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Father And Child

by Rebecca York

Once glance at the doe-eyed girl in the photo melted the icy walls around Zeke Chamber's heart. Till then, he'd kept his past secret, his feelings hidden. But now he had to reach out - for the help he needed to rescue this child. Zeke needed a wife in twenty-four hours. But could he ask Elizabeth Egan, the woman he secretly loved, to marry him for a pretense, to put her life in danger? With a killer in pursuit and the fate of his child in the balance, Zeke has no other choice. When he looked at Elizabeth he dreamed of forming the perfect little family. But it was a fantasy, like hearing her say she loved him. And fantasy was a luxury he couldn't afford - until he got his daughter back.

Flight of the Raven

by Rebecca York

Danger Swirled Around Him Like Demons in the Mist...And from the moment her eyes met his, Julie McLean knew Aleksei Rozonov was a hunter...and she was his prey.Instead of taking a safe trip home, she'd been assigned to track the killer of an embassy colleague. She followed a treacherous trail that time and again led her inexorably to the alluring Russian-and to an elusive secret agent called the Raven, who somehow held the answers she sought.Aleksei's moves made her feel like an amateur, his kisses made her feel like a virgin. And in the heat of the Spanish summer-in the heat of their passion-it was all too easy to forget that no matter what else Aleksei was, he was the enemy....

For Your Eyes Only

by Rebecca York

His eyes saw all... Jenny Larkin. Ever since the accident that blinded her, she existed only in Ben Brisco's midnight memories. But now she was his best lead to find a killer. Ben only hoped she wouldn't remember him--or discover that he, too, knew the truth about her guilty secrets.... Her eyes saw nothing... No one could stop Jenny from searching for her friend's murderer. But all too soon she could feel someone watching her...hear footsteps stalking her...taste fear enveloping her.... There was only one man who could help her--but Jenny would never let Ben Brisco back into her life, no matter what the cost...

From the Shadows

by Rebecca York

SHE BROUGHT OUT HIS PRIMAL NEEDS...Much of Alex Shane's teen years were forgotten-but his one intimate encounter with Sara Delaney was crystalclear in his memory. Sweet Sara who'd been too good for the bad boy he used to be. But the tables had turned now: Alex was investigating a possible murder-and Sara was his prime suspect.Though she hid her share of secrets, she claimed her innocence with her every breath.What she couldn't hide was that she craved Alex as much as he wanted her.Either way Sara was a danger. Alex was either harboring a criminal...or enticing the only woman who could find her way to his hidden heart.

Ghost Moon

by Rebecca York

A freed slave from a parallel universe, Quinn has come to this world on a vital mission. But then she's stopped in her tracks by the seductive attentions of a mysterious spirit. He's a ghost named Caleb Marshall-a werewolf who was supposedly murdered by the ancestors of her dearest friends... When Caleb finds a way to take over a human body, Quinn can no longer resist her overwhelming desire, even though she's not sure she can trust him. But soon she discovers that they have a shared enemy-and if she doesn't act fast, she may lose the man she's come to love, along with her life...

Gypsy Magic

by Patricia Rosemoor Rebecca York Ann Voss Peterson

Ten years ago, a Gypsy cursed the sons of three who wrongly accused her boy, Carlo, of murder. Now they must find the real killer before death revisits the bayou. And only true love will break the evil spell they are under....Wyatt: A police detective blinded in the line of duty. He loved Alessandra King-but their relationship ended when she learned his father testified against her cousin Carlo. Now Wyatt was back to prove Carlo's innocence...and that he'd never stopped loving Alessandra.Garner: An attorney who's lost everyone he's ever loved. He agreed to help Sabina King overturn Carlo's conviction, but he didn't plan on falling for the exotic beauty-which could jeopardize her safety....Andrei: A man cursed to never fully love a woman. Now he has crossed paths again with socialite Elizabeth Granville, daughter of the murder victim, to help her find the truth-and find love again for himself-against all odds.

Harlequin Intrigue April 2014 - Bundle 2 of 2

by Rebecca York Helenkay Dimon Paula Graves

Harlequin Intrigue brings you three new edge-of-your-seat romances for one great price, available now! This Harlequin Intrigue bundle includes The Legend of Smuggler's Cave by Paula Graves, Relentless by HelenKay Dimon and Diagnosis: Attraction by Rebecca York.Catch a thrill with 6 new edge-of-your-seat romances every month from Harlequin Intrigue!

