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Lost Race of Mars

by Robert Silverberg

Are the Old Martians really a lost race, or are they still alive somewhere on the red planet? Sally and Jim must help their father find out!

Majipoor Chronicles

by Robert Silverberg

Several short stories whose setting is the planet Majipoor.

New Dimensions III

by Robert Silverberg

The Ones Who Walk Away from Omelas by Ursula K. Le Guin Down There by Damon Knight How Shall We Conquer? by David R. Bunch They Live on Levels by Terry Carr The Girl Who Was Plugged In by James Tiptree Days of Grass, Days of Straw by R.A. Lafferty Notes Leading Down to the Conquest by Barry N. Malzberg At the Bran Foundry by Robin Scott Wilson Tell Me All About Yourself by F.M. Busby Three Comedians by Gordon Van Gelder The Last Day of July by Gardner Dozois(less)


by Isaac Asimov Robert Silverberg

These two renowned writers have invented a world not unlike our own--a world on the edge of chaos, torn between the madness of religious fanaticism and the stubborn denial of scientists. Only a handful of people on the planet Lagash are prepared to face the truth--that their six suns are setting all at once for the first time in 2,000 years, signaling the end of civilization!From the Paperback edition.

Not of Woman Born

by Robert Silverberg Constance Ash Nina Kiriki Hoffman

Tales of high-tech reproduction from the most inventive names in science fiction.

Now & Beyond

by Philip K. Dick Robert Silverberg Eric Frank Russell Lester Del Rey M. C. Pease Frederic Pohl George H. Smith

This book of eight short science fiction stories includes: The Turning Wheel by Philip K. Dick, Unreasonable Facsimile by Lester Del Rey, Heav'n, Heav'n by Eric Frank Russell, Venus Trap by Robert Silverberg, Telestassis by M. C. Pease, Wapshot's Demon by Frederik Pohl, The Case for Earth by Eric Frank Russell, The Outcasts by George H. Smith.

The Positronic Man

by Isaac Asimov Robert Silverberg

Andrew Martin is more than the average robot and when he is brought home to the Martin' s home he quickly shows how he has additional skills to what the normal 'Android' had . He develops amazing skills allowing him to create the most beautifully hand made clocks, as well as other artistic features mainly all from wood. He wins freedom and legal rights and wishing his positronic brain could be replaced - he applies to the World court to be counted as a human in all respects.

Project Pendulum

by Robert Silverberg

Two identical twins zip from the past to the future in a wild time travellign adventure from the beginning to the end of time.

Roma Eterna

by Robert Silverberg

No power on Earth can resist the might of Imperial Rome, so it has been and so it ever shall be. Through brute force, terror, and sheer indomitable will, her armies have enslaved a world. From the reign of Maximilianus the Great in A.U.C. 1203 onward through the ages -- into a new era of scientific advancement and astounding technologies -- countless upstarts and enemies arise, only to be ground into the dust beneath the merciless Roman bootheels. But one people who suffer and endure throughout the many centuries of oppressive rule dream of the glorious day that is coming -- when the heavens themselves will be opened to them...and the ships they are preparing in secret will carry them on their "Great Exodus" to the stars.

Science Fiction Hall of Fame, Volume One

by Robert Silverberg

26 of the best sci-fi short stories ever written. These stories were selected by members of the Science Fiction Writers of America.

Scientists and Scoundrels: A Book of Hoaxes

by Robert Silverberg

As if history and nature had not provided wonders enough, through the ages humans themselves have contrived more marvels to deceive one another. Sometimes they have concocted evidence when none was available to prove pet theories; sometimes their intention has been to impress or defraud; sometimes they have acted merely for sport. Robert Silverberg tells the stories of a baker's dozen of these scientific hoaxers in a lively, good-humored book that ranges through time and across continents. Here are perpetual-motion machines and space rockets, men on the moon and serpents in the sea. The rogues' gallery is a varied one: Dr. Mesmer, who cast his hypnotic spell on eighteenth-century Paris; Charles Dawson, whose Piltdown Man challenged evolution; Dr. Cook, with his tale of "discovering" the North Pole; and many others. These are fascinating stories and more than just entertainment. The author explains the scientific background against which the hoaxes appeared and the detective work that led to their exposure. The schemers teach us to be alert, to challenge the evidence, and to appreciate the healthy skepticism that characterizes the scientific method.

Shadrach in the Furnace

by Robert Silverberg

The stunning novel of a man surrounded by machines that flash instantaneous pictures of everything happening... a man surfeited with drugs that allow him to be eyewitness to the living past and pleasured by sensual women who vie for his favours... a man named Shadrach who finds little rest in his miracle-infested world. A supershocker about what happens when telemetric sensors no longer suffice, when the great Khan, ruler of the Earth, needs more... when he needs to survive through the body of a virile, healthy very special man - through Shadrach Mordecai.

