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Autumn of the Gun

by Ralph Compton

BLOOD TIE IN A BLOODY LAND Nathan Stone is a living legend in the West as a lawman, an outlaw, a gambler, and a wanderer through the wildest towns and terrain. He has blazed a vengeance trail, giving no quarter and asking for none. Fearlessly, he plays his cards and uses his Colt . 45s as best he can in games of chance, skill, and savagery, for stakes of life or death. Now he is riding on a course that will test his rawhide nerves and lightning draw against the likes of Doc Holliday, Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid, the fleeing James brothers, and the incredible John Wesley Hardin--as he heads toward a fateful rendezvous with the one gunfighter as fast and deadly as he: the teenage kid who kills like a man and is Nathan Stone's son. . . . .

Blood and Gold

by Ralph Compton

With 'Blood and Gold' we meet eighteen-year-old Dusty Hannah, a young cowpuncher whose boss trusts Dusty to take $30,000 of his gold across the Red River, not an easy task.

The California Trail (Trail Drive #5)

by Ralph Compton

From the back cover: The only riches Texans had left after the Civil War were five million maverick longhorns and the brains, brawn and boldness to drive them north to where the money was. Now, Ralph Compton brings this violent and magnificent time to life in an extraordinary epic series based on the history blazing trail drives. THE CALIFORNIA TRAIL Gold fever had hit California, and suddenly, the land was full of hungry pioneers. For Gil and Van Austin, two Texas brothers, it meant the chance to sell well grazed longhorns after years of hard ranching and a treacherous cattle drive up through Mexico. The only trouble was that California was on the other side of a searing desert, swollen rivers, a barrage of Indian attacks, and a whole passel of outlaw trouble. And while the Texans and their men were ready and willing to take it all on, there was one thing they weren't prepared for, the ultimate act of treachery and deceit in a land of schemes, dreamers and gold!

The Chisholm Trail (Trail Drive #3)

by Ralph Compton

FROM THE BACK COVER: Armed only with a Colt rifle, a Bowie knife, and courage as big as the West, Ten Chisholm, the bold, half-breed son of Indian scout Jesse Chisholm, leaves New Orleans with a price on his head. His only crime was loving the beautiful daughter of a powerful New Orleans gambler who has promised her to a wealthy man she hates. With a team of battle-toughened cowboys and ex soldiers, and a vow to return to Priscilla and make her his wife, Ten rides into the harsh Texas brakes and the heart of Comanche country. Now, he must round up wild longhorns and set off across the Red River, through a thousand miles of swollen rivers, angry Comanche's and treacherous outlaw attacks on a brazen quest to open a new trail to Kansas on the savage frontier.

The Dawn of Fury

by Ralph Compton

Seeking vengeance on the rebel renegades who murdered his family, Civil War veteran Nathan Stone sets out on an odyssey that will take him throughout the United States and across the paths of the West's most famous--and infamous--characters, including Jesse James, "Wild" Bill Hickok, and John Wesley Hardin.

The Deadwood Trail (Trail Drive #12)

by Ralph Compton

From the back cover: For veteran ranchers Nelson Story of Montana, and Benton McCaleb of Wyoming. It was an opportunity a man did not pass up. In gold camps of the Black Hills, miners were hungry for beef, at boomtown prices. But within the two outfits were Indians, gunmen, Texans, lovesick cowboys, and high spirited women. Worse, the drive would pass through Crow and Sioux territory, when Custer's defeat at the Little Big Horn was just hours away. The drives were tangled by violent grudges, stampeding herds, and dangerous deception. The two brawling outfits had one thing in common, a deadly surprise awaiting them at the end of the trail.

Devil's Canyon (The Sundown Riders #4)

by Ralph Compton

They are four hired guns who haul freight for a price into the treacherous, untamed wilderness. Having already risked their lives for the Confederacy, now they're fighting for themselves--and for a stake in the future--on the great frontier. Led by the poker-playing Faro Duval, these soldiers of fortune are about to take the biggest gamble of all: delivering an explosive cargo from Santa Fe to southwestern Utah. Their destination is Devil's Canyon...and a mountain of gold. But there's a wild card in the crew: a man who is one jump ahead of an unsavory past and one piece of silver away from selling them out. In a land of savage outlaws and hostile Utes, with a rattlesnake named Hal Durham in their midst, Duval and his men are running out of time and out of luck...

Doomsday Rider (Buck Fletcher #2)

by Ralph Compton Joseph A. West

Buck Fletcher is facing a twenty-year sentence for a murder he didn't commit, but he just may have one chance at freedom.

