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Aliena Too

by Piers Anthony

An alien starfish and a human man must learn to live in each other's bodies in Piers Anthony's ingenious sequel to the science fiction gem Aliena Along with fellow members of her sapient starfish race, Aliena traveled many light-years to Earth. There, in the host body of a human woman, the inquisitive extraterrestrial learned how to exist as a member of this perplexing earthborn race. Now Piers Anthony, the New York Times-bestselling maestro of science fiction and fantasy, continues the story in Aliena Too, as the males of two markedly different species must somehow adapt to one another. Lida Fisher knows that her beloved husband, Quincy, will die soon as the result of a rare and terrible brain rejection syndrome. But there is one hope. If Quincy consents to switch brains with one of the alien beings that have arrived from the other side of the galaxy, he will live on--albeit in the body of a starfish. And that means Lida must agree to let a new man into her life and her bed, one with the face and body of her adored husband but with the mind of an alien stranger. More difficult still, Lida must somehow teach this star man how to love. And many miles above the earth, Quincy also will have to make extreme adjustments to a body and an existence he never dreamed would be his. But luckily, both Fishers will have someone to guide them through the perils, pitfalls, and traumas that must invariably accompany their strange new reality--a truly remarkable creature who has already been there and back again: Aliena.

And Eternity: Book Seven of Incarnations of Immortality

by Piers Anthony

In the triumphant finale to the Incarnations of Immortality series, the Incarnation of Good dominates. As the story begins, Orlene has died, joining forces with Jolie and Vita. Together, these three women will test the limits of morality.


by Piers Anthony

An anthology of Piers Anthony's short stories.

Battle Circle (Battle Circle Omnibus)

by Piers Anthony

America rising from the ashes of its final destruction the epic story of the savage struggle for empire and dominance in primitive post-cataclysmic America. SOS THE ROPE: The kill spirits of the blast were retreating and Sos was pledged to begin an empire, to build a dream the same dream which had been built so many times, aeons before. VAR THE STICK: Var was the chosen one half-man, half-animal, a mutant victim of the blast called upon to rescue the Empire in a battle he was secretly afraid of winning. NEQ THE SWORD: An age of darkness was upon the Empire and Neq, the greatest of warriors, was embarked on a quest that would decide the future of the world!

Bearing an Hourglass (Incarnations of Immortality #2)

by Piers Anthony

When life seemed pointless to Norton, he accepted the position as the Incarnation of Time, even though it meant living backward from present to past. The other seemingly all-powerful incantations of Immortality--Death, Fate, War, and Nature--made him welcome. Even Satan greeted him with gifts. But he soon discovered that the gifts were cunning traps and he had become enmeshed in a complex scheme of the Evil One to destroy all that was good....From the Paperback edition.

Being a Green Mother (Incarnations of Immortality #5)

by Piers Anthony

Orb had a rare gift--the magic which manifested whenever she sang or played her harp. No one could resist her music. But she knew that greater magic lay in the Llano, the mystic music that controlled all things. The quest for the Llano occupied Orb's life. Until she met Natasha, handsome and charming, and an even finer musician. But her mother Niobe came as an Aspect of Fire, with the news that Orb had been chosen for the role of Incarnation of Nature--The Green Mother. But she also warned of a prophecy that Orb was to marry Evil. Could she be sure that Natasha was not really Satan, the Master of Illusion, laying a trap for her...?From the Paperback edition.

Bio of a Space Tyrant Volume 3: Politician

by Piers Anthony

This is the third in the series BIO OF A SPACE TYRANT, featuring the stages in the life of Hope Hubris, the Tyrant of Jupiter, and his beloved sister Spirit.

Blue Adept

by Piers Anthony

In Book Two of the epic adventure that began in SPLIT INFINITY, Stile discovers life on Proton and Phaze is getting more difficult. On Proton he's a serf trying to prove his right to exist by competing in the Great Games. And on Phaze, where only magic worked, he was the Blue Adept trying to master the powers of sorcery. On both worlds, someone was trying to assassinate him. And as if that weren't enough, he has to win the love of Lady Blue, fight a dragon, discover the ultimate weapon, and of course, seek out the all-powerful Citizen who was trying to kill him!THE APPRENTICE ADEPT SERIESBook One: SPLIT INFINITYBook Two: BLUE ADEPTBook Three: JUXTAPOSITIONFrom the Paperback edition.

Board Stiff

by Piers Anthony

Be careful what you wish for . . ."I'm actually a smart girl who would make any man an excellent wife. But no man sees that. No man is interested in my mind or personality, just my whatevers. So here is my wish: I'm board stiff. I want Adventure, Excitement, and Romance." So begins Piers Anthony's thirty-eighth Xanth novel, in which Irrelevant Kandy looks at her reflection in the water of the shallow well and sees luxuriant midnight-black hair reaching down to her breathtakingly slender waist, matching the dark eyes in her lovely face. A torso that comes close to absolute perfection. She is man's desire. That is part of the problem. In the shallow magic of the well, she asks that her wish be granted. Something happens. A sudden whirlwind surrounds her, lifting her up and ripping off her clothing. She is changing somehow. Then she falls flat on the ground. Literally. She has been transformed into a flat, stiff board with two knotholes for eyes.

