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Mission: Make-Over

by Penny Jordan

Wealthy, self-assured Jake Carlisle, born with the kind of looks that drive women wild, usually succeeded at everything he did. But now he'd taken on a real challenge, transforming scruffy tomboy Lucianna Stewart into a temptress!So he taught her to dress, to flirt, to kiss. . . and Lucianna was learning fast. Perhaps too fast for Jake's liking. Because beneath her baggy clothes was a woman who could lead any man into temptation. Including him!

Mistaken Adversary

by Penny Jordan

Comfort of StrangersThe shattering pain of her aunt's terminal illness was almost more than Georgia could bear. The last thing she wanted was company-but she needed a boarder to help pay the bills, now that she'd put her career on hold.Mitch Fletcher's shoulders looked strong enough to lean on. So why didn't she correct his mistaken assumption that she spent her days with a married lover-rather than at her aunt's bedside? Or that it wasn't a man who caused her tears? What was Georgia afraid of? Mitch's desires-or her own?

Mistletoe Brides

by Penny Jordan

The Christmas Bride: Silas Stanway still doesn't quite know how he ended up playing escort to Tilly Aspinall at a Christmas wedding in Spain. He'd expected her to be scheming and desperate-but instead she's sweet, honest...and beautiful. When they have to share a room, Silas just assumes this must be part of his escort duties. But how can he keep things strictly business when he's wanted Tilly from the moment they met-whatever the consequences.... Christmas Eve Wedding: Jaz had an all-consuming affair with American businessman Caid Dubois-but betrayal forced them apart. Back in England, with the festive season approaching, Jaz discovers she has a new boss-Caid. And if that isn't enough, he wants the company apartment she's been living in! Jaz won't move, and Caid won't back down. Now she and this arrogant, irresistible man are thrust together in a whirlwind of suspicion, anger...and overwhelming passion!

The Mistress Assignment

by Penny Jordan

She is playing with fire!Normally so cautious and in control of her life, Kelly Harris feels out of her depth cast in the role of a sultry femme fatale. But, out of loyalty to her best friend, she reluctantly agrees to play the seductress to teach a lesson to the man who'd betrayed Beth. It's a scheme fraught with danger.Especially when stranger Brough Frobisher gets caught in the cross fire. He's contemptuous of Kelly's seemingly provocative ways, yet intrigued. And he can't ignore her undeniable sensuality....They wanted to get even. Instead they got...married!

Mistress of Convenience

by Penny Jordan

The mistress mission. . . impossible?Suzy has never been called a security risk before--but Colonel Lucas Soames insists she is! And to safeguard his mission, the tough security millionaire forces her to pose as his mistress!In a luxurious Italian villa she is kept under twenty-four-hour surveillance, and it isn't long before desire reaches boiling point. Now Lucas gives himself a new set of orders: make Suzy his mistress for real!

The Mistress Purchase

by Penny Jordan

Leon Stapimopolous had never known defeat in the boardroom--or the bedroom! One of France's oldest perfume houses was to be another acquisition in his empire...not least because Leon insisted that perfume designer Sadie Roberts be included in the purchase price!Sadie was adamant that he'd never own her. But Leon thrilled her senses more than the headiest frangrance, and even the knowledge that she had everything to lose couldn't keep Sadie from becoming intoxicated by Leon's blend of chamr and passion....

Mistress to Her Husband

by Penny Jordan

Rob's wealth was matched by his arrogance, and Caiti found working for the millionaire resort owner tough. But hostility turned to attraction and Caiti gave Rob everything. Overjoyed when Rob proposed marriage, Caiti's joy turned to shame when she discovered that Rob had married her for convenience. Her only option was to leave and build a new life elsewhere. But as soon as an opportunity arose Rob was in Caiti's life again, ready to claim her-this time as his wife for real!

