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Blood Is Thicker (Bluford Series, #8)

by Paul Langan

Hakeem Randall can't take it anymore. First he must leave his friends at Bluford High and move in with his uncle in faraway Detroit. Then things go from bad to worse when Hakeem is forced to share a bedroom with his moody and secretive cousin, Savon.

Brothers in Arms (Bluford Series, #9)

by Paul Langan Ben Alirez

Martin Luna is in deep trouble. Just months ago, a horrible tragedy took his little brother, and now it threatens to take him too. On one side are his desperate mother, a friendly teacher at Bluford High School, and a pretty girl named Vicky. On the other are his old neighborhood and his hunger for revenge. Torn between the two, Martin stands at a crossroad, with his life hanging in the balance. Which way will he go?

The Bully (Bluford Series, #5)

by Paul Langan

Darrell Mercer is being picked on by a bully. Should he continue running, or find a way to stop the bullying?

The Fallen (Bluford Series, #11)

by Paul Langan

Martin Lunas world is crumbling. A fight threatens to end his sophomore year at Bluford High School. Things are even worse at home. Frankie, the most feared homeboy is hunting him. Alone and with time running out, Martin makes a desperate choice. Will it save or destroy him?

The Gun (Bluford Series, #6)

by Paul Langan

Tyray, a high school freshman, is used to bullying other kids, but one day a boy fights back and Tyray is humiliated in front of his classmates. As if that isn't enough to manage, Tyray's older brother is in jail and his dad beats Tyray when he gets angry. Feeling hopeless and frustrated, Tyray decides to get a gun and take back control of his life. But will he use it?

Lost and Found (Bluford Series, #1)

by Paul Langan Anne Schraff

A new series focusing on the students of Bluford High School, these books feature contemporary, real-life stories that young adults will relate to, with important life lessons that are not too preachy.

A Matter of Trust (Bluford Series, #2)

by Paul Langan Anne Schraff

In grade school, Darcy Wills and Brisana Meeks were friends. But all that changed at Bluford High when Darcy started hanging with "the zeros"--a group of students Brisana despises. Now the former friends are bitter rivals, and the tension between them is getting worse. For a while, Darcy tries to stay calm, ignoring her old friend's daily taunts. But when she learns that Brisana is after her boyfriend, Hakeem Randall, Darcy knows she must do something. But what?

No Way Out (Bluford Series, #14)

by Paul Langan Peggy Kern

15-year-old Harold's grandmother is so sick that Harold is worried that he'll have to go to a foster home if she can't take care of him. As the medical bills pile up, Harold is drawn into drug-dealing in order to earn money. But the job is dangerous and soon Harold is in over his head.

Promises to Keep (Bluford Series, #19)

by Paul Langan

15-year-old Tyray Hobbs has been missing his older brother, Warren, ever since Warren was sent to prison. On top of that, Tyray's home life with his violent father and passive mother haven't improved. No one at school seems to like Tyray either, except for maybe Lark, a girl whom Tyray has already cheated out of some money. Can Tyray keep his promise to Lark to return the money and regain her trust? Will he be able to convince his parents to let him visit his brother?

Schooled (Bluford Series, #15)

by Paul Langan

Lionel desperately wants to be on the high school basketball team, but he's not allowed to until he brings his grades up. With his mom far away on an army base and his dad working long hours as a truck driver, Lionel has difficulty dealing with his reading troubles on his own. Soon he is longing to drop out of school, but can he do that and still live his dreams?

Search for Safety (Bluford Series, #13)

by Paul Langan John Langan

There is no escape for Ben McKee. For weeks, he's covered the bruises on his body. He's even lied to his teachers and new friends at Bluford High School. But the trouble in Ben's house isn't going away. And if he doesn't act soon, it could swallow him and his mother forever.

Secrets in the Shadows (Bluford Series, #3)

by Paul Langan Anne Schraff

This book focuses on Roylin Bailey, a Bluford sophomore who appears in A Matter of Trust. Roylin makes a terrible mistake: He steals money to buy a gift for the girl of his dreams--and finds himself in a nightmare he cannot escape.

Shattered (Bluford Series, #12)

by Paul Langan

Darcy Wills is desperate. A painful secret is ruining her closest friendships at Bluford High School. And an even deeper lie is tearing her family apart. Unwilling to lose the people she loves, Darcy must confront her past and the truth. What she discovers will change her world forever.

Someone to Love Me (Bluford Series, #4)

by Paul Langan Anne Schraff

At first, Bobby Wallace was everything Cindy Gibson hoped for. He was friendly, seemingly mature, and handsome--the perfect escape from her problems in school and even bigger troubles at home. But then, Bobby starts behaving strangely, and Cindy gets scared. Hiding her concerns from her friends and her distracted mother, Cindy soon finds herself in the worst trouble of her life.

Summer of Secrets (Bluford Series, #10)

by Paul Langan

Darcy Wills needs help. A frightening ordeal at the end of the school year has turned her world upside down. And her parents, distracted by problems at home, don't seem to notice her troubles. With her ex-boyfriend miles away in Detroit and her beloved grandmother gone, Darcy is more alone than ever. Unable to deny the painful truth she's been hiding, Darcy turns to her remaining friends only to discover one of them has an even bigger secret. Now, forced into a crisis beyond her control, Darcy must take a stand for herself--and for her friend.

The Test (Bluford Series, #17)

by Paul Langan Peggy Kern

16-year-old Liselle discovers that she's pregnant. The baby's father doesn't want to talk to Liselle. What will she do?

Until We Meet Again (Bluford Series, #7)

by Paul Langan Anne Schraff

Darcy Wills is looking forward to the best summer of her life, but her plans are shattered by a series of unexpected events. First, horrible news rips her boyfriend, Hakeem, away. Then a new guy enters her life, and on top of everything, a beloved part of Darcy's family is slowly fading away.

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