Harlequin Intrigue July 2013 - Bundle 1 of 2

by Rebecca York Delores Fossen Elle James

Harlequin Intrigue brings you three new edge-of-your-seat romances for one great price, available now for a limited time only from July 1 to July 31! This Harlequin Intrigue bundle includes Outlaw Lawman by USA TODAY bestselling author Delores Fossen, Triggered by Elle James, and Carrie's Protector by Rebecca York.Catch a thrill with six new edge-of-your-seat romances every month from Harlequin Intrigue!

Harlequin Intrigue March 2014 - Bundle 2 of 2

by Rebecca York Cindi Myers Cynthia Eden

THE GIRL NEXT DOOR: When Gabrielle Harper's gutsy investigative reporting attracted a serial killer, her new neighbor began keeping an eye on her. But Cooper Marshall was more than his chiseled frame suggested. He was an Elite Operations Division specialist who thrived on adrenaline, who always took risks, whose every instinct was geared to protect. Even if it meant breaking cover. Gabrielle wasn't the sort to hole up in her Washington, D.C., walk-up, waiting to be the next victim. So when the time came, he'd throw her on the back of his motorcycle and ride with a vengeance to save her life. <P> ROCKY MOUNTAIN RESCUE: Federal marshal Patrick Thompson almost lost one woman in his care. He won't lose another. As an officer for the Witness Security Program, it's his job to protect Stacy Giardino, the former daughter-in-law of an infamous crime boss. At first, Stacy is reluctant to trust the brawny cop--or to act on their intense mutual attraction. But when her toddler son is kidnapped, Patrick is the only person who can help her find him. As they work their way through the Rocky Mountains, trailed by killers, Patrick and Stacy grow closer, and the heat simmering between them ignites.<P> BRIDAL JEOPARDY: Love at first sight can't begin to describe the attraction detective Craig Branson feels when he locks eyes with gorgeous Stephanie Swift. It's more powerful, passionate and deeply emotional than anything he's ever felt. But the P.I. is in New Orleans to track down a killer...not to have a fling. Still, he can't resist the intense sexual pull he feels the first time he kisses Stephanie. He'll risk everything to rescue her from her rich, possessive fiancé. Taking her on the run, Craig faces danger from two relentless pursuers--one who would expose the secret of their bond...and one who would keep him from his soul mate forever.

Her Baby's Father

by Rebecca York

The last thing Sara Carter remembers is driving to the hospital in the middle of a snowstorm just as she was going into labor. Skidding...then crashing. When she wakes up, she's no longer pregnant. More astonishing, the man she loved and lost is still alive. Has Sara been given a second chance to rescue Jack Morgan from his tragic destiny? To save them both?From the moment Jack meets Sara, he has the feeling he knows her from somewhere. Her first touch awakens long-dormant emotions...and arouses a fierce wave of desire. But how does Sara seem to sense he's in danger? Whatever twist of fate brought them together, Jack knows he has only one shot at a future: keep them both alive long enough to find out if their love is strong enough to withstand the forces threatening to drive them apart.

Immortal Bad Boys

by Rebecca York Linda Thomas-Sundstrom Rosemary Laurey

Curl up under the covers with a trio of bad boys who know how to please. After all, they've had an eternity to practice. . .Night Ecstasy by Rebecca YorkNew Orleans is a city pulsing with every forbidden pleasure three-hundred-year-old vampire Jules DeMario desires--including artist Taylor Lawson. And as their relationship becomes more intimate and erotic, more than Taylor's creativity finds stimulation. . .Velvet Night by Rosemary LaureyPolice officer Vickie Anderson is in the Virginia mountains looking for solitude. What she finds is seductive Pete Falcon. The cop in her says stay away. But the woman in her can't resist his almost feral combination of sex and danger. . .Midnight Court by Linda Thomas SundstromA creature of the night, handsome Christopher Dante is as lustful as any man. At Lord Rothchilde's infamously debauched Midnight Court, he meets temptation: the innocent future bride of Lord Rothchilde himself. But in this Midnight Court, both Dante and his jealous former lover, Elizabeth, will have to risk their hearts in order to survive. . .

