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Game of Love

by Penny Jordan

Harlequin romance set in England.

Giselle's Choice

by Penny Jordan

Saul Parenti has always been glad that he's second in line in the Arrezzian monarchy. He can concentrate on his business empire. . . ;and the delights of his new wife, Giselle. . . ;. But when his cousin is killed, Saul must ascend the throne. Instead of pursuing their own dreams, Saul and Giselle must now make their lives about pomp and protocol. But the secret traumas of Giselle's past have scarred her deeply; she never wants to be a mother-and that leaves her marriage in crisis. Because her royal duty is to produce an heir. . . ;. Giselle's Choiceis part two of Penny Jordan's enthralling duet story. Don't miss part one,The Reluctant Surrender, available now!

Her Christmas Fantasy & The Winter Bride

by Penny Jordan Lynne Graham

From two bestselling Harlequin Presents authors comes a duo of sophisticated tales of delightful Christmas romance. Reissue.

Her One and Only

by Penny Jordan

In these classics from the dramatic family saga The Crightons, two women are in search of their perfect man...and perfect love!THE PERFECT FATHERLiam Connolly should have been relieved to see Samantha Miller set off for England in search of the ideal husband to start a family with. Ever since Sam was a teenager, she's had a crush on Liam. But he's always resisted, believing they were an unlikely match. So why does he suddenly want to be the man to father her babies?A PERFECT NIGHTKatie Crighton feels like an outsider around her own friends and family, who all seem to be in happy relationships, while Katie remains a virgin. But the dangerously attractive Sebastian Cooke seems to be out to change all that. He teases and tantalizes Katie until they spend one special night together-and she is left wanting more....

High Society

by Penny Jordan

These high-rolling bachelors may recognize a good business deal when they see it...but love? That's another story....Expecting the Playboy's HeirSilas Carter's jet-set life leaves no room for relationships, but he realizes marriage is a logical next step-and he has the perfect bride in mind! Julia Fellowes is beautiful, and well connected, and Silas is determined to make her his convenient wife. The pleasure of sharing her bed will just be a bonus....Blackmailing the Society BrideMillionaire Marcus Canning figures it's time to become a father-and husband. First he'll need a wife, and recently divorced, deeply in debt Lucy Blayne is the ideal candidate. But after the vows are exchanged and nights are shared, an outsider raises the stakes, putting life and love on the line!

Injured Innocent

by Penny Jordan

Read this classic Harlequin Presents from NYT bestselling author Penny Jordan! A marriage of convenience--to her enemy! Once Joel and Lissa had known each other as teenagers. She's spent the intervening years wanting to forget him! Only now they are fighting over custody of her sister's young daughters. And Joel has a shocking proposal to break the deadlock: they get married! She might have loved him once, but this is the man she's hated for years! But for her sister's sake she's sworn she'd do anything for her nieces...even this? Originally published in 1985.

It Happened At Christmas

by Penny Jordan Helen Brooks Carol Wood

Experience the love, warmth and magic Christmas brings, with this heartwarming collection from three favorite Harlequin authorsSo much stands between Lancashire mill owner Haywood Denshaw and his new housekeeper Marianne Brown. But even disparate social standing and rumors of disreputable pasts can't get in the way of their love. Only Marianne's refusal to compromise her principlescan,in a captivating story byPENNY JORDAN. Wealthy farmer Luke Hudson gets more than he bargained for when he plucks a destitute young woman from the workhouse. He may have rescued Connie Summers from a life of penury and hard labor, but her spirit and warmth give him a new outlook-and a second chance at love, in an enthralling story byHELEN BROOKS. Modern-thinking doctor Harry Fleet and compassionate but old-school nurse Tilly Dainty clash at the Tap House surgery in 1920s East London. But working together to care for the sick and needy turns out to be a healing balm on both their hearts, in an emotional story byCAROL WOOD.

The Italian Duke's Wife

by Penny Jordan

"I will pay you one million pounds to become my wife for one year. The marriage will not be consummated..."Italian aristocrat Lorenzo, Duce di Montesavro, needs to marry, and English tourist Jodie Oliver seems the ideal candidate for this convenient arrangement--her vulnerability is especially appealing to Lorenzo. But when he unleashes a desire Jodie never knew she possessed, Lorenzo is soon regretting his no-consummation rule....

Just One Night

by Penny Jordan

Just one night can never be enough for these passionate couples...they'll need a lifetimeOne Night in His ArmsRanulf Carrington's cruel words had crushed Sylvie's youthful passion. But she was a woman now, sophisticated and confident. Everything was different...yet nothing had changed. Ran might never come to love her, but Sylvie knew she'd still do almost anything for just one night in her first love's arms.One Intimate NightPiers's relationship with Georgia was strictly business, nothing more, which should have made their living under the same roof a fairly straightforward affair. So why couldn't Piers stop Georgia from stealing into his thoughts? He wasn't a man to act on impulse, but how long could he resist this beauty...?