The Most Coveted Prize

by Penny Jordan

Russian oligarch Kiryl Androvonov has one rival: billionaire Vasilii Demidov. Luckily, Vasilii has an Achilles' heel-his younger, overprotected half sister Alena. ... Kiryl's master plan is to seduce the tantalizingly beautiful Alena. Then, once he's had his fill, he'll use her to blackmail Vasilii for the contract that will complete his business empire. The Russian tycoon can't lose-this might be the business deal of the century, however it's Alena he covets most of all. But then she discovers just how ruthlessly Kiryl has been using her....

Northern Sunset

by Penny Jordan

She couldn't deny him this one chance Catriona found life on the remote Shetland island hard enough without Brett Simon's maddening demands. If only her brother, Magnus, hadn't agreed to all Brett's oil company to research a new terminal here--and to use their home as a hotel! But Catriona didn't dare oppose Magnus. A terrible accident had shatter his spirit, and this project seem to mean the world to him. The longer Brett stayed, though, the more Catriona felt her own sanity was at stake. Brett wanted more, much more, than she could give him... Originally published in Sep 1982.

Now or Never

by Penny Jordan

Maggie, Nicki, Alice and Stella...For four close friends, it's the bonds of friendship that have seen them through life's ups and downs. Nothing can shake their support of each other-until one of them drops a bombshell that will change their relationships forever.Maggie, a successful businesswoman, is surprised when her decision to have a baby at age fifty-two threatens to divide the group. Family and financial problems plague Nicki, causing her to slip further into a depression sparked by her troubled past. Alice begins to question whether marrying young was a mistake, and decides to change her life, as she fears her husband is having an affair. And practical Stella is shocked to find that she's allowed herself to be tempted by a man other than her husband.Suddenly it's time to take stock. What has happened to their once-golden hopes and dreams? Are they destined to remain unfulfilled forever, or will the strength of their friendship help those dreams come true?

One-Click Buy: December 2009 Harlequin Presents

by Penny Jordan Emma Darcy Sandra Marton Jane Porter Melanie Milburne Carol Marinelli

One convenient download. One bargain price. Get all December 2009 Harlequin Presents with one click!While you're indulging in holiday goodies, treat yourself to eight luscious books from Harlequin Presents! Filled with scrumptious sheikhs, tasty tycoons, red-hot royals and delicious drama, these stories are bound to whet your appetite for romance! Bundle includes: The Future King's Love-Child by Melanie Milburne; A Bride for His Majesty's Pleasure by Penny Jordan; Dante: Claiming His Secret Love-Child by Sandra Marton; The Master Player by Emma Darcy; Bedded for Passion, Purchased for Pregnancy by Carol Marinelli; Duty, Desire and the Desert King by Jane Porter; Devil in a Dark Blue Suit by Robyn Grady; and At the Boss's Beck and Call by Anna Cleary.

One-Click Buy: February Harlequin Presents

by Penny Jordan Lynne Graham Miranda Lee Susan Stephens Carol Marinelli Sarah Morgan

One convenient download. One bargain price. Get all February Harlequin Presents with one click!Bad-boy billionaires, arrogant aristocrats and ruthless tycoons--all powerful men--meet their match in the arms of innocent beauties and feisty spitfires, who teach them a lesson or two about the power of love. Bundle includes A Royal Bride at the Sheikh's Command by Penny Jordan, The Greek Tycoon's Defiant Bride by Lynne Graham, The Guardian's Forbidden Mistress by Miranda Lee, Bought: One Island, One Bride by Susan Stephens, The Sicilian's Virgin Bride by Sarah Morgan, Expecting His Love-Child by Carol Marinelli, The Billionaire's Marriage Mission by Helen Brooks and One Night in His Bed by Christina Hollis.