The Goodnight Trail (Trail Drive #1)

by Ralph Compton

Former Texas Rangers Benton McCaleb, Will Elliot, and Brazos Gifford ride with Charles Goodnight as he rounds up thousands of ornery, unbranded cattle for the long drive to Colorado. From the Trinity River brakes to Denver, they'll battle endless miles of flooded rivers, parched desert, and whiskey-crazed Comanches. And come face-to-face with Judge Roy Bean and legendary gunslingers like Clay Allison. For McCaleb and his hard-riding crew, the drive is a fierce struggle against the perils of an untamed land. A fight to the finish where the brave reach glory--or die hard.

The Green River Trail (Trail Drive #13)

by Ralph Compton

The year was 1853. For a handful of cowboys turned California Gold Rushers, it was time to go home. Then Lonnie Kilgore and his fellow Texans met Western legend and former mountain man Jim Bridger, who told them of a lush range waiting to be claimed in northern Utah. Now, the Texans have purchased land on the Green River and come to San Antonio to gather up some longhorns. But with Indian trouble, law trouble, and woman trouble along for the ride, the cowboys are finding out the truth about this paradise: to live on land you bought and paid for, you have to be willing to die. ...


by Ralph Compton

He was known as The Ranger. Arizona lawman Sam Burrack has seen his share of killers and the brutality they inflict upon the innocent. His relentless pursuit of the guilty has put things right time and again. In the town of Bannet, a gang of outlaws has avoided the law ... until now. Class Edding, son of a wealthy rancher, has led the cold-blooded Half Moon Gang on a spree of theft and murder that should have put him behind bars. But the corrupt local law sets the accused man free to wreak more havoc. Burrack refuses to give up, hunting down the gang members until only the leader remains. Even deadlier than the hunt, though, is the man hired by Class's father to find and kill Sam Burrack! With a price on his head, and powerful men protecting his prey, Burrack will need all of his skill and determination to see that even in a lawless world, justice will be done.


by Ralph Compton Peter Brandvold

FROM THE BACK COVER: Hardened ex-gunslinger Taos Tommy Navarro turned away Karla Vannorsdell, a rancher's granddaughter, when she needed him most. Now, angry and full of guilt, Navarro must track down Karla in the desert before the Apaches catch her, which won't be easy. And all that's certain is that things are going to get very rough, and very bloody. Nothing will make Karla return to her arrogant, meddling grandfather now that he's run off the vaquero she was going to marry. To bring her lover back, Karla will endure the parched, blazing desert, the venomous diamondbacks, the ferocious Apaches and the buzzards circling overhead. And she'll learn the cruelest lesson of all. In a brutal land, love can mean killing the thing you cherish.

The Old Spanish Trail (Trail Drive #11)

by Ralph Compton

From the back cover: Ralph Compton brings this violent and magnificent time to life in an extraordinary epic series based on the history blazing trail drives. The Old Spanish Trail. For the ranchers riding with Rand Hayes, things had gone from bad to worse. The Santa Fe man who'd contracted five thousand head of cattle was dead, murdered by renegades. Now the Texans had a herd of longhorns and only one choice: cross two mountain ranges and the Mojave Desert to the gold-fevered market at Los Angeles. A trail blazed by ancient Spaniards, this was a route that would lead through a brutal, wondrous land, where a hostile Ute nation was only one danger the cattle drive faced, and California was a shooting war away.

The Omaha Trail

by Ralph Compton

BLOOD AND BANKERS Dane Kramer looks forward to the day when his sprawling Oklahoma cattle ranch will truly be his--no strings attached. With only one more bank payment to make, and a buyer in Omaha ready to pay top dollar for a herd of Herefords, he should finally have the banker Earl Throckmorton off his back. But Earl has a plan to keep the ranch for himself, and if he has his way, Dane's herd will never make it across the Omaha Trail--and Dane won't make it home alive... Up against Earl's hired gang of outlaws, Dane must do whatever it takes to bring in the herd--but Earl has more than one trick up his sleeve. Planting one of his own men in Dane's newly hired team of cowhands could be just the insurance he needs... .

The Oregon Trail (Trail Drive #9)

by Ralph Compton

FROM THE BACK COVER: The only riches Texans had left after the Civil War were five million maverick longhorns and the brains, brawn and boldness to drive them north to where the money was. Now, Ralph Compton brings this violent and magnificent time to life in an extraordinary epic series based on the history, blazing trail drives. Lou Spencer, Dill Sumner and their fourteen Texas cowboys brought a herd up to Independence Missouri and sold half to a wagon train heading West. Then the Texans hired on, leading the battling greenhorn pioneers across the Missouri River, across Nebraska Territory, and into the wilds past Forts Laramie and Bridger. With winter closing in Spencer's men were running out of time to reach the wide open land of Oregon. And with a fortune in gold hidden in one of the pilgrim's wooden wagons, and outlaws circling like wolves, there were miles of shooting and dying still ahead.