Latin Lovers

by Penny Jordan Lynne Graham Lucy Gordon

Three Mediterranean bachelors with seasonal seduction on their minds are at the heart of this anthology written by three of Harlequin's most popular authors. Includes "A Spanish Christmas" by Penny Jordan, "The Christmas Eve Bride" by Lynne Graham, and "Christmas in Venice" by Lucy Gordon.

Law of Attraction

by Penny Jordan

Judge and JuryWith both her professional and personal life in such a mess, Charlotte realized she was lucky to land a position with the prestigious law firm of Jefferson & Horwich-even as a junior partner. But Daniel Jefferson was like salt in a wound. He was everything she'd dreamed of being-acclaimed, honored. And very much in demand.Next to him Charlotte felt like a failure, and Daniel didn't help her confidence, commandeering her as his assistant and watching her closely. Her raw edge of resentment and anger kept her attraction to this very sexy man at bay...until Daniel voiced his very clear objections to the distance.

Legally His

by Penny Jordan

These two couples may have said "I do" but can they say "I love you"?Mistress to her HusbandKate Vincent is shocked to discover that her new boss is none other than billionaire businessman Sean Howard-her ex-husband. Sean is still smarting over the collapse of their marriage, but when he sees Kate again he realizes the attraction is stronger than ever. Soon Kate's not just sleeping with the boss-she's become mistress to her husband!The Blackmail BabyImogen had wanted nothing more than to be Dracco Barrington's bride, until a shocking revelation on their wedding day sent her fleeing. Four years later Imogen returns to London, only to receive a shocking offer from Dracco. He will give her one million dollars to be his wife...and another to have his baby! Imogen seems to be getting everything she wants, but at what cost?

Levelling the Score

by Penny Jordan

He'd always made light of her feelings When she was young, Jenna had been infatuated with Simon Townsend, her best friend's teasing brother. Then infatuation changed to a curious uneasiness, one that made her feel edgy and restless in his company. Fortunately she had little occasion to see much of him now, for, as a prominent London barrister, he moved in different circles than Jenna. But an escapade of his sister's threw Simon and Jenna together again in a most awkward--not to mention compromising--situation. He thought it was funny. Jenna was not amused. And she would have given anything to avoid the consequences! Originally published in Sep 1988.

A Little Revenge

by Penny Jordan

They say revenge is best served cold...but for these couples, hot is better!THE MISTRESS ASSIGNMENTKelly Harris feels out of her depth cast in the role of femme fatale. But she reluctantly agrees to play the seductress and teach a lesson to the man who'd betrayed her best friend. It's a scheme fraught with danger-especially when sexy stranger Brough Frobisher gets caught in the cross fire and wants in on the game himself!LOVER BY DECEPTIONWhen Anna Trewayne wakes up in hospital with amnesia, the first person she sees is Ward Hunter. The chemistry is so immediate and intense that she's convinced he is her lover. But Ward is not who he seems. And as their relationship deepens and Anna's memory returns, deceptions threaten to destroy everything.

A Little Seduction

by Penny Jordan

A little seduction can go a long way toward mending a broken heart...A Treacherous SeductionBeth is determined not to fall for Alex Andrews. Still recovering from a heartbreaking experience with one rogue male, she has no intention of getting involved with another! But Alex seems set on seduction. Should Beth trust his words of passion, or does Alex have a hidden, even treacherous, agenda?The Marriage ResolutionDee had thought a career was enough to keep her happy. But now she regrets giving up her chance at marriage and family life-especially when Hugo Montpelier, her one true love, returns. Though their passion is as strong as ever, Dee knows she'll have to reveal a secret she's kept far too long if she wants her happily-ever-after....

Lover by Deception

by Penny Jordan

Her lover-until her memory returns?When Anna woke up in hospital, the first person she saw was Ward Hunter. The chemistry between them was so intense, Anna was convinced he must be her lover!Ward found Anna's sensuality hard to resist-but was she the woman who had defrauded his brother? Ward fell for Anna anyway, though when she regained her memory would she feel betrayed...that Ward had become her lover by deception?They wanted to get even. Instead they got...married!


by Penny Jordan

Man wanted: weekend onlyOne humiliating experience had put Kelly off men altogether. But now she needed a man, fast, to fend off her friend's husband's attentions-no strings attached. The escort agency was the obvious place to go. And Jake Fielding was what she got!Jake could see why Kelly had a problem with men, but he thought he could help fix it. All it needed was time, patience...and passion.

