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Harlequin Intrigue January 2014 - Bundle 2 of 2

by Rita Herron Mallory Kane Beverly Long

Harlequin Intrigue brings you three new edge-of-your-seat romances for one great price, available now! This Harlequin Intrigue bundle includes Cold Case at Carlton's Canyon by Rita Herron, Gone by Mallory Kane and Dead by Wednesday by Beverly Long.Catch a thrill with 6 new edge-of-your-seat romances every month from Harlequin Intrigue!

Harlequin Intrigue June 2016 - Box Set 1 of 2: Warrior Son\Armored Attraction\Colorado Crime Scene

by Rita Herron Cindi Myers Janie Crouch

Harlequin Intrigue brings you a collection of three new titles, available now! Enjoy these suspenseful reads packed with edge-of-your-seat intrigue and fearless romance. WARRIOR SON The Heroes of Horseshoe Creek by Rita Herron Deputy Sherrif Roan Whitefeather has been trying to avoid medical examiner Megan Lail since the night they spent together. But when the Horseshoe Creek ranch patriarch dies they will have to work together to investigate a web of murder and deception. ARMORED ATTRACTION Omega Sector: Critical Response by Janie Crouch As Omega Sector agent Liam Goetz and his ex-fiancée Vanessa Epperson work together to save hostages and catch a predator, Liam begins to learn some shocking truths--about himself and the woman he thought he once knew so well... COLORADO CRIME SCENE The Men of Search Team Seven by Cindi Myers With a ticking clock, undercover agent Luke Renfro must focus on his assignment in order to protect Morgan Westfield--the sister of the criminal he is chasing--and have any chance of seeing more of the woman he's falling for. Look for Harlequin Intrigue's June 2016 Box set 2 of 2, filled with even more edge-of-your seat romantic suspense!

Harlequin Intrigue May 2016 - Box Set 1 of 2: The Marshal's Justice\Roping Ray McCullen\Tribal Law

by Delores Fossen Rita Herron Jenna Kernan

Harlequin Intrigue brings you three new titles at a great value, available now! Enjoy these suspenseful reads packed with edge-of-your-seat intrigue and fearless romance. THE MARSHAL'S JUSTICE Appaloosa Pass Ranch by Delores Fossen Despite the bad blood between marshal Chase Crockett and his former criminal informant, April Landis, he'll do whatever it takes to protect her from murderous thugs--and rescue their newborn daughter. ROPING RAY MCCULLEN The Heroes of Horseshoe Creek by Rita Herron PI Ray McCullen finds himself willing to do anything to keep social worker Scarlet Lovett safe from a mysterious threat. . . the only way to do that is to keep her by his side and make her a McCullen. TRIBAL LAW Apache Protectors by Jenna Kernan Tribal police chief Gabe Cosen is dedicated to the law--until his former fiancé, Selena Dosela, is forced into trafficking for a Mexican drug cartel. Now Gabe must choose between enforcing the law or protecting the woman he loves. Look for Harlequin Intrigue's May 2016 Box set 2 of 2, filled with even more edge-of-your seat romantic suspense! Look for 6 compelling new stories every month from Harlequin® Intrigue!

Harlequin Intrigue November 2014 - Box Set 1 of 2

by Delores Fossen Rita Herron Paula Graves

Harlequin Intrigue brings you three new edge-of-your-seat romances for one great price, available now! This Harlequin Intrigue bundle includes Rustling Up Trouble by USA TODAY bestselling author Delores Fossen, Boneyard Ridge by Paula Graves and Cold Case at Cobra Creek by Rita Herron. Catch a thrill with 6 new edge-of-your-seat romances every month from Harlequin Intrigue!