Castle Roogna

by Piers Anthony

Millie, a ghost for 800 years wants only one man--Jonathan, and he's a zombie. To prove himself, Magician Dor volunteers to get the potion that can restore Jonathan to full life. But he has to go back through time to do it, to a peril-haunted, ancient Xanth, where danger lurks at every turn....From the Paperback edition.

The Caterpillar's Question

by Piers Anthony Philip Jose Farmer

Tappy was thirteen, blind, crippled and mute. Jack was hired to drive her across the country to a place where they were supposed to help her, but Jack wondered. They said she could speak if she wanted to badly enough, that the condition was hysterical. As they drove, he found himself liking the young girl and becoming more and more intrigued with her behavior. Why did she want to stop and walk around in the middle of nowhere. Perhaps Jack would regret his wanting to know when they both disappeared somewhere ... else?

Cautionary Tales

by Piers Anthony

From fantasy and SF master Piers Anthony, a collection of controversial stories and essays that fearlessly push the boundaries and then shamelessly step over them Readers, beware: The stories, essays, reflections, opinions, and wildly imaginative flights of fancy contained herein may shock, rattle, delight, and surprise you. Piers Anthony--multiple New York Times-bestselling author, much-beloved creator of the popular Xanth universe, and one of the most unabashedly original writers currently operating in the science fiction and fantasy arena--now offers up a one-of-a-kind collection of his most fearless writings, for the pleasure of those unafraid to enter where angels fear to tread. Tackling unusual subjects and challenging social and religious mores, Anthony refuses to be restrained as he explores the strange and the taboo. From the May-December romance of a damaged Romeo and his shockingly young Juliet (though she is no younger than Shakespeare's) to a woman's valiant struggle against a grossly aberrant sexual demon, these cautionary tales are not for the faint of heart. They can be troubling, startling, and disturbing, but they are never dull. And readers, be further warned: In the uniquely inventive mind of Piers Anthony, absolutely nothing is sacred--not childhood, marriage, love, religion, sex . . . not even Xanth.

Centaur Aisle

by Piers Anthony

Dor agreed to act as King of Xanth so long as Trent was gone for a week. But the weeks passed and Trent did not return. Dor knew he had to rescue his king but with no magic powers, how could it be done...?From the Paperback edition.

Chaining the Lady (Cluster #2)

by Piers Anthony

Chaining the Lady is the second Cluster book. Melody, a product of Flint and the Andromedan's mating in Cluster, must save the Milky Way Galaxy and create a place where creatures can transfer without limitations. Melody must survive in worlds unknown and alien to her and she does that where others fail when her aura augments her skills and abilities. The book opens with the discovery that Andromeda, the enemy galaxy of the first novel, has discovered the secret of involuntary hosting: a Kirlian aura that is sufficiently stronger than that of an individual can take possession of that individual. Andromeda has secretly infiltrated the highest levels of government in Sphere Sol and its allies and resurrect its plot to steal the energy of the Milky Way. Melody of Mintaka, a direct descendant of Flint of Outworld and his Andromedan nemesis, has a Kirlian aura of well over two hundred. She is pressed into service to "possess" and interrogate a captured Andromedan transferee. Melody, hosted in the young and beautiful body of Yael of Dragon, must, like her progenitor Flint, find a way to defeat the Andromedan threat and save the galaxy. The mysterious Ancients are present again in the form of their artifacts and sites. The themes of Tarot and of various myths of Sphere Sol (in this case that of Perseus and Andromeda) play a big part this novel. The InterSphere fleet of starships has forms analogous to the Tarot suits of Disks, Cups, Wands, and Swords.

Chaos Mode (Mode #3)

by Piers Anthony

Fantasy adventure where characters reunite from the precious Mode series books. They are able to mode easily between universes entering other worlds. Colene, a young lady fighting depression and Darius a king from another world who has won her heart in love, as well as Seqiro, who is a telepathic horse commence for one more adventure. This seems to be the beginning of the most intimidating adventure so far in this series, joining the threesome is an alien with tentacles known as Burgess. They have embarked on a journey to Earth where Colene would be able to make peace with her relatives and sorting out memories and reasons for her depression which have been troubling her since her childhood.

Chimaera's Copper

by Piers Anthony Robert E. Margroff

When his two deadliest enemies join forces to take revenge on him, Kelvin is trapped in the distant Frame World and must escape in order to save the woman he loves, who carries their unborn child. This is the third book in the Kelvin of Rud series.


by Piers Anthony

Chthon was Piers Anthony's first published novel in 1967, written over the course of seven years. He started it when he was in the US Army, so it has a long prison sequence that is reminiscent of that experience, being dark and grim. It features Aton Five, a space man who commits the crime of falling in love with the dangerous, alluring Minionette and is therefore condemned to death in the subterranean prison of Chthon. It uses flashbacks to show how he came to know the Minionette, and flash-forwards to show how he dealt with her after his escape from prison. The author regards this as perhaps the most intricately structured novel the science fantasy genre has seen. It was a contender for awards, but not a winner.