Son of Man

by Robert Silverberg

The classic science fiction novel, now back in print1972 Locus Poll Award nominee, best SF novelIN THE BEGINNING... there was no Brooklyn, no St. Louis, no Shakespeare, no moon, no hunger, no death... IN THE BEGINNING... there were no real men, no real women, nothing but dispassionately passionate ambisexuals of the lowest and highest order... IN THE BEGINNING... the heavens, the seas and the Earth belonged to more intelligent species than a man called Clay could ever have dreamed possible in his own time. But his own time as a man had passed, and now his time as the son of man had come! Clay is a man from the 20th Century who is somehow caught up in a time-flux and transported into a distant future. The earth and the life on it have changed beyond recognition. Even the human race has evolved into many different forms, now coexisting on the planet. The seemingly omnipotent Skimmers, the tyrannosaur-like Eaters, the sedentary Awaiters, the squid-like Breathers, the Interceders, the Destroyers--all of these are "Sons of Man". Befriended and besexed by the Skimmers, Clay goes on a journey which takes him around the future earth and into the depths of his own soul. He is human, but what does that mean?

Star of Gypsies

by Robert Silverberg

With cosmic irony and rampant inventiveness, Star of Gypsies hurtles to a triumphant denouement that sees a once-dispossessed and scorned people become masters of a galactic dominion, led by one of the most charismatic characters in fiction--past, present and future. Yakoub, King of the Gypsies.

The Stochastic Man

by Robert Silverberg

Lew Nichols is in the business of stochastic prediction. A mixture of sophisticated analysis and inspired guesswork, it is the nearest man can get to predicting the future.


by Robert Silverberg

This is one of the first novels in Robert Silverberg's "literary" period. With several novels, Silverberg used the strophes of science fiction to explore human values. At the time, fans were furious. Today, such novels may even be the norm in the field. In any case, this novel explores the nature of pain through a tycoon of pain and pleasure and through a man in constant pain who no longer sees himself as human after an alien surgery has altered his looks. There are elements of the Book of Job here, perhaps.

Threads of Time: Three Original Novellas of Science Fiction

by Gregory Benford Robert Silverberg Clifford D. Simak Norman Spinrad

This book contains three novellas: Threads of Time by Greg Benford, The Marathon Photograph by Clifford Simak, Riding the Torch by Norman Spinrad and an Introduction by Robert Silverberg. In "Threads of Time," Gregory Benford introduces the reader to a crisis at a moon station, where a mysterious domelike structure has been discovered and threatens all who try to approach it. Veteran science fiction writer Clifford D. Simak gives us "The Marathon Photograph," the story of two scientists who stumble on time travelers from four hundred million years in the past. And Norman Spinrad in "Riding the Torch" creates for us a world long sick of its own evil, which dies only to be reborn, with a second chance to redeem itself.

The Time Hoppers

by Robert Silverberg

A way into the past had been found, and people were flocking through it for a better life, no matter what peril they might pose to the threatened present.

To Open the Sky

by Robert Silverberg

Earth's wildly overpopulated surface was frenetic, its billions swept away by mass hysteria.

To the Land of the Living

by Robert Silverberg

From the book jacket: What if there were an Afterworld? Not Heaven or Hell in the conventional sense, but a place where everyone who has ever lived reawakens when they die, to live again and die again and live again, seemingly forever. This is the premise of Robert Silverberg's brilliantly inventive new fantasy novel. The central character is the legendary warrior- king Gilgamesh, who has been in the Afterworld longer than almost anyone else save the Hairy Men from before the Flood, and who in recent centuries (insofar as you can count time) has seen it change beyond recognition, as the newly dead from industrial times import their machinery, their weaponry and their attitudes. Gilgamesh's adventures in the course of the novel take him to the Afterworld realms of other quasi- mythical figures like Prester John and Simon Magus, bring him into contact with such figures from more recent history as Walter Ralegh and Pablo Ruiz (known to some as Picasso), and eventually send him in search of a gateway which is rumoured to exist somewhere in the land of the dead - a gateway which leads back to the land of the living

Tom O'Bedlam

by Robert Silverberg

This is Robert Silverberg at his best. This is a book that is as symbolically satisfying as it is as a story. The picture it paints of California is frightening and heartening at the same time. It is a story about survival and, eventually, about a whole new beginning for mankind.

Tower of Glass

by Robert Silverberg
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