Harlequin Intrigue September 2015 - Box Set 1 of 2

by Catherine Anderson Rita Herron Barb Han

Harlequin Intrigue brings you three new titles at a great value, available now! Enjoy these suspenseful reads packed with edge-of-your-seat intrigue and fearless romance.SWITCHBACKCatherine AndersonA reader favorite! PI Bud "Mac" MacPhearson and single mother Mallory Christiani race against time to rescue her daughter. Mac will give anything to ensure a happy ending for Mallory and her child--even his own life. MCCULLEN'S SECRET SONThe Heroes of Horseshoe Creekby Rita HerronWhen her husband's killers kidnap her son, Willow James Howard accepts help from rodeo star Brett McCullen, the man who broke her heart. With the ransom deadline looming, Brett must fight to save the family he never knew he wanted... TEXAS PREYMason Ridgeby Barb HanAbducted years ago, Rebecca Hughes needs rancher Brody Fields to bring the kidnapper to justice. As they uncover answers to difficult--and deadly--questions, can Brody trust the woman who once shattered his heart?

Have Bouquet, Need Boyfriend

by Rita Herron

Shy, mousy Rebecca Hartwell had a shocking secret - she was in love with the town's hottest bachelor, Dr. Thomas Emerson! Her feelings seemed hopeless, but when the latest Hartwell bridal bouquet landed smack on her head and Rebecca received an heirloom hope chest full of seductive surprises, she suddenly had an outrageous idea. Dare a shy virgin ask her secret crush to father the baby she yearned for? He'd been burned by a Hartwell before, but Thomas couldn't get Rebecca off his mind. The quietly lovely woman blushed fiery red every time they met. She was hiding something...and uncovering it might just be the cure for this doc's jaded heart and soul! Harlequin American Romance #975

Her Eyewitness

by Rita Herron

Blinded in the line of duty, police officer Collin Cash received a transplant to regain his eyesight - and woke to a vision of murder. He alone knew that beautiful Sydney Green was innocent of the crime she was accused of - but who would believe he was the eyewitness?

Her Stolen Son

by Rita Herron

A little boy hired a brooding detective to bring his mother home. . . and then the child disappeared Detective Colt Mason's latest "client" was impossible to resist. Not only was he just five years old, his teary-eyed pleas to prove his mother was innocent of murder pulled at Colt's hard to reach heartstrings. But before he could investigate, the child disappeared without a trace. Now, with Serena Stover desperate to find her son and clear her name, Colt took one look at the beautiful widow and knew this little family would change his life forever. As the search intensified, Colt unearthed a far-reaching-- and deadly-- conspiracy, making him more determined than ever to solve this case and keep his promise that Serena's smile would return when she was reunited with her little boy.

His Secret Christmas Baby

by Rita Herron

Investigator Derrick McKinney's quiet bachelor life was shattered when the son he just learned existed was abducted right out from under the watchful eye of his beautiful guardian. And although she was left unconscious and heartbroken, someone feared Brianna Honeycutt saw more than she claimed, placing her life in danger. Working together, Derrick now had to push aside the long-buried attraction he'd always felt for Brianna. More determined than ever to end this nightmare and put a smile back on Brianna's face, Derrick vowed he'd stop at nothing to bring his baby home in time for Christmas....

In a Heartbeat

by Rita Herron

The lone survivor of a serial killer is once again a target in this classic tale from USA TODAY bestselling author Rita Herron... With one brief, terrifying phone call, Lisa Langley's nightmare began again. Four years ago she was the sole survivor of the Grave Digger, a madman who buried his victims alive. Now a copycat killer is on the loose and she's the only chance Special Agent Brad Booker has of stopping this twisted psycho before more women--including Lisa--die. Hard-edged and always in control, Booker has never forgiven himself for failing to save Lisa from being taken by the first Grave Digger. Whatever it takes, this time he's not going to let her down. Because almost losing Lisa is not something he can live through twice...

In the Flesh

by Rita Herron

Detective Cortez drove hard to close an open case. The man was bold, single-minded in his pursuit and determined to work his way under Dr. Jennifer Madden's skin. His security details and around-the-clock surveillance were becoming all too personal. And the detective's protection was making a menace out of a stalker. If the beautiful doctor had any chance to survive she'd have to surrender to a protector who demanded her full cooperation. . . and then some.

Justice for a Ranger

by Rita Herron

Rugged Texas Ranger Cole McKinney, abandoned by his father, hated the thought of helping his half brothers. Also Rangers, they'd called him back to Justice, Texas, to help solve two murder cases. . . cases with their father as the prime suspect. Solving these crimes could help mend the wounds of Cole's past. Maybe even clear his so-called father's name. . . Gorgeous, curvy and whip-smart, Joey Hendricks came to Justice as the governor's special investigator. Working the cases with Cole caused their emotions to burn so hot, a fi ery night in bed might be their only release. But Joey's own family secrets in Justice could blow her one chance for love-and these murders-sky high.