One-Click Buy: July Harlequin Presents

by Penny Jordan Helen Brooks Lucy Monroe Sharon Kendrick Kim Lawrence Robyn Grady

One convenient download. One bargain price. Get all July Harlequin Presents with one click!Harlequin Presents is renowned for its heartwrenching drama and breathtaking romance. Thrill once again to Presents's enthralling tales of romance among the rich and powerful, played out against the background of luxurious international locales, as mistrust, misunderstandings, betrayal and deceit are once again vanquished by the redemptive power of love. Get twelve new riveting tales of blazing passion and consuming desire, available for one low price.Bundle includes Forbidden: The Billionaire's Virgin Princess by Lucy Monroe, The Australian Millionaire's Love-Child by Robyn Grady, The Billionaire Boss's Secretary Bride by Helen Brooks, The Greek Tycoon's Convenient Wife by Sharon Kendrick, The Italian's Secret Baby by Kim Lawrence, The Sheikh's Blackmailed Mistress by Penny Jordan, The Sicilian's Ruthless Marriage Revenge by Carole Mortimer, Under the Italian's Command by Susan Stephens, In the Tycoon's Bed by Kathryn Ross, Ruthless Boss, Hired Wife by Kate Hewitt, The Italian Tycoon's Mistress by Cathy Williams and The Rich Man's Reluctant Mistress by Margaret Mayo.

One-Click Buy: June 2009 Harlequin Presents

by Penny Jordan Cathy Williams Catherine George Jennie Lucas Sarah Morgan Annie West

One convenient download. One bargain price. Get all June 2009 Harlequin Presents with one click!Passion and romance, secrets and betrayal, commanding heroes and compassionate heroines...these are the elements that make Harlequin Presents one of the most popular romance series in history. Now get eight new sizzling stories you'll love with one simple click of the mouse. Bundle includes: The Sicilian's Baby Bargain by Penny Jordan, Ruthless Tycoon, Inexperienced Mistress by Cathy Williams, Capelli's Captive Virgin by Sarah Morgan, The Italian Count's Defiant Bride by Catherine George, Virgin Mistress, Scandalous Love-Child by Jennie Lucas, The Greek's Convenient Mistress by Annie West, One Night with the Rebel Billionaire by Trish Wylie and Pleasured by the Secret Millionaire by Natalie Anderson.

One-Click Buy: May 2009 Harlequin Presents

by Penny Jordan Lucy Monroe Catherine Spencer Susan Stephens India Grey Robyn Donald

One convenient download. One bargain price. Get all May 2009 Harlequin Presents with one click!Alphas heroes, exotic locales, heart-wrenching drama--these romance from Harlequin Presents have it all! Treat yourself with all eight new books in this bundle: The Sicilian Boss's Mistress by Penny Jordan, Valentino's Love-Child by Lucy Monroe, Virgin Bought and Paid For by Robyn Donald, The Ruthless Billionaire's Virgin by Susan Stephens, The Greek Millionaire's Secret Child by Catherine Spencer, Taken for Revenge, Bedded for Pleasure by India Grey, The Maverick's Greek Island Mistress by Kelly Hunter, and Untamed Billionaire, Undressed Virgin by Anna Cleary.

One-Click Buy: September Harlequin Presents

by Penny Jordan Carole Mortimer Michelle Reid Abby Green Carol Marinelli Chantelle Shaw

One convenient download. One bargain price. Get all September Harlequin Presents with one click!The heroes are classic alpha males--billionaires, tycoons, sheikhs, princes--all men with great power and influence. The heroines are beautiful, warm-hearted, giving women, whether they're innocent virgins or feisty, no-nonsense vixens. The stories are filled with all the elements of great romance--misunderstanding, betrayal, blackmail, revenge--and, of course, blazing passion, irresistible desire and redeeming love. And to top it off, the settings are glamourous, exotic international locales. These are the elements that make Harlequin Presents such great reading, and you'll find them all in these eight fabulous novels by some of Presents finest authors. Bundle inclues: Virgin for the Billionaire's Taking by Penny Jordan, The De Santis Marriage by Michelle Reid, Italian Boss, Ruthless Revenge by Carol Marinelli, The Sicilian's Innocent Mistress by Carole Mortimer, The Kouros Marriage Revenge by Abby Green, At the Sheikh's Bidding by Chantelle Shaw, The Tycoon's Very Personal Assistant by Heidi Rice and The Magnate's Indecent Proposal by Ally Blake.