Chthon (Aton #1)

by Piers Anthony

First in the Aton series.

Cluster (Cluster #1)

by Piers Anthony

As Cluster opens, the alien envoy Pnotl of Sphere Knyfh seeks help from Sphere Sol in a shared galactic-level crisis: Galaxy Andromeda has discovered the secret of energy transfer and intends to use it to steal the basic energy of the Milky Way Galaxy. Knyfh offers the secret of aura transfer on the understanding that Sphere Sol will spread the technology to help create a galactic coalition to find and defeat agents of Andromeda. Sol's highest-Kirlian individual is Flint, a green-skinned native of Outworld, who has a Kirlian aura of two hundred, an eidetic memory (useful for memorizing the complex equations of Kirlian transfer that he will need to communicate to other spheres). He has extraordinary intelligence and is highly adaptable. His mission is complicated, however, by the fact that he is pursued everywhere by a very high Kirlian female Andromedan agent and, somehow, the Andromedans are able to detect and trace Kirlian transfers. Flint embarks upon several missions to bring transfer technology to neighboring spheres, inhabiting various alien forms. His efforts are successful despite attacks and sabotage by the Andromedan agent. Through the conflict, however, the mutual attraction of their two vastly superior auras begins to undermine their individual loyalty to their own Spheres. Flint and a group of other entities recover the information that will allow them to detect and trace transfers, and a member of the group is revealed as the Andromedan agent. One result is the catastrophic destruction of the local habitat. Flint and his nemesis are transferred into alien Mintakan bodies to survive. Choosing to leave things with parity between their two galaxies, Flint and the Andromedan mate and remain together until their auras fade (which happens rapidly, since their physical bodies have been destroyed).

The Color of Her Panties (Xanth #15)

by Piers Anthony Piers A. Jacob

We See England, We See Xanth, We See Mels's Underpanth<P> In fact, Gwenny Goblin, Che Centaur and Jenny Elf are just about the only creatures on Xanth who have been spared the sight of Mela Merwoman's undergarment -- preoccupied as they are with helping Gwenny beat out her awful half-brother Gobble for chiefship of the goblin horde. But first they must master space and thyme... and find the fabulous egg that sits between the Roc and the hard place. While Mela -- who would gladly relinquish her oft-viewed undies for a new husband -- joins the Adult Conspiracy... and quickly discovers the power of a perfect pair of panties!

Crewel Lye

by Piers Anthony

Jordan was a ghost in Castle Roogna now. Although once he had been the most valorus of knights--that is, until he was betrayed by two wily magicians and the woman he loves. Now, if he only can remember how he was killed, he'll be able to reassemble his body. And he is getting impatient....From the Paperback edition.

Cube Route (Xanth #27)

by Piers Anthony

27th in xanth series

Currant Events (Xanth #28)

by Piers Anthony

From Publishers Weekly Panty puns and intermittently droll word-play drive veteran Anthony's 28th Xanth book (Cube Route, etc.), the first of a second magic trilogy within this popular fantasy series. Since the author always pays such close attention to what his readers want, newcomers shouldn't expect too much by way of a plot. Clio, Xanth's slim Muse of History, hates her body's lack of curves. Despite the practicality of jeans for outdoor activities, Clio wears skirts ("they were required of her gender and age"), which leads to such quips as: "There's nothing like new panties to make a man pant." When Clio discovers an undecipherable history she's apparently written, she goes for help to Good Magician Humfrey, who sends her on a wild quest for a magical red berry. Along the way, Clio must meet a number of amusing challenges, like restocking dragon-poor Xanth with 6,000 beasts from Dragon World by using a special expandable net. Together with her love interest, Sherlock of the Black Wave, Clio endures an abundance of puns supplied by fans, hundreds of whom Anthony acknowledges in an extended author's note. This is great fun for punsters-a Tor-ment for others. Copyright © Reed Business Information, a division of Reed Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

The Dastard (Xanth #24)

by Piers Anthony

Frustrated farm boy Anomy gives up his soul in return for the ability to unhappen events. Since he uses this power mostly for ill, he adopts the sobriquet the Dastard and becomes a problem. The good guys send a half-dragon, half-human girl, a roc, and the princesses Melody, Harmony, and Rhythm on his trail. Complicating the action in this customarily busy Xanth yarn are the Sea Hag, an insatiably vengeful spirit who possesses the bodies of young women, wears them out, and throws them away; time travel; some intriguing limits to and complexities of magic; the usual word- and concept play; and some serious ethical thinking when the Dastard regains a soul (a borrowed one, not the original). Readers may become impatient with the Adult Conspiracy and the power of panties, devices used on all intergender encounters, at the cost of a good deal of their potential, at least for readers who are already conspiring adults. Roland Green

Demons Don't Dream (Xanth #16)

by Piers Anthony

Doug hates computer games. His friend, Buddy, is certain he has one that Doug will like. He talks Doug into a small wager. If he likes the game, Buddy gets his girlfriend. If he doesn't, he gets Buddy's motorcycle. He has one hour to call Buddy and say he doesn't like the game.

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