Last Kiss Goodbye

by Rita Herron

A reader-favorite romantic suspense from USA Today bestselling author Rita Herron.Fearful yet determined, Ivy Stanton returns to the small Appalachian town she left fifteen years ago...the night her parents were murdered. But in coming home to Kudzu Hollow, she discovers she is not alone in her search for the truth: Matt Mahoney, the man who saved her life, who haunts her dreams, who was wrongfully accused of the crime, has come back, too, demanding answers--and justice.When Matt looks into Ivy's eyes, he sees a woman whose pain mirrors his own. The feelings she stirs within him promise a life he never thought he'd have. But evil still resides in this sleepy mountain town, as do secrets worth killing for. Now danger stalks them both, and Matt is fighting for more than vengeance...he's fighting for their future.Originally published in 2006.

Last Kiss Goodbye

by Rita Herron

Ivy Stanton returns to the small Appalachian town she left 15 years ago--the night her parents were murdered. But she's not alone in her search for the truth: Matt Malone, the man who saved her life was wrongfully accused of the crime. Now he's back demanding justice. Original.

Lock, Stock and McCullen

by Rita Herron

Don't miss USA TODAY bestselling author Rita Heron's new miniseries, The Heroes of Horseshoe Creek... Sherriff Maddox McCullen cradled Rose Worthington, every protective fiber of his being firing as she shuddered against him. She told him how she had been brutally attacked and had killed the man-her fiancé!-in self defense. But when Maddox investigates the crime scene, he finds nothing. No bullet casing, no blood, no body. The deeper Maddox probes, the more questions arise, revealing a mysterious past that shatters all Rose has ever known. Caught in the crosshairs of escalating danger-and his powerful desire for Rose-Maddox vows to protect her. He'll risk his life to find a desperate enemy who will stop at nothing to keep the past buried.


by Rita Herron

Sheriff Miles Monahue had fallen hard for Caitlin Collier, meeting and marrying her in less than a month. So when she disappeared and Miles was accused of foul play, his world shattered. Then, just when he thought he'd never learn the truth, her body was discovered. Before Miles could grieve, Caitlin's look-alike stumbled back into his life, with no memory. True, his wedding had been uncharacteristically impulsive, but the feelings Caitlin stirred made him determined to protect her from the danger that had followed her home. . . ;till death did they part.

The Man from Falcon Ridge

by Rita Herron

Escaping a nightmarish past, Hailey Hitchcock fled to a remote Victorian homestead. . . and fell into the arms of an avenging stranger. Old ghosts echoed through Tin City's "hatchet house," reviving memories of the bloodbath that had taken place within its dilapidated walls. But was it Hailey's unsettling recollections-or Rex Falcon's formidable presence-that sent chills up her spine? When chaos abounded on the blustery cliffside, the primitive falcon trainer swooped to Hailey's rescue. Yet Rex's dark, piercing eyes and tightly coiled strength posed an even greater danger. As escalating threats aroused their forbidden desires, it became clear the house held all the secret answers. Secrets that someone would kill to keep hidden. . .

McCullen's Secret Son

by Rita Herron

HIS CHILD'S LIFE WAS ON THE LINE-AND TIME WAS RUNNING OUT... Sexy-as-sin rodeo star Brett McCullen is Willow James Howard's past. But when her estranged husband is killed and her son kidnapped, she's forced to accept help from the man who broke her heart. Little does Brett know that the very child he's trying to rescue is his own flesh and blood-the result of a fling years earlier. He can't deny his rising desire at Willow's reappearance...even as he struggles to forgive her secret. But with the ransom deadline looming, Brett must go to extremes to save the family he never knew he wanted...