In Search of the Dove

by Rebecca York

In New Orleans everyone wore masks, everyone hid secrets...Michael Rome: He was a master at assuming other identities, while never revealing his own. A sharp mind and deadly hands were his only companions. Until Jessica Duval scaled his defenses, entering where no one had gone before-his mind and his heart.Jessica Duval: She'd fled New Orleans years ago, hiding from the deep dark secret of her youth. But with her brother in trouble, she had no choice but to return.... No choice but to follow the only two clues she had-the vision of a dove and the figure of a handsome stranger.... No choice but to reach out to lone-wolf Michael.Theirs was a connection deeper than devotion, more powerful than passion. But would Jessica ever know the real Michael Rome?

Intimate Strangers

by Rebecca York

SHE WAS HIS FANTASY...The nightly dreams of making love to Molly Dumont had been Mike Randall's lifeline during the five long years of his wrongful imprisonment for murdering his wife. But released now on an overturned conviction, he changed his name-and his face-and the new Mark Ramsey wanted only revenge.Everything about Perry's Cove, N.C., was the same as Mark remembered, including the good-ol'-boy sheriff who'd put him away. And Molly Dumont. In the flesh, she was better than in his fantasies-and harder to resist. But as Mark closed in on the real killer, he faced the question that burned in his gut: Was Molly the enticing innocent he remembered-or was she part of the conspiracy?

Killing Moon

by Rebecca York

The national bestselling author delivers this suspenseful tale of paranormal romance for the new Berkley Sensation romance line. A private investigator on the trail of a serial killer has a secret of his own--an ancient secret that draws a beautiful genetic researcher closer to him.

Midnight Caller

by Rebecca York

Meg Faulkner awakened with no memory of her accident, her identity or her reason for infiltrating the isolated mountain compound of the mysterious recluse Glenn Bridgman. With a newly deposited one million dollars in her account, she COULD be the beautiful spy Glenn expected...but why did she feel an undeniable attraction to the sexy stranger? No doubt Glenn hid secrets behind those icy, shuttered eyes--secrets that, if disclosed, could mean the end for Meg. If rumor was truth, was Glenn her protector--or her captor?

Midnight Kiss

by Rebecca York

Don't Invite Him In That's what they told you to do when you met a vampire. But Jessica Adams was powerless to resist him. His voice enveloped her like a lover's embrace, his eyes pierced her very soul.She told herself it was just a dream. A nightmare she'd had every midnight since she started filming Midnight Kiss. Maybe it was the accidents on the set. Or because Matthew Griffon's writing was so seductive, his vampire so real.From the moment she met the reclusive Griffon, Jessica was powerfully drawn to him. His ebony eyes, the way he hid from the public light, the dark secrets he concealed...they all seemed oddly familiar.Just who was this Matthew Griffon-creator of a character, or her midnight lover in the flesh?

More Than a Man

by Rebecca York

For seven centuries Noah Fielding had kept his secret, switching identities, staying one step ahead of those who would exploit him. But a chance meeting with a woman on the run changed everything. Olivia Stapler made Noah feel emotions he'd thought long dead, made him yearn for a chance at real life. He knew taking Olivia back to his secret enclave as his wife would be dangerous. In fact, Noah had given his pursuers the perfect weapon. Using Olivia to get to him, they would stop at nothing to gain the secret of his longevity. Even if they had to harm the only woman he loved to get it. . . .

Never Alone

by Rebecca York

43 Light St. had been the address for outstanding romantic suspense for more than a decade! Now Rebecca York blasts the hinges off the front door with a new trilogy...MINE TO KEEP. These men and women can face danger head-on, because there's no threat too great when you have the one you love by your side. HE WAS HER "HUSBAND" NOW...For Detective Cal Rollins it began as an assignment-a pretend marriage to a key witness in order to flush out a serial killer. But from the minute he moved into Beth Wagner's remote farmhouse, he knew this case, this woman would change his life forever.Though Beth led a solitary life, she was instantly drawn to her bodyguard by an almost mystical, irresistible force. How long could they live as "husband and wife" and resist the fire that burned between them? In the lengthening shadows of night, Beth could hardly tell fantasy from reality anymore. She knew only that to reveal the killer meant exposing her lifelong secret...and that to save her life, and others, she'd have to risk her heart.

Never Too Late

by Rebecca York

Six years ago Mariana Reyes had stolen his heart, then it seemed she betrayed him. Now she expected Scott O'Donnell to believe he had a child. Mariana and her daughter had been in hiding for years, until someone made sure Scott found Mariana again. He was the only man with whom she shared a fevered past and who could face down the killers they'd once escaped. The journey was paved with questions and danger, but their passion burned hotter than ever. Scott would still walk through fire for her...and for the child he'd never known.