Ralph Compto:n Bounty Hunter

by Ralph Compton Joseph A. West

Bounty Hunter John Tone was good at his job. Some would say ruthless. But when a nefarious criminal from the Barbary Coast makes him an offer he can?t refuse, Tone himself becomes the hunted one. <P><P>As the bounty hunter steels himself for a showdown, he may be loading the six chambers of his Colt for the last time?

Ralph Compton The Abilene Trail (Ralph Compton #17)

by Ralph Compton Dusty Richards

A former Confederate Army officer, Ben McCullough is now a rancher in the Texas hill country, hoping to earn enough money to settle down and marry. With eight hundred head of cattle to drive north, Ben is relying on his ex-sergeant, Hap, and a bunch of greenhorns he's recruited to help. But the stampedes and raging rivers are nothing compared to the gang of outlaws waiting to rustle the herd.

Ralph Compton The Alamosa Trail (Ralph Compton #15)

by Ralph Compton Robert Vaughan

Desperate times call for desperado measures. At least that's what the men of Trailback ranch figure when driving cattle across the Alamosa Trail turns into the ride of their lives.

Ralph Compton Blood Duel

by Ralph Compton David Robbins

Unable to read about his bloody exploits in the newspaper, serial killer Jeeter Frost finds a teacher to help him, while the townsfolk of Coffin Varnish, hoping to cash in on his infamy, put his victims on display, to which he strongly and violently objects.

Ralph Compton: Blood on the Gallows

by Ralph Compton Joseph A. West

Former big city detective John McBride is an easygoing man? until a cold-blooded town sheriff warns him to mind his own business, or face a lynching. <P><P>Driven by his sense of justice, McBride takes on the sheriff, an evil mayor and his cruel psychotic son, and a small army of hired gunmen. Helped by a mysterious white-haired, quick-drawing preacher, McBride shoulders a task most men would flee from. But John McBride isn?t most men?

Ralph Compton: The Bloody Trail

by Ralph Compton Marcus Galloway

Jeremiah Correy is leading his family in a wagon train to Oregon when his plans are waylaid by a group of bounty hunters led by Sam Madigan, who take a man from Correy's party-the quiet, unassuming Emmett Natham, who is actually a known fugitive. <P><P>But Madigan also aims to nab the rest of the travelers and ransom them off. Now, Jeremiah must stop Madigan-and his greatest ally may be the mysterious and dangerous Emmett Natham, whose skills could save them all-or lead them to their deaths...

Ralph Compton The Border Empire

by Ralph Compton

Wes Stone was a lawman-until the Sandlin gang gunned down his legendary father. Now, he's giving up his badge for vengeance. . .

Ralph Compton Brimstone Trail

by Ralph Compton

GOD HELP HIM. . . Before hearing the call of the Lord, Paul had seen more than his share of sin--mostly his own. But since he came to minister to the small town of Pueblito Verde, most of what he sees are tamer transgressions. Knowing his own past, Paul believes the occasional mistake doesn't make someone truly evil. But some men are more evil than others. When the brutal Jack Kerrigan and his band of ruffians hit town, Paul's new life starts to go bad. Then things go from bad to worse when ruthless bounty hunter Dave Sprole arrives with money and murder on his mind. Now, the town is caught in the crossfire between two cold-blooded killers--and Paul knows that it's time for him to stand up for what he believes in. . .

Ralph Compton Brother's Keeper

by Ralph Compton David Robbins

The life of a cowboy suits Thalis Christie just fine. A puncher for the Crescent H in Texas, he loves what he does and is damn good at it too. He doesn't even mind being away from his family--he's got good friends to keep him from getting too homesick. <P><P>That is, until his folks write, imploring him to hunt down his brother, Myles, who's been shot while prospecting in the Black Hills.Thalis sets out to do his family duty and find his little brother--still alive, he hopes. Thalis has got his partner, Ned Leslie, by his side, as well as some other surprising travel companions, including the famous Wild Bill Hickok. But as he follows his brother's wandering trail across the country, leading him to encounter deadly obstacles from Texas to Blood Gulch, he begins to wonder if he can ever return to the comfortable life he used to lead--or if he even wants to....More Than Six Million Ralph Compton Books in Print

Ralph Compton: Bullet Creek

by Ralph Compton Peter Brandvold

Retired gunslinger Tom Navarro is more than happy working at the Bar-V Ranch while planning a future with the woman he loves. But when a local landowner is murdered, Navarro must strap on his six-irons once more to stop an all-out range war.

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