Memories of Megan

by Rita Herron

Cole Hunter had no memory of who he was or where he came from. Why did nothing or no one seem familiar-except Megan Wells? And why did memories of passionate nights in her arms flash through his mind at the sight of her?Grieving widow Megan Wells didn't believe Cole could be her late husband, yet he seemed to know everything about their life together. Soon she couldn't deny the passion she felt in the stranger's arms. . . or the safety. Could this mystery man possibly be the man she'd loved and lost-and hoped to love again?

Men Made In America mega-bundle

by Gayle Wilson Jennifer Greene Judith Arnold Marie Ferrarella Annette Broadrick Rita Herron

Eleven amazing books, one great deal! The Men Made in America series features stories from all fifty states starring all-American cowboys, sailors, policemen, businessmen, ranchers and more! The first Men Made in America Mega-Bundle includes The Redemption of Deke Summers by Gayle Wilson, Found: His Perfect Wife by Marie Ferrarella, Arizona Heat by Jennifer Greene, Deceptions by Annette Broadrick, Dr. Dad by Judith Arnold, Send Me a Hero by Rita Herron, Tangled Lies by Anne Stuart, Love by Proxy by Diana Palmer, The Temptation of Rory Monahan by Elizabeth Bevarly, Mysterious Stranger by Patricia Rosemoor, and Bayou Midnight by Emilie Richards.

Midnight Disclosures

by Rita Herron

In one tragic moment, Claire Kos had lost everything-her sight, her unborn child, the love of her life-but she survived. However, when a serial killer started calling the beautiful radio psychologist, bragging about his "conquests," Claire had to turn to the one man she never thought she'd meet again. Mark Steele had been her whole world. Now he was simply an FBI agent working on the Midnight Murderer case. She couldn't allow personal feelings to interfere, but how could she stop remembering his roguish smile, his passionate touch?When the killer targeted Claire as his next victim, could Mark truly protect her when he had the power to hurt her most of all?

The Missing Twin

by Rita Herron

Detective Caleb Walker had taken on some tough cases for Guardian Angel Investigations, but when Madelyn Andrews came to him, claiming that her five-year-old daughter was able to "communicate" with her twin sister who'd never made it home from the hospital, Caleb was skeptical. One glimpse at the beautiful single mother, though, and he couldn't walk away. Now, as he looked into what had really happened when Madelyn went into labor, suspicious details were uncovered. Details that prompted Madelyn to cling to him as pain consumed her. And the deeper he dug, the more invested Caleb became in their tiny family, in their safety when danger penetrated their lives-and in their salvation when he promised to bring a little girl home....

Mysterious Circumstances

by Rita Herron

FBI agent Craig Horn had his hands full investigating a series of suspicious deaths without a single lead while trying to avoid a media circus. Complicating matters, he'd finally met his match in feisty reporter Olivia Thornbird. But while trying to get her scoop, Olivia suddenly became the victim of dangerous threats-and honor demanded Craig offer his protection. Now, the only solution was to work together. But as Craig and Olivia joined forces to draw out a killer, the sassy spitfire's big baby blues and tantalizing lips soon became a distraction he couldn't afford. . . .

Native Cowboy

by Rita Herron

There was no man more dedicated to his job than Detective Mason Blackpaw. Yet when he discovers a dead body at the Bucking Bronc Lodge, he's forced to confront his moment of greatest weakness-and a reunion with the very pregnant Dr. Cara Winchester....Cara fell for the sexy Comanche officer the moment she laid eyes on him, captivated by his loyalty and fiercely protective instincts. Their romance was brief but intense, and when it ended, he left part of him with her. Now a killer was kidnapping her patients' babies, and Mason was on the case to stop him. But how would he react once the killer targeted her...or when Mason found out her child was also his?

Peek-A-Boo Protector

by Rita Herron

Police chief John Wise admired Samantha Corley's courage when she discovered her remote cabin ransacked and an adorable baby girl in need of a bottle. The only clue to her identity was the note pinned to her blanket, stirring John's protective instincts like nothing before. Agreeing to help Sam find out the truth, he claimed it was a purely professional pairing. But he couldn't ignore the way his heart clenched watching Sam care for the innocent child, or the feelings baby Emmie stirred in his soul. With the danger escalating, John knew he was in way too deep. Bad guys he could handle. Caring about the fate of both baby and guardian was out of his jurisdiction. . . .

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