New Moon (Moon #6)

by Rebecca York

It's in one man's true nature to remain by the side of the woman he loves, rather than live without her in his own universe...<P> Landscape architect Logan Marshall is out for a jog -- in his werewolf form -- when a trap catches his paw. As it saps his strength, he is saved by another werewolf, who -- to Logan's amazement -- is female.<P> Female werewolves aren't supposed to exist. But Rinna is a shapeshifter from another dimension who's traveled through a portal to this world. And the trap that ensnared Logan was set by her former captor, and meant for her....<P> But as soon as Rinna and Logan touch, an electrifying bond forms between them. Unable to resist his desire for Rinna, in all her many forms, Logan will have to earn her trust, and travel through both dimensions to save her -- and earth -- from the wrath of her enemy....

Nowhere Man

by Rebecca York

She knew nothing about him-except that she loved himPsychologist Kathryn Kelley had never had a case like that of the man called Hunter. At a secret compound he trained for a covert mission. But Hunter in the flesh was nothing like the man in the dossier. His hard body and sharp mind were like a soldier's, but his bedroom eyes and gentle touch drew Kathryn like a lover.Hunter had no memory of his life before Stratford Creek. But somehow he remembered the silky feel of Kathryn's hair. She awakened desire in him he'd never experienced, fear that he was in grave danger from the secrets of Stratford Creek. Only Kathryn could help him-but once she discovered who he was, could she save him in time...and would she want to?"...a to-die-for hero, chilling suspense and an unforgettable love story."-Melina Helfer, Romantic Times

Out of Nowhere

by Rebecca York

SHE CAME INTO HIS LIFE FROM OUT OF NOWHERE...And landed right into his murder investigation. Spy-turneddetective Max Dakota had seen it all-until he rescued a beautiful blonde who plunged off a Florida bridge. She had no memory, no ID-nothing but an unusual tattoo she kept hidden.One thing was certain: The woman he dubbed Annie was no damsel in distress. She could pick locks and shoot guns, and her hands were downright lethal. Especially when they touched him. Heat lightning crackled between them, turning Max's icy-blue eyes to fire. As much as he distrusted her, he wanted her. Intensely. Passionately.But the sexy virgin was five and a half feet of contradictions. And Max knew his safety depended on solving his toughest case in a hurry: Who was this woman?

Phantom Lover

by Rebecca York

HE CAME TO HER IN THE NIGHTIn the darkened bedroom of Ravencrest, Bree Brennan was seduced by an unseen lover. A lover whose scorching kiss was strangely familiar. Was her midnight caller Troy London, her onetime love, or was it the mythical ghost who haunted the cliffside, windswept estate on the California coast?A P.I., Bree had come undercover to Ravencrest to find its owner, Troy, and ensure his well-being. But Bree knew she was out of her league the moment she saw its dark rock spires and its creepy inhabitants who claimed a crazy Troy was a prisoner in his own chambers. But Bree heard his husky voice, felt his sizzling touch.... Exactly who was weaving an undeniable, erotic spell around her?


by Rebecca York

Test Subject:Matt WhitlockAbility:Thought manipulationWeakness:Shelley Young's sudden return--And The heartbreaking news of their four-year-old son's kidnappingIt had been five years since he'd last laid eyes on Shelley Young, but Colorado rancher Matt Whitlock would never forget the moment she'd left his ranch without a backward glance. Now, with fear for his son's safety lying heavily in his heart, working together quickly became like old times--as did the rekindling of an attraction that had never really been extinguished. Following leads deep into the snowy mountains of South Dakota, Matt knew it was time to reveal the truth about his past. . . and its connection to bringing the little boy home.

Prince of Time

by Rebecca York

Frozen in Time...With an ominous rumble echoing in the Alaska wilderness, Cassandra Devereaux was buried under tons of snow in a freak avalanche. Trapped...alone. But when she scrambled into a hidden cave, she found she was far from alone. There, in an underground lair in the frozen earth, was a man-a gorgeous physical specimen, with the bluest eyes she'd ever seen...and he was naked!Heated By DesireWith one searing look Thorn drew her by curiosity. With one potent touch he held her by passion. Cassie knew this was the man who had inspired her fantasies...but exactly who was the mysterious stranger?

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