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Bachelor Available!

by Ruth Jean Dale

Name: Cody James Age: 30 Occupation: Rancher Looking for: A wife and mother for my children. The Yellow Rose Matchmakers claimed to be able to match any woman with her Mr. Right. And Emily couldn't deny that the man she'd been matched with, Cody James, sounded perfect--on paper, at least. The reality was even better--the tall, sexy cowboy took Emily Kirkwood's breath away. Too bad that Emily hadn't joined the Yellow Rose to find a man but to write a Valentine's story to get a man. Only, Cody was available... and perhaps what this story needed was a little indepth research! Texas Grooms Wanted! Only cowboys need apply!

Breakfast In Bed

by Ruth Jean Dale

He bet breakfast in bed that he was irresistible! As soon as Brooke met Garrett she knew he was a charmer. Women probably just rolled over when he petted them, much the same way her cats, traitors all, had responded to him. The best thing for Brooke was to keep out of his way, but she just couldn't now that Garrett's fiveyearold daughter, Molly, was without a mother or a nanny and so much in need of her love and affection. Well, so be it, and if Garrett Jackson did start his seduction routine on her he would soon discover that she wasn't about to offer him breakfast in her bed!

The Cowgirl's Man

by Ruth Jean Dale

BEAUTYOf course, Niki Keene had followed her sisters 1 to Hard Knox, Texas-the Keene triplets wereinseparable. And yes, she helped run their fledgling dude ranch. But when the townsfolk entered her in the Queen of the Cowgirls contest, she had to laugh. How could you be Queen of the Cowgirls when you were terrified of horses? Besides, she was sick to death of being "the beautiful one."AND THE BESTShe wasn't laughing when hotshot cowboy Clay Russell launched an all-out campaign to change her mind. He was so sexy and so persuasive, she figured she was doomed one way or the other. It was either ride and rope-or lose the only man who'd ever made her glad

The Cupid Chronicles

by Ruth Jean Dale

THE CAMERONS OF COLORADOThe third book in an irresistible family trilogy by the acclaimed author of The Taggarts of Texas!From the bestselling author of THE TAGGARTS OF TEXAS! Comes THE CAMERONS OF COLORADOCupid, Colorado. This is ranch country, cowboy country-a land of high mountains and swift, cold rivers, of deer, elk and bear. The first Cameron came to Colorado more than a hundred years ago, and Camerons have owned and worked the Straight Arrow Ranch-the largest spread in these parts-ever since.Horse rustling! In Cupid!-where the locals take their horses "real serious and real personal." Julie Cameron, for instance, believes hanging's too good for horse thieves. They ought to be drawn and quartered! And she's out to single-handedly bring down the gang, an ambition that doesn't make undercover cop Max Mackenzie's job any easier. Still, it's a great reason to cozy up to the prettiest gal in town....For kids and kisses, tears and laughter, wild horses and wilder men-come to the Straight Arrow Ranch, near Cupid, Colorado. Come meet the Camerons.

The Cupid Conspiracy

by Ruth Jean Dale

THE CAMERONS OF COLORADOCUPID, COLORADOThis is ranch country, cowboy country-a land of high mountains and swift, cold rivers, of deer, elk and bear. The first Cameron came to Colorado more than a hundred years ago, and Camerons have owned and worked the Straight Arrow Ranch ever since.It was a Cameron conspiracy plain and simple! Maggie's extended and very opinionated family urged her to move in with Chase Britton. Temporarily, of course...and only to tutor Chase's rebellious teenage daughter. What possible harm would the wealthy, sexy-as-sin womanizer be to a respectable widowed schoolteacher?Maggie was afraid to ask-and about to find out!For kids and kisses, tears and laughter, wild horses and wilder men-come to Cupid, Colorado. Come meet the Camerons....

Family Secrets

by Ruth Jean Dale

EVERY FAMILY HAS ITS SECRETS, AND THE LYONS HAVE MORE THAN MOST. Sharlee is the black sheep in the Lyon family fold. When she finished college her parents and grandparents expected her to join the family business, move back to the family home and do just what the family wanted. But Sharlee had her own ideas and decided to leave New Orleans, the Lyons and the man who broke her heart far behind. Now the family wants her back, needs her back--because her elderly grandfather's last wish is to see her reconciled with her parents. So they send Devin Oliver after her. What the Lyons don't know is that Dev is the last person Sharlee wants to see. She's never forgiven him for betraying her. And she doesn't trust him now--especially once she realizes Dev and her family will do anything to bring her back. Besides, she can't go home--it would make keeping her own secret much too difficult...