One Intimate Night

by Penny Jordan

Piers's relationship with Georgia was strictly business--pure and simple. This should have made their living under the same roof a relatively straightforward affair. But, somehow, Piers couldn't stop her from stealing into his thoughts. He wasn't a man to act on impulse. He had managed to resist her--so far! And then one intimate night, business became steamy pleasure. . . .

One Night in His Arms

by Penny Jordan

She'd break his self-control!Still shamed by her teenage infatuation with Ranulf Carrington, Sylvie knew it was important that he understand they were now meeting on equal terms. She would do her utmost to play it cool and distant-his cruel words at their last meeting had crushed the youthful passion out of her-so that all they shared now was a purely business relationship!Everything was different, yet nothing had changed-Sylvie's body still ached for his. Maybe Ran would never come to love her, but still she knew she'd do almost anything for just one night in his arms....

One Night with the Sheikh

by Penny Jordan

The searing attraction between Sheikh Xavier Al Agir and Mariella Sutton is instant and all-consuming. When a storm leaves Mariella stranded at the Sheikh's desert home, passion takes over. . . It's a night she will never forget. But, having always yearned for a child of her own, she plans on having one more night with the Sheikh. . . to conceive his baby. . .

Passion and the Prince

by Penny Jordan

Just who is Lily Wrightington-cynical fashion photographer or studious art historian? Prince Marco di Lucchesi can't hide his haughty disdain for this Englishwoman-or his strong attraction to her!As they tour the captivating palazzos of northern Italy together for Lily's work project, the atmosphere between them sizzles with dislike and sensual promise...until shadows from Lily's past turn up to taunt her. But if Marco drops his guard and offers the protection Lily is seeking, the passion he's trying to keep firmly under wraps might just unleash itself, too....

Passionate Possession

by Penny Jordan

He Had Misjudged HerLucy Howard didn't like arrogant men, and Niall Cameron certainly came into that category for her! He didn't even know her, but he quite happily jumped to all the wrong conclusions. She was rich, spoiled, uncaring and just the sort of woman he disliked most.Not that Lucy cared what he thought of her. She wasn't interested in stealing someone who was already committed to a long-term relationship with another woman. But Niall didn't seem to have any such scruples....

Past Loving

by Penny Jordan

Why Had He Returned?It was over ten years ago since Holly, a naive girl still in her teens, had fallen for Robert Graham and had assumed that his intentions were more long-term than just an affair. She had been bitterly disillusioned. Robert had no intention of marrying before he had made his way in life, and had callously abandoned Holly in search of pastures new.Now he was back in town and apparently willing to pick up their relationship where he had left off. But Holly had other ideas...

Past Passion

by Penny Jordan

Too close...At eighteen, Nicola had made a terrible mistake and eight years later is still punishing herself for her folly. But her shameful secret comes full circle when Matt Hunt walks back into her life-as her new boss. Not that Matt recognizes the assured, controlled businesswoman as the girl who had shared his bed for one brief night.Her dread of discovery attacks her frail self-control. But so does Nicola's consuming need for the man who has haunted her dreams for so long. What will she do when Matt, inevitably, recognizes her...?

A Perfect Family

by Penny Jordan

The Crightons have everything that money can buy- position, power and elegance... but one fateful weekend destroys it all. Three generations of Crightons have gathered at the family estate for a fiftieth birthday party. But the expected celebration turns into an ugly battle for power, with the family inheritance as the prize. Brothers become rivals and allies become adversaries as family_ scandals become the weapon of choice. Past love affairs, embezzlement scams-nothing is sacred and all secrets can be betrayed for a price. The Crightons' carefully polished facade is crumbling. Will they learn to accept their not-so-perfect family in time to save it?

The Perfect Father

by Penny Jordan

Samantha Miller yearned to start a family, but eligible men were in short supply. Maybe visiting her happily married twin in England would help. Liam Connolly should have been relieved to see Sam set off for England. Since she'd been a gangly teenager, she'd had a crush on him. He'd managed to resist her as he'd felt her impetuous nature made them an unlikely match. So why, after she'd confessed the reason behind her trip, did he suddenly find he wanted to be the man to father her babies!

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