Marco's Convenient Wife

by Penny Jordan

Italian count Marco di Vincenti feared for baby Angelina's safety. He needed a wife to get custody--so he proposed a marriage of convenience to the baby's English nanny, Alice Walsingham!Having secretly fallen in love with Marco, Alice found the wedding pure torture! All her family and five hundred other guests expected to see lots of passion. . . . Marco was all too willing to oblige in public--but what about in private, on their wedding night. . . '

The Marriage Demand

by Penny Jordan

Millionaire Nash Connaught knew something about Faith that could cost her her job. And he was holding the dark secret over her head. . . . He had never meant to blackmail her into bed! But the temptation they both felt had been too strong. . . . Faith was--had been--a virgin. Nash's reaction was to insist on marriage. But was he marrying Faith for honor? Or was it part of his revenge for something that had happened between them ten years ago?

Marriage Make Up

by Penny Jordan

Return of her husband...Abbie Howard would do everything to make her daughter's wedding special. Everything, except to allow Cathy the one thing she most desired-to meet the father who'd walked away from his marriage before his baby was even born.But Sam Howard wasn't to be kept away. His attraction was as devastating as ever and Abbie was tempted to forgive and and make up. But could she ever forget that he'd accused her of conceiving another man's child?THE BIG EVENTOne special occasion-that changes your life forever!

The Marriage Resolution

by Penny Jordan

Dee had thought a career was enough to keep her happy and fulfilled. But now she regrets giving up her chance of marriage, babies and family life. . . . Especially when Hugo Montpelier, the man she once passionately loved, returns. Their sexual hunger for one another is as strong as ever. Maybe marriage and motherhood can still be hers--but first she must dare to reveal the scandal she has kept secret for so long. . . .

Marriage: To Claim His Twins

by Penny Jordan

Alexander Konstantinakos has discovered that one passionate night in England had its consequences: two, to be precise. Out of the blue he's turned up on Ruby Wareham's doorstep-to take his twin sons back to Greece! Ruby's shocked that she's still so attracted to dark, sexy and powerful Alexander. She's afraid she might lose her beautiful boys, whom she's struggled to bring up on her own, but maybe there's a solution: Can she wed Sander--a virtual stranger--and live as his wife, and in his bed?

Master of Pleasure

by Penny Jordan

Ten years ago, Sasha ran out on Gabriel Cabrini - and he has never forgiven her. Now a widow, Sasha is shocked that Gabriel has been named heir to her late husbands' wealth, and guardian to her sons. She's now in his power - and Gabriel wants revenge.

A Matter of Trust

by Penny Jordan

Never Get Involved...Debra Latham followed her instructions closely when she was persuaded by her private detective sister to keep a watch on a suspicious client. But no instructions told her how to cope with an angry man who believed she was spying on him, or how to defend herself against his impassioned kisses. Marsh Graham turned out to be completely innocent and, embarrassingly for Debra, he was also her new boss. Not exactly the most auspicious of starts to a working relationship.But another form of a more personal relationship was what Marsh had made clear he wanted. They shared many common interests, after all, including a desire to help local children in need. But Debra had serious reasonsfor never wanting to get involved....

Mediterranean Marriages Collection: Passion and the Prince\A Stormy Spanish Summer\The Infamous Italian's Secret Baby\Bedded for the Spaniard's Pleasure

by Penny Jordan Carole Mortimer

Harlequin Presents® offers you another chance to enjoy these sensational stories set in the majestic Mediterranean from Entertainment Weekly's Top 10 Romance Authors Penny Jordan and Carole Mortimer. Passion and the Prince by Penny Jordan Just who is Lily Wrightington--cynical fashion photographer or studious art historian? Prince Marco di Lucchesi can't hide his haughty disdain for this Englishwoman--or his strong attraction to her! A Stormy Spanish Summer by Penny Jordan The last time Vidal saw Fliss, he hated and wanted her with equal measure. Now, as the truth about Fliss comes flooding out, and the power of their stormy attraction takes hold, can Vidal admit how wrong he's been about her? The Infamous Italian's Secret Baby by Carole Mortimer Gabriel Danti was renowned for his prowess in the bedroom--and Bella Scott was unable to resist the temptation of the night he was offering. Bella never thought she'd see Gabriel again so has never told him that he has a son! Bedded for the Spaniard's Pleasure by Carole Mortimer Wealthy, powerful and handsome, Rafe Montero has it all. All except the one thing he really wants: fiery Cairo Vaughn, the woman who abruptly ended their short but intensely passionate affair years before. Now Rafe is determined to have Cairo once more!

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