Fiance Wanted!

by Ruth Jean Dale

Katy Andrews was going to a family reunion where she knew her life just wouldn't be worth living she didn't take a man. Trouble was, all the decent men she knoew were too old, too young or too married, which left her with only one option... Laid-back rancher Dylan Cole was the man Katy loved to hate. They rarely managed to be in the same room for long without arguing! Now they had to call a truce long enough to convince Katy's family that they were engaged. But then they began to enjoy their pretend relationship a little too much...


by Ruth Jean Dale

He needs to get married! Rand Taggart has been swindled out of a fortune but if he's happily married by his thirtieth birthday -- coming up in just a couple of weeks -- he'll inherit a second fortune. His great-grandpa's Texas ranch. She's ready to help him out! Maxine Rafferty's sister has been implicated in the swindle and insists Rand is at the bottom of it. Loyal Maxi figures the only way to clear her sister's name is to get the goods on Rand. When he proposes a brief marriage of convenience, she agrees. The closer she is to him, the easier to find out what she needs to know. Rand gains his inheritance, and Maxi, with Rand's help, lures the real swindler into a trap -- leaving them free to pick up their lives where they left off. Except that Rand and Maxi can't seem to ditch each other as they got hitched!

Kids, Critters and Cupid

by Ruth Jean Dale

THE CAMERONS OF COLORADOFinally! Another irresistible family trilogy from the acclaimed author of The Taggarts of Texas!From the bestselling author of THE TAGGARTS OF TEXAS! Comes THE CAMERONS OF COLORADOCupid, Colorado. This is ranch country, cowboy country-a land of high mountains and swift, cold rivers, of deer, elk and bear. The first Cameron came to Colorado more than a hundred years ago, and Camerons have owned and worked the Straight Arrow Ranch-the largest spread in these parts-ever since.The eldest Cameron son, Ben, is the one who's running the Straight Arrow these days. Ben's the best damn cowboy in the county-there's nothing he doesn't know about horses and cattle. But understanding his family is a different matter-especially Joe, his four-year-old son. And now there's a stranger in town. She's young, pretty as a picture-and stubborn as a mule. She also has a daughter just about Joey's age. Problem is, Betsy's from California, of all the outlandish places. Ben doesn't have a hope in hell of understanding anything about her...except that he wants her!For kids and kisses, tears and laughter, wild horses and wilder men-come to the Straight Arrow Ranch, near Cupid, Colorado. Come meet the Camerons.

The Lyon Legacy

by Peg Sutherland Ruth Jean Dale Roz Denny Fox

The LYON LEGACYThree original stories by three popular Superromance authors-in one volume. And The Lyon Legacy continues! Watch for Family Secrets, Family Fortune and Family Reunion-full-length novels coming in the next three months.It's fifty years since the Lyon family of New Orleans ventured into what was then an exciting new business-television. Despite objections from some in the family, Margaret Hollander Lyon believed it was the wave of the future...and the past fifty years have certainly proven her right!The Lyons created a legacy for their children and grandchildren-a legacy of business success and family loyalty.But the Lyon Legacy is also a history of feuding, betrayal, deceptions. Every family has its secrets, and the Lyons have more than most.Margaret, André, Leslie-three generations of the Lyon family. Three stories about the power of family bonds...and the life-changing power of love.

One in a Million & Love, Texas Style

by Ruth Jean Dale Kimberly Raye

2 BRAND-NEW, FULL-LENGTH NOVELSONE IN A MILLIONLike taking candy from a baby. Not!Sophie Brannigan-a four-year-old "penny pincher"-is the prime suspect in the theft of a one-cent coin. Quint Sterling is hot on her trail, and that of her mother, Amber-because both penny and woman are one in a million. He soon discovers he's no match for the little girl, but Amber is another story...LOVE, TEXAS STYLEEven cowgirls get the blues...New York lawyer Suzanne Hillsbury is looking for love in all the wrong places. So, inspired by a commercial for a Wild West getaway, she decides what she needs is an honest to goodness cowboy, one who believes in hard work, old-fashioned values...and looks good in a pair of tight jeans. Sexy Brett Maxwell seems to be just the man she's been looking for. But little does she guess that under Brett's Western bravado, he's more of a city slicker than she is...

Parents Wanted!

by Ruth Jean Dale

Instant family? Jessica Reynolds has a wonderful daddy. Matt Reynolds is big, strong, handsome and kind. But when it comes to girl stuff he... well, he could use help! Her best friend, Zach, has a great mother. Laura Gilliam is sweet, pretty and single.... What if she and Zach could get her dad and his mom together?Unfortunately there's just one problem with the young matchmakers' plan-Matt and Laura find each other infuriating! In fact, the only thing they have in common is that they'd do anything for their children...but they never expected that to include marriage!

