the text's varied meter and rhyme but also its diverse tones and styles--dramatic and lyrical, reflective and farcical, pathetic and coarse, colloquial and soaring. His rendition of Faust is the first faithful, readable, and elegantly written translation of Goethe's masterpiece available in English. At last, the Greenberg Faust is available in a single volume, together with a thoroughly updated translation, preface, and notes. "Greenberg has accomplished a magnificent literary feat. He has taken a great German work, until now all but inaccessible to English readers, and made it into a sparkling English poem, full of verve and wit. Greenberg's translation lives; it is done in a modern idiom but with respect for the original text; I found it a joy to read."--Irving Howe (on the earlier edition)

The Fifth Grave and Other Terrifying Tales of Homicide in the Heartland

by Martin Greenberg Billie Sue Mosiman

This book is titled after Jack Ritchie's classic tale of betrayal and is a collection that demonstrates that evil has no geographical limits.

Galaxy: Thirty Years of Innovative Science Fiction

by Martin Greenberg Frederik Pohl Joseph D. Olander

Featuring 23 stories, 20 memoirs, and a behind-the-scenes look by some of the most famous names in science fiction history with a special index to every story, article and review ever published (1950-1980) in Galaxy magazine.

Great American Ghost Stories

by Martin Greenberg Charles G. Waugh Frank D. Mcsherry

This terrifying anthology contains some of the best in American ghost stories, from some of the best American short fiction writers. Contents: Double Vision (Mary Higgins Clark); This Is Death (Donald E. Westlake); Pretty Maggie Moneyeyes (Harlan Ellison); Little Jimmy (Lester del Rey); Poor Little Saturday (Madeleine L'Engle); On 202 (Jeff Hecht); Ransom Cowl Walks the Road (Nancy Varian Berberick); School for the Unspeakable (Manly Wade Wellman); The Stormsong Runner (Jack L. Chalker); Harry's Ghost (Talmage Powell); Herbert West--Reanimator (H. P. Lovecraft); Caller in the Night (Burton Kline); Professor Kate (Margaret St. Clair); The Guns of William Longley (Donald Hamilton); Clay-Shuttered Doors (Helen R. Hull); The Stranger (Ambrose Bierce); Night-Side (Joyce Carol Oates); Drawer 14 (Talmage Powell); The Jest of Warburg Tantavul (Seabury Quinn); One of the Dead (William Wood); Emmett (Dahlov Ipcar); Night Court (Mary Elizabeth Counselman); The Boarded Window (Ambrose Bierce); The Ghosts of Steamboat Coulee (Arthur J. Burks); He Walked By Day (Julius Long); The Phantom Farmhouse (Seabury Quinn); Stillwater, 1896 (Michael Cassutt); Ride the Thunder (Jack Cady); The Resting Place (Oliver LaFarge).

The Great Science Fiction Series

by Martin Greenberg Frederik Pohl Joseph Olander

Stories from the best of the series from 1944 to 1980 by twenty all-time favorite writers.

Hitler Victorious

by Gregory Benford Martin Greenberg

Eleven Stories of the German Victorie in World War II.

Isaac Asimov Presents The Golden Years of Science Fiction: Third Series

by Martin Greenberg Isaac Asimov

This book was previously published as Isaac Asimov Presents the Great SF Stories 5 (1943) and Isaac Asimov Presents the Great SF Stories 6 (1944). It includes stories by P. Schuyler Miller, Leigh Brackett; Lewis Padgett, Anthony Boucher, Lawrence O'Donnell, Edmond Hamilton, Fredric Brown, C. L. Moore, A. E. Van Vogt, Eric Frank Russell, Clifford D. Simak, Lester Del Rey, and Theodore Sturgeon.

Isaac Asimov's Science Fiction Treasury

by Martin Greenberg Isaac Asimov Joseph D. Olander

This volume of science fiction contains all the stories from the collections, The Future in Question and Space Mail.

Isaac's Universe: The Diplomacy Guild (vol 1)

by Martin Greenberg

Short stories by various authors based on a Universe invented by master science fiction author Isaac Asimov

Isaac's Universe Volume 1: The Diplomacy Guild

by Martin Greenberg

A collection of classic short stories by various authors with an introduction by Isaac Asimov.

Isaac's Universe Volume 3: Unnatural Deplomacy

by Martin Greenberg

A collection of classic short stories by various authors with an introduction by ISAAC Robert Silverberg

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