A Royal Pain

by Ruth Jean Dale

MATCHMAKING MOMS"Take a memo, Malcolm."Lucretia always began the same way. And she always called him Malcolm, even though his name was Charlie.But this time the "boss from hell" was sounding more like the "matchmaking mother from hell," and she was making unreasonable demands on Charlie.How was he supposed to lead her spoiled-rotten daughter, Sabrina, into wedlock, against her will?It was beyond the call of duty! paid very well....And the lovely Sabrina had a way about her....

Runaway Honeymoon

by Ruth Jean Dale

Her five-year-old secret...On a holiday of a lifetime, youthful Jenny Wolf had pretended to be sophisticated beyond her actual experience and had fallen madly in love with a man beyond her wildest dreams. But the dream had ended abruptly and Jenny had had to face the consequences of her impetuous romance. Now, six years later, the man she had hoped never to see again is the new owner of Cripple Creek's historic hotel--and Jenny's new boss. Cole Stadler has never forgotten-or forgiven-her for running out on him. But he also, clearly, still wants a relationship-on his terms. Jenny is sorely tempted, but the urge to run is stronger-she has to prevent Cole from discovering the secret she has kept from him for five long years....

Runaway Wedding

by Ruth Jean Dale

HITCHED!Lark Mallory was a runaway bride.Jared Wolf was just the man to catch her!When Lark realized Wesley Sherborn was the wrong man for her to marry, she ran away from her wedding. Somehow, she ended up sleeping in Jared Wolf's bed and, when he woke her from her nightmare, she realized that he had always been the man of her dreams.Now she just had to convince Jared that, rather than running away from her future, she had been running back to him!

Shane's Last Stand

by Ruth Jean Dale

The Lost Springs Ranch for troubled boys is at stake, and it's a man's duty to give back...Dinah Hoyt was chosen by the good citizens of Bushwack, Colorado, to "buy'' former Bushwack resident Shane Daniels at auction...and then talk him into using his celebrity as a bull rider to save the Old Pioneer Days festival. Everyone knew that she and Shane had once been close. But no one knew exactly how close, or what had come of that teenage love affair...not even Shane. And if Dinah had anything to say about it, he wasn't going to find out!

A Simple Texas Wedding

by Ruth Jean Dale

"Friday's child is loving and giving."It began simply enough, when Trace Morgan hired Hope to organize his sister's engagement party. But when the bride-to-be asked Hope to plan the wedding as well, then things got complicated-Texas-style.Trace had planned right from the start to stop his sister's wedding....Hope had never planned to fall in love with Trace....And no one was prepared when the bride and groom eloped!Fortunately, there was a simple solution....

Something About Ewe & The Purrfect Man

by Ruth Jean Dale

Animal Passions!Something About Ewe by Ruth Jean Dale Counting sheep only made her nights more restless...Oh-so-serious Thalia Mitchell is back in Shepherd's Pass, pretending she hadn't tried to seduce animal crusader Luke Dalton the last time she'd seen him...wrapped in a plastic shower curtain. But Luke hasn't forgotten. And he's no longer the sheepish boy next door. He's all grown up now, breathtakingly handsome and determined to take up exactly where the two of them left off!The Purrfect Man by Ruth Jean Dale Once bitten, twice shyCat person Emily Patton doesn't like trendy lawyer Michael Forbes and his perfect good looks. She doesn't like his ugly dog, either. So how she ended up with the mutt in her backyard and Michael as a permanent dinner guest is still a mystery to her. Emily has to do something-quickly-before man and beast get the wrong idea.... Or is it the right one?

Trading Places

by Ruth Jean Dale

Alice Wynn has nothing to lose -- and only fun and adventure to gain. So she agrees to impersonate her glamorous boss, Sharlayne Kenyon, who needs solitude to finish her scandalous memoirs. Jed Kilby is the bodyguard hired to protect Alice, since somebody out there will do anything to stop Sharlayne, and for the moment that's who Alice is. But Alice starts to fall in love with her unsuspecting bodyguard. And despite strict orders not to mix business and pleasure, he's falling for her, too.... This is definitely not part of the original plan -- but maybe it's the best part of all!

The Wrangler's Woman

by Ruth Jean Dale

When the Keene triplets pulled up stakes and moved to Texas, they had no idea what they were getting into. The dude ranch they'd inherited was a wreck, plus, the townsfolk were downright hostile toward "that old reprobate Wil Keen's kin."Dani Keene, "the smart one," was determined to succeed regardless. All she needed were some brawny Texas hired hands to put things right. Only one man came forward-Jack Burke.Jack was six feet of long, lean, sexy Texas cowboy and the answer to Dani's prayers-in more ways than one. Still, she couldn't help thinking he was just